10 Best Hair Growth Products for Men

Hair loss, thinning, coarse hairs are the most common problems that people between 30-40 age group are facing. Well, modern lifestyle, nutrients-less food and pollution can be a big reason behind it. However, we need such best hair growth products which can cure all these issues naturally.

And hence I came up with this section which is going to tell you about several products of various categories which can work on hair growth. But before you directly start using them, you should know a thing or two about the process of choosing the right product for your condition and hence take a look at this buying guide given below.

Detailed Buying Guide for Hair Growth Products

Before I start telling you tips about choosing the right product, there is a thing which you should know about. Using these products as the early stages of hair thinning and hair loss brings the maximum results. Once the hair follicles are completely lost, only transplant can bring new growth. Apart from it, here are some tips you can take care of while buying the best hair growth products.

a. Reason of Losing Hairs

Before you decide to cure your hair loss problem, make sure you know the right reason behind it. The hair loss caused because of heredity or hormonal problems require other form of treatments for it and no matter how amazing or best hair growth products you use, it is not going to work on it at all.

Age can also be a big reason behind your hair loss but somehow you can cure this through these products. If other reasons like hectic lifestyle, improper nutrition, pollution are the reason behind your hair loss and hair thinning then you can cure them by using right products.

b. The Main Ingredient

Now, the next part of this buying guide says that you need to focus on the main ingredients of the product. Mostly these hair growth products are based on ingredients like –

  • Caffeine
  • Biotin
  • Vitamins
  • Blend of oils
  • Minoxidil etc.

Before you start using these products, you need to know that whether you have some kind of allergies against these ingredients or not. And then use that product which is rich in the ingredient your body is devoid of. Usually, biotin and caffeine based hair growth products are used the most.

c. Check for FDA Approval

Owing to the great competition in the market, you can find a thousands of products claiming to be the best treatment of hair growth. You cannot trust them all but you should have a valid reason for doing so and for that you need to check that whether the product is FDA approved or not.

You can find it written in the details of the product or you can furthermore do some research about it too. Every brand claiming to be offering one of the best hair growth products might not to be true and you should better know about it all.

d. Natural Ingredients

It does not apply to the hair growth supplements available in the market, but you can always check for the other products for sure. The hair growth products like shampoo and conditioner, serum, hair oil etc. must contain only natural ingredients.

Talking about the shampoos in particular, you should never opt for those shampoo or conditioner which contains the amount of sulfate in it. It might make your hairs grow like crazy but would leave them coarse and unmanageable.

e. Right Food Intakes

This is the prime cause of suffering through severe hair fall problems. Rather than directly buying these best hair growth products, you should check whether your food intakes on daily basis is right or not. If not then you should better correct it rather than spending a lot on these products.

Drink plenty of water and eat protein-rich food in order to get rid of the hair loss problems. If that too does not work then you can move on to consume supplements or can apply these hair growth and hair strengthening products on your hairs.

f. Check for Money Back Guarantee

The final but of course most important tip for buying best hair growth products is that you should always check whether the manufacturer is offering the full money back guarantee on the product or not. Some of these products are quite expensive and if they are not showing desired results then you should always have the option to seek the money you invested in them.

10 Best Hair Growth Products for Men/Women

Market is flooded with variety of vitamins supplements and other products like oils, shampoo and conditioner, serums and a lot more stuff which guarantees great hair growth. Well, they might promote hair growth but can also cause other side-effects too. Hence I handpicked these best hair growth products for you which does not cause any other issues.

1. Art Naturals Organic Argon Oil Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Regrowth

Art Naturals Organic Argon Oil Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair RegrowthI am going to start this list from some of the best natural hair growth products and my first pick here is going to be this amazing natural shampoo offered by Art Naturals. This shampoo is infused with the properties of organic argon oil which is quite beneficial for the problem of hair loss.

What makes it completely natural is that it does not even contain Sulfate or other harmful chemicals and this is why they help in hair regrowth.

In fact, both man and women can use this formula to cop up with hair struggles like hair thinning, hair loss, growth and many more. Moreover, the shampoo also contains biotin which is quite effective when it comes to natural growth of hairs and that too quite quickly.

Rather than working on just hairs, this formula works on hair follicles as well as on the scalp and hence revitalize the growth of hairs from within. Some of the ingredients used in this product are Aloe Vera, burdock root, thyme, rosemary, white willow bark etc.  which are all natural ingredients.

If you are looking for best hair growth products for both men and women, this Art Naturals shampoo is the best pick you can make.

