Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him [Husband, Boyfriend, Brother]

Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him: People have the tendency to celebrate everything that matters to them. In this world people are even celebrating break ups. Then togetherness is a must to be the one on this list. And anniversaries are something that marks the mile stone in this togetherness.

People generally have more than one anniversary. From the date they met to the date they got married, many people celebrate both the dates.

But talking about the general one then the wedding anniversaries are really special. The vows of the marriage bring two people closer and keep them together for a lifetime. So it automatically makes it a special day to be celebrated. But now a major problem arises that how this special day can be made more special.

This is the time that I should enter the scene to make you realize that there is no space for worries on this issue. Now the most and basic thing required for this day is a surprise gift to wow your partner. And it turns out to be more confusing when it comes to decide the anniversary gifts ideas for him.

20 Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him

If you are confused about the gifts regarding your man then leave that to me now. I have managed to gather some of the important items on the list that can be used as the anniversary gifts ideas for him. All you need to do is select one or more item from it and read about it that is it good enough for your man.

And if everything seems okay to you then get ready to woo your partner with this amazing surprise on your anniversary.

1). Carved Heart Art Canvas

Carved-Heart-Art-CanvasWhat else can be more romantic than gifting something straight out of your heart to his heart? Yes you heard me right. You need to do that extra bit now to make this day even more special.

There are certain ideas which can be work for this beautiful gift. This can be a heart carved on the sand of the ocean. And this can also be a heart carved on the tree trunk. Now this involves something else too. You need to put the name of you and him in the heart.

You can get this thing photoshopped. And if you do not want to go for the Photoshop then you can actually try out these things in reality and get a good picture clicked.  What can be the more perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him rather than this one?


2). An Adventurous Outing

There are two basic needs of a man. First one is to eat and the second one is to do something to increase the hunger. He always has the hunger for delicious food as well as fun filled moments. Now this is your duty to fill this special day with all the fun and adventure. It can be one of the most perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him.

All you need to do is plan an exciting outing with him. This outing must be comprised with all the things that count on his wish list. This will make his day just the perfect one. It would be the most perfect anniversary gift ideas for him.

For the instances you can go for the camping, cliff riding, trekking and many more.

3). Movie Poster Art

Movie Poster ArtIf your guy has the ultimate love for the movies then this can be one of the most accurate anniversary gifts ideas for him. All you got to do is just to add some creativity and prepare a gift that can touch his heart as well as emotions.

What matters the most for this gift is the kind of movies that your guy likes. It can be a mix of different kinds of genres. You must keep in mind that what size you are going to finalize for the poster. What I would like to suggest is that do not go for something very large. You need to keep it moderate and frame it nicely.

Get all the posters together as a collage and frame them nicely. This would make the perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him.


4). Personalized Wooden Wrist Watch

Personalized Wooden Wrist WatchThis is something which is a very latest addition in the category of anniversary gifts ideas for him. You must have seen various wrist watches for the men but I hope the wooden work is quite rare for that. This is something which is a work of quite delicacy as an anniversary gift.

This wooden wrist watch can be acquired in any brand. Every brand has own exclusive collection of the wooden wrist watch. Apart from it you can also get them in different colors and styles too.

And when it comes to the anniversary gift then it must be a bit of personalized. So you can get his name engraved on the watch easily. This would make this the perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him.


5). The Screenshots Diary

This is a kind of anniversary gift ideas for him which is so much of creative and extremely commendable too. In this modern world the letters have been replaced by the whatsapp texts. So there is no doubt that you must have bulk of conversation saved in your phone.

All you need to do is just take the screenshots of the conversation which was really memorable for both of you. you can start from the day where he actually proposed you on texts.

You can proceed with the amazing moments happened between you two over the texts. Some flirts, some fights and you can involve some naughty conversation too.

Get them spiral and hand it over to him as the anniversary gifts ideas for him.

6). Personalized Love Song Cufflinks

Personalized Love Song CufflinksWith the essential things like tie and belt, good cufflinks are also necessary to complete the look in a three piece suit. And why only suit but it would go perfect with every shirt. Every single detail is really important to be take care while dressing.

You can help him to complete his looks through the anniversary gifts ideas for him.

