Top 10 Sites like Putlocker

Top 10 Sites like Putlocker: Putlocker was one of the most popular websites from where the people can watch and download movies online. The arising copyright issues lead to the shutdown of this website.

A number of people who were using Putlocker earlier are now looking for the sites like Putlocker.

Even if Putlocker starts a new website, it gets blocked frequently. This is the reason why people are looking for Putlocker alternatives.

Though there are a number of websites from where the users can download their favorite TV Shows and movies, there are hardly a few sites that have the courage to compete with Putlocker.

Top 10 Sites like Putlocker

Putlocker has given a lot of choices to its user when it existed. It is hard to find Putlocker like sites, but you can still find way to download your favorite TV shows and movies online from other website. I have compiled the list of some of the best websites like Putlocker where you can find the latest movies and TV shows in HD quality. Let’s peek into this list.



Hulu Live TV

Hulu is a popular website for the people who love to watch latest movies and TV shows.

Hulu offers a wide array of content including TV shows, movies, children shows, cartoons, and other entertainment stuff. Moreover, the people can watch their favorite TV shows a day after they are aired on television screens. Hulu even offers you a service to watch the Live TV shows for $39/month. The regular online streaming package starts at $6/month that extends to $8/month after a year.

Though Hulu is fast, it is only available in few nations. Moreover, a few TV shows and movies are restricted to the US region only. The people living outside the US terrain cannot watch these movies. Also, the ads in between the movies and TV series are a bit disturbing. However, Hulu is the best Putlocker alternative you will ever come across.

2. CouchTuner



CouchTuner is another awesome website in the list of free movies sites like Putlocker. You can find movies of different genres & countries, watch TV series, download movies in HD quality and find the latest released movies here.

It is a completely free platform. The search box on the top lets you find the movie/TV series you are looking for. The people who have faced Putlocker down time issues will love this site as there is no downtime on this website.

The ads can be a bit annoying. The site offers extremely vast collection of movies and TV series compiled over the years. Moreover, CouchTuner lets its users to request a movie/TV series. It tries to add the movie/TV series demanded by its users in minimal time.

3. 123MoviesHub



Earlier GoMovies, 123MoviesHub is another website like Putlocker that allows the users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows without paying a single penny. From the old classics to latest flicks, you can find a vast collection on

You can enter the movie name or TV series name inside the search box on the website to find the movie/TV show you are looking for. It relies on advertisements to handle its running cost as it provides services for free. Being its user, you might get annoyed by the ads that play in between the movie.It is a great Pultlocker alternative.

4. WoLowTube



WoLowTube is another awesome website that must be added to your list if you are looking for sites like Putlocker. It has a huge repository of movies under different genres including Action, Thriller, drama and lost more.

It lets you watch the movies online and download them on your system. Moreover, you can search the movies by just searching them with their name or keyword in the search box present on this website. The best part about this site is that it lets you watch the movies in HD.

5. SolarMovie



SolarMovie is another awesome Putlocker alternative that can be relied upon if you are looking to watch movies in HD on the internet. The user-friendly website offers you a wide collection of movies from different genres and keeps on updating its movie library every day.

It even allows the users to sort the movies using different parameters. Its users will find the search box on the top that allows them to search their favorite movies. A ‘Featured’ section below the search box lists the most watched movies.

SolarMovie is one of the best free movie sites like Putlocker that offers the best user experience to its audience. Though you can watch the movies as guest, but it is recommended to create a free account on this website to have a pleasurable experience.

6. bMovies


bMovies is one of the best websites like Putlocker to watch country-specific movie. Yes, you can choose the movies according to the country. They offer the most exclusive and classic collection of movies from different genres and countries and that too in HD.

Not only the movies, the users can also watch TV series in HD quality as well. The users can stream their favorite movie with just a click and download them as well while watching. Everything can be done without creating an account on this site.

And if you have are unable to find a movie of your choice, you can send them a request for it. They will make the best efforts to make the movie available for you.

7. PrimeVideo



PrimeVideo is better known with the name Amazon Prime. It offers a veritable buffet of TV shows and movies in HD. The users can watch and download their favorite movies in HD in different genres. Not only movies and TV series, its users can watch videos, comedy shows, and other entertainment stuff.

It is one of the best Putlocker alternatives you should look ahead to. This service even gives you unlimited access to the most extensive collection of HBO Classics. You need to take its membership to watch any TV show/movie on Amazon Prime. The membership fee is $6/month.

Amazon Prime has a wide collection of movies in different languages and genres. It is the dream website for just any movie enthusiast. If you are looking to spend some money, it is one of the best sites like Putlocker.

8. PrimeWire



If you are searching for some of the best Putlocker like sites then PrimeWire is surely among them. It has the biggest repository of full length movies and TV shows in HD quality. The users can easily download and watch their favorite movies and TV Shows without paying anything from their pockets.

It even offers different mirror links for a particular movie/TV show, just in case if one link doesn’t work, the other can come handy. You need to register on this site to make full use of its services. Once you sign in, you can start browsing the endless library of TV Shows/Movies from different genres.

You can even watch the movies without actually signing up on this website. But, the links will redirect you to the external video hosts which offer streaming of same movie. Primewire is surely one of the best sites like Putlocker.

9. HaloaMovies



HaloaMovies is another great Putlocker alternative that can be browsed if you are looking to watch the latest released movie online in HD quality. It has a vast library of movies in different genres and is the ideal destination for the movie freaks.

The user-friendly interface lets you search your favorite movie on the website and watch it without any interruption. It doesn’t charges anything from its users. The users can check the complete description of the movie by just dragging the cursor over the movie wallpaper.

10. MovieFlixter



MovieFlixter is one of the free movie sites like Putlocker that lets you watch and download the latest movies of multiple genres in just few clicks. You can not only watch and download the movies, but stream the most popular TV Shows as well.

You can find any movie in its library by using the search box on the top. You can even find a movie by genre, actors, and ratings. There are separate sections listing – ‘Coming Soon Movies’, ‘Best Rated Movies’, and ‘Recently Added Movies’. The site is absolutely free and doesn’t require its users to register to download the movie.

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The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the best websites like Putlocker that can be browsed to search the latest movies and TV shows. Most of the sites like Putlocker mentioned in the list let their users download and watch the movies for free while the websites like HULU and Prime Video charges a little from their users to let them watch their favorite movies/TV shows.

However, Prime Video and HULU have a huge library of TV Shows/Movies/Videos under different genres. It is easy to find just any movie/TV show by a simple search here. You can either choose to go premium or enjoy the free stuff according to your budget.

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