8 Best Kitchen Chimney in India

In this article, we will talk about the best kitchen chimney in India.

A kitchen chimney is also known by other names like kitchen hood, range hood, cooker hood, and exhaust hood.

Nowadays we can’t imagine a kitchen without a chimney. As Indian recipes require lot of tadka, I know it makes food tasty but same time makes kitchen dirty.

At the time of tadka, a lot of oil sticks in the surroundings that is very tough to clean.

Kitchen Chimney is very crucial kitchen appliance, it sucks fumes, smoke, and oil particles that make your kitchen neat and clean and prevents your kitchen interior decor from fumes and oils.

If you have no idea how to choose the best kitchen chimney in india and which parameters you should consider before buying.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2022

Then don’t worry, I am here to help you, at the end of the list of best kitchen chimney, I mentioned a detailed buying guide that helps you to select best chimney for your kitchen.

Let’s jump into the list.

  • Elica 60 CM Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 60 cm Auto clean chimneyElica kitchen chimney is well known for its good suction power and unique design approach.

This 60cm wall-mounted chimney is suitable for 2 burner gas stoves and 4 burner gas stoves.

This chimney has 1200m3/hr suction power which is perfect for kitchen size greater than 200 sq. feet and heavy grilling and frying.

This chimney has in-built heat auto clean technology that reduce your filter cleaning task. Just by one touch clean technology activated and after few minutes your chimney clean and all oils and residue collect in a oil collector can.

It comes with a touch panel that give you easy access to control function. Touch panel has 6 options ( + for increase suction power, – for decrease suction power, light – to ON LED light, Auto clean, ON/OFF)

The chimney has 2 LED light that makes things quite simple for you and light is not more an issue.

The chimney comes with baffle filter that helps to make your kitchen oil and smoke free with less cleaning and maintenance task.

If you buy this Elica 60 cm chimney then you will get 5 years warranty on motor and 1 year on product.

This is the best auto clean kitchen chimney in India for 2022.

  • Faber 60 cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Faber 60 cm heat auto clean chimneyFaber is very popular top chimney brands in india.

This Faber stainless steel kitchen chimney is perfect for modern kitchen, its attractive look enhance your kitchen interiors.

The 60cm chimney size is good for 2-4 burner gas stoves.

The chimney has baffle filter with 1100m3/hr suction power, it allows maximum air flow to remove fumes, smokes from your kitchen and make your surroundings neat and clean.

It has electronic touch control panel that provide easy access over suction speed and other features. The best about  this Faber kitchen chimney, it has gesture control ( you can control suction speed by your hand movement).

The chimney has auto-clean technology, just by touching the auto clean option, your chimney gets clean, isn’t it amazing?

The chimney has inbuilt heat technology that heat up the chimney inside walls thus oils and other residues melt and collected in the oil collector cup. This collector cup is attached outside so you can easily clean.

The chimney comes with 1 year warranty on product and five year warranty on motor.

  • Hindware 60 cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Hindware 60 cm Auto Clean kitchen ChimneyHindware Kitchen chimneys are very popular among the people due to its superb performance, good quality, unique design approach and innovative technology.

This Hindware 60 cm stainless steel chimney has powerful metallic blower with 1200m3/hr suction power.

Power metallic blower helps to remove fumes and oils from your kitchen that improves your cooking experience.

This wall mounted chimney has a touch panel so it’s quite easy to control the suction power and other features.

You can easily increase or decrease the suction power by touching respective increase or decrease option.

It has 2 energy efficient LED light so cook without any worry.

Stainless Steel baffle filter and oil collector cup allow easy cleaning and make this chimney reliable and durable product.

The chimney has thermal auto clean technology that assure hassle free cooking.

This kitchen chimney comes with 1 year warranty on product and 5 years on motor. Hindware is one of the highly recommended brands of kitchen chimney in India

  • Eurodomo 90cm Auto clean kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo 90cm Auto clean kitchen ChimneyThis 90 cm wall mounted kitchen chimney is suitable for 3-5 burner gas stove.

This Eurodomo kitchen chimney is the best combination of design and technology, its black body finish enhance your kitchen decor.

This comes with powerful 1200m3/hr. suction power that allows maximum air flow to remove oils, fumes and smoke from your kitchen and helps to maintain healthy and fresh environment.

The Eurodomo chimney has stainless steel baffle filter that requires cleaning and maintenance once in 6 months.

The chimney has heat auto clean function and a residue collector can that makes things quite simple and easy for you. Heat auto clean technology clean the chimney inside, residues and oils collect into removable residue collector can.

It has 2 LED bulbs that provide larger illumination to view countertops so you can easily cook with ease.

The chimney comes with 1 year warranty on product and 5 years on motor. This is the best kitchen chimney in India in this price range.

  • Seavy 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney

Seavy 90 cm Auto Clean ChimneyThis curved glass wall mounted 90 cm chimney is best suitable for 3-5 burner gas stove.

The chimney has 1200m3/hr suction power that is perfect for Indian cuisine.

