10 Best Beard Balm for Men

The market for beard grooming has become flooded in the past recent years and the reason is so obvious, men has started to pay attention on their beards more than anything. No Shave, November is a rage now and you can turn out to be its part when you have best beard balm.

Just growing long beards is not the goal, but to take care of it is the main thing. You really need such products which can groom your mustache and beards and make them look presentable. And this is why you should definitely check out this detailed section given below.

Consider these Things before Buying Beard Balm

Like every other product related to men’s hygiene and grooming, you cannot just close your eyes and buy whatever seems attractive. Come on people, this is about your beards after all and the wrong product can damage the looks completely.

Hence you need to go through this brief buying guide when you are looking for best beard balm. On the points given below, compare your balm and then choose wisely.

1. Ingredients

Let’s just say that you are buying the most basic beard grooming product, then too it is must that you take into account the ingredients and contents used in it. In fact, even the material of container matters. One more thing, there is a difference between completely natural and organic ingredients.

So, if your skin is sensitive and only organic items suit you then you should look for such best beard balm which are made up of organic ingredients not all natural. Also, look upon other aspects like fragrances and essential oils used in it.

2. Types of Beard Balms

When I am talking about the types of best beard balm then they are being differentiated on the basis of the basic ingredients used in them. So, take a look at the classification given below and choose the type you want smartly.

1. Conditioner Beard Balms

Of course, this is not just about conditioning only but such types of beard balms also provide a bit of hold too. Although it is less than that of the other types of beard balms but still not too less. Such types of balms contain the amount of butter and essential oils more and less amount of beeswax.

2. Styling/holding Beard Balms

These are the types of beard balms which are used highly for the styling and holding of the beards and used for the heavy duty purposes. These are highly used by salons for giving a finished look and they contains a high amount of beeswax in their balm as compared to other ingredients.

3. Scent

Some people prefer the unscented beard balms as most companies add the synthetic fragrances which causes itchiness and irritation on the skin and can also damage your beard hairs too. But I would recommend the scented ones as they leave a very amazing smell to your beards and makes the perfect best beard balms only when they are natural and not synthetic.

4. Longevity

This is the most important aspect to consider when hunting for the best beard balm. Any product used for grooming must be durable enough that it can last until the next time you wash your beards. Of course, you would not want to use these products on your beards for twice or thrice a day as it can be really irritating.

5. No Alcohol

Let me tell you this fact straight that it is not just about the hunt of best beard balm, but when you are looking for any grooming or beauty products, make sure that it does not contain alcohol in it. Many of the companies use it to make their product long lasting but it can damage the skin on which it is being used over the time. So, make sure your beard balm does not contain alcohol or any other harmful chemicals.

6. Weight and Price

Last but not the least, always check the price and weight ration of the packaging of a beard balm. You may find the price higher in some products but their quantity of the packaging is also high. The best beard balm are those which comes with correct price and weight balance excluding the weight of the container it is packed in.

10 Best Beard Balm

Here are the handpicked options I recommend for this hunt of best beard balm. There are like a thousands of products available for beard grooming and beard care but you know you need to take a lot of aspects and things into account. So, this is a well-tailored list of the best products in the market right now.

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in ConditionerThe first option under this category of best beard balm is legit the best out of the rest. Honest Amish is one of the oldest and most trusted brands for the men’s grooming and hygiene products and being adored by millions of customers from across the globe.

The reason behind it is pretty obvious, in the world where other brands are busy in using chemicals and other harmful ingredients just for the sake of instant effects, Honest Amish believes in natural ingredients and high quality.

This is a conditioning type of beard balm which also works as a tamer too. This means you get the advantage of two types of beard balm in a single product. They have used Jojoba oil and Virgin Argan Oils in their balm to maintain the right amount of moisture in it without causing any oiliness.

They always prefer to use natural and organic ingredients in their products which are best for the sensitive skin types. Some of these ingredients are shea, aloe, kokum, cocoa etc. The packaging comes in a pack of 60ml and it is highly affordable as compared to other brands.

This balm turn out to be the best aid for people who want to smoothen their coarse and rogue beard hairs. And I am sure it pretty much answers you query of what is the best beard balm?

2. ArtNaturals Mustache and Beard Balm-Wax

ArtNaturals Mustache and Beard Balm-WaxNext in the row for the hunt of best beard balm is the beard balm-wax by ArtNaturals. Like most of the options mentioned here, it also works as a type of leave-in conditioner which is a multipurpose type of beard balm used for various types of applications.

