Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her [35 Best Gifts Ideas]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her: Love is a festival which does not demand a specific day to celebrate it. Still people found out the unique way of Valentine’s Day to celebrate it. It falls on the 14th of every February. The day is named after a famous saint Valentine who spread the message of love in the mankind. Well, you must have been bored listening to the history of the Valentine’s Day repeatedly numerous times. But what you do not know is the tricky question of how to celebrate it in your own unique way.

The question becomes even more complicated when you have to woo a girl. Everyone knows that it is the most complicated thing in the world to know that what a girl wants? And to be frank I would say it is more difficult than the rocket science. Sometimes you cannot even think of even single Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

But that does not make it a question unanswered yet. Of course this is a bit complex but not impossible. There are the things emotional as well as pretty good to win over a girl’s heart. But what counts the most is the smile on her face and more than that the reason of her smile is being you. I know you are a guy and you cannot think of something creative at each point of your relationship. But guys come on! This is Valentine’s.

If you have started thinking about the things that can make her smile and if it is leaving you confused then my friend you need not to be restless at all.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her [35 Best Gifts Ideas]

We have compiled some really interesting and amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. Don’t worry we are not going to take away the credit from you for finding the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. You just scroll down to the page and find out what can suit her best. Good luck!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

1). The Valentine’s Dress

The Valentine’s DressI decided to put this Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her in the first place because the Valentine’s Day is just incomplete without a perfect and gorgeous dress. And please do not try to experiment with the styles because it would be perfect to go with the mainstream evening gowns for this day. This is something which can prove to be the best Valentine’s Day gift for her.

You can go for the iconic brands and colors for it. Forever 21, Vero Moda and many more brands are there to provide the best of the dresses for the girls.

There are certain designs which include the knee length of the full length gowns. To make it look more formal and more special I think you should buy her a full length evening gown and that too in the perfect red color.

2). Sleek Gold Bangle

Sleek-Gold-BangleIf you think that I am talking about those traditional heavy gold bangles, then you are totally and absolutely wrong. Gold of course is a precious metal and therefore the vitality of giving it on the Valentine’s Day increases automatically. There are some incredible designs of gold bangle that would take your breath away.

I know that being a guy, it becomes tougher to pick out the things like jewellary for your bae. But for this, you can take help from your female friend. Apart from it just keep it in mind that minimal is the new more.

Some really sleek gold bangle and that too of one hand would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

3). Perfume

Well, Well, Well! Here comes the showstopper kind of stuff for the purpose like Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. You must have spent some time with her earlier which makes you sure about the kind of perfume that she likes to use. No need to panic if you have not noticed it yet.

I am not sure about something specific, but girls usually like the kind of smells and fragrances which lasts long and do not consist of any strong smell.

There are famous brands which launches the latest editions of perfumes according to the seasons. You can consider some great fragrances by Dior, Chanel, Layer and many more. It would be much better if you would take care of her choice in it after all she is the one who is going to use it.

4). Sunglasses

Whether it is the scorching heat of summers or chilling warmth of winters, the sunglasses are always the essential that a girl cannot afford to miss while stepping out. Aviators, round glasses, Wayfarer and many more, there are just numerous styles and designs in the sunglasses era.

While picking out something for her you should consider the face cut that she has. You can also consider her sunglasses collection. You can buy her something which she does not own already.

Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her have great brands which can be trusted blindly. You can go for Ray Ban, Dior, Marc Jacobs and many more lavish brands for it. You can also combine it with the sunglasses care accessories and pretty cases too.

5). Matte Lipstick Set

Matte-Lipstick-SetMatte finish lipsticks are ruling the beauty and makeup industry. They are strong, appealing and most importantly comes in great shades with different brands. How can you give it a miss for her to look at her best and that too on the occasion like Valentine’s Day?

Just get to know about the dress that she is going to wear on the date with you and get her the perfect matte lipsticks of the matching shades that she can apply. You can consider three perfect matte shades that can match her dress.

