Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens Which Bring Smile

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens: If there is someone who is the most excited person on the occasion of Christmas then it is the younger ones. Teenage is something which is not even kids and not even matures or adults. This is an awesome age group full of adrenaline rush in them. This makes them super energetic on such important occasions.

They people are moody so you cannot determine that when they can have mood swings and they can turn lazy from being energetic.

To not let them down and to keep them up on high spirits let’s make this Christmas unforgettable for them. Christmas is special because everyone waits for their presents on this day. There are wonderful options available for the Christmas gift ideas for teens. But the problem is that how to pick the right one for them.

Let me clear the air for you this time. I have come up with some really exciting thoughts for the Christmas gift ideas for teens. It would cover the teenage girls as well as boys. However, there can be some options that you would not like to pick.

20+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens Which Bring Smile

At the end only you know your child better than us. So pick something that can match up their expectations and their choices. This is the perfect time for you to get up and get ready for some shopping spree. And make sure that you do not forget their choices and taste in your excitement.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

1). Professional Camera

Professional CameraA professional camera is one of the coolest things that you can pick as the Christmas gift ideas for teens. But there are a lot of criteria that you would have to keep in mind before buying a professional camera for your teens.

Teenage is the time when one get to know about their real potential and goals to be achieved in life. Who knows that this can be photography too?

And on the other hand it would be really good that he/she would click their first professional photo on the occasion of Christmas itself. It can really prove to be a life changing event for them. As far as the brands as concerned then you can go for Canon, Nikon, Sony or whichever give you the best features.

buy-button-amazon.png2). Leather Watch and Cufflinks Box

Leather WatchTeenage is all about watching your little kids growing big and attaining puberty. Guys try to become and behave like man and girls of course transform themselves into pretty ladies. In this whole chaos it is parents who have to face a lot of results of it.

On this Christmas you can help your teens to become more organized with the help of Christmas gift ideas for teens.

For your teenage son you can pick the leather watch and cufflink box as his Christmas present. This would prove as the keeper for your child. It comes with two sections which can be slide which gives it a cool look.

It is just the perfect Christmas gift ideas for teens to keep their favorite watches and cufflinks safe and that too with a class.


3). Team Jersey

Team JerseyWhat else can be the best idea than picking up a trending jersey in the weather of extreme cold? We eagerly wait for the snow fall to occur on the Christmas itself because it creates a magical atmosphere and inculcate the Christmas vibes.

But it is also important to keep your teens safe from the cold. For this you can buy the trending team jersey as the Christmas gift ideas for teens. It would be suitable for girls as well as guys and would look really cool and trendy. You just need to select the favorite baseball or soccer team of your kids to buy their team jersey for them.

For making them personalized you can also get the name of your kids printed on the back with their lucky number as well.


4). Amazing and Trendy Print Bags

Trendy Print BagsHow can you forget your little princess who is in the progress of turning into an all grown up lady very soon? In this teenage there are many things that change in her life. She graduates from middle school to senior year and it means that she would need a lot of things for her.

From tons of accessories to trendy clothes and bags, now her wardrobe is going to change completely. And on the occasion of Christmas you can help her out with this through Christmas gift ideas for teens.

After Christmas holidays when she would go to high school then you can get her a cool and trendy bag. Instead of handbags you should go with the hang bags. There are a lot of prints and colors available for that.


5). Engraved Baseball Bat

Baseball BatIf your teenage kids are the baseball players in the school or about to do so then it would be just the perfect and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for teens. They can never imagine a baseball bat personalized just for them.

This would not bother you at all and you can get it done through any graphics art shop. Now here comes the question that what you can engrave on the bat?

This can be an inspirational quote along with the name of his/her favorite baseball player. You can also engrave their name on the bat too. Such Christmas gifts ideas for teens really help you to connect with them emotionally. Make sure that you pick the finest quality of baseball bat for this purpose.


6). Netflix Binge Assistant

Christmas means unlimited fun and super chilled weather. But what counts the most are the holidays of the Christmas. These holidays give an excuse for the people to take some time out from their busy schedules. People get the opportunity to say goodbye to their work for some time and the same happen with the studies of kids.

But what can be the best option for the teenagers to spend their holidays with. Well, the answer is Netflix. You can use this Netflix as the Christmas gift ideas for teens.

