Christmas Gift Ideas for Men [20+ gifts collection]

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men: If it is the time for Christmas then one cannot detach itself from the anxiety of planning gifts for everyone. From kids to the elderly people in the home, there should be a proper arrangement for all family members. In this chaos we cannot forget the struggle that the lady of the house has to deal with.

As you know that there are numerous options for planning a Christmas gift for the females. But with the minimal options it becomes too hard to select something for the men of the family.

The thing which can rescue you the most is to arrange such products which can help them in day to day life. I know it is hard to say but totally tough to find out the things which can satisfy the purpose of Christmas presents. In order to find the perfect Christmas gift ideas for men you would have really have to search out things a lot.

But if you are not able to take some time out from your busy schedule then do not worry because we are here to help you out. If you are reading this out then it means you have come to absolutely right page which can prove to be life saving for you.

20+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Here are the twenty something Christmas gift ideas for men, which will be totally superb and suitable for them. They are enlisted by keeping in mind all the necessary things that a guy want but still they are not at all mainstream.

Christmas gifts ideas for men

1). Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic GuitarAcoustic guitars are those which produce sound through the strings by transmitting them in the air. These guitars are totally different from the electric guitar as they need power source to transmit the sound. It means you do not have to worry about the power capabilities before buying such acoustic guitars.

I would like to suggest you to buy the guitar from the offline stores instead of the online shopping sites. It would provide you the advantage of testing the strings and the wood.

It would be totally up to the mark Christmas gift ideas for men. Do not forget to do some research work like quality of wood and sound of strings before buying the guitar for him. If he does not know how to play it then am sure that he would totally love to learn it.


2). Leather Briefcase

Leather BriefcaseAre you bored of his usual and old rucksack that he carries to the office? I am really sure that he too would have been bored of it too. Then here is the good news for you people. You can change his old rucksack into a stylish and classy leather briefcase as the Christmas gift ideas for men.

Do not try to do experiments with the color and go straight for the black or brown leather briefcase. They are the best colors to bring out the best of that leather effect.

If you are buying a briefcase then you should take in account about the pockets inside it. There must be different sections inside for documents, files and stationery stuff. Such Christmas gift ideas for men would make his life more organized and planned.


3). Fitbit

FitbitIf he is the one who becomes lazy on every weekend then Fitbit would work as the most perfect Christmas gift ideas for men. To keep a check on his health as well to stay cool and stylish, Fitbit is a match made in heaven.

A Fitbit is a watch looking band which keeps a check on the regulations of the body through its connectivity to the nerve. It records the steps or miles that you have walked throughout the day. It also tells you about the pulsation of your heart and many more.

The features of a Fitbit vary according to the price. I would like to suggest you the Fitbit by the company Apple. It is reliable as well as fully featured. This is the perfect time to wake him up from the Christmas holiday laziness.


4). Xbox One

Xbox OneTo bring back the child inside him in these Christmas holidays, nothing else can be more compatible than the Xbox One video game. It is the perfect option as the Christmas gift ideas for men to forget all his office stress and to bond with the kids again.

It is the most modified and eighth generation of the Xbox console. It is a complete package of entertainment and he would totally forget all his TV shows after this Xbox game. With the various features like cloud connectivity and split screen, it is able to play live shows and can broadcast two things at the same time.

Such Christmas gift ideas for men would become his synonym of entertainment. He would be like addicted to it after using it for some time.


5). Chronograph Watch

Chronograph WatchA chronograph is a special type of watch which works as the stopwatch along with telling you the right time. The modern chronograph can tell you the time to even the tenth of the second. It has different hands for the minute, hours and seconds denotation.

We have brands like Maxima, Titan, Casio, Timex and many more that offers the best of the chronograph watches. There are digital as well as analogue chronograph watches available for men. If you want to create a twist then you can go for the old models of the chronograph watches.

Such kind of Christmas gift ideas for men stands out among all the things that you plan. Old designs are like the pendulum watches that come with a chain like structure. It can be the antique Christmas gift too.


6). Poker Set

Poker SetChristmas means holidays and which means plenty of time to spend with family and friends. To enjoy this time as much as possible poker set can be a great option as the Christmas gift ideas for men.

If not with the family then a game of poker with the friends can be quite a fun. To watch the thrill of luck and money all on a same table would be like top on the adrenaline rush in the body. There are various poker sets which vary with the price. As the price increases then the number of the poker chips also increases.

