10 Best Shaving Soap for Men

I have almost covered every single product important for the care and grooming of beards, and now it is the time to move to best shaving soap too. So, basically we are getting rid of those beards, and you really need a great product to produce enough lather to glide that razor smoothly on your skin.

Of course, there are shaving creams and soaps but who does not like versatility. And this is why you need to check out this section containing the beard products which can help you in giving the perfect shave of your life. But like as usual, you need to check out this buying guide before anything else.

Buying Guide for Best Shaving Soap

Every time I mention certain products, I always recommend you to check the buying guide. This helps in understanding exactly what you should buy and whether it will be perfect for your skin or not. And to keep up with the tradition, here is a buying guide for the people who wants to buy best shaving soap.

Types of Soap

Before you start hunting for the right soap for your skin and beards, let me tell you there are a variety of shaving soaps available out there having different properties. So, here is a little clarification regarding the types of shaving soap.

1. Triple Milled

Triple Milling is actually a process used for making a soap. It involves grating a soap and melting it and then pressing it to make a new bar out of it. This is done in order to remove as much moisture as possible from the bar to make it milder and better. Such soaps are hard and last longer.

2. Semi-Hard

This is a condition that lies between Triple Milled soaps and Croap soaps. They are softer than former one but harder than the later one. Although they don’t last longer but if you are not comfortable in handling extremely creamy soaps then you should pick these ones. Their price range also last somewhere between Triple Milled soaps and Croap soaps.

3. Croap

They are smoothest and creamiest shaving soaps ever and remains extremely gentle on the skin. People struggling with sensitive skin should go for these ones. It contains extra moisture but they do not last longer because of instant melting. But if you want to maintain that gentle skin even after frequent shaving sessions, Croap soaps are going to prove the best ones for you.

Ingredients Used

The best shaving soap is always sulfate free, so please check this label before buying any grooming products. Not only your beards but your skin is also going to come in contact with this soap and hence opting for a soap made up of completely natural ingredients is the best decision you can make.

Apart from it, there are some particular soaps too like glycerin based for sensitive skin, tallow based for old school shaving and oil-based vegan-friendly people. Pick your soap according to your skin type.


When it comes to picking shaving soap, checking out its packaging is really important. Some soaps just come in paper packaging, and you need to take them out completely to use. Some are pressed in tin containers whereas some shaving soaps come in wooden containers.

Rather than making lather in your hands, you should prefer container packaging, and you can take the soap through the shaving brush. You should pick tin over the wooden container for durability.


As I always suggest, stay away from such products which use synthetic fragrances in them because they are really harmful for the skin of a person especially when it is sensitive. Always prefer such shaving soaps which contains their own natural scent or are completely unscented.

It definitely saves you from bearing unwanted irritation and itchiness on your skin. The best shaving soap is the one which is completely unscented.


The usual price range for shaving soaps remains between $5 and $25. However, the main factor here is durability which is worth any price. It highly depends on your choice that what kind of soap you want according to your skin type because the luxurious ones or the sensitive ones cost higher than other best shaving soap.

Top 10 Shaving Soap

I guess, we are kind of done with the important things here and that we should move forward to take a look at the best shaving soap in the market right now. However, I ditched most of them and decided to pick only 10 best options for you people to keep it quick and effective. You can check out the details which are mentioned below.

1. Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap for Men and WomenAnd here we go with our first pick as the best shaving soap which is by Henry Cavendish. Known as Himalaya Shaving Soap, this one is made up of completely natural ingredients, and the packaging contains 3.8 Oz. of soap in it.

Henry Cavendish is a really popular brand for producing popular grooming products and this soap which is really smooth is an ideal product by them. It doesn’t get dried out quickly and gives enough lubrication for the razor to glide comfortably on the skin.

The main ingredients of this soap are Shea butter and Coconut oil, and both are rich in moisture and hence makes it a croap soap. It produces a very rich lather, and it is extremely creamy too which means it is going to remain gentle on your skin to give you a smooth finish.

What makes this pick even more exciting is that both ladies and gentleman can use it without worrying about the skin type. The lather produced by this soap is really thick and dense, and hence it lasts for a longer duration so you can take enough time to have the best shave of your life. You should also know that this soap does not make your face oily but surely enough moisturized though.

2. Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl for Refreshing and Toning

Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl for Refreshing and ToningThis is the time that you ditch the best shaving cream and rather go for this shaving soap by Proraso. I have also listed one more shaving soap by Proraso but that it specifically for the sensitive skin type. This shaving soap is highly recommended for refreshing and toning your skin which removes the requirement of using any after shave product.

