Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Sometimes, it is quite tricky to think of birthday gift ideas for husband. I mean, you can give chocolates to a girl and she will be the happiest on Earth but a guy is really choosy about gifts. Mostly, you can think of some gadgets and cool tools for birthday present.

Many times you go blank that what are the birthday gift ideas for husband who has everything.

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

But you know, there is always a little hope in it. So, I am keeping your hopes alive to pick out the best gifts for husband on his birthday.

1). Beard Grooming Kit

Beard TrimmerStarting this list of birthday gift ideas for husband because this is what the recent trend says. If you would look at the guys these days, you will find each of them growing big giant beards on their faces. In fact, if you will compare their old pictures to the recent ones, you would not even be able to recognize them.

Just like the hairs on head, they need some nourishment and care too. So, for the sake of your husband’s choices, make him look like a gentleman even in those face covering beards.

I know you do not even like it, but it is your husband’s birthday and he surely deserves your love and care. So, go for this beard grooming kit as one of the best birthday gift ideas for husband. Your husband may surely have everything but I am sure he would not have this.

There are some good brands like Gatsby, Honest Amish, Krieger + Sohne etc. They are one of the prime brands that guys use for grooming their beards. This kit may include beard oil, shampoo, comb, gel, wax and other essentials.

2). Wireless Key Finder

Trust me, this product is going to prove to be super revolutionary and helpful for your husband. This is a perfect solution for their irritating habit of always misplacing the car keys, office keys, wallet, or something small yet important thing.

This wireless key finder is basically a color coded remote control. It comes with four receivers and this means no stressful mornings and no hunt session while getting late for the office.

It has powerful radiations which are competent enough to penetrate through cushions and even leather. So, now if the keys would be hidden behind the sofa then too the remote will find them out easily. Isn’t it the coolest birthday gift ideas for husband?

You would literally thank the creator of this amazing accessory thousands of times. It basically removes all the trouble of finding the things while going out and getting late. Just track your stuff through the remote and you will not be wasting anymore time then.

3). Pool Table

Yes, you heard me right. A pool table is one of the best and coolest birthday gift ideas for husband. No matter if he owns everything he need but I am sure this must not have clicked in his mind ever to buy a pool table for himself.

Well, let me first clear it that you should only buy it when he is really interested in playing pool. Because you have got other options too.

You can go for the table soccer set too. It is quite entertaining and he would not even be injuring himself for real while playing it. I would recommend you to buy one which is pre-owned because in this way you can save some money.

These tables can cost you too much when you will go for the brand new ones. If you have a high budget then you can surely go for them.

4). Whiskey Wedge

If he has a special love in his heart and special place in his home for whiskey then this is just the perfect gift that you can give on his birthday. But you know keeping the whiskey cold enough can sometimes be tricky. Add ice in it in order to keep it cool enough can saturate it a lot.

It results in the losing the real and authentic taste of the original and old collection of whiskey. But this gift of yours will solve this problem forever.

Gift your hubby the revolutionary whiskey wedge. There is a different slot for keeping ice in it. In this way he can prevent the whiskey from getting saturated. The slot is wedge in shape and hence called whiskey wedge.

No other gift than this is perfect enough to celebrate his love for a great drink. This is the reason it makes just the perfect birthday gifts ideas for husband.

5). Gym Subscription

This is a major step towards the fitness of your husband if he is not paying enough attention to it these days. This is surely high time if you are seeing him getting obese day by day. In such a condition buying him a gym subscription as one of the birthday gift ideas for husband would be just perfect.

You cannot blame him for this completely because hours long sitting in office is responsible for this. It not only affects his physical health but mental too.

It is a really important matter to pay attention towards. The drowning mental and physical health of your hubby can be a serious issue.

Getting a subscription for gym as the birthday gifts for husband is a really thoughtful gesture towards him. You must go for a gym subscription which lasts for at least three months. After all, your hubby really needs to work on his body.

Try to find a gym in your nearby area so that it can become easier for him to go there regularly. You can also approach his friends to accompany him out there.

6). Superman Goodies

He is the superhero of your life and after your dad, he is the one who cares for you like hell. He protects you from all the stress and puts a smile on your face even in hard times. He works even harder to turn all your dreams come true.

