Top 10 Best Psychological Horror Movies You Must Watch

Here is the list of top 10 best psychological horror movies that are not meant to show people all covered in blood and fill you up with disgust. This genre is psychological horror that hit your mental state and the emotional as well, so you are not going to sleep for some nights.

Don’t expect this list for some goosebumps scenes, because it is going to be more as it’s the more solid version of the genre Horror. If you are ready to bear that haunt for days and months, only then go with my list here of these greatest and best psychological horror movies.

So this is not something for soft-hearted people, and if you really want to dive in for some real psychological horror, then you are welcome in the haunting world which has an eternal fear that is way more than just any boring horror story.

This genre brings you the most terrific and unique horror, and you feel it to the greatest extent in your mind that it needs some time to settle again. Get ready to watch tonight one of these best psychological horror movies and get to know the real horror.

Best Psychological Horror Movies

1). Haunter (2013)


Haunter deserves to be the top among these best psychological horror movies. It is the one that seems unique with all its storyline and it’s a new psychological drama. The storyline follows a girl who lives the loop that means she wakes up the same day again and again.

She has a family as her mother and siblings, but it doesn’t seem for real because they all repeat the same things and same wordings every day, so it’s a loophole for her until she goes and finds out that new girl who just took the entry.

So the story shows a girl who is trapped in her own house and unable to come out of that loop. She feels that it’s all repeating itself like those tasks, the same bedroom and everything is same every day. She doesn’t understand what’s happening and all the different things she does seem like unaffected to the family and this goes on and on.

Her house is a decent-sized, but soon she feels trapped like in a really small place and she faces different horrific incidents like she doesn’t see herself in the mirror, always running, dreaming, holding and much more.

2). Quarantine (2008)


Quarantine is a story of some trapped fellas who are trapped in a building and that psycho ghost won’t allow any of them entering out bu6t killing them one by one. So, this one from the best psychological horror movies is worth watching if you want some zombie activities happening in an apartment.

These people are not able to come out and every help is just a waste of life. So it’s terrifying and horror is filled in because these people have gone mad and they react crazy and paranoid, they are all lost and only want survival.

With each minute, you face cannibalistic humans who are always ready to chew you in. Even this large apartment seems congested because you are stuck in here surrounded by zombies and getting out don’t seem possible.

The movie is going to fill you with utter fear and you will get to know how claustrophobic feels like. This movie received very good reviews and ratings by critics, so let’s see how much it horrifies you.

3). Black Christmas (2006)

Black Christmas

After watching this movie, you are not going to let in an unwanted visitor on Christmas. It is about a phone caller who interrupts a family celebrating the Christmas Eve. So this unwelcome guest enters the sorority house and then several strange things start happening.

This story is about death happening in the house one by one in all different ways. He murders the body brutally and hides the bodies just like one of the girl’s body in the attic and he enjoys it all.

So Black Christmas is full of killing and bloodying the persons residing in the house and it creates a creepy atmosphere that brings on everyone’s fear out. It’s not just about the killing, but about the suspense that why he kills and makes out the body count.

The film allows its viewers to find out the suspense but by the time when you are all full of trauma. To know more about the mystery, you get to watch it, till then play with your imagination.

4). The Innkeepers (2011)

The Innkeepers

If you are in love with psychological horror, this is the one you should never miss watching. To enjoy more, be alone and watch this breath-taking horror drama which is about the keepers that stay in that Inn.

The hotel remains closed and all the staff has already left the hotel on itself as they notice some ghost activities in that place. Later, a lady wants to find or capture the evidence that the ghosts exist. She starts her searching about these Innkeepers taking enough help and paranormal detection equipment.

That lady’s name is Claire playing the role of the ghost detective in the movie, so you may have seen those instruments in several psychological horror movies, but this one is also full of mystery and suspense and with great horrific faces that the lady explores during her journey in that Inn.

Claire decides to catch these ghosts after some terrible incidents with some of the hotel’s guests and she puts her determination to find these scary keepers.

The Inn is haunted and enough to bring your anxieties out. So, go for this one from my list of best psychological horror movies and be ready to fry your brain.

5). The Babadook

The Babadook

Surely, it is one of the amazing additions to the best psychological horror movies ‘The Babadook’ and of course you can’t get rid of Babadook, so watch t your own risk. It’s a story about a boy Samuel and her mother Amelia Vanek who is a widow so she has the full responsibility of his son.