This product is highly affordable and comes with a packaging of 5.2 Oz. of soap in it. This soap works for all types of beards and gives enough lather to shave them off comfortably.

What makes it a good toner is that it exhibits eucalyptus oil with its application which nourishes and purifies the facial skin and hairs. While for refreshing property, they have used menthol in it which gives a very cooling and amazing sensation after the shave.

What makes it the best shaving soap is that it goes through the hot soap making process where almost all the moisture of this soap is removed in 10 days of processing. This is why it is long lasting and gives amazing lather. The soap comes in a container, and you can take the required amount through the shaving brush hence no messiness at all.

3. Men’s Soap Company Lavender Shaving Soap

Men’s Soap Company Lavender Shaving SoapOur next product in the list of best shaving soap is by Men’s Soap Company. They have this amazing lavender soap to offer which create rich lather and provides a very smooth shave. It comes with all natural ingredients especially Shea butter and coconut oil which gives the required nourishment to the skin too.

This is going to cost you higher than the former two products above, and it comes in two different fragrance of Lavender and Himalaya.

What I liked about this product is that their scent is not overpowering or feminine but mild enough to keep you smelling great. Do not forget to use the badger brush to product rich and creamy lather through this shaving soap and enjoy the best shave ever.

It is ideal for sensitive skin too as it keeps it moisturized throughout the day. As they have used natural ingredients only, you are not going to face any side-effects or burning sensation after using this soap for shaving. Along with Shea they have also used soy in order to comfort the skin at its best. This soap is completely free of added preservatives or synthetic fragrance and hence causes no skin irritation.

4. Col. Conk Shaving Soap, Variety Pack

Col. Conk Shaving Soap, Variety PackThe next pick of best shaving soap is different from the rest of the products mentioned here and the main reason behind it is that it is consisted of 4 types of variety shaving soap packaging and comes under the same price as the rest of the single soap are available.

The packaging contains 4 shaving soaps, and each of them has different fragrances which are Bayrum, Lime, Almond and Amber and each soap weighs 2.25 Oz.

However, all of them are glycerin-based shaving soaps which means they are one of the best shaving soap for sensitive skin and produces very soft and gentle lather out of it. It would be ideal to use them via using a shaving brush because of their creamy texture.

Even a small amount gives enough lather which is quite thick and lasts longer than usual. This indicates that you can take enough time to clean your beards without worrying about the lather. All of the fragrances are quite natural and exhibits manly scent that lasts for a whole day. This variety pack is quite popular these days, and I think you should buy one for yourself too.

5. Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl for Sensitive Skin

Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl for Sensitive SkinWe are back with one more shaving soap from Proraso again. But this time I have mentioned their special product which is the best shaving soap for sensitive skin. It comes in a bowl like packaging and also quite affordable too.

The soap is made with such ingredients that it produces a very creamy lather so that the razor can glide over it perfectly without causing any irritation to the skin.

The formula used in this shaving soap is completely natural and it does not contain any amount of mineral oil or artificial colors in it. In fact, there is no trace of paraben, sulfates, silicon or any other harmful chemical and ingredients in this soap at all.

The best way to use this shaving soap is to firstly soak the brush in warm water and then use the soap through the brush because in this way it produces maximum lather possible. This Proraso shaving soap is a type of hard soap and hence requires more water than usual, but it also last longer than other soaps too. This product is totally worth every single penny, and I think you should definitely try this out.

6. Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving SoapYou know it really well that the shaving cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street is one of the finest quality and most popular shaving cream ever. But now it is the time to test the shaving soap offered by them too. Although it is not as popular as the former product but it is definitely worthy enough for the category of best shaving soap.

Of course, as this one is a luxury product, it is going to cost you much more than usual shaving soaps. The product comes in a wooden bowl and contains 3.5 OZ of amount in it.

It is a classic shaving soap which comes with sandalwood and herbal ingredients and uses high-quality British process to be made. Once the soap gets finished, you can order for a refill too. It is a glycerin based soap which makes it good for sensitive skin and also perfect for maintaining the moisture of the face.

There is no involvement of any type of sulfates or harmful chemicals in this shaving soap. You can easily produce the lather with the help of shaving brush which must be soaked before applying soap through it. It is an ideal product which must be a part of your best beard grooming kit.