You just need to gift a cardboard projector to your teenage kids to get rid from the laptop set up. They just need to grab some popcorn and enjoy the Netflix on a screen 8 times larger than their Smartphone.

7). Mini Portable Speakers

Mini Portable SpeakersYou must have heard loud noise from your teenager kid’s room many times. To play music every time they have to do quite a struggle. It is possible that they have to pick up the whole music system from the living room to their room in order to keep up with their privacy.

But you are the one who can solve this problem just like that. You can get the portable speakers for them as the Christmas gift ideas for teens.

It is possible that they would need it on the Christmas itself. Christmas means celebrations and for this teenagers surely need some loud music. The best part of these portable speakers is that you do not need any wires for them. These Bluetooth driven portable speakers are the perfect thing as the Christmas gift ideas for teens.


8). Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized Coffee Mug

Sometimes the more simple the things the greater the impact they leave on us. In these complications of different gadgets and techno based gifts you can prefer something which is all about emotions and love for your kids.

You can give them the personalized coffee mugs as the Christmas gift ideas for teens. They are great in looking as well as can prove to be really important for them. it would be really nice that they would start their day with the gift given by you.

These coffee mugs are something through which you can express your feelings for your kids. You can edit out their photo on the coffee mug along with some inspirational quotes. It will make them feel inspired and motivated every time they use them for drinking coffee or anything else.


9). Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone AccessoriesFrom trendy earphones to the cool back cover of the Smartphone. You can arrange the smart phone accessories as the Christmas gift ideas for teens.

All you got to do is just make out that what you can arrange to make their phone look smarter and cooler. There are various accessories that can be really helpful to them for this thing. Instead of buying the plain earphones you can get some themed based earphones and that too of Christmas of course.

For the back cover you can prefer glitter for the girls and Ronaldo for guys or something of their choice. Apart from it you can also get different accessories like power bank or macro lenses too for them.


10). Drum Kit

Drum KitA drum set for your teenage kid would be like the whole world to him. It does not matter that he knows how to drumming or not. Once he will get the complete set up then he will automatically learn how to drum.

It may cost you some extra bucks than your budget but this cool thing would be the most awesome Christmas gift ideas for teens that you can ever think of.

Keeping his age in mind you can also get the drum kit which is not completely profession as it will be really pretty tough for him to learn that out. You can start with the normal drum kit. Make sure that it has some in built sounds and songs in it as well as the tutorial so that he feels easy to use it. it will automatically generate an interest in him.


11). Table Soccer

Table SoccerIf your teenage kids are always fighting and arguing with each other then this Christmas gift ideas for teens can really help you to bring them together. And as the icing on the cake you can do that on the occasion of the Christmas itself.

You must have seen the table soccer in many game and fun zones of your city. Now it is your turn to bring the one at your home.

This would be like the combined Christmas present for both your teenage kids. And as you know that this game cannot be played all alone then one would totally need another one to play it. It will bring them together and am sure it will start from the Christmas itself.


12). Moonlight Cushion

Moonlight CushionThe moonlight cushions do not make any sense but they are surely fun to be around in your home. This is something that everyone in your family will watch in an amaze. They are totally insane and would set the mood psychedelic in the night.

As you know that teenagers love the things which are cool and totally amazing then am sure that they would surely love such Christmas gift ideas for teens.

They are so simple to use. You just need to tap on the centre of the cushion to turn on its light and to off it you have to do the same thing. These cushions are totally comfortable to use below the head. And the lights emitted by them are totally safe for the eyes as well.


13). Trendy Joggers

Trendy JoggersFitness is something that should be taken seriously even from the teenage. At the time of Christmas holidays it is normal to gain weight. But when these holidays would be over then this weight would cause various problems for them.

To give them some motivation and inspiration to stay fit you can use such Christmas gift ideas for teens.

You can buy trendy joggers for your teen kids. You can pick the pink color for the girl and blue for the boy or some other too. You can also make them personalized by editing their name on it.


14). Smartphone Instant Photo Lab

Smartphone Instant Photo LabSmartphone instant photo lab is like the coolest cell phone accessory for your teenage kids. They will like these Christmas gift ideas for teens like hell and am sure that they will start using it on the Christmas itself.