All the chips are made of plastics and can be used easily. If you want then you can represent something else than the money for the poker chips.


7). Sneakers

SneakersBranded Sneakers with trending outlook is the wish of every man. And you can fulfill this wish of your man by buying the perfect sneakers for him as the Christmas gift ideas for men. I am very sure that sneaker would never go out of fashion and out of trend.

Nike, Puma, Adidas, Jordan and there is a really long list of the brands which can help you to buy the best sneaker for him. If you are thinking about the trend then you should definitely go for the neon colors for it.

Such Christmas gift ideas for men would increase his passion for jogging as well as outing. Well, after the entire struggle for his gift you would be the one who is going to get the benefit of it as more weekend trips.


8). Cologne

CologneA smell stronger than the own body odor and sexier than any of the perfumes available would be the sassiest Christmas gift ideas for men. The problem of the bad body odor can be totally avoided by a strong smelled cologne spray.

Colognes are usually costlier than the ordinary perfumes. The reason is that they tend to last longer than the perfumes.

There are brands like Calvin Klein, Versace, Lagerfeld, Burberry, Hugo boss and many more that offer the quality cologne sprays for the men. What else than the Christmas itself would be perfect occasion to start using the fantabulous smell of the cologne brought by you to him.

Such Christmas gift ideas for men are something which last really long and every time he would use it and every time it will remind him of you.


9). BBQ Branding Iron

BBQ Branding IronHave you ever thought of personalizing something which is eatable or barbequed? If not then here is the totally revolutionary idea of branding the steaks, burgers or other things on the grill of the barbeque easily.

The barbeque branding iron can make the perfect Christmas gift ideas for men. The holidays of the Christmas are sure shot timings for the barbeque session by the men of the family.

It is the perfect time to gift him such stuff. Branding iron is the iron on which the name of the men can be engraved easily. This iron afterwards is pressed on the food items to give them a personalized touch. This totally cool and extra ordinary Christmas gift can be used on other occasions too.


10). Travel Toiletry Bag

Travel Toiletry BagAnother Christmas gift ideas for men which can ease in his travel problems is the travel toiletry bag. Give him leather coated bag so that the water resistant property can keep his essentials safe and fine to use.

There are a lot of types of travel toiletry bags available for the men. They all vary on the basis of quality, size and colors. I would always suggest you the rough colors like Black, Brown or military green in context of men. For a change you can also go for the offbeat colors like orange or blue.

Do buy such bags which have maximum space which is divided into various pockets. Such pockets allow him to keep his things differentiated on the basis of usage. It would be really perfect Christmas gift ideas for men.


11). Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate MonitorYou must be thinking that after the things like android apps for heart rate and modern watches why am I suggesting you a separate heart rate monitor? Well, the reason is that it is totally reliable and is free from any sort of error.

It directly connects to your nerve and tells the exact heart rate. This heart rate monitor is operated as the fitting glove which is to be stick on any of your hands by the use of palm.

As soon as the nerve of the hand becomes totally connected to the monitor then it starts displaying the rate of your heartbeat through the display screens. Some of the modified versions can also tell the count of blood pressure through it. it is really a thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for men.


12). IPad Mini

IPad MiniIt is impossible not to include the latest tech gadgets in the category of Christmas gift ideas for men. If you are considering the iPad mini then you must go for the latest version of its which is iPad mini 4. This cool tablet is thinner than the any of its generation.

If rumors are to be believed then you can also wait for its 5th generation which is going to be released very soon. With the pre installed applications like Siri, Safari, photo Booth, ITunes, game centre and many more, this gadget is totally hard to resist.

With up to 128 GB of expandable storage this tablet stands out among all the apple devices. This is just the perfect thing for your men if he is struggling with the storage problem.


13). Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth KeyboardThe office work which he operates from home some time causes a lot of trouble for you as it keeps him busy and away from you. But have you ever realized the trouble he has to go through by constantly working on laptop in office as well as home?

You cannot do anything about the office but you can surely ease him in the home. A Bluetooth keyboard can be really nice option to maximize the distance between his eyes and the flashing laptop screen.

There are companies like Logitech, Microsoft, HP and many others which can offer you the quality Bluetooth keyboards of different types. Make sure that you keep up with the maximum range coverage so that he can work from a fine distance. This Christmas gift ideas for men would totally woo him this time.