Simple cufflinks is the story of old people; it is the time to modify the art of power dressing. You can get the cufflinks personalized through some creativity. What you need to do is just pick the best lines from your favorite love song. Now these lines will be the outlook of the cufflinks.

These lines will always stay with him as the cufflinks. And it will remind him of your love constantly forever.


7). Infinity Love Bracelet

Infinity Love BraceletLove is a feeling which is meant to stay forever. No matter how hard your time is, it must have the potential to travel for infinite miles. And when you can do that then it is actually true love.

Leading in the same direction and following the same feelings, such anniversary gifts ideas for him is totally justified. This is the kind of present which will always let him know the power of love which is for infinite time and duration.

This infinity love bracelet can also be personalized in an amazing way. If you wanna make the anniversary gifts ideas for him really special then you need to add your bit into it.

You can get the initials of his and yours name on each edge of the infinity. This would make your bond stronger.


8). The Complete Leather Belt Set

Leather-Belt-SetA leather belt is the most essential and integral part of a man’s wardrobe. As the time changes then many trends start to set in the fashion world. And just like that there are various colors available in the leather belt too.

You cannot wear the same black leather belt on every suit. I hope that you do not want you husband to be the talk of the town.

So this is the time when you can help him out on this. Get him the ultimate set of different colored leather belt to complete his each and every outfit. There are various colors available but you can focus on the major colors like white, black, brown and coffee. It would be enough to focus on these major colors as they are used the most.

This would make the most usable and perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him.


9). The Ultimate Fragrance

Ultimate Fragrance for menWhat else can be the best option than giving him the best fragrance he can ever have? This can be just the perfect present as anniversary gifts ideas for him. There are thousands of options for the perfect fragrance to select as the gift for him.

And if you are going further then you can go for the luxury brands. You can go for the brands like Gucci, Dior, Channel and many more.

And if you are going for something normal then you can go for the perfume plus deodorant pack for men. You can go for the brands like Adidas, Graphite, Addiction and many more for this.

Such anniversary gifts ideas for him are really nice as well as sophisticated. It can make such a nice anniversary gifts ideas for him.


10). Whiskey Wedge

Whiskey WedgeIf he is a cocktail as well as whiskey lover then this is just the perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him. This can sometimes be a struggle to keep your whiskey cold. And it is an essential thing to add ice in it in order to keep it cold and enjoyable.

But addition of ice saturates the whiskey. It results in the loss of real taste of the original whiskey. But now this problem can be easily solved.

Gift your guy the whiskey wedge. It gives a different slot for inserting the ice. This slot prevents the whiskey to get saturated and also keep it cool. This slot is wedge shaped and that is why it is called whiskey wedge. To celebrate his love for a great drink, it is just the perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him.


11). Trendy Sneakers

Trendy SneakersIt’s time to shop something for him which is so trendy and which he can use on a regular basis. If he does not have a habit of jogging then he’ll gonna be addicted to it in order to flaunt his sneakers.

If you are a bit of confused that which brand of sneakers you should go for then you need not worry about it at all. There are thousands of brands waiting for you eagerly to buy the trending sneakers from them.

Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Nike, Jordan and the list go on. But what matters the most is the color. As neon is the new cool then you can go for the neon colors. These cool and trendy sneakers would be the perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him.


12). Together Since T-shirts

Together Since T-shirtsIf you have completed a decade or more than that with your hubby then it would be the gift that can compliment your special day. Tell the whole world that since when you guys are together.

You can get these t- shirts edit out from any store. These are so simple to be available and you can create something on your own too. Like you can buy some plain t- shirts and get them paint on your own in your own designs.

The idea is that on the back of one t-shirt will be written “together” and starting digits of the year i.e. 19 or 20. And on another one it would be written “since” and the remaining digits. For this you can go for the football, baseball or any kind of t-shirts.

This is a bit of creative and kind of quirky anniversary gifts ideas for him.


13). Superman Beer Mug

Superman-Beer-MugYour hubby is surely the superman of your life. No matter what time it is but he has always been there for you in every situation. So to celebrate that togetherness and love it is important to value him in a different way.

