15 Best PC Game Torrenting Sites

It is kind of a struggle to find out working PC game torrenting sites in 2022 because of the constant upheaval they go through. Talking about the current times, I managed to pick properly working and versatile torrent sites which have huge database of PC and other games.

Top 15 PC Game Torrenting Sites in 2022

Torrent Siteshttps://torrentsites.com/Read Review
The Pirate Bayhttps://thepiratebay3.org/Read Review
1337Xhttps://1337x.to/cat/Games/1/Read Review
Seedpeerhttps://www.seedpeer.eu/Read Review
RARBGhttps://rarbg.to/index34.phpRead Review
Games Torrenthttps://www.gamestorrents.to/Read Review
Crotorrentshttps://crotorrents.com/Read Review
Skidrow and Reloaded Gameshttps://www.skidrowreloaded.com/Read Review
Lime Torrentshttps://www.limetorrents.me/Read Review
BTScene Torrentshttps://bt-scene.cc/Read Review
Torlockhttps://www.torlock.com/Read Review
PCGames-Downloadhttps://pcgames-download.com/category/full-pc-game-complete-torrent/Read Review
TorrentDBhttp://torrentdb.li/Read Review
RG Mechanics Gameshttp://rgmechanicsgames.com/Read Review
Download Games Torrenthttps://downloadgamestorrents.com/Read Review
Zooqlehttps://zooqle.me/Read Review

There is no limit over the number of torrent websites available right now but not all of them are reliable and working. And hence after quite some research, I picked these 15 best game torrent websites which are mentioned below to find games on.

1. Torrent Sites

Website: https://torrentsites.com/

Torrent Sites

Torrent Sites is a directory of torrent sites, not a torrent website.

In other words, It offers you list of different torrenting sites as its name sounds. List includes Games, TV shows, Music, Movies, Software, anime, Ebooks, documentary torrent websites and more.

I must say It full fills your every search relating to torrents sites.

Its interface is user friendly. You can find easily whatever you are looking for.

In short, it is a user friendly torrent sites directory. It offers you links(URLs) of torrents websites not torrent files. For torrent files, browse below listed websites.

2. The Pirate Bay

Website: https://thepiratebay3.org/

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has a really huge database of not just games but movies, music, apps, eBooks and much more, The Pirate Bay gives an opportunity to the users to have it all under one roof.

Talking about PC games in particular, then you have more than 13000 options of games to browse from and there is no way you cannot find any game on The Pirate Bay.

Apart from PC games, you can also discover video games for consoles like Mac, Wii, iOS, Android and various other platforms too. If for some reason the site is blocked in your region then you can use VPN service to access it.

3. 1337X

Website: https://1337x.to/cat/Games/1/


Another popular option of torrent site for games is 1337X. It actually has a very detailed and elaborated list for all types of games no matter which console do they belong to. However, 1337X is not entirely dedicated to games only.

Apart from PC games, you can also discover games for platforms like PS, Wii, Dreamcast, GameCube, Xbox and many others.

Furthermore, you can sort the games on the basis of seeders, leechers, size and time. If you want to upload games on your own then you can register on the site for this. The list for PC games on 1337X is pretty huge with totally working torrent seeds. The ad-free platform is another bonus for the user on this site.

4. Seedpeer

Website: https://www.seedpeer.eu/


In order to get access to variety of video game torrents, you need to get your hands on this site called Seedpeer. It has this amazing collection of games, music, movies, books, anime and all types of entertaining torrent files.

The site has a very clean interface and you can find the category of games on the home page itself. The disappointing fact about Seedpeer is that it does not have any further categorization for the games.

Which means you would have to figure out on your own that which ones of them are for PC. The listing is done properly with the total time, size, seeds, health and peers of the game mentioned in it.


Website: https://rarbg.to/index34.php


RARBG is not just another name amongst the PC game torrenting sites but it is more sort of a permanent go to destination for most users for games, movies, books and everything else.

In fact, RARBG might be the only site which also features quick news editorials and current happenings around the corner. However, pop-ups and ads on the site might annoy a bit while looking for your favorite video games out here.

Apart from PC games, you can also check out Xbox, PS3, PS4 games out here as well. However, the site mainly sticks to PC games and this is why I think you should prefer this over other torrent sites to look out for your favorite modern and classic PC games.

6. Games Torrent


Games torrents

If you are looking for such PC game torrenting sites which are entirely dedicated to games only then check out Games Torrent for it. The site provides games for various consoles like Mac, PC, Wii, Xbox 360, NDS and many more like that.

You can also order a game on the site if you are not able to find one. There are other criteria available for classifications like language, quality, region, format etc.

A simple and edgy interface helps further to the user for excellent navigation. Click on the desired console to check out the entire list where you can find a well-arranged database of thousands of games with their torrent seeds. I really loved the abundance of database on this site and I am sure you are going to love it too.

7. Crotorrents

Website: https://crotorrents.com/

If you have not heard about Crotorrents then you are missing out on one of the best torrent sites for games which has largest torrenting database of the games ever. Now, this one is something which is all about the video games and they have organised it so well.

You can go through the genres where you get to browse options like action, racing, horror, open world etc. or you can simply check out the entire game list too.