For such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her you have brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Elle 18 and many more to accompany you in the quest. It is time to gear up guys because this isn’t going to be easy at all.

6). Wine

WineA bottle of red wine is the synonym of love and happiness. Any occasion of joy is incomplete without having wine together. It becomes more suitable when you are in love because the essence of the wine fills the environment with romance and love.

It may be a bit odd to just pick the wine bottle as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her or Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. You can also go for the engraved wine glasses along with it.

Don’t be a miser on this day and pick the best wine for her. This is just a little investment in order to get the return of happiness in the life of you two. Serve it in the engraved glasses like a pro bartender and enjoy the date with her.

7). Comfy Slippers

Comfy-SlippersBeauty does not come from short dresses and high heels but it comes from the things which looks good and along with it which are comfortable for her as well. Do not make her suffer in order to look ravishing. To keep this in mind you should get her some comfy slippers for the Valentine’s Day.

The cute comfy slippers pair would take care of her soft feet in the chilling winter of February for sure. If you want to give it a twist then you can also personalize them.

You can get her name print on it to make it look cuter and more adorable. The color that you are picking must be of her choice. Do not forget that you buy the most comfortable one as it should not make her feet suffer in the winter.

8). Lip Balm

Lip-BalmI am not talking about the ordinary lip balm that girls use. But you should buy her some expensive branded lip balm which can work for at least 6 hours so that she does not have to struggle with the lip balm in the midst of her work hours.

You can go for the lip balms by Maybelline, Lakme, Revlon, VoV ad many more. They are the most amazing types of lip balm which comes in different colors too.

Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her would keep her lips soft and beautiful all the time. The more you will pamper her the more she is going to shower her love on you. Makeup items are not at all a bad choice as the Valentine’s Day gift.

9). Massage Seductions Game

Massage-Seductions-GameMassage seductions game is a type of intimate game that you can play with your partner. This would increase the level of intimacy and comfort with you. Picking it as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her would turn out to be a great choice.

Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to find an excuse to get closer with your partner. This game consists of 24 cards. Each card has a massage technique and some rules.

One would pick the card and act accordingly. This would be like a small Fifty shades of grey element of you two.

10). Wrist Watch

the-couple-wrist-watch-setThis is a simple and a mainstream item for the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. A watch is something that you can never go wrong with while picking it up as the gift for her. There are different types of wrist watches in trend for the girls.

You can go for the rough and tough denim watch, the jewel watch or the sleek watches too. There are smart watches available too which are perfect for unisex.

There are brands like Fastrack, Titan, Timex, Rado and many others on your rescue to provide the quality watches for girls. Keeping up with the occasion I think you should go for such designs which are more feminine so that it can be easily team up with the dress that she is going to wear.

11). Infinity Bracelet

Infinity-BraceletIf you are thinking that why did I mention bracelet if I have already suggested you about the gold sleek bangle, then there is a twist in it. The infinity bracelet is totally different from the conventional gold or other bangles. No doubt that the bangles look really good but the bracelets are like just her type and she would totally love it.

This bracelet comes in different types of precious metal. I think the gold and platinum combination would do wonders.

Such kind of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her is like the symbol of love. The infinity sign on the bracelet represents the infinite time being of the love. This bracelet looks really cool and adorable and there is no way that she is not going to like it.

12). Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-Covered-StrawberriesChocolates are the love of every girl. There can be some exceptions that are fitness freak and hence stay away from consuming calories. But I have a perfect solution for your girl if she loves chocolate but love her fitness too.

The chocolate covered strawberries are one such example of excellent Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her that she would not be able to get herself resist from it.

The fresh strawberries are good for health and the excellent chocolate covering is rich in taste. This is a rare combination of health and delicacies. Get it wrapped in a beautiful box and present to her. She would just go head over heels with the taste and your efforts.

13). Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen-GlovesIn the chilling winters one would have to keep up with the gloves in order to protect their hands from freezing. But it comes with a problem of not able to access your smartphone as it is totally touch driven. Especially girls who are a total social media freak and cannot live without their phone.

But the Touchscreen gloves are a rescuer this time. You can pick them as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. They are worth gifting because they are going to solve many problems of your girl.

She is totally going to love it. The color of these gloves only comes in black. If you want then you can order some personalized Touchscreen gloves for her too. You can get her name printed on it and can get them made in her favorite color too.

14). Planter

PlanterIf she loves gardening and planning out something which can be grown and taken care inside her home then this planter is a match made in heaven for her.

The planter is a ceramic case which has three to four holes in it which are used for the small plants of vines to grow in it. It is a pipe like structure flat from the lower layer. The three pop-ups gives the space to put soil in it and grow plants.

They look really adorable and increase the beauty of the living room. Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her are totally going to be loved by her. This is totally spill proof which would protect the surface from getting dirty.

15). Fitbit

Fitbit is acquiring great positive response from the users over the recent times. This is a boon for the fitness freak people and turn out to be a great monitor and controller as well.

The fitbit is offered by Samsung, Apple, Intex and many other companies to keep an account of the user’s fitness conditions. It comes in different colors and the features of the fitbit vary according to the price offered.

The basic work of a fitbit is to regulate the heart beats, steps walked, blood pressure regulation and many more. This is one of the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her as it would take care of her even in your absence.

16). Wallet

WalletIt is important to keep all the currency and cards safe. If she does not do it then you can make her learn this. You just have to buy a wallet for her as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

There are perfect brands like Madame, Burberry, Gucci, Dior and many more. If you are confused about the color then I would suggest you a black color wallet as it can go well with any type of dress and attire. Apart from it, it must have enough space to carry all her cards and currency notes.

You can also go for some chic colors like peach, pink, red hot and many others. As far as the material is concerned then there are also metal wallet cases which are quite in trend.

17). Novel

NovelBooks are the best friend one can ever have. No matter if she does not have a love for reading or not, a good book is always admired even by the non readers too. If you are picking this up as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her then you should totally go for the love stories.

If she has a particular choice about it then you can get her something of her own choice. You can determine her taste by the movies that she watches often. I am really sure that the novel would never let her down.

18). Tile

TileA tile is a device which helps in finding the things like keys, cell phone, important papers etc. when you forget that where did you place them. This is a very common thing to forget such small things although you know very well that how much important they are for the day to day life.

If your girl often does it then the tile would help her to find her belongings very easily. This is a really thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

You just need to attach the tile on the things that she often forgets and misplaces. She can operate the app from the phone which will make the tile ring and she can easily find her belongings no matter wherever they are.

19). Makeup Essentials

Makeup-EssentialsThere are very few girls who do not like to apply makeup on their skin. If your girl does not fall in this category then you should totally buy her some good quality makeup essentials as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

There are some beautiful skin care brands like Lakme, Loreal, Maybelline, Revlon, VoV etc to woo the girls with their revolutionary makeup products.

From lipsticks to concealer, they have everything with top quality and different shades in their kitty. I am very sure that these products would not let her down with the quality and the looks that she is going to get after applying them. Things like foundation, face powder, concealer, lipstick, eye shadow, contouring makeup, brushes, kohl and others must be included in the items in order to complete the package.

20). Slim Bar Necklace

Slim-Bar-NecklaceThis type of necklace is gaining a lot of popularity in these days. The best part about slim bar necklace is its sleek design and impeccable match of beauty. Be it traditional gowns or chic look dresses; this necklace completes the entire look with the minimal jewellary tag.

The best design for such slim bar necklace is that you should choose the different material for the bar and for the chain. For example if you are choosing a golden chain then you should choose the silver bar which would make the necklace look prettier than ever.

Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her are quite in trend and this is not going to disappoint you and her at all. You can also choose different designs of bars for the variations of her choice.

