Best Egg Boiler In India

In this article, I shared the best egg boiler in India for 2022.

If you are planning to buy an egg boiler for your home, then you will love this article.

I mentioned a list of top 11 egg cooker brands with all essential features, pros and cons for your ease. Just go through them one by one and compare the egg boiler price and other features. And then select the best one that fulfills your requirements.

 Best Egg Boiler in India

Egg BoilersEgg CapacityWattageWarrantyBuy Now
Kent Instant Egg Boiler7360 W1 yearCheck on Amazon
Kent Egg Boiler7360 W1 yearCheck on Amazon
Prestige Egg Boiler7360 W1 yearCheck on Amazon
Butterfly Egg Boiler7360 W1 yearCheck on Amazon
Goodway Egg Boiler5200 W1 yearCheck on Amazon
Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler7350 W1 yearCheck on Amazon
Glen Egg Boiler8500 W2 yearsCheck on Amazon
Krevia Egg Boiler7Not providedNot providedCheck on Amazon
Dewberries Egg Boiler7Not providedNot providedCheck on Amazon
Curiocity Egg Boiler7350 WNot providedCheck on Amazon
Hestia Egg Boiler7Not Provided1 yearCheck on Amazon

Top 11 Best Egg Boiler Brands in India

Let’s get started with the list.

1. Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Kent has already built trust in people by providing better quality water purifier. Kent always believes in quality product so without any second thought go for it.

With the Kent egg boiler, you can boil a maximum of 7 eggs in a single go.  The best thing about this egg boiler is, it takes only 3 minutes. Isn’t it amazing in 3 minutes, your healthy breakfast ready?

There are 3 boiling modes: soft, medium and hard.  Boiling eggs with an electric boiler is the easiest task, all you have to follow 4 steps- add water to the boiler, place the egg, cover the lid, and at the end switch ON the power supply.

The machine will turn off automatically when eggs are boiled. This egg boiler has stainless steel body and heating plate that make it easy to clean and long-lasting.

If you believe in quality products then no doubt this is the best instant egg boiler for you. It comes with a 1 year warranty.


  1. 1 year warranty
  2. Energy efficient
  3. Stainless steel body and heating plate
  4. Boil seven eggs in 3 min.


  1. Expensive then others

2. Kent Egg Boiler

Kent Egg Boiler

With this Kent egg boiler, you can boil eggs in 4 steps:

Step 1: Add water as required (soft, medium and hard)

Step 2: Place the eggs on the tray and close the lid.

Step 3: Press the ON/OFF button.

Step 4: Once the water evaporates completely, the boiler shuts down automatically.

Maybe you are thinking now what is the difference between Kent Instant egg boiler and Kent egg boiler.

Let me help you there is only one major difference that is Kent Instant egg boiler takes only 3 minutes for completing the boiling process and Kent egg boiler takes normal time as other boilers. Other features and quality of both products are almost the same.

Now it’s easy for you, if you want to boil eggs in less time and money is not an issue for you, then go for Kent Instant egg boiler.


  1. Boil 7 eggs at a time
  2. Stainless steel heating plate, easy to clean
  3. 1-year warranty
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Lightweight
  6. Easy to use


  1. Takes more time than Kent Instant egg boiler

3. Prestige Electric Egg Boiler

Prestige Electric Egg Boiler

Prestige is well known for its kitchen appliances. It caters to the information from homemakers and always works for simplifying things according to customer requirements.

With the prestige egg boiling machine, you can boil up to 7 eggs at a single time.  This appliance is the best gift from Prestige house for egg lovers and gym-goers.

This appliance makes boiling eggs is very easy. The best thing about the product is that it has in-built intelligence that automatically switches OFF when the eggs are boiled to the desired level.


  1. 1-year warranty on the product
  2. Boil 7 eggs in a single go.
  3. Comes with auto-switch OFF
  4. Stainless steel body, easy to clean


  1. Little pricey

4. Butterfly Electric Egg Boiler

Butterfly Electric Egg Boiler

Butterfly electric egg boiler is a smart and reliable appliance from the Butterfly house. This is mini in size and having stainless steel body that provides elegant looks.

This electric egg boiler is ideal for your homes, hostels as well as an excellent gift for your loved one or gym-goers. The egg boiler comes with 3  different boiling modes – hard, medium and soft boiling.

It takes 10 minutes to boil the eggs; it can boil 7 eggs at a time. Now, it’s time to say no to the traditional method of boiling.

Inside the box- you got 1 electric egg cooker with stainless steel base, 1 transparent lid, 1 measuring cup, 1 egg tray and 1 serving bowl.


  1. Easy to clean
  2. 1-year warranty
  3. Stylish look and mini size
  4. Energy efficient


  1. Can’t use as a food steamer.

5. Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

With Goodway electric egg boiler, you can boil 1- 5 eggs in 7 minutes. Its cute design and appearance is eye appealing.

This innovative product has high-quality stainless steel heating plate that boils egg by steam generation.

It is advisable to use drinking water for the long life of the heater and clean after every use.

To maintain boiling levels of egg add water in a precise amount as indicated on measuring cup.