It is impossible that they can stay away from taking pictures on the occasion like Christmas. It is normal to make out that there would be some of the photos whose hard copy would be needed to them. But going to the photo lab can take a lot of time.

But the smartphone instant photo lab would give them the photo instantly. They just need to put their phone of the device and insert the photo film in it. by using perfect commands they can produce its hard copy just like that.


15). Play Station

Play StationThe most awesome present that you can imagine for your teenager kids on Christmas is play station only. The superb and amazing features and gestures comprised gaming would give you just the perfect feel of playing.

Such kind of Christmas gift ideas for teens is too good to enjoy their holidays. If they are getting bore in the holidays of Christmas then this gift would fill them with new energy.

There are various versions of play stations and make sure that you buy the recent one for them. The best games that they people can play together are tennis, street fight, racing and many more. If they are always like arguing with each other then they would surely come together to enjoy the play station.


16). Multi Tool Kit

Multi Tool KitToday’s teenagers are a bit different from the time when their parents used to be teenagers. Now they believe in creating their own identity and individuality. In order to stay on their own they like to do their work on their own too.

For this they need something which can help them in many of the hardware work. This is called multitool kit. This kit is armed with many of the features that can help them to solve many of their day to day hardware problems.

Such Christmas gift ideas for teens may look a bit boring but they can prove to be quite useful. It includes different screw drives, can opener, small knife and many other tools which can prove to be a life saver at the time of trouble.


17). DVD of Favorite Show

DVD of Favorite ShowUsually in the teenage the best friend of a child becomes either the television or the internet. With the facilities increasing day by day now it is not a tough task to search out something on internet and get it. From Netflix to different TV shows. This is all what a teenager wants.

You can easily get the DVD of the favorite show of your teenage kid. Now he/she would not have to stream them every time they want to see their show on internet.

This Christmas gift ideas for teens is really like their type. They would want something from their parents which is of their choice and taste. I am very sure that they will start watching it in the Christmas holidays itself. Christmas would mark the milestone in the relationship of you with your children.


18). Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen GlovesIn the super chilled weather of winters if someone asks you to take out your phone and use the internet then you would have to remove your gloves for that. None of the wool gloves supports the screen touch feature of the Smartphone.

To keep your teenage children completely secured from the winters you can plan something creative as the Christmas gift ideas for teens.

Touchscreen gloves are those which support the touch screen feature of smart phone as well as also keep your hands warm in the winter. There are a lot of brands that offer these gloves. You can pick anything from LL Bean, Etre, Mujjo, Mark & Graham and many more. it would be the most creative Christmas gift ideas for teens.


19). Superhero Graphic Tee

Superhero Graphic TeeIf you think that those days are gone when teens used to wear superhero tees then let me tell you that you are highly mistaken. Superhero graphic tees can never go out of fashion.

You just need the right print and right brand to woo your kids towards it once again. Keeping the taste of your teen kid in mind you must make sure that you pick the right superhero tee as the Christmas gift ideas for teens.

You can go for captain America, superman, batman, and many other superheroes of his choices. You can also get superhero accessories for him too. It would be like the complete collection of his favorite superhero star as the Christmas gift ideas for teens. You should pick the brands like Monte Carlo, Louis Phillip and many more for this.


20). Clip on Macro Lens for Smartphone

Clip on Macro Lens for SmartphoneThis cool gadget can prove to be really outstanding in case you are not able to afford the actual professional camera for your teens. This lens is so wonderful that it can be clipped on your phone to modify its camera for macro and wide angle shots.

These lenses can only work on the iphones. You can clip these lenses on any generation of the iphone and it will work effectively.

Such Christmas gift ideas for teens would be like a superb gift for them. They can show off it to their friends and your child would be like top on the world. This is a really handy and cool gadget which is quite affordable too. There are various companies that offer these lenses and you can pick anyone according to your choice.



It may sometimes trouble you to understand that what your teenage children actually wants. But I am very sure that the Christmas gift ideas for teens listed above can help you to shop for your kids.

Cool gadgets and trendy things is what the kids of new generation want. Nothing else can fancy them unless it is too good to be true. All you got to do is instead of being their parents you should try to be their friends first. It will make them feel that they can actual connect with you. By this you will be able to know that what their heart really wants. On this Christmas be more open to them as the Christmas gift ideas for teens.

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