21). Bathrobe

BathrobeA comfy bathrobe made up from the softest material can be a great choice as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. If you are thinking that this is too much mainstream to go for the plain bathrobe then you can get it personalized very easily.

You can get the slangs like “the queen’, “princess”, “her name” and others printed on the back of the bathrobe. Do not forget to go for the pretty pink color for her. This would make it look more girly rather than the plain white color.

Pay special attention on the quality of the cloth being used for the bathrobe. This should be soft enough to embrace her body. Make sure that it does not go dull with the time and stay durable throughout.

22). Pretty Frame

Pretty-FrameValentine’s is all about the person that you love the most. As we are considering the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her then you should focus on the gifts which are more about her and less about you. You can also pay equal focus too.

Filling the wall of her room with the pretty frames containing all her beautiful photograph is the best surprise that can be given to her on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

But make sure that you surprise her with this. The moment she wakes up in the morning she should witness all these photos on the wall right in front of her. You can pick the frames of her choice and this would look prettier if all the frames are same.

23). Handmade Scrap Book

Handmade-Scrap-BookA scrap book containing all the good moments that you two spent together is a thing which she will cherish for the entire lifetime. This is a record of the beautiful memories that happened between you two which strengthened your bond as a couple.

The best part about such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her is that they are handmade which adds the feeling of being it emotionally incredible for the girls.

Write a message with each photograph as a caption about the story behind the photograph. Try to include some screenshots of your chats too. You can also include some photographs of her which were taken without her acknowledgement. This would be like the icing on the cake.

24). ‘The Story of her Life’ Video

A video containing all the memories from her childhood to till date can also be a great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. This thing is quite in trend but what counts the most is how you present this to her. Don’t you dare to send it plainly through WhatsApp text on her phone? You should have a great arrangement for the entire video.

Make the set up for projector and then take her to the spot without letting her know that what is going to happen. Then show her the video and I am really sure that you would be able to win over her heart like a pro. This is a simple idea yet the most amazing one for the Valentine’s Day.

25). Your First Date

The first date of a relationship always holds a special place in the heart of lovers. You may meet thousand times afterwards but the magic of the first date always remains the same forever. Be it a bit nervous or a bit awkward but nothing is more pure than the time when you first went out with her.

You can recreate the magic of your first date with her as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

You would have to take care of each and every detail of your first date with her. Pick the same dresses, the same table of the same restaurant. You would also have to order the same dishes and then do the activities just like your first date. This would be like a small drill to relive those moments and to revive your love once again for each other.

26). Things She Forgot

There are various things that she used to like at certain point of time but later on she gave up on them due to busyness of her life. You can recreate the magic of her old days back in her life on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

These can be the things like eatables of her favorite café, dresses or an old shop and many other items of her choice.

You can also create a card with the help of such things. You just need to put all these things in the form of photographs in the card and remind her how cute she used to be. You can also include her childhood photos in it. This is like a major throwback into her life. This is a really creative and sweet Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

27). Headphones

Headphones are a great option as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. This is really useful and a great device to enjoy music in good quality. It is just the best way to forget the world and its worries with the music it plays in your ears. Headphones give a much better experience of listening to music rather than the conventional earphones.

Philips, Samsung, Ubon, Sony and there are various brands that offer the quality headphones to the users.

I would like to suggest you the typical pink color for your girl. It would suit her more and if she is not that girly then you can go for the normal colors too.

28). Collection of Her Favorite Songs

Music is the back bone of our life. It revives us in bad times, cheers us in good times, consoles us in sad times and makes us smile in all the time. Music can be the perfect definition of love and care. This is the best way to express your love without even saying a word from your mouth.

Keeping the taste of her music in your mind you can compile an entire database of the music that she likes. This is like summing up the entire music collection from the start.

There is no way that she cannot like this Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. This is a simple yet really strong idea which can be carried out easily by you. You just have to search out the music she likes and store it in a pen drive.

29). Hand Written Notes

Giving her the things she wants as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her is not like that she is materialistic. Of course you would consider the things on first which can prove to be beneficial and useful for her.