If you are using an egg boiler for the first time then first read the manual and follow the instructions and step-by-step procedure properly.

As it is compact in size and lightweight, you can easily place it from one place to another. It comes with auto-switch OFF, so there is no need to worry, eggs are over or under boiled.

Goodway is the best egg boiler for singles, as it boils 5 eggs in a single run.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Boil 5 eggs in a single go.
  3. The boiling time is 7minute.
  4. 1-year warranty


  1. Can’t use it as a food steamer.
  2. Ideal for 1-2 person

6. Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler

Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler

With the Inalsa egg boiling machine, you can prepare a delicious and healthy meal in a few minutes.  This electric cooker is not just an egg boiler, you can use it as a vegetable steamer.

For ensuring higher hygiene and long life durability, LFGB certified food-grade material has been used to design this egg boiler.

This electric cooker is made of food graded stainless steel material ensuring healthy cooking.

To avoid cracks, pierce the eggs (make a small hole at the top of the egg) with the help of a piercing pin before boiling.

Inalsa egg boiler chic has international safety approvals.

Inside the box, you get 1 egg cooker, 1 multipurpose steaming bowl, 1 egg tray and 1 water measuring cup with lid and egg piercing pin.


  1. Boil up to 7 eggs in a single time
  2. International safety approvals
  3.  Food grade material
  4. 1-year warranty


  1. the power cable is short in length.

 7. Glen Electric Egg Boiler

Glen Electric Egg Boiler

This egg boiling machine has 3 boiling levels – hard, medium and soft and you can boil 8 eggs in a single run. The best feature of this appliance is the egg ready indicator that makes it different from others. When your eggs are boiled, the boiler is automatically switched OFF and egg ready indicator notifies you.

This egg boiler machine has stainless steel body and comes with 2 year warranty on the product.

It has 4 removable poaching cups and a steaming rack, so you can easily clean the appliance after using it. It is an ideal appliance for coaching going students and hostlers.

It is advisable before using an appliance, please first read the manual properly and add water in a precise amount to get the proper level of the boiling harness.

It is a 2-in-1 cooker, you can use for boiling eggs and as well as poaching eggs.


  1. Boil 8 eggs at one time.
  2. 2-year warranty
  3. Compact and sleek design
  4. Easy to use


  1. Little pricey

 8. Krevia Egg Boiler Steamer

Krevia Egg Boiler

This egg boiler is simple to use as other boilers just add water according to soft, medium and hard boil, then place the eggs on the tray, cover the lid and switch on the power supply.

The best about this appliance- cost-effective and easy to use, but there is no warranty on the product. So, just think once then take decisions wisely.


  1. Boil 7 egg in one time
  2. Easy to use and easy to clean
  3. Cheaper than other boilers


  1. No warranty on the product
  2. Not branded

9. Dewberries Egg Steamer

Dewberries Egg Boiler

With the help of this cooker, you can boil (1-7 ) eggs in only 11 minutes. You can use this device like a food steamer also.

If you don’t have enough money to buy a branded egg boiler then this cooker is best for you. And one best thing about the appliance is that you can prepare a healthy breakfast in 11 minutes. Doesn’t sound good?

This compact device is lightweight and easy to use. As its body is made up of plastic and it is very easy to clean.

Inside the box: 1 Electric egg cooker, 1 steaming bowl, 1 pp cover, 1 water measuring cup.


  1. Boil seven eggs in only 11 min.
  2. You can use this as a food steamer.
  3. Lightweight, easy to use


  1. No warranty
  2. Cable cord quality poor 

10. Curiocity  Electric Egg Cooker

Curiocity  Electric Egg Cooker

This innovative product has high-quality stainless steel heating plate that boils egg in just 7 minutes.

You can boil 7 eggs in a single go. This also works as a mini food steamer, perfect for 1-2 people.

Due to small size and lightweight, you can easily carry along with you wherever you go, great for portability.

There is no warranty on this product and support only a single boiling mode (soft boiling).


  1. Boil 7 eggs in 7 minute
  2. Use as a mini food steamer
  3. Lightweight
  4. Cheaper than others


  1. Not branded
  2. Product quality needs to be improved.




This handy appliance allows you to boil eggs in 3 different modes- soft boil, medium boil and hard boil. This egg boiler machine has a capacity of boiling 7 eggs in a single go.

The egg boiler is made with good quality material, the body is sturdy and strong that ensures the egg boiler has a long life. Egg boiler beige color gives it decent and cute looks.

Boiling eggs by using an egg boiler is a piece of cake. Very-very simple, it requires no settings, no timer just a single button and after some time you will find your eggs are ready. Like traditional methods of boiling, no need for continuous supervision, once start the boiler then freely do other tasks, it will automatically shut down when eggs are boiled.

The egg tray has both side handles that provide easy handling or grip. Hestia giving you a 1-year warranty on this egg cooker. You can also get the benefit of 1 year extended warranty-  to get the information call on 9321437842.

The boiler has an in-built safety feature that protects it from getting damaged due to overheating. It shuts down automatically when the temperature goes beyond the limit.