2. Hairfluence Hair Growth Vitamins

Hairfluence Hair Growth VitaminsThose who are tired of using all sorts of best hair growth products and still not getting desired results, I think it is the time they should opt for some hair growth supplements. Hairfluence offers very effective and popular hair vitamins which are applicable to all hair types.

The main constituents of these vitamins tablets are biotin, keratin, bamboo and other natural ingredients which are not only beneficial for hair growth but also for youthful skin and nails too.

The formula is quite economical on pocket too as per count costs just $0.37 only and the results obtained are witnessed too early than you can ever think of. Not only that your hairs grow faster but they also become thicker, fuller and healthier too.

With Hairfluence you can ditch other hair growing products like shampoo, oils, serums etc. because this dietary supplement is good enough to replace them all. You need to take these supplements continuously for at least 4 weeks and then the results will be clearly visible.

This is a superior blend of several vitamins, minerals and amino acids whose consumption results in healthier hairs from roots as well as moisturized skin and nails too.

3. Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild Growth Hair OilA highly effective product that I found on Amazon is this Wild Growth Hair Oil. This is one of those best hair growth products which works just like its name and when I came across its reviews, I found that it does promote hair growth wildly.

However, the results are more visible for the women having coarse and unmanageable hairs because not only they grow like crazy but also becomes healthier and more manageable too.

This Wild Growth Hair Oil is consisted of mainly natural ingredients only like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, Vitamin D etc. However, it does include some chemicals substance and added fragrance too but that does not seems to effecting the hair health as it is free of sulfates.

People who are already having sleek hairs, should use this product in less amount and make sure they are not using any other product with it otherwise you can witness a harsh build up on your scalp. It is advisable to use some hair vitamins along with this hair oil as it works from outside only.

The application of this product is super simple where you need to apply this hair oil and leave it overnight and then wash it out the next morning to witness very manageable hairs.

4. Organic Vegan Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set by DermaChange

Organic Vegan Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set by DermaChangeThis is the time to go the usual way and use some conditioner for hair in order to make them grow faster as well as healthier. A great pick for such product is this Organic Vegan shampoo and conditioner set by DermaChange. The main reason of picking this product is because it is completely sulfate free and hence no harsh effect on your hair scalp.

It not only promotes healthy hair growth but stops hair loss too and great thing about this shampoo and conditioner is that it can be used by both men and women.

In fact, people who have gone through color treatment or has curly hairs, can also go for these products. Talking about the ingredients used in this product then you would be glad to know that all of them are natural. Some of these ingredients are orange peel, Aloe Vera, coconut oil, cassava root and other blend of vitamins, amino acids and nutrients.

This organic vegan product surely deserves to be in the list of best hair growth products as they have also focused on maintaining the perfect pH balance of these shampoo and conditioner set. Moreover, this product is free of paraben, sulfates, gluten, synthetic fragrance and alcohol too.

5. Rogaine Treatment for Women

Rogaine Treatment for WomenIf you thought that Rogaine treatment is available for men only then I am sure this product is going to burst this myth for you. This next inclusion in the list of best hair growth products is popular for the Minoxidil content in it. Minoxidil is a popular solution which is highly used for its hair growing properties.

Rogaine contains well-balanced 2% amount of Minoxidil in it which works for boosting the hair follicle activities. It is also guaranteed that no other formula works faster than Rogaine.

You might not get to see the results very quickly but when you will use this product for at least 1 or 2 months, the changes will be clearly visible. In fact, this formula is clinically proven to boost the hair growth up to 25%. It is advisable to use this product at early stages of hair thinning otherwise it might not work at complete baldness.

The application of this product is super easy where you have provided a dropper through which you can apply this product on your hairs very effectively. The package mentioned here contains 3 months of supply which is enough to reactive the shrunken hair follicles and boost the healthier hair growth once again.

6. Hexane Free Castor Oil by Sky Organics

Hexane Free Castor Oil by Sky OrganicsThe next pick amongst the best hair growth products is this 100% hexane free castor oil by Sky organics. It comes with moisturizing and hydrating properties and it is quite beneficial for the people who are suffering from dry and flaky hair scalps.

This castor oil is an amazing cure for not only hair growth but also for improving your skin and promoting healthy eyelashes growth too.

It is counted amongst the quality hair growth products for women which works naturally. This castor oil is rich in fatty-acids and vitamins and hence helps in restoring the lost moisture of hairs and skin. This oil is prepared organically and hence there is no involvement of chemicals in it.