Some of the users of this ArtNaturals beard balm wax are soothing the itching on beards, softening of hairs, thickening of beard hairs, taming and styling of beards, facial hair growth and many more.

This is quite like an all-in-one solution for all of your beard problems and that too just by applying a coin size amount of this beard balm in your beards and mustache. The formula used in this beard balm is comprised of organic argon and jojoba oils which hydrates the beard hairs and prevent them from going rogue.

All the ingredients used in this ArtNaturals beard balm are totally 100% natural which does not cause the issues of irritation, dryness or itchiness at all. It also seals split ends and prevents hair breakage which leads to promoting a healthy hair growth in your beards.

The final touch of beeswax used in this beard balm works as a holding ingredients which keeps you beard tamed till the day lasts.

3. Smooth Vikings Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

Smooth Vikings Beard Balm Leave-in ConditionerAnother popular brand which comes to my mind when thinking about the best beard balm is Smooth Vikings Beard Care product which is a beard balm/leave in conditioner. It comes with an amazing amalgam of shea butter and argan oil together and makes the best leave-in conditioner type beard balm for men.

This beard balm is highly recommended for the styling of beards as it provides a great hold which lasts for quite some time even in the heavy duty work.

In fact, you can also consider this product as one of the best beard balm for growth too. It works amazingly and strengthens the beard hairs and make them thick and long too. A highly affordable product which comes with the goodness of natural ingredients mainly oils like jojoba oil, pumpkin seed oil, safflower oil, avocado oil etc.

The amalgam of premium oils and the hint of shea butter in it makes a wonderful mixture which is just perfect to tame all types of beards. It is completely mess free and does not spill too and you can also apply it on your beards too. The application of Smooth Vikings beard balm support a healthy growth of beards and mustache and it lasts until the next wash.

4. Grave before Shave Bay Rum Beard Balm

Grave before Shave Bay Rum Beard BalmYou might not have heard about brand before but it offers a variety of products for the grooming of beards and mustache. And this Bay Rum Beard Balm by them is their best product till date and you will get to know why, once you will start using it.

It comes in a packaging of 2 ounces in a tin container and it is scented with the fragrance of bay rum. It is highly recommended by various salon experts for deep conditioning the beard hairs.

The formula used in this Grave Before Shave beard balm is made up of tea tree oil, coconut oil, pure apricot oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. Along with this mixture of oils, Shea butter, beeswax and Vitamin E are also used for proving a long hold on the hairs and nourishment too.

Because of using all the natural ingredients in it, this beard balm causes no skin issues and hence I strongly recommend it as the best beard balm in this list. You just need to use a small amount of it and rub it in your hands before using it in your beard hairs. It perfectly smoothens the beards and makes them look shinier and healthier.

5. Bossman Beard Oil, Balm and Conditioner Combo

After much thinking I thought I should better list out a combo of best beard oil and balm and then I came across this beard oil, balm and condition kit which is actually just amazing and stays economical on your pocket too.

This one is a gold scented one so you are going to be smelling great from morning to night. You can call it a complete beard treatment package which does everything from nourishing the beard hairs to give them right amount of moisture and nutrition and to style them in whichever way you want.

And one of the most important thing about this best beard balm combo is that this kit is available in various types of fragrance options too like hammer, magic and stagecoach. You can also use it as a gift set too and present it to the man of your life and I am sure he will be surely floored with it.

You should use it twice a week for the best results and it replenishes the dry pores and smoothens the facial hairs effectively. This set includes a jelly beard oil, intense beard conditioner and relaxing beard balm. For the scent they have used the fresh blend of Cedar wood along with spruce oil combined with lemon oil to give refreshing vibes.

6. Badass Beard Care Beard Balm – The Ladies Man

Badass Beard Care Beard Balm – The Ladies ManIf you are wondering about its name then let me tell you yes, this is its exact name, The Ladies Man. Let me tell you already that it is going to cost you a bit higher than other products enlisted here as it comes with the packaging of just 1 Ounce with the same price as other types of best beard balm.

Just like other beard balms, this one is also made up of completely natural ingredients too. It is highly recommended to be used by those men who are struggling with the healthy growth of their beards.

There are other types of beard balms available too by the Badass Beard Care but I found this one to be unique and quite effective too. With the use of lemon and orange, this beard balm gives a very refreshing and light feel to your beards and that too with very less usage of it.

