10 Best Ear Hair Trimmer for Men or Women

Okay, I guess we are done with half of the part of self-grooming and it is the time to focus on the other half with this section of ear hair trimmer. There are many man and woman who are quite irritated with this problem of elongated nose and ear hairs and hence they always need timely trimming process to make them look presentable.

Well, sometimes it is not just about the looks but also about personal hygiene and self-care too. And hence I decided to take a toll on ear cleaning after getting done with the section of nose hair trimming. So, you get various trimmers for it (manual and electric) which does the work for you. But before you proceed there, take a look at the section given below.

Things to Know before Buying Ear Hair Trimmer

Wait, before you start to wonder what is the best ear hair trimmer, because you need to get to know about certain things before proceeding there. Just like the tips and things I mentioned in the earlier discussion of nose hair trimmers, there are certain points which must be highlighted for ear hair trimmers too. You can check them out here.

a. Types of Cutting Heads/ Multitasking

So, apparently just one cutting head is not enough when you are buying an ear hair trimmer. I am sure you would have satisfied with a simple one only but did you know that you need a 360 degree rotating head to trim down your ear hairs.

Made up of stainless-steel, there can be up to 3-4 attachments find in a simple ear hair trimmer available for various purposes like nose trimming, brows and for even side burns too. So, check the package details completely and also the applications of the trimmer before buying it.

b. Built-in Spotlight

As nose and ears are quite sensitive and soft areas to do the grooming, you really need a spotlight to pay complete attention on the process. I am sure you would not want to get hurt while doing so and this is why many of the ear hair trimmer comes with a small LED light installed in them.

So, before you proceed to buy any ear hair trimmer, make sure you to find out whether it has LED light or not. And if not then it must at least have the rotating blade to avoid any chance of accidentals cuts on skin.

c. Battery Powered VS Manual Operation

In the age of technology, people rarely prefer to use manually operated appliances and the same applies to this ear hair trimmer device too. Where most of them are rechargeable or battery operated, some of the brands also manufacture simple manually operated trimmers too.

However, it does not affect the performance but surely people prefer more automatic devices rather than the ones involving hand operations. So before you prefer the low cost trimmers please make sure that they are electric and not manual.

d. Pricing and Reviews Compared

This is the most important part of this buying guide of ear hair trimmer. There are various brands which are not much renowned but offers these trimmers on quite a high price where things are totally different for high-end and popular brands.

So, while you are considering to buy nose and ear hair trimmers always go for renowned as well as reliable brands such as Philips, ToiletTree etc. as they offer these products on quite affordable prices. You can further analyze the products by the reviews given on it.

e. Battery Life

This is an important point to consider especially for people who are more likely to travel. So, of course, you would have to use these ear hair trimmer on the go too and hence you cannot afford to prefer such trimmers which offers really low battery life.

So, make sure that you buy such ear trimmers which charges quickly and whose power lasts for at least some hours. Or you can also prefer AA battery powered trimmers too.

f. Maintenance and Cleaning

Last but definitely not the least, I am sure you would not want to leave your trimmer as it is after a use. So, read the complete information regarding its maintenance and cleaning process. It must involve wet/dry use and the trimmer must be water resistant.

This clearly indicates that you can wash the trimmer under running water and hence it does not involve further complications. Also, when it comes to maintenance make sure to check out the warranty period of the ear hair trimmer and keep the warranty card safe along with the bill.

10 Best Ear Hair Trimmer

There are various nose hair trimmers which can be used as ear hair trimmers too. This is why these 10 best ear hair trimmers mentioned here comes with either additional attachments or with the rotating blade which can be used as nose as well as ear hair trimmer. You can take a look at these trimmers right below.

1. Philip Norelco NT3155/60 Trimmer for Ear

Philip Norelco NT3155/60 Trimmer for EarTo choose the perfect men’s ear hair trimmer, you really need to focus on a lot of aspects and I think this Philips Norelco NT3155/60 from the 3100 series stands perfect on all these aspects. It provides a powerful trim and super smooth finish without causing any pulling or painful sensation.

Despite being so fast, it remains quite gentle on the sensitive areas and does not cause any redness or itchiness at all. The thick outer core of the trimmer gives a perfect grip while the thin and round blade enter the deep and complicated areas too.

It is powered by the AA battery and completely washable which means you can wash it under the running water without thinking about any damage. Although it does not come with the popular rotating blade but still it is quite efficient in terms of working.

