Crazy Things to Do with Your Friends

Crazy things to do with your friends: Going crazy is your right no matter what is your age or position. It makes you relaxed and keeps you stress-free too. No matter which position you are in your professional world, it’s your friends with whom you can be yourself at any point of time.

Friends are family that you choose for yourself and you should always steal time to meet them and do some craziest stuff. Let me tell you, if you have good friends, you are wealthy. There are many crazy things to do with friends when you meet and you should not lose the opportunities to play prank with them.

Best Crazy Things to do with Your Friends

Here is a list of ideas that you can implement while you are with friends and in turn, create eternal memories with them.

1). Annoying them when they are in midst of something

At the top of all crazy things to do with your friends, annoy your friends by kissing or hugging them while they are doing something important. They will surely go crazy and participate in your game for sure. There are possibilities of having some pillow fights or mock wrestling, but when you are with friends, you are surely going to enjoy it. You can buy them drinks afterwards or help them to finish their tasks.

2). Eat from their plates when you finish

This part of your list of crazy things to do with your friends requires putting your self-esteem aside. It happened with me a day before when I went with my best friend to a restaurant. We ordered burgers and salad and we both started consuming as soon as the order arrived. I finished my part first and started eating from his plate and I bet, he was like what you are doing mate? I swear, it is one of the crazy things to do with your best friend.

3). Go to a casino and lose everything you have

Just take your friends to the nearest casino and have a blast. Collect money from all the friends and start gambling. Don’t panic if you lose, you are there to have fun and do crazy things to do with your friends and not to be a millionaire. have some awesome time and then take them for dinner if you have saved some dollars for it!

4). Give a house party and play childhood games

If you are looking for crazy things to do with your friends at night, just invite all your childhood friends at your home in night and start playing old childhood cardboard games with some beers and enjoy the show. Your friends will surely take part in the games and it will going to be a rollercoaster ride for them. Be a good host and order some food to treat their appetites.

5). Accidental road trips without bookings and formalities

This is what I have done a couple of years back and my friends still remember me for the same. It is one of the most dreadful crazy things to do with your friends and you will enjoy it a lot. Just go to a road trip without any hotel bookings and nothing. It is unknown city and you don’t need to worry a lot about your reputation. Just go wild and have fun with pranks and mockery games.

6). Read some recipe and cook for your friends

Do you have a cook inside you? Learn some exciting recipe online and try it with your friends and let them enjoy best or worst food in the world. Who knows? Just to add some fun in this activity, add more spice or salt in that and it will be surely hilarious.

Also you can try some cooking games for Girls !!

7). Have some alcohol

One of the best crazy things to do with your friends is to buy a lot of booze and drink till alcohol reaches to your mind and spill out things with your friends. It happened with us in a friend’s get together and let me tell you, it was quite fun to know about some hidden secrets of your friends.

8). Fantasy game is always in

How about playing a game in which each one of you share your wildest fantasies with others. however, the danger is that you may come across some exceptional boring and creative stuff during the game, but it will be fun to see what lies beneath your friends’ dirty minds.

9). Make weird noises

Let the creativity blossom like it never was by coming up with certain weird and wild noises that can make the whole environment vibrant and live. If you are looking for best crazy things to do with your friends, this is something that will surely make your day.

10). Burping out in each other’s faces

Quite weird, isn’t it? But surely it will be fun to do as we did the same in our last get together. It was funny to know how these weird psychos come up with some good compositions that can fetch an Oscar or golden globe for them in the best music category.

11). Write poems

Anybody can become Yeats and Walt Whitman if they can write anything on the paper. All they want is the chance to cry their hearts out. How about taking turns and write some beautiful or depressing poems in the group? Well, at least, you will come to know about how innovative they are.

12). Watch a TV series without any breaks

By far the most loved crazy things to do with your friends in our group and you should definitely give a try once as it is pure fun and entertaining. All you need to do is to find a TV series and play it on your TV or a laptop and store some food and drinks and sit together until the series is over.

13). Choose one friend and bitch about him/ her

It is always work and it’s great to dig all stories and adding some salt in that. Pick a friend who has a good stamina to tolerate personal jokes and just start joking about him/ her and you will surely get what was missing in the party. As I said, it always works.

14). Attend a musical show or a comedy club

Attending a musical show or a comedy club in group seems just fine, but what you don’t know is that you don’t have to be a mere audience. You have to actively participate and play your favorite instrument there. Make sure that you continue to do so until the security guys kick you out.

15). Role-play

How about a play or a fictional roleplay that can surely going to make everyone laughing their hearts out. All you need to do is to create a story and assign roles to each friend without any scripts and all they have to do is to act naturally. I bet it will surely blow their minds.

16). Discover new funny languages

Communicate with your friends in new languages that don’t exist in the world just like the language Harry Potter was speaking while talking with snacks. One of the most crazy things to do with your friends and let me tell you, it surely going to spin the event and make it more lovely and amusing.

17). Remember school incidents

If you are with your school friends, the best thing you can do is to recall your school memories and live them again as they are happening right now. It surely going to work and your eyes will cry with smiles on your face. It is one of the best crazy things to do with your friends.

18). Sex talks

Isn’t it interesting to know what your peers doing nowadays sexually? How are their sex lives? Well, it is the high time you know about it. Ask your friends about the last sessions they had and how was the experience? Well, you have to share yours too. Be frank and start with you.

19). Listening your favorite chartbuster and singing aloud

Do you remember the song you and your friends used to sing together? Well, let’s cherish the memories together by playing the song again and sing it aloud with your friends together. It is a joy that you will surely going to cherish for a longer period of time.

20). Have some crazy photographs and post on social media

Don’t we do it daily? Well. This is the perfect time to recruit your latest camera to click some crazy photographs while dancing or singing or drinking. Just click pictures and post on the social networks and let your other friends realize what they just have missed. Surely, you will love these memories.

21). Shop together

Well, who don’t love shopping? If you are looking for a perfect escape from your daily life, invite some friends to a mall or a shopping centre and shop as much as you can. Surely, it is one of the best crazy things to do with your  friends.

This is my list for fun crazy things to do with your friends. If you have something to add, share with us.

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