Along with promoting hair growth, The Ladies Man also softens the facial hairs. However, its main use is for conditioning and hence it provides very medium or light holding power only and hence it is less recommended for the styling of beards.

7. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm Gloss Leave in Conditioner

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm Gloss Leave in ConditionerThis product by Professor Fuzzworthy’s beard care line is one of the top-rated beard balm in this list. This is a type of gloss leave in conditioner which is used for a finished beards look. The glossiness is not too much but just the right amount to give a quick hold to your beards.

This beard balm is handmade in Tasmania and uses organic ingredients only to manufacture it along with the hint of essential oils in it.

It is totally 100% natural which gives a deep conditioning to the generally rogue and coarse hairs of your beards. With the constant application of this beard balm, you can finally succeed in growing healthy and soft beards and that too very quick. This is one of those few types of beard products which gives equal preference to both conditioning as well as styling and shining.

The ingredients used are the prime reason for making it the best beard balm and these are organic leatherwood beeswax and various types of plant oils. Along with the beards, you can also use it on your mustache too. And finally, the masculine woody scent of this balm gives the perfect soothing effect and remains gentle on the hairs too.

8. Prophet and Tools 2 in 1 Beard Balm and Wax Styler

Prophet and Tools 2 in 1 Beard Balm and Wax StylerThis 2 in 1 beard balm and wax styler by Prophet and Tools is exactly like its name and not only nourishes and repairs the beard hairs but also helps in providing long-lasting hold to style them in whichever way you want.

This beard balm is made up of the lightest citrus flavors which help in softening of the rogue and coarse hairs and also adds a shine to them too. If you are suffering from the uneven growth of beards and thin hairs then the application of this beard balm can help in giving a fuller and thicker look to your beards.

And if you are having unmanageable beard hairs, then you can use this wax styler to tame your beards. Also, it helps in cleaning them too and removes any scope of dandruff and split ends too. You just need to take a small amount of this balm in your hands and rub your hands together before applying it evenly on your beards.

This best beard balm is highly recommended for the heavy duty work as it lasts pretty longer than other beard balms. The ingredients used in it are jojoba golden, beeswax, Shea butter, apricot, castor etc.

9. Liberty Grooming Virtu Beard Balm for Men

Liberty Grooming Virtu Beard Balm for MenIf you are looking for best smelling beard balm then you can end your spree on this Liberty Grooming beard balm. It comes with the combined effect of beard butter as well as beard softener for men which can be used in the form of a leave-in conditioner to give a deep nourished feel to your whiskers.

If your beard hairs are itchy and flaky then you can get rid of this issue with the help of this Virtu beard balm by Liberty Grooming.

It utilizes natural ingredients like essential oils, Shea butter, beeswax, Babassu Eucalyptus etc. to make an effective blend which can be used on your facial hairs. The blend of oils like Argan, coconut etc. not only nourishes and moisturizes the hairs but also promotes a healthy growth too.

Because of being an all-natural product, I decided to list it in the category of best beard balm. This premium balm requires you to put just a small amount in your hairs and you are good to go then. In fact, they are so sure about their product that they offer full money back guarantee if some customer is not satisfied with the performance.

10. Rocky Mountain Barber Premium Beard Balm

Rocky Mountain Barber Premium Beard BalmThe Last but surely not the least option for this compilation of best beard balm is Rocky Mountain Barber beard balm made up of luxury ingredients. The major ingredients used in this beard balm are beeswax, Cedarwood scent, jojoba, tea tree, coconut and five other different types of essential oils.

I noticed that most of the companies like to use essential oils in their beard grooming products and it works effectively too. This blend of 8 different essential oils makes you beards super soft and nourished.

This Rocky Mountain Barber premium beard balm gives you full control over your beards so you can style it according to your wish and it really works for long hours too. In fact, this use of essential oils does not make your beards oily or greasy but moisturized and manageable.

And the Cedar wood scent which has been used in this beard balm leaves you smelling manly and amazing. And it is not overpowering at all and hence causes no issues of nausea or other problems.

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These beard balm are different from one another on the basis of a lot of things and packaging plays a key role here too. My strong recommendation always remains on such products which are available in the form of combos because in this way you can save big on the entire kit rather than buying individual products.

These best beard balm are comprised of natural and organic products and hence does not cause any skin irritation or side effects at all. You can prefer some other products too which are not enlisted here but make sure that the ingredients are all natural.

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