140 Cool Instagram Bios Ideas for Boys & Girls

If you are in search of cool Instagram bios, then you don’t need to look anywhere else because I am here with lots of cool bios for Instagram that you just need to copy and paste to your Instagram profile.

Let’s get started.

In this time, keeping you updated for your followers is like a mandatory thing for people who are social media lovers. Instagram is the top platform for doing all these social activities, so you can upload unlimited pictures here and also the profile bio.

Everyone wants a unique but wise type of Instagram profile bio and to fulfil the same. I am here with some really cool Instagram bios ideas that will help you for setting your Insta bio.

140 Cool Instagram Bios

Cool Instagram Bios

So start these cool quotes for Instagram bios that you will surely consider as amazing bios here.

1). At my birth time, I was so cool that everyone was staring like they have an angel in their hands.

2). It’s time to stay sharp and not dumb.

3). Keep your looks clean, it is the secret of coolness.

4). Getting better since 1989.

5). I know I am the coolest creature in the universe.

6). If it was a prize for being so cool, I would be the Mr. Cool.

7). Struggle to find your value and not only the success.

8). Even in the hell, I am going to stay cool among girls.

9). Don’t let the day ruins you, be ready to suck it up.

10). I don’t know anything about my life, except how to stay cool.

One of cool Instagram bios copy and paste in your profile.

11). Here is my secret…….wait secrets are not to reveal.

12). You are currently viewing the world’s coolest guy.

13). Eventually, you will be judged for everything you do, so do whatever you want.

14). I am not the quitter, I am the person who makes everyone quit.

15). Camping is such a super cool idea; I don’t want a home again.

16). You really shouldn’t concentrate on homework; at least you are saving paper.

17). Who wants a hair stylist, my pillow does it efficiently every morning.

18). I don’t think before doing, I create a mess and then get to think.

19). There is only one person that can handle and that’ me.

20). People often call me super cool, but I am good with cool.

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This cool bio for Instagram is perfect to get you followers while doing nothing.

21). It’s not the winter; it’s me beside you that you feel so cold.

22). It’s today, and I am glad because I have the entire way to live.

23). Anyone hasn’t told me that I am a good person; they all call me “Cool Dude.”

24). Keep your eyes on my bio, may be you get some cool vibes there.

25). People often look for me when the hot days come as they need some cool place and that’s me.

26). You don’t have to look for any means as you have the strength your body to initiate just anything.

27). I don’t leave my friends even in the hell.

28). I am IRREPLACEABLE as I am cool in my own way.

29). Since the time I entered the town, it’s snow falling out there.

30). No sweeter words on me as I am too cool.

31). Who says I’ve failed, I’m coming to win just after a party. Very cool Instagram bio for boy and girl both.

32). When it’s like the ends are going to meet, I don’t know who moves the ends?

33). We think the life like digital, but it’s playing analog.

34). I really doubt that moment when someone calls me really artistic.

35). You don’t fail even when you fail because you learn the new ways to do thing correctly.

Let others know your cool bio from these cool Instagram bios.

36). The world is all yours, so get a rucksack and go for a tour.

37). Life is like 10% of what I planned as 100 %.

38). The problem with my mouth is it doesn’t stop after seeing stupid people.

39). Sometimes, I think like, dear God, please lift me and leave at somewhere nicest and coolest.

40). When my teacher asked me “what is smartness” I replied, “the one who is standing in front of you.”

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41). My life is all tequila and……….Tequila.

42). The greatest person in the universe is the one who knows how to stay cool.

43). When someone says “I miss you” I simply advise them to visit me and not to make pranks.

44). The reason of living life is smiles and laughs.

45). You will only get anyhow if you respect it, including me.

46). Think about you and voila you have found yourself.

47). It often happens when my friends get failed to recognize my photos as they are getting cool day by day.

48). Sometimes I feel like walking with my own snowfall to stay cool.

49). You want to be successful then kick your fear failures.

50). If you are cool, you can’t be single.

51). The good news about my life is I don’t have time for bad news.

These are some really Instagram profile bio ideas to enhance the look of your profile.

52). I dreamed the morning and realized how afraid the hell is to take me in.

53). All I need is exercise and stay cool.

54). There is always a person who can make you feel the powerful one.

55). Don’t go with other’s stories, create your own and let others know.

56). When I get on the road, the cloud blinks at me and hides the sun.

57). Try among the persons who always encourage you to your ACCOMPLISHMENT.

58). God made me, and it clears that he makes mistakes

59). Don’t try to get me out of your heart; I was born to be there.

60). Come here by my side and make fun like never.

61). I am here to be remembered for centuries, who forget a cool man like me.

62). Even kids have their own guns, so beware.

This one is cool for kids from all these cool Instagram bio ideas.

63). If you want to live to the fullest, stop planning and jump into the well of adventure.

64). No one can fix my attitude because it’s my nature and nothing else.