The chimney has touch panel to control the functions, you can easily increase or decrease the suction power according to requirement by using respective touch option.

The Seavy chimney comes with installation kit that include Aluminium duct pipe (expand upto 10 feet), PVC cowl tape, cowl cover and U clamps that assure hassle free installation.

It has 2 stainless steel baffle filter that require cleaning once in a 6 month time duration.

The chimney is well equipped with 2 energy efficient LED lights that provide large illumination view, so you can easily cook food without any hassle.

The chimney has auto clean technology, so need to manual cleaning, it reduce your cleaning task upto a great extent.

The baffle filter and oil removable can require manual cleaning that’s not a big deal, you can easily do that.

  • Glen 60 cm Pyramid Wall Mounted Chimney

Glen 60 cm Pyramid wall mounted chimneyThis beautiful stainless steel 60 cm wall mounted pyramid kitchen chimney is suitable for 2-4 burners and comes with 1000m3/hr. suction capacity.

The stainless steel outer body with matt finish, makes this chimney perfect for your kitchen and easily clean with a single wipe of cloth.

This Glen chimney provides push button to control features. To increase or decrease the suction power speed, you have press the push button manually, no touch control is here.

The chimney has stainless steel second generation baffle filter that assure dynamic air flow, better performance and longer life.

The chimney is well equipped with 2 LED bulb (40 watt) to provide better view during cooking.

It has copper Italian motor with thermal overload protection, if motor is overheated it automatically cut the power supply for good life of motor.

The motor housing and fan made with FRP (flame retardant plastic) for utmost safety and lower noise smooth operation.

The great thing is this Glen kitchen chimney comes with life time warranty and the worst is, it doesn’t have auto clean technology.

  • Sunflame Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Sunflame Curved Glass Kitchen ChimneyThis beautiful design 60 cm chimney is a good choice for your kitchen if you are using 2-4 burner gas stove.

Its exterior black body gives an elegant look and also perfect for your kitchen decor.

The chimney has 1100m3/hr. suction capacity that effectively eliminates fumes and smokes your kitchen to create a health environment for cooking.

The chimney provide push button control panel, very easy and simple to use.

The chimney has 2 LED light to provide better visualisation or cooking of food.

The chimney has heavy duty stainless steel baffle filter so cleaning task is not a issue for you. As baffle filter requires cleaning once in a 6 month duration.

The chimney comes with 1 year warranty on product and 5 years on motor.


  • Kaff 60cm Kitchen Chimney

Kaff 60cm Kitchen ChimneyThis wall mounted 60cm kitchen chimney is best for your 2-4 burner gas stove.

The chimney has 925 m3/hr suction capacity that is good for medium frying and grilling.

The chimney provide push button control switch. Very simple and easy to operate.

The chimney has aluminium cassette filter (mesh filter), the good is, cassette filter are economical but the bed is, they require more cleaning and maintenance work. You have to clean once in a two weeks.

The chimney comes with 1 year warranty on product and 7 years warranty on motor.

How to Choose The Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Kitchen Chimney Types:

Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney: These types of kitchen chimneys are designed for the traditional kitchens where gas stove is placed near the wall. Chimney is fitted against the wall and requires less ducting pipe. Most brand charges  Rs.500 for installation of  wall mounted chimney. These chimneys are best for small or medium kitchen size.

Ceiling Mounted Kitchen Chimneys: These chimneys are best for modern kitchens or large kitchens where gas stove is located in the center of kitchen. These chimneys are fitted into the center and needs extra ducting pipe for installations. Most brand charges Rs.1500 for installation of ceiling/island mounted chimney.

Classification on the Basis of Working:

1. Ducting Kitchen Chimney: Ducting kitchen chimney are highly recommended by the experts for commercial or home use. These chimney have baffle or mesh filter which absorb the oil, smoke and other residues from the air and then pass the air to the outlets (PVC pipes or ducting pipe).

These chimney prevents the condensation build up, there is a pipe that channelise all the air to the outside your kitchen.  For ducting kitchen chimney installment, you need a technician, you can’t do it yourself.

2. Ductless Kitchen Chimney: These chimney has a fan or blower that remove the smoke and oil residues from the kitchen. These chimneys are mainly used to remove odour (smell) from the kitchen. These chimney are not effective one because they first absorb the smoke, fumes and oils but later recirculate it back into the kitchen.

The installation of ductless chimney are very easy, you can do it yourself. For home kitchen ducting chimney are good over ductless chimney.

3. Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney: These type of chimney have heat blowers that melt all the oil and grease that stick on the walls of chimney. This process takes about 15-20 minutes to heat up and then all sticked residues convert into liquid form  and will get collected into the collector can. This residue collector is detachable, so easily remove and clean them. Latest chimney model comes with an advanced buzzer that buzz when it sense there is a need to clean the chimney.

