How to Incorporate Dogs in Your Wedding

It’s your wedding day, and you want your pet to be a part of it without physically being there? You can do it by engraving their picture over a piece of crystal. If you’re a proud pet owner, your pets are treated like members of your family. However, the location of your wedding may prevent dogs from being brought to weddings. If that’s the case, there are still many unique dog wedding ideas that will pay tribute to your canine companion. So, what better way to commemorate them than to invite them to share in one of your most joyful days? Create table numbers from the countless images of your dog to make good use of them. They’ll be a hit with your visitors too!

Get a Glass Block with a Picture of Your Pet Engraved

Better than printing pictures, you can engrave them over a high-quality crystal piece and preserve it forever. You can also get a picture of your pet printed over your wedding cake. Even if your pet is not around to attend your golden moment, you can still feel their presence on your special day. Seeing your pet’s picture in a glass block can leave your heart mesmerized and make you feel good. Encase your love for your pet in these shiny crystals and celebrate your happy moments. There are endless ways to tailor your special day to include your pets, whether you have a cat, dog, rabbit, fish, bird, or even a turtle.

Honor your lovely pets in the best way possible with these 3D engraved picture cubes. Order one for your pet family and make them feel loved. Make them a part of your family’s happy moments with these laser-engraved crystals.

How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

If you are lucky and your pet is a part of your wedding, below are some ways through which you can include them in your wedding.

  • Walk down the aisle with your pet, and the guests are swooning on you both. You can also dress them up with a DIY leash.
  • Click photos with your pet, and we can assure you that they will look adorable.
  • Dress up your fur baby in clothes matching yours. Also, let your baby get ready with you and your bridesmaids and take thousands of photographs.
  • Make your dog the dog of honor and make them wear clothes mentioning this. You can thus keep them with you at the altar. They will come in all the photographs and will be the star of your wedding.
  • Most people love pets. So, take a few photos of your pet in different poses and use them to make them into table numbers.
  • Not only the wedding but kick start the preparations by including your pets in your save the date announcement.

Do not forget to include your pet in bridal party pics. Also, ensure that there are enough solo photos with your favorite pet. Snuggle your cute pup, and cuddle with them before the ceremony starts. It will not only give you some cute photographs but will also help you reduce your anxiety about the Big Day.

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