24 Bread Alternatives: Healthy & Low Carb

Bread Alternatives: Bread is full of the carbohydrates and calories so many people are looking for the alternatives to bread. Coeliac disease is also the reason that people are avoiding it.

On the other hand, there are some people who can eat the bread without any issues.

Bread alternatives are available for those who are avoiding the bread at any cost.

Bread Alternatives

If you are avoiding the bread then check out the list of bread alternatives that help you to become healthy.

1. Vegetables and Potatoes


Potato slices are one of the best substitutes of the bread. It especially used with the burgers. Even the potatoes have been used in many varieties.

There are some other alternatives such as vegetables like eggplants, bell papers, mushrooms, and cucumbers are great. Vegetables are one of the testy alternatives when you eat with meat and cheese.

2. Sourdough Bread

bread alternatives

It is made from the fermented gains. Sourdough bread consist the more nutrition than the regular bread and it so easy to eat and digest. All you need to do is go through simple steps to make it.

There is only one exception that it still contains the small amount of glutens.

3. White Bean Mash

White Bean Mash

It’s one of the simplest recipes that you can use as bread alternative.

The recipe starts with rinsing the haricot beans. Bring to the boil in a small plan and minced garlic. Just simmer for the at least 10 minutes and mash it them.

If you add the garlic then it makes it so easier and looks testy while eating it.

4. Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps is the good Bread substitute. Start with taking the large outer leaves to ensure that you have the large enough area to complete the filling.

It doesn’t include the gluten. It is one of the low calories leaves that help to reach the portion of the vegetables with the daily target.

The leaves are more flimsy than the bread and it doesn’t match to bread in terms of teste. Cabbage leaves also can be used as an alternative.

5. Eggs



Do you love eggs?

Well if you are one of the health conscious people then you surely heard of the Eggs are one of the food that consist nutrients

It is one of the healthy alternatives to bread. Even it can be used in the variety of foods.   When you eat the eggs it can easily replace the buns and bread.

6. North Staffordshire Oatcake

North Staffordshire Oatcake

You can also call North Staffordshire Oatcake as oat pancakes. If you are looking for the alternative that impacts lower on the blood glucose then it is one of the best options for it. It is lighter and less heavy than the bread. You can roll with the filling of your choice.  It has only 30g of carbs out of the 100 g.

7. Brown Rice Bread

Brown Rice Bread

You can make a toast of the brown rice bread.  You can choose the breads which are made from the rice and it is one of the best options for bread alternatives.  You can take it and get out of the old-fashioned toast. It’s testing delicious and crunchy.

8. Soup with Rice

Soup with Rice

It can be one of the delicious alternatives to bread.  It fills great when you eat it with the salad. If you add the vegetables it will become better.

You can add the beans to the salad such as chick beans, kidney beans, and white beans. Even you can eat more legumes immediately.

 9. Oopsie Bread

Oopsie Bread

It is the popular low crab bread substitute. It can only use with the eggs, salt, and cheese. It is so delicious with the burgers. You can serve with the toppings.

It consist only a few ingredients and it’s easy to make it. It tastes so delicious that you can make a habit of eating it.

10. Lavash


If you are looking for the closet substitute to bread then lavash is the best options for it.  It is made from the water, salt and flour.  It has high amount of fiber and used as the lower carbohydrate option.

11. Corn Tortillas

Corn Tortillas

It not only makes from the bean but it can also make it from the corn. Corn tortillas are so high in the fiber but gluten-free. So if you are avoiding the gluten then Corn tortillas can be the best choice for you.

The corn tortillas have been used in the wraps, burgers, and pizzas. It also used with the toppings such as butter and cheese.  You can easily make the corn tortillas at home.  It only contains the two things Masa Harina and water.

12. Cauliflower Tortillas

Cauliflower Tortillas

Do you love tortillas?  If you love it then you must try Cauliflower Tortillas. All you need is the cauliflower to make it. It tests great with the cheese and chicken fajitas.

13. Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes are one of the best pancakes that consists the fibres and vitamins. It is one of the great bread alternatives that help with the diet.

There are many things you can try such as silver rice, quinoa, buckwheat and millet as the alternatives of bread.  You can also make the buckwheat flour and oatmeal.  It can change your whole breakfast and gives you different tests.

14. Oatmeal or Yogurt


It’s not so hard to do a breakfast without bread.  Yoghurt contains the several types of the proteins and looks taste delicious with the fruit. It is completely gluten-free and gives you all the energy that you are looking for. Once you start eating, you start getting the proteins from it.

Oatmeal is the healthy alternative to bread. It is so easy to make, just learn how to cook the meal, add oatmeal, mix it and eat it. Eat it with the vegetables and it will give you all the energy that you need for the day.  Oats are so good because it doesn’t contain the gluten.

15. Quinoa


It is a gain that offers the anti-inflammatory properties. It is the source of omega and it is also one of the excellent sources of fibre.  You can eat with the rice.

16. Butternut Squash Cubes

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash cubes is a healthy and delicious recipe which can be used in the bread alternatives. It doesn’t consist the gain and for those who want to enjoy their breakfast. It is one of the low carb options that you can eat with the potato. It is so easy to make it. The process starts with taking the butternut squash with the salt, paper and olive oil. Just cook around the 200*c and back it until it becomes golden. While cooking, you can add several flavours which help to make spicy.  You can eat it with the salad, steak, and park.

17. Cabbage Noodles

Cabbage Noodles

Have you ever tried the cabbage noodles? It is so delicious and healthy.   Just take the sharp knife and slice the cabbage into the stripes.   Boil the cabbage and eat it after it.

19. Amaranth


It is one of the foods which have high amino acid. It is a good grain that can easily become the bread replacement. It has a high amount of fibres and iron.

20. Collard Green Wrap

Collard Green Wrap

It is one of the great ways to make wraps. Collard greens are easily available in the market.  There is a lot nutritious in the collard green which is good for the health. The wraps of Collard green are better than the other wraps.  It is gluten-free and one of the best bread alternatives.

21. Crepes


It is the one kind of thin pancake. It usually uses for the breakfast but you can also use for the lunch and dinner. There are several types of crepes are available such as seafood crepes, chicken crepes and so on. It is also gluten-free and it freezes that you can use it later.

22. Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough

It is available in the different forms. There are forms such as desert, main dish, and an appetizer. You will love the delicious taste of it. The pizza dough is available in the market, you can purchase it.

23. Gluten-Free Crackers

Gluten Free Crackers

Crackers are great when you put eggs on it. Crackers are good with the cheese, meat, and salad. It all depends on you what you are using for the crackers. It’s one of the best breakfasts that you can use it. Even it can be used for the lunchtime too.

24. Leafy Greens and Lettuce

Leafy Greens

It is one of the great substitutes for the bread. It is popular among the health conscious people.  The leafy greens can be filled with the topping such as veggies and meat. The leaf also can be used as the wrap. It helps to hold everything together.

This wraps are so fresh in the breakfast and contains the low amount of the calories than the bread.

Hand Picked Stuff for You:


Wheat bread is best for the diet but it can be easily replaceable with the healthier and more nutritious bread alternatives.

If you have the right information then you can easily replace everything.  The above alternatives are best to start with.

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