  • Egg capacity- 7 eggs
  • 1-year warranty
  • Overheating protection
  • in-built cord winder


  • None

These are some of the best egg boilers in India in 2021.

Know Your Egg Boiler-Different parts of an Egg Boiler with name

Different parts of an egg boiler with name/ Nomenclature of an egg boiler

Benefits of Buying an Egg Cooker: Why Should you Buy an Egg Boiler?

There are several benefits of an oil boiler. It is a great appliance for bachelors or hostlers. I share my personal views that I realized after using an egg boiler.

  1. This is a very small and light-weighted appliance. You can use it anywhere inside the room or kitchen wherever you like. (Great for coaching going students)
  2. It needs a very small amount of water. No mess-up.
  3. Like Gas stoves, it does not require continuous supervision. Or no chance to overcooked or undercooked.
  4. Very simple and easy to use, once start the egg boiler then forget. Almost all egg boilers come with an auto shut off feature, once eggs boiled, it automatically shut down.
  5. Egg boilers have low power wattage, boiling time is also short. This way you can see that egg cooker are an economical way to boil eggs.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for an Electric Egg Boiler

  • Always unplug the appliance before cleaning.
  • After boiling wait until the egg boiler cools down, before cleaning it.
  • To wash the egg cooker, don’t immerse it into the water.
  • Clean and wipe the appliance after every use.
  • When not in use for a long time, unplug it and place it at a dry ventilated place.

Safety Instructions:

  • Place the egg boil machine on a flat and dry surface.
  • Don’t immerse the egg boil machine in water for cleaning.
  • Keep away from the children’s reach.
  • Make sure the egg boiler is completely dry before use.
  • To avoid electric shocks, do not use the appliance with wet hands.
  • Do not cover the egg boiler with a cloth or some other way when it is in use.
  • Do not add the water or pull out the plug when the water on the plate has evaporated.
  • Do not try to repair the egg steamer at home. It may cause an appliance failure or breakdown.
  • Electric Egg Boiling machine is suitable for indoor use only.

Below I mention 3 main problems that most commonly occur during operation, their possible cause and possible solution.

 Problem 1: The indicator light does not turn on.

Possible Cause:  connection problem, defective indicator, the switch has not been pressed.

Possible Solution: Check the plug is properly inserted into the socket or not.  Go to the nearest authorized service center for assistance. Switch on the appliance.

Problem 2: Eggs are over or under boiled.

Possible Cause: Too much or too little water has added.

Possible Solution:  Add water in the right quantity as mention in the manual.

Problem 3: The eggs are raw.

Possible Cause:  The boiling process has not started or the second possibility is the heating element damaged.

Possible Solution: Maybe you forgot to press the switch, so first check the switch. If the boiler is still not working then contact the service center.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time it will take to boil eggs in the egg boiler?

There is no standard time, Egg boiler time varies with two factor- boiling mode and egg boiler brand.

Egg boiler comes with three boiling modes- soft, medium and hard. And boiling time is vary with boiling mode.

Most probably the egg boiler takes 8-12 minutes. It depends on which company egg boiler you use.

Some egg boilers come with an instant boiling option, they take very less time about 5 minutes.

2. Is an electric egg boiler good for health?

Electric Egg Boiler is a very simple machine. I tell you how it works, then you better understand is it harmful for health or not?

Egg Boiler has a heating plate, that heats and water evaporate, in simple words eggs are boiled by steaming process in electric egg boiler.

Its very simple to use and clean and best thing about egg boiler requires water in very small quantities.

Now maybe you are not doubtful about the electric egg boiler.

3. What is the use of a needle in an egg boiler?

To avoid cracks or bursts in eggs, a needle is provided.

By using a needle make a hole at the top of the egg before placing it into the egg boiler.

4. How much water to put into the egg boiler?

A measuring cup comes with an egg boiler. A very clear indication is mentioned of how much water you have to add.

An egg boiler comes with three boiling modes- soft, medium and hard. Water requirement is different for all three, but don’t worry everything is mention on the measuring cup, for which mode how much water is added.

5. Which is the best egg boiler in India?

Kent, Goodway and prestige are the top 3 best brands for egg boiler in India.

6. How to use an egg boiler?

There is no rocket science it is very easy to use.

Step-by-step procedure to use an egg boiler-

  1. Add water into the egg boiler by using a measuring cup.
  2. Piercing the egg with the help of a needle (make a hole at the top of the egg to avoid cracks)
  3. Place the eggs on the egg tray.
  4. Cover the lid on the egg boiler.
  5. Switch on the power supply.

7. Can we boil the chicken in an egg boiler?

No, you can’t boil the chicken in an egg boiler. Although you use to boil some green leafy veg but not for chicken. And it’s better to use an egg boiler only for boiling eggs.

Conclusion: Which is the best Egg Boiler in India?

Above is the list of 10 best egg boiler.

I mentioned all details about each egg boiler. Now the final decision is up to you which one you choose.

If you want to know my opinion, which is the best egg boiler? Then I would recommend Kent Instant egg boiler, Kent egg boiler, Goodway egg boiler and prestige egg boiler.

Kent, Goodway and Prestige are the best brands for egg boiler in India.