7. The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap

The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving SoapAlso known as “Smolder”, this next inclusion in the list of best shaving soap is by The Blades Grim. This is a golden luxury shaving soap and costs a bit higher than usual shaving soaps. This product is popular for its manly scent, and thankfully it does not even cause any irritation too.

The packaging of the soap comes in a golden tin and hence rather than lathering it in your hands, you can use the shaving brush so that you do not have to create any messy situations.

All the prime ingredients used in the making of this shaving soap are completely natural. Some of them are Mandarin, orange peel, coriander leaves, Venezuela Tonka and Star Anise, etc. They not only work as soothing elements to maintain the gentleness of your skin but also gives a very refreshing effect.

The soap comes in 4 OZ of packaging and the more you will use this soap, the more surprises you will discover about it. The scent is not at all over powering but gives a very fresh smell to the user. In fact, the product has been superbly reviewed which makes it even more worthy of a purchase.

8. No. 63 Men’s 150 Shave Soap with Tin

No. 63 Men’s 150 Shave Soap with TinThe next pick into this category of best shaving soap is No. 63, 150 Soap. It comes in a Tin packaging and supplied by Pre de Province. It is highly recommended for producing creamy and thick lather, and if your skin tend to dry very fast, then you should definitely use this soap.

The scent of this shaving soap is quite like an aromatic and warm masculine fragrance which does not over power but also does not get disappeared with time too.

The effect of this shaving soap is quite like the best beard balm whose sole purpose is to nourish the face. This is why they have used products like Shea butter, herbs, organic argon oil, etc. in order to make the product more creamy and soft in its application.

For the fragrance, they have used products like citrus, Cedarwood, violet leaves, juicy plum along with leather and tobacco to ensure that manliness in the shaving soap. It is advised to use the wet brush and keep the skin damp while using this shaving soap as it produces the maximum lather possible.

Forget triple milling, they have used quad-milling process to manufacture this soap and hence it lasts longer than most of the soaps here while also maintaining the softness too.

9. Van Der Hagen Luxury Shaving Soap

Van Der Hagen Luxury Shaving SoapWhen you talk about affordability, this luxury shaving soap turn out to be perfect example for it. You can buy it on the price of a single soap offered by other brands, and you get packaging of 3 soaps each weighing 3.5 ounces. There are other size options also available.

Moving on with the description of this best shaving soap, this luxury scented soap is offered by Van Der Hagen which is a glycerin based soap. It ensures complete protection to the skin and does not let it go dry.

This hypo-allergenic soap produces such lather which softens the beard so that you can glide the razor smoothly over it. It is a completely vegan product which provides complete nourishment to the skin and this factor is often missing from the popular shaving creams. Hence men have to use after shave products or toners.

They have used the combination of three types of butters in it which are Shea, Mango, and Seed butter and it clearly reflects how soft this soap remains on the skin. They have used added fragrance, but it does not bother at all as it is not over-powering. However, a bit of sulfate is used but the amount of butter and glycerin perfectly compensates for it.

10. Sir Hare Shaving Soap for Men

Sir Hare Shaving Soap for MenThe final shaving soap which must be a part of your beard maintenance kit is by Sir Hare. On quite an affordable pricing they provide 4 ounces of this soap packed in an 8 ounces container. Which means you do not need additional shaving bowl for it.

As the manufacturer claims, you can achieve 100 amazing shaves with this amount of soap where each turn produces enough lather to glide the razor smoothly on your skin.

They do not include any synthetic preservatives in this soap and also maintains its quality by using only natural ingredients. To keep it classic, they have used a hint of Cedarwood, Oakmoss, and Bergamot to maintain that old school kind of fragrance in this soap.

It is definitely a type of luxurious best shaving soap which helps in reducing the friction between the razor and skin so that no irritation or paining sensation can be caused. In fact, it is ideal for sensitive skin too and leaves you with the closest shave ever.

Make sure to use the lukewarm water to soak the brush into before applying the soap through it. And finally, when you will be done with the shave, a refreshing scent will be left behind.

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Going as per the current trends, beards are quite in fashion and to be true, they always were. However, it is quite relaxing to go clean shaven once in a while especially when you are going to some formal events where you need to look presentable and formal at its best.

In this situation, you should really check out this section of best shaving soap because no matter what skin comes first and you cannot afford to let that sharp razor cause some cuts on it. You can compare its performance with shaving gel and cream and then soundly take the decision.

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