Types of filter in Kitchen Chimney

Filter is very important part of an chimney. Filter is made with aluminium, Galvanized Iron (GI), stainless steel, it depends on manufacturer which material they use. How frequently chimney require maintenance it’s mainly depend on filter. There are 3 types of filter

1. Mesh Filter: These filters are made with two  aluminium overlapping mesh. The kitchen chimney that has mesh filter comes in lower price compare to baffle filters. As tiny holes of mesh filter are clogged very soon, it requires maintenance frequently otherwise affects the chimney performance or suction power in a bad way.

It require cleaning after 2-3 days. The good thing,  these are dishwasher safe or take very less time in cleaning, you can easily clean with hot water by using soap or detergent. Cleaning is easier than baffle filter.

2. Baffle Filter: These filters are made with aluminium or steel. There is no overlapping mesh, baffle filters mainly made with wide rectangular strip, designed in such a way that easily change the direction of air flows.

Baffle filters use cut and chop technology to remove oils and grease from the smoke. These filter need maintenance once in a 6 months and you can easily clean at home. These filters require replacement in 4-5 years.

Kitchen chimney which have baffle filter are perfect for Indian cooking style.

3. Charcoal Filter: These filters are made with blocks of charcoal, suction capacity depend on thickness of filter or size of granules. They are primarily used  for odor absorption. The limitations of these filters- not washable and need replacement after 3-6 months. Mainly used in ductless kitchen chimney.

Conclusion, the baffle filter chimney is one of the best kitchen chimney for Indian cooking.

Kitchen Chimney Design

On the basis of design chimney are divided into 6 category

  • Curved glass chimney
  • Pyramid Shape chimney
  • Straight Glass Chimney
  • Box type Chimney
  • Straight Line Chimney
  • Angular Chimney

If we compare all design then curved glass kitchen chimney is best to meet Indian cooking needs.

4. Chimney size: Which chimney size suits your requirements it depends on your gas stove either you are using 2/4 burner gas stove or 3/5 burner gas stove.

  • For 2/4 burner gas stove 60cm kitchen chimney is perfect size.
  • For 3/5 gas stove or 4/6 burner gas stove, 90cm kitchen chimney is right size.

5. Kitchen size: Although kitchen size is not a primary parameter in selection of kitchen chimney but you should consider this factor. Because to know right suction power it is very important. Mainly kitchen size are divided into three category-

  • Small Kitchen
  • Medium Kitchen
  • Large kitchen

It is recommended to buy kitchen chimney that has 10 times suction power of your kitchen size.

(suction power = 10* kitchen size)

6. Cooking Style: In the Indian kitchen, mainly three cooking styles are very common-

  • Minimum usage of oil, Standard cooking, Extensive frying and grilling

If you are using standard or minimum usage of oil cooking then you can go with a kitchen chimney that has medium suction power like (1100m3/hr or 1000m3/hr), but if your cooking style is extensive frying and grilling in that case it is better to go with chimney that has high suction power (1200m3/hr).

7. Suction power: Suction power is the capacity of chimney that helps to suck fumes, smoke, oils and other residues from the kitchen. Suction capacity should be 10 times of your kitchen size. A good kitchen chimney sucks all residues very fast and create a healthy environment for both cooking food or user both.

8. Noise: Standard noise level for kitchen chimney should lies between 60-80dB. Noise level depends on suction power, so if you buy a chimney which has higher suction power, then it is normal that produce large noise.

9. Advanced features of kitchen chimney

Kitchen chimney latest models have some advanced features:

Auto Heat Sensor: When this feature enable it detects the presence of smoke and heat and automatically ON/OFF the chimney as needs.

Indicator/ Buzzer: This indicator/buzzer is introduced in the new model of chimney that provides indication for filter cleaning or replacement.

All these advanced features are introduced for user convenience, now no need to worry about maintenance and cleaning, your chimney take care itself.

Must Recommended Things Every Kichen Should Have:

Here are Few Things You Should Know Before Installation of Kitchen Chimney

Things covered in standard installation:

Installation charges are vary with different brands of kitchen chimney. But there is a minor difference, although few brands takes no charges (provide free installation service).

  • Mounting of kitchen Chimney (wall or island mounting)
  • Product demonstration
  • Installation charges to be directly paid to the technician, at the time of installation.

Things Not Covered Under Standard Installation:

  • Drilling on the wall or core cutting cavity to place chimney. It is advisable all drilling and cutting task should be finished before the authorized brand engineer arrives. In case if all these task is done by brand engineer and any misshapen is occurred then brand is not responsible, you have to pay extra charges for work.
  • Ducting kit charges are not included in standard installation. you have to purchase it separately.

Which Chimney is Best in India?

Elica 60 cm Auto clean chimneyThese post have pupular 8 kitchen chimneys that are mostly people likes.

Elica, Faber, and Hindware are highly recommended brands for kitchen chimneys.

I did my task, as I said in starting, I provided a detailed explanation of top brands to buy kitchen chimneys with a detailed buying guide.

Which is the best chimney for your kitchen its depend on the various parameter – your kitchen size, your budget, your gas stove burner, etc.

So, now I leave it’s on you, check the above list, compare all essential parameters and decide which is the best kitchen chimney for your home.

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