Get the jumbo size beer mug and make sure that it is the largest one. And if you are not able to find anything big then you can get it done on special order. If you think that beer mug is too mainstream for anniversary gifts ideas for him then this is not the complete idea.

In the next step you need to engrave the mug with superman tag along with his name on it. It would make your gift different from the randomness. It is just the perfect stuff for anniversary gifts ideas for him.


14). Personalized Phone Cover

Personalized-Phone-CoverAs you people know that Smartphone is an essentiality of today’s world. You cannot spot even a single person in the crowd who is not using a Smartphone. And I am really sure that your guy would not be different from the others.

So why not take advantage of this opportunity. You can get him a superb cover for his Smartphone. Apart from protecting it well, it will also revive all the memories of your togetherness with him.

Now you must be thinking that how? So the answer is that you can edit out the picture of the different occasions of your life together to put on the cover. So each time he’ll pick his phone, you will automatically be on his mind. And it would be the perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him.


15). Customized Newspaper

You must be thinking that how can I suggest a newspaper to be used as the anniversary gifts ideas for him. But girl! I won’t suggest you anything which is of no sense at all.

So if you really wanna know that how can you use a newspaper as the ultimate anniversary gift for your guy then here you go. You just need to add some creativity to the old style newspaper in order to make it a perfect gift.

16). Sunglasses

SunglassesThinking about gifting something which can suit best on his cool personality? Then sunglasses or shades are something that you can never go wrong with. Whether it is summer or winter or any other season, you need not to change them like your clothes. Whatever outfit he is wearing, the cool sunglasses are gonna complete his look for sure.

It would be much better if you would go with some branded stuff. You can pick something from brands like Ray ban, Vincent Chase, Dior, Channel and many more.

You need not to think twice before going for this kind of anniversary gifts ideas for him. There are a lot of varieties of sunglasses that you can pick for your guy. You can pick something out from aviators, Wayfarers, Round glass and many more in the list.


17). Romantic Dinner Date

If you are not able to think till the last moment that what you are going to gift him, then you can surely go for this option. It is also possible that you have given him everything on a recent occasion. And now as you are going out of any present or ideas then planning a dinner date for him would be the perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him.

Book a nice table at some resort or restro. Make sure that this table should not be in the middle of the rest of the customers. Try to find a place where you two can spend quality time together.

Your guy would have booked many tables for you so for a change it would look quite surprising for him.

18). Salon Package

In the stress hours between office to home and home to office, he must have become too much tired. This busy schedule usually does not allow him to take some time out for himself. And on the weekends this is natural that you need some time with him. So, on this anniversary this is your duty to give him some moments of relaxedness.

On this anniversary you can give him a complete voucher of renowned salon. This can include massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut and many more things.

It would surely make his day as he will feel surely rejuvenated and relaxed. This is one of the most thoughtful anniversary gifts ideas for him.

19). Great Headphones

HeadphonesIf your guy is most of on the travel because of the work then headphones is just the perfect anniversary gifts ideas for him. This is natural that you need something to pass the time while traveling. And music is something you can never get bored of.

But what required the most to listen that music are the great quality headphones. It will make him connect to a different world and would make him forget all the anxiety of the journey.

If you are thinking about the brands then you can go for the Phillips, Samsung, Lloyd and many more. it will be quite in budget and you are surely not going to regret over your choice.


20). Cool Sweatshirt

Cool SweatshirtThe last but not the least item on the list is a cool and full of swag sweatshirt. If this is summer then you should take care of the material. You can use a light material for that. And if this is winter then go for the usual material.

There are various trendy designs that you can go for. You can go for the moustache and beard design or a spectacle design too. And apart from it you can make it personalized too.

You can print something like Mr. Right or Mr. Surname on the back of the sweatshirt. It would be just the perfect gift for him if you guys are celebrating 2nd or 3rd anniversary.



There are different kinds of things listed out for the anniversary gifts ideas for him. These are just the perfect things that can be used as the anniversary presents for your guy. Apart from the materialistic things there are surprises like dinner date and salon voucher.

Such presents would give you guys some time together. It will also help you to make this anniversary more memorable. And if you would like to add some modifications in it then it would give it more personalized touch to it.

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