Emotions are the things which she would need for a lifetime from you. On this Valentine’s Day you can make her emotional through the beautiful hand written notes.

You can hide these notes in her stuffs like clutch, purse, and dress pockets and at other places. This would be like a short reminder in some time span that how much you love her and how much she means to you. This is a tried and tested way so I am very sure that you would not go wrong with it.

30). Salon Time

Every girl loves to take care of herself but due to the stress of work sometimes she is not able to focus on herself and her body. Being a partner you can get it done for her. You just need to book an appointment of a salon for her as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

This beautiful gift is like a little time stolen from her tight schedule just for her care. If she is not able to focus on herself then you can do it on her behalf.

Get the voucher card ready for her which should include spa, manicure, pedicure, hair care, facial and all the things which are required for her. Get her dressed in the parlor itself and then take her out on a romantic dinner. This would make her day super special.

31). Romantic Holiday

Giving her a day away from all the stress and pressure of work would make the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. In this modern life there is no time for people to take some moments out for themselves. But you can do it for her to make this day special for her.

Plan a romantic holiday for her for at least two three days to some location unknown to her. Apply for her leaves through her colleagues and surprise her with it.

You can arrange all this for her very easily and you can also consult any trip advisor too. This would be like a romantic gate away for her which would give an excuse to both of you to spend some quality time with each other.

32). The Wish List Completion

She must have confessed her desires to you some day. Every girl has a wish list which is comprised of the things that she wants to have. These can be either materialistic things or something exciting and thrilling work that she would like to do someday.

The Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to start completing her wish list. It is the time to make her feel like the queen of your life.

You can start from the little things that she wants. And then if it is possible then you can move to something larger than life kind of things. Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her would make her smile for the whole day. It would also make your bond stronger with her.

33). Sexy Lingerie

Sexy-LingerieThe caution about this Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her is that you two must be comfortable with each other. Your relationship must have attained such a point where you guys can talk about any intimate thing. Such personal gifts require a good understanding and intimacy between the two.

Victoria’s Secret and Jockey are the first and foremost options for the lingerie line. I would like to suggest Victoria’s Secret on the first place as its collection is impeccable.

If you are a bit confused then you can shop online from the different apps from which Zivame is pretty good. You can add a beautiful love card along with the gift with some hot message in it. It would be the most sensuous gift that you had ever given to her.

34). Hand Bag

The true partner of a girl is her handbag (I would put the bae on second place this time). It is because it carries all the things that she needs in a day and that too like a pro. From her scarf to her lipstick, all can be arranged very well in the handbag of a girl.

Buying her a handbag as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her would be the best thing. It is very useful for her and apart from it; hand bag is an accessory which makes her look complete.

Baggit, Lavie, Capricci, Gucci and there are thousands of well-known brands that have a great range of handbags for the girls. I am hundred percent sure that you can never go wrong while gifting her hand bag.

35). The Proposal

If you are from those who are a last minute person then I think this is just the perfect plan for you. If your relationship has seen all the ups and downs together from a great time then this is the time that you finally propose her. It would be the perfect occasion if you are planning to propose her anytime soon.

Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her needs just focus. I hope you do not want to stammer with the lines that you rehearsed earlier.

Plan something big for her. Plan this proposal as if this is a page straight coming from the fairy tales. Great music, surprising decorum and a big smile on your face would be enough to woo the love of your life.


If you have are taking a look at the final words then am sure that you have gone through all the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. I am also sure that you would have loved all the items. Now do not get confused about finding the best out of them. You can trust each and every product blindly. They are cute, pretty, and useful and above all they are all capable of converting the curve of her lips into a smile.

I would like to recommend you the gifts which are useful as well as attractive. I know you would like to consider something which leaves an emotional imprint of yours on the gift. But trust me if you would select something that can be used by her in day to day life. Then she would remember you each and every day by looking at the gift given by you.

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