He is surely the Superman of your life working in disguise. He may not have cool and unbelievable super powers but he surely has the super power to make you smile all lifelong.

This is the time that you adore this superman of your life in a special way. Get him the Superman goodies as one of the birthday gift ideas for husband. This is surely a way to celebrate his birthday in a totally different and unique way that he must not have been expecting.

There are lots and lots of items which can be personalized in Superman way. From T-shirts to hoodies to boxers, the list is just endless. The other things you can consider are Superman wrist band and Superman themed bag packs. All these accessories are really adorable and useful too.

7). Classy Watch Case

Fathers day gift ideasIf your husband has a special soft corner for the collection of watches then an elegant watch case would be one of the best birthday gift ideas for husband. Now there is no need to keep his watches in a clumsy way in the cupboard.

The clumsiness usually happens because he often lose the cases of his watches. As a result watches go misplaced or lost somewhere between his attires followed by hours long searching sessions in cupboard.

But now there is no need to lose the precious watches as he can organize them in a much better way.

Now he can keep his watches safely in this watch case. You can give a unique and personalized touch to the watch case in your own special way. You can get the name of your dearest husband engraved on it.

This would be the perfect birthday gift ideas for husband to keep on cherishing the love for his watches. You can make sure that material of the watch case should be soft so that watches do not get damaged. You can also go for velvet coating on it which will give an elegant touch to the case.

8). Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer

Fathers day gift ideasIt is a new and unique product which can be used as one of the birthday gift ideas for husband. It will prove to be one of the coolest and most unique gifts you have ever given to your love. And I am very sure that it would prove to be very useful for him too.

Usually in the quest of reading newspaper or doing office work, your hubby usually forget that his hot cup of coffee has turned into cold one. And finally they end up drinking it as it is in a haste of work. But from now on they would not have to do it anymore.

Here is one of the best birthday gift ideas for husband. You can present him a hot cookie USB mug warmer. All you are required to do is connect the USB of mug warmer to the laptop or any other suitable power source and it is ready to be used.

Now just place the cup of coffee or tea or other beverage over the USB warmer and your beverages would not get cold at all. I guess this is surely one important as hell thing for your always busy hubbdy.

9). Smart Glasses

Fathers day gift ideasHaven’t you heard the name of smart glasses before? Well, many people still have no clue about it yet. Smart glasses are the new example of technological evolution just like smart phones and smart watches. Let me clear your doubts about it first.

Smart glasses are those glasses which are used to watch videos in 3D visuals. In fact, the effect is way powerful than 3D itself. These are perfectly suitable for watching movies because it will give you an unforgettable experience of watching them.

This would be the coolest birthday gift ideas for husband ever. No guy can ever imagine a techno based gift like this and that too from his wife.

One such example of smart glasses is the Epson smart glasses. They give you an illusion of watching a movie or any other video over an 80 inch screen. You just need to do connect these smart glasses with your android phone and you are good to go. Your hubby is going to be head over heels in love with you once again if you will pick these glasses as the birthday gift ideas for husband.

10). Kindle Voyage

Kindle is something which is just too awesome if your husband has a love for reading. It is an e-book approach for those who cannot go and buy every new book in the market. For a tech-Savvy guy, I don’t think anything else can make a perfect gift.

It can be one of the most perfect birthday gift ideas for husband if he likes to explore the world of words. This device is perfectly compatible for going through different books from e-book store of Amazon.

In this digital age, who has the time to go for actual books so why don’t you let him enjoy his digital book collection through Kindle? He can turn pages just like normal books and it weighs quite less.

It has the various display options for day and night reading too. If you are sticking to low budget then it is one of the smartest and most thoughtful birthday gift ideas for husband. There are like thousands of books to read from and he is never going to get bored of it too.

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I hope you would have liked the items listed out here in the list of birthday gift ideas for husband. Some are new and some are the usual ones. But as a whole they make a good deal for you to gift them to your hubby. Now, this would not sound like rocket science to think of gift ideas for husband birthday.

You can even go for two three gifts at a time to give them to him. But some of them are a bit expensive and giving only one would be enough. So, wait no more and make your man’s birthday even more special.

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