14). Golf Clubs

Golf ClubsTo increase the golf spirits in the holidays of Christmas, you can go for this Christmas gift ideas for men blindly. There are various designs and materials of the gold clubs that should be kept in mind while buying the one for him.

Not only the middle aged people but this sport is a love of many old age men too. The class and the silence of the game is its actual strength. This is the reason that makes it totally different from the other types of games.

For the golf club there are materials like Steel, Iron, wood and others too. For some antique gift style you must go for the wood golf club. You can also buy the complete set of the golf too.


15). Keurig Mini

Keurig MiniKeurig mini is the small size coffee maker which totally functions on the automatic system of the machine. Coffee is a must for the man who knows how to deal with the stress of the office and home at the same time.

It is not an easy thing to run a whole family without the cup of coffee which is like the energy booster for him. to deal with the problem of space, size and portability Keurig mini is like the boon of god for it totally.

This mini coffee maker can deliver the best of the product in just few minutes. Such Christmas gift ideas for men are like the complete problem solver for them. his soul mate cannot stay awake for him while he is working late. So this coffee maker can prove to be really good for him.


16). Sweater

SweaterA sweater with love is enough to pass the warmth of your love to him. Apart from it, this is perfect enough to keep him doing fine in the cold conditions. Such Christmas gift ideas for men are really thoughtful of yours.

Instead of buying something puffy and thick you should go for some thin material which is of superior quality to keep him warm. If you have enough time then you can also think about knitting a sweater on your own too.

You should prefer the bright colors like Red or green for it. It would make the sweater in the Christmas theme too. Such Christmas gift ideas for men are something which can never go out of fashion. As far as the brands are concerned then Monte Carlo, Burberry and Levis can be nice choices.


17). Tripod with Shutter Remote for iphone

Tripod with Shutter Remote for iphoneYou must have seen your man struggling with the perfect angle for taking the perfect selfie through selfie stick. What about those formal photographs with the whole family?

Selfie cannot do magic all the time. Therefore this tripod with shutter remote for iphone is the total problem solver. You should be now ready to take the perfect picture on the occasion of Christmas with your family. Just adjust your phone on the tripod and press the shutter remote.

The perfect picture with family would be there in your phone on another second. This is just the perfect Christmas gift ideas for men.


18). Travel Coffee Mug

Travel Coffee MugIf your man is always on travelling and trips because of the office work then you should give him something which is thoughtful enough. Thinking about something which can help him out throughout the year and further more would be wise enough.

The Christmas gift ideas for men which can truly help him out is the travel coffee mug. This mug comes with a lid which works as the thermal coating over the mug.

The liquid poured inside the mug would remain in the same temperature while he is travelling. If you are making a hot coffee for him then he can easily carry it with him without the fear of spilling it or cooling. You can prefer the brands like Milton, Murphy Richards and many more.


19). Clarisonic for Men

Clarisonic for MenIt needs totally different product for the skin of the man. Their skin is a bit thick and oily and therefore products from Clarisonic are just the perfect match for the skin of the man.

They give you a complete set of the cleansing face wash and other shaving products which are suitable for the rough skin of men. You can blindly trust their products as they maintain the quality of their product at every cost.

At the eve of Christmas you would totally want your man to shine from the rest of the crowd then this is just the perfect Christmas gift ideas for men.


20). Duck Boots

Duck BootsChristmas means and snow and wetness and which further results in cold if you do not take care of yourself perfectly. To keep your man far away from the cold you can assure the things for him which can take care of him.

Duck boots are the perfect options as Christmas gift ideas for men as well as to avoid the extreme cold. There are various brands that offer you the quality duck boots. Basically these boots are waterproof but they take care of the cold climate conditions too.

You can prefer Woodland, LL Beans and any of your favorite brands for this. Please take care of the quality fur coating inside the shoes so that they can keep the feet warm enough in the cold. It is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for men.



After going through all the stuffs it would be easy for you to make out that which Christmas gift ideas for men are something that you can select for him. If you are thinking that they are too expensive or some of the products are too cheap then let me tell you that all the prices are moderate and affordable.

But the thing which has been kept in mind while listing is that you can easily find or shop them. To make the men of your family smile through these products it is important that you can find them out easily. These Christmas gift ideas for men would totally make his day and they would always cherish your efforts.

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