Apart from working as a nose and ear hair trimmer, you can also use it for grooming eyebrows too with the help of additional attachment. However, the price of this product is a bit higher than others but you can see its reflection on its performance too. It is a trimmer which must be preferred for longer run and also backed with two years of warranty period too.

2. Breett Ear Hair Trimmer

Breett Ear Hair TrimmerThe next in the row for the list of ear hair trimmer is the one offered by Breett. This is an electric, battery operated nose as well as ear hair trimmer which is ultra light weight to use and also remains gentle on those sensitive hairs too.

Breett ear hair trimmer is also quite affordable as compared to the former mention in this list and available in black color. In fact, they also provide a cap for the upper covering of the blade too.

The above cutting head of the trimmer uses a very sharp yet safe blade which does not harm the skin at all. The process of using it is pretty simple where firstly you need to open up the lower compartment to insert the batteries then switch on the trimmer. The blade starts to rotate and you can use it easily too.

You can use it for trimming nose hairs too. However, it is not accompanied by any other attachment except a brush to whisk away the hairs. Also, the cleaning process is pretty simple where you can remove the upper cutting edge to clean it separately without causing any damage to the remaining parts of the trimmer.

3. Wahl Clipper Nose Ear Trimmer

Wahl Clipper Nose Ear TrimmerWahl is a really popular brand when it comes to buying nose and ear hair trimmer and hence I mentioned it here. This one is a different product than the rest of the trimmers because it is basically an entire grooming kit consisting of various uses and attachments.

It is a deluxe multi-purpose grooming kit whose price is also higher than other Wahl products as it is made up of strong stainless-steel body and offers so many advantages too.

It is a rechargeable trimmer which comes with 4 different attachments which are a wide T blade for mustache and beards, rotary blade for ear and nose hairs grooming, detailed shaver, and another detailing head. It requires an hour to charge it completely and then you can use it for 4 hours continuously.

Wahl also offers 5 years of warranty on this product and so many other offers too. It works with twice the power of ordinary trimmers and gives you a finished and smart look. Also it comes with smart LED for sensitive nose and ear hair trimming. You can call it an all in one solution which also comes with cleaning brush, blade oil, charger, instruction booklet and beard and mustache comb too.

4. Remington NE3250B Waterproof Ear Hair Trimmer

Remington NE3250B Waterproof Ear Hair TrimmerI have already listed this ear hair trimmer in the category of nose trimmers too because it works for both the conditions and backed by a powerful torque and amazing performance. It is quite small in size but performs so powerfully that you can literally see the process going utmost smoothly.

Also, it does not hurt while using it and it produces a sound so dull that you will not be disturbing anyone in your home while using it.

With great looks come great services too. It is 100% washable and water resistant and hence once you have used it, you can clean it under running water easily. Apart from being one of the best ear hair trimmer, this Remington trimmer can also be used for nose hair trimming as well as eyebrows trimming too.

Remington ear hair trimmer is quite affordable too and comes with 2 years of warranty as well. If you are still struggling with the use then you can consider the guide manual which comes with it. It is a battery operated appliance and also comes with a cleaning comb too. This 5 piece set is just perfect for your go to grooming session anytime anywhere.

5. ToiletTree Professional Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

ToiletTree Professional Nose and Ear Hair TrimmerAnother recurring name in the list of ear hair trimmer is ToiletTree professional trimmer which also serves as a nose hair trimmer too. It is one of the most loved appliance by men and also quite affordable as well as reliable too. Made for the heavy duty work, this trimmer comes with various features.

It is a water-resistant product which also comes with a covering cap for the safety of upper blade head and it also makes it safer to carry anywhere.

Just 5.25” in height, you can literally carry it around in your hands and no one will come to know about it. This lightweight trimmer produces the least sound possible and it is also cordless which means you can use it on the go without worrying about power backup.

However, this ToiletTree trimmer comes with only one trimming head which is for nose and ear hair trimming only. This rotatory blade is backed up by an LED light which guides the user in sensitive areas. The sleek looks of the trimmer are available in two different colors of gray and silver and it is perfect for wet/dry use.

6. Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

Amongst various trimmer models offered by Panasonic ER430K is one of the finest ones. Perfect for affordable trimmers range and counted amongst the top quality ear hair trimmer, this one stands out amongst all and also quite handy to use too.

It comfortably removes nose and ear hairs and also works perfectly for removing unwanted facial hairs too. Hence it is suitable for both men and women.

The usual nose and ear hair trimmer blade is rotating one which has sharp blades to remove the hairs in one go. Another one is a dual-edge blade is used for grooming the eye brows and detailing the beards too. The trimmer is also accompanied with a micro-vacuum system which cleanses and whisks away all the trimmed hair particles.