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65). Alcohol is limited, so grab some tricks to party lifetime.

66). I don’t drink water; I am saving the planet with my alcohol.

67). All I am going to looking for is an excuse for this laziness.

68). I am lucky enough to look cool.

69). Weather gets changed, but my coolness doesn’t.

70). I should get an award for consuming this much quality of alcohol.

71). I am ready to accept that I am the coolest guy ever.

Share the fun and coolness through these cool Instagram bios.

72). If you expect loyalty, go for a dog.

73). It’s better to write my Insta bio than wasting time for a girlfriend.

74). If you are my girlfriend, I can give the time that a rich man can’t as he is always busy with his money.

75). My girlfriend loves me because I am so cool.

76). If you are into Call of Duty, you are cool.

77). I started stepping to my ex, after a minute, I ran to my home.

78). My life is all about mountains, seashore, and greenery and that is cool for me.

79). I want to look into your eyes and forget the world.

80). Your karma decides how cool you should be.

81). Don’t let others living your dreams, move your ass and be at work.

82). I feel like heaven when I am with you that I won’t sell it for thousands of dollars.

83). I am getting ice cream addict to stay cool. 😉

This cool instagram bio with emoji is a great idea if you want to fill up followers.

84). The sky is cool because of the stars, and I am cool because of my buddies.

it can be cool bio on Instagram by your buddies. So why are you waiting copy and paste on your Insta profile.

85). No matter how bad mood I am in, you always manage to make me smile.

86). Start where you are standing, others will join you.

87). This is the best and coolest Instagram Bio ever.

88). Bios are for teenagers, and so I have it.

89). Whatever the score is, I am always No.1.

90). I hate surfing the Internet, but my eyes can’t resist.

91). I want to be handsome, but I am too cool for it.

92). To learn the mistake, make it at least 2-3 times.

93). Opportunity is not for everyone, so build one for you.

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94). I am not able to figure out this Instagram; still, I am doing this shit.

95). I started posting my pics since the birth of my first computer.

96). I’m a professional on being cool.

97). I don’t sweat even in the summers; my cool vibes are always with me.

98). I’m the cool type of guy who is perfectly engineered.

Let others know how cool you are by these cool Instagram bios.

99). I am not sure about my future, but my coolness is on cloud 9.

100). Once you get wisdom, you have the power to own the knowledge.

101). The swimming pool gets frozen every time I enter into it.

102). I want you by my side that everyone says like “Damn, she is still on his side.”

103). If you’re not cool, you are living your life wrong.

104). Stop acting like a human being and strata being cool.

105). The last time I acted cool was just a second ago.

106). Oxygen is not that all you need but also staying cool.

These cool Instagram bios would help you a lot to attract more eyes always.

107). Don’t follow others, but remember to be cool.

108). If you are not cool enough, take an ice bucket and pour yourself into it.

109). People don’t describe me, they just call me cool.

110). Don’t judge me by my bio; go to my DP to get some cool looks.

111). I don’t know, what is so cool about me, my face or my whole personality?

112). Tap that follow button and see the coolest pictures ever.

113). That follow button is the way to my heart.

114). I was born fantastic, but I am getting cool day by day.

115). Instagram spoiled my several hours of life but maintained my coolness.

116). I am cool enough to win your heart, just enter in my world through the follow button.

117). I look so cool when I flirt, and now it’s like an all-time look because I flirt all the times.

Another cool bio for Instagram for boy specially who flirt like a PRO 😛

118). Put me in your following and get the same from me.

119). You just need my one glance to be impressed, so take your finger to the follow.

Another cool bio for Instagram profile that can be used both girl and boy.

120). The bio you are reading is for the coolest person on the earth.

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121). If the nurse is cute, I don’t believe in the quote “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

122). I keep my efforts to solve the mysteries when everyone gets failed.

123). I think your phone is malfunctioning, are you able to click that follow button?

124). Go and follow me if you want to see the cutest profile ever.

125). You’re reading my bio, and that means you have entered into the supercool zone.

126). You just need one touch of me to stay cool forever.

These are perfect and cool Instagram bios that are always helpful to get you more people.

127). People often get addicted to my coolness.

128). I know you like me, so follow me and stop acting like nahhhhh I am not interested.

129). I think you are perfect to follow me.

130). I’m in search of some valuable followers like you.

131). Shape your idea to spend quality time on Instagram by pressing that follow button.

132). I might not be smart enough, but you are not capable of saying that.

133). If you are perfect, then I am unique, and I am going to stay this way.

Share your way of living life by these cool Instagram bios.

134). I am in need of some real people and not just followers.

135). The follow option is for a limited time, get it.

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Cool Instagram bios are capable of attracting anyone to your profile and make them follow you. There are a few people who are unknown to this awesome world of social media, but those who are paying attention know the importance of cool Instagram bios.

So I think you would like my collection of Instagram bios that are all time attractive and keep you highlighted.

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