Crotorrents also allows you to request a game on their site and this is why I think it is no less than a heaven for the game lovers. However, the site has not added any filter to sort out games and they are given in chronological order only which is kind of a big headache.

8. Skidrow and Reloaded Games

Website: https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/

Chances are that you would not have heard of Skidrow and Reloaded before but trust me, you are going to love this addition into the list of PC game torrenting sites. A site dedicated to multiple games belonging to variety of consoles, Skidrow is something which will never disappoint you, no matter what game is it.

It has PC games, repacks, updates and more of it. You can also request a game if it is not available on the site in the current time.

You can also find console based games on the site as well. But what I did not like is that everything is just too plain and there is no scope for categorization and filters. So, ultimately you would have to check out the whole list of the games.

9. Lime Torrents

Website: https://www.limetorrents.me/

Lime Torrents is such a popular option of PC game torrenting sites and of course it is quite versatile too. You can even create an account in here to access some of the members only benefits of the site.

Like most of the torrent sites, this one also does not have any filters of classification process. But thankfully, the database is too large to explore.

In every 2-5 minutes new game is added in the list and the same applies to the rest of the torrent files too like movies, apps, TV shows, anime etc. Each game is mentioned along with its size and other information to make it clear for the user.

10. BTScene Torrents

Website: https://bt-scene.cc/

You can find a huge list of PC game torrents on BTScene Torrents but the site is not that clean in terms of interface. Ads are regular but services are pretty good with a huge database of games to offer.

Apart from games, you can also discover torrent seeds of various other files in here like movies, apps, software, eBooks etc. Although there is no proper categorization on the basis of console but each game is tagged along with its platform.

This makes it simpler for the user to pick their desired game from a really huge list. If you are not able to find any game then simply search for it in the site. The site is updated on everyday basis but not as fast as game-centric torrent sites.

11. Torlock

Website – https://www.torlock.com/

Choose from only verified games options and ditch the other PC game torrenting sites for Torlock. The ads in-between might annoy you but the database is totally worth that. You can also create an account on the site for various special features.

Each game is mentioned along with its detailed like size, time of update, seeds, peers and its health. The site can definitely provide the most working torrent seeds of the games ever.

There is no room for the classification between PC games and other ones so you can definitely go for the direct search for it. But of course, with so much versatility you can definitely find the desired game in here.

12.  PCGames-Download

Website: https://pcgames-download.com/category/full-pc-game-complete-torrent/

As the name says, PCGames-Download sticks true to the category of PC game torrenting sites. The site is all about PC games only and features a really huge list for the same as well. Apart from direct games, you can also discover PC games repacks here too.

You can also find games on the basis of their genres too like action, simulation, RPG, adventure, strategy and many more.

The list doesn’t end here as you have the chronological classification to go for as well. There are tutorials for the games provided too. With an advanced search option with so many tags like isometric, horror, comedy, 2.5D etc. you can further discover desired game.

13.  TorrentDB

Website: http://torrentdb.li/

The next option amongst the PC game torrent sites is TorrentDB. This is not a particular site for game torrents but you can definitely discover some amazing options in here. The site is free to access, fast in accessing and put together a great database in various categories.

TorrentDB provides you PC games but there are other console options available too like Mac, iOS, Xbox, PS, Android and many more.

The interface and browsing is quite intuitive and you won’t find any trouble while downloading the file as well. However, you need to install a TorrentDB client and enter a valid email address in order to access and download the content of the website.

14.  RG Mechanics Games

Website: http://rgmechanicsgames.com/

We have another option for the list of PC game torrenting sites and this time the site totally belongs to gaming only. With so many options by your side I am sure it will be kind of difficult to make out which ones to choose.

The site has such a huge and versatile list and all the games belong to PC only. You can check out sections like torrents PC games, featured PC games, updates, genres for PC games, PC games repacks and a lot more.

You can also join their community in order to be able to ask for a particular game to be uploaded on the site.

15.  Download Games Torrent

Website: https://downloadgamestorrents.com/

Download Games Torrent is all about gaming for the people who love to discover various games belonging to various consoles. So, this pick amongst the PC game torrenting sites is going to be a mix between various games of various platforms.

There are sections for the consoles like PC, PS4, Nintendo Wii, Xbox One, PS Vita and a lot more. You can also directly search for your desired game as well.

A very clean and simple interface for people who do not have any time to waste when it comes to gaming. And you can also join their community for the discussion too.

16.  Zooqle

Website: https://zooqle.me/

To be true, Zooqle is just another random torrent site but you can definitely discover various game torrents out here.

Their list of games is comprised of various categories like PC, Xbox, Wii, NDS, iOS, android and a lot more. Although the interface is decent but ads are regular with the navigation. VPN connection is advised to be used while accessing this site.

However, as I noticed the site is not updated on regular basis when it comes to the games section. So, I think this is going to be pretty lukewarm for avid gamers.


You got to accept the fact that no matter how illegal it is in some countries to use torrent sites, still people prefer these sites. Not only for games but for movies, eBooks, software and everything else. But keeping up with a reliable VPN connection is a must while browsing them in order to maintain your privacy and keep your identity hidden.

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