This castor oil is perfect for all skin type and hair type and people having sensitive skin issues can also use it. There is no mixing done of harmful additives and ingredients and hence this oil comes with all natural properties only. The transformation is quite visible after the use of this oil because of the first grade quality of it.

This castor oil is a complete solution for your various hair growth related problems as well skin hydrating issues too.

7. Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth by Maple Holistics

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth by Maple HolisticsBiotin is the Number 1 ingredients when it comes to promoting hair growth and using a shampoo based on biotin can work instantly on the hair growth issues for sure. This is why I included this Maple Holistics biotin shampoo under the list of best hair growth products.

This shampoo comes with B-complex formula which is just perfect for hair loss and it also works on hair thickening and strengthening too.

This product also includes anti-dandruff properties because of the tea tree oil used in it. And the best part about this product is that it can be used by both men as well as women. Other important natural ingredients used in this shampoo are argon oil, jojoba oil, zinc, coconut oil, provitamin B5 and many others.

All these ingredients prepare a powerful blend which not only cures the flaky skin but also works on hair thinning and hair loss problems too. The main objective of this shampoo is to clear the scalp from harmful DHT buildup which is the main cause of hair thinning. This shampoo works on all sorts of hair type and remains quite economical on pocket too.

8. Vitamins Hair Growth Shampoo by Nourish Beaute

Vitamins Hair Growth Shampoo by Nourish BeauteAfter biotin based shampoo for hair, it is the time to consider a vitamins based hair shampoo which is offered by Nourish Beaute. As the product guarantees, it promotes 121% more hair growth as well as it reduces the chances of hair thinning up to 47%.

This packaging option enlisted here comes with two month of supply. However, this shampoo costs more than the other ones mentioned here. You need to use it for at least 2-3 months regular to see the best results of it.

Apart from multiple vitamins, this shampoo also come with the richness of biotin in it which results in blocking of DHT and hence better hair growth. The very important content in this shampoo is procapil which is a clinically proven hair growth patented formula.

Apart from it, rest of the ingredients used in it are natural like coconut oil, organic castor oil, citrus by products and others. This results in great shine and long hairs and of course their improved quality too. This product surely deserves to be in the list of best hair growth products as it helps in more volume, better manageability of hairs, less hair thinning, healthier hairs, more shine etc.

9. Natural Growth Hair Oil with Caffeine by Essy

Natural Growth Hair Oil with Caffeine by EssyCan you believe it that a caffeine based oil is included in the list of best hair growth products? Even I had no clue that caffeine can be an effective ingredient to promote healthy hair growth. In fact, not only it makes the hair grow faster but also improves their thickness and quality too.

The Essy beauty hair growth oil is infused with the richness of multiple vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants which are effective in stimulating hair growth for both men and women.

The complete formula is a mix of natural ingredients like caffeine, rosemary oil, castor oil, and of course biotin and this is actually quite nourishing. It restores the lost moisture of your hair scalp and hence you might see a bit of greasiness in your hairs for a while.

In fact, the formula used in this oil also come with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which makes it perfect for even sensitive skin type. Another great thing about this oil is this that it is free of harmful chemicals and substance like sulfate, paraben, parfum, triclosan, gluten and animal cruelty too.

This formula works directly on your hair follicles and hence there are more chances of rapid hair growth than other products.

10. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Laser Hair Growth SystemIf you are willing to spend some 500 bucks on a hair growth product then I have something for you which is kind of revolutionizing and of course way different from the rest of the best hair growing products. This is called iRestore which is a type of laser hair growth treatment.

Interestingly, it is FDA approved and works for both men and women in terms of curing baldness and hair thinning issues.

This is a kind of laser helmet kind of medical device which cures issues like alopecia, hair line loss, balding, hair thinning and hair loss. It proved to be a very effective laser treatment where you need to put this helmet on your head and start the session. You can pause and restart your sessions whenever you want through the remote which comes along with it.

This is a very unique idea which turn out to be one of the best hair growth products in this list. However, as it is quite expensive, you should better rethink before investing it. The manufacturers claim that this device gives result in 6 months and if that is not the case with you then you can also claim for full refund too.


So, this was all about the amazing best hair growth products for both men as well as women. Actually, it has been seen that men are more likely to suffer from hair loss as compared to females and it is even more visible in them as well.

There are more products available in the market in form of supplements and other forms which you can use to cure hair loss and poor condition of hairs. Make sure that you largely rely on natural products instead of the chemical-infused ones because they come with some side-effects too.

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