She raises him alone after meeting a car accident which took his husband away, so after her husband, she loves her boy very much as he is the only one left in her life. By time she realizes some terrified truths about his son that are not less than a vast bitterness

This all incident takes her in grief and things happen to her all the time, her son becomes getting violent and behaves strangely just like the psycho behavior. It all begins when her mother reads a story for him and instead of being a bedtime story, it was a real call for a monster called Babadook who arrives just by taking his name once.

So this is about that mysterious children’s book and that creature stalking both mother and son. It disturbs the mental state of his mother and she faces some psychological decays in herself.

6). Beneath (2007)


It can be recognized as one of the best psychological horror movies released in the year 2007. As its name ‘Beneath’ the movie is about the workers who are all stuck underground approx. six hundred feet from the surface.

Now they are all stuck and this place feels really confined or small one so it is where the claustrophobia begins. All coal miners manage to stay in an emergency shelter but not for long and soon they find someone knocking their doors roughly.

The miners there wait for any help after the mine collapses, so they are trapped under the surface and while being in that shelter, they hear sounds coming from outside.

It is where the paranoia begins, they feel no oxygen and they go insane at each other for their survival. It is hard to be calm and find a way in that claustrophobic situation.

So this is about the coal mining job and the danger that comes with it. Many people feel here that they are stuck forever and soon they will be dead. By watching this one, you will surely find out the reason of their awkward mental situation.

7). Pandorum (2009)


Have you ever watched psychological horror in space? If not, then this is your chance because Pandorum is the greatest psychological horror film that takes you to the space and things happen there on a spaceship.

The ship is full of 60000 passengers and a few of them awakes who recognize some weird things happening and some unknown species are there. All of them lose their sanity when the death comes because it is the most horrified one that they never imagined.

In the dictionary of the psychological horror, it is one of the best psychological horror movies. It is also like a sci-fi horror because it happens in a spaceship where some passengers are on a trip to another planet.

The crew members wake up, all have lost their memories and they are trapped on the spaceship. The ship is not traveling and it hasn’t lost the power and no one dares to go through the trouble of restoring the power again.

‘Pandorum’ is the best fit in the category of a psychological thriller, so without any doubt, you are going to find it really worth watching being in your room and seeing all those members stuck in a spacecraft.

8). The Pyramid (2014)

The Pyramid

You all have heard about Egypt’s and the myths about their desserts, tombs, mummies and other things. This movie is based on some archaeologists that continue their search to sort out the mystery of Egypt.

So it’s also a quality horror among the best psychological horror movies and again about the small spaces in which people feel stuck and see members dying one by one. Of Course, the desert is vast and how anyone can feel confined, but they enter deep and meet a small space.

Now the horror seats when they find that nothing is a myth and the creepy things really exist. These archaeologists discover that these pyramids are full of secrets, but now they are late and no one is going to make it out.

By time, it gets smaller and violent, more horrible and dead when those characters come out of the pyramid and the darkness takes its place. The climax is really interesting and as being the audience, it will offer you more than just a movie feel.

9). Grave Encounters (2011)

Grave Encounters

This film is a perfect example when you talk about the best psychological horror movies. ‘Grave Encounters’ is a film based on some paranormal investigators who reach the place that is haunted for real and situated in North America.

There are many people who have seen these ghosts walking around but there was no footage proof of it, so a few investigators enter this horror zone with their instruments and they record some really soul horrifying footage that makes it the greatest psychological horror film.

It can be a tough one if you watch it alone as these footages are based on some real events happened at that place. There were two tapes recorded, bit the first one was used to create this film and these footages are all real.

10). Black Swan

Black Swan

This one from the psychological horror is a well-written story where everything is beautifully managed. The story goes on with the demand for the perfection by the director Darren Aronofsky with the star cast Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey and Winona Ryder mainly.

The story is about choosing the perfect ballet dancer for the role of white swan Nina seems a perfect fit.

By the time, Nina started seeing her doppelgänger following everywhere she goes and this is how the nightmare arises. The evil starts entering Nina’s personality and the first psychical appearance was those razor-sharp feathers that she pulled out of his back.

The story is full of mystery, drama, and horror, so this perfect combination is worth watching where Nina fights with her own personality and her mother feels so helpless that she has lost her daughter.

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Psychological horror is a subcategory of the horror genre, but the storyline seems more horrifying because of the grief, loneliness, rage, and loss everyone feels in these movies. Here I mentioned the ten best psychological horror movies that would put your search to an end because these include the best psychological drama you are craving for.

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