The trimmer is waterproof and hence you can clean it by running water too. The blade also runs smoothly on wet as well as dry areas causing no pulling sensations and pain at all. You can power it with the help of one AA size battery and then it works for a really long time.

Also, the design of this trimmer is quite ergonomic which means you sustain a great grip on it and avoids any chances of complications too.

7. Conair Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Conair Nose and Ear Hair TrimmerThe ear nose hair trimmer combination is the best one to buy and Conair seems to be making a fair deal in this category. It costs less than $10 to buy this product and despite being so affordable, it is so powerful and efficient in its working process.

It is so compact and lightweight that it almost looks like a micro trimmer and powered by 1 AA battery. However, the battery is not included in the packaging and the package is only consisted of a single ear and nose hair trimming blade too.

Conair also offers a protective cap over the and there is a power switch given over the trimmer which is simple to operate and must be switched on in order to use. Apart from all, if you are still wondering about the usage of this trimmer then there is an instruction booklet accompanied with it which provides complete information about the usage and features.

This ear hair trimmer also utilizes the rotating technology of cutting blade through which the hairs are cut gently and you do not feel any pain of pulling.

8. Suprent Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Suprent Nose and Ear Hair TrimmerThe rotary motor of Suprent nose and ear hair trimmer is so powerful that it rotates at the speed of 6500 RPM. The blade is made up of powerful stainless-steel and the inter blade system powerfully captures the nose and ear hairs into it within quick micro-seconds and hence does not exert any pain afterwards.

This ear hair trimmer is quite efficient and covers all the areas in 360 degree reach to ensure the user that no strand of pusky hairs remains behind.

The noise produced is below 50 dB and hence so low to disturb anyone which makes another strong reason to buy this trimmer. There are 2 attachments provided with the trimmer where one is rotatory blade for ear and nose hair removal and another one is a detailing blade for brows and side burns.

There is also an LED light accompanied for guiding the users in sensitive areas and above everything, you should know that the entire appliance is waterproof. So, you can easily clean it under the running water making it more convenient for maintenance and cleansing.

I am sure you would not want to miss out on such an amazing tool which takes care of your personal hygiene so well and so efficiently.

9. Andis FastTrim NT-1 (13430) Ear and Nose Trimmer

Andis FastTrim NT-1 (13430) Ear and Nose TrimmerNot only the blades of this trimmer is strong enough to take out those pesky hairs in one go, but the outer core of the trimmer is made up of rust-proof material which makes it reliable in the longer run. This also enables the running water cleaning without worrying about any damage.

This ear hair trimmer functions very quickly and removes the hair gently and easily out of your ear as well as nose skin.

You can power it through AA size battery and it provides a great functioning over a long span of time. You should take care of the fact that it is important to oil the blade before using them otherwise it can cause friction or poor functioning of the trimmer too.

It is just 5.3” in size which makes it quite convenient to carry around in hands or even in pocket. However, Andis trimmer is not accompanied with additional attachment and hence you can use it for just trimming down ear and nose hairs only and nothing else. For brows and detailing you can buy the attachment separately.

10. Creation Springs “Electra-Trim” Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Creation Springs “Electra-Trim” Nose and Ear Hair TrimmerAnd the last ear trimmer in this row is Creation Springs electra-trim ear hair trimmer which can also be used for removing nasal hairs too. The trimmer is comprised of various features which I have already mentioned in the previous options in the list.

Of course, you would not have to operate it manually, it is powered by one AA battery which lasts for quite a longer duration than you can think.

The blade is rotatory which smoothly yet sharply removes all the unwanted hairs from your nose and ears effectively. The 360 degree rotation done by stainless steel blade of the trimmer is quite effective and it takes not more than a minute to clean out all the hairs.

It also has a bright LED light fixed with it for the additional support while you are working on sensitive areas. Also, it incorporates the vacuum system which whisks away all the hairs from the trimmer. This ear hair trimmer has every single feature which makes it a worthy choice for your requirements. However, it is going to cost you a bit higher than other usual appliances.


Mostly this problem of long nasal and ear hairs arises when you have kissed your youth period goodbye and entering in your 40s. Well, there are some men and even women who suffer from these issues even earlier and I think to maintain their youthful looks, it is important for them to buy good quality ear hair trimmer.

It is always a point to note that you prefer multitasking trimmers rather than the ones which are oriented towards a single task. In this way you can not only save big but it also helps in keeping up with the maintenance of these electric appliances. If you haven’t read the buying guide given above yet, then take a look at it for detailed information.

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