10 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Girlfriend

With the arrival of Valentine’s Day guys start thinking of some great Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend. There is probably no couple who do not know about Valentine’s Day. And when it comes to showering your love with amazing Valentine’s gifts for her, you cannot take any risks here.

10 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Girlfriend

It must be perfect, loving, great and most importantly very romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for girlfriend. This is the time that you start gearing up to woo her with unexpected gifts. And this section is going to tell you about some really special Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend.

1). Jewelry Piece

Valentine’s Day is a lot about pampering your girlfriend or wife. It is about wooing her with wonderful surprises and keeping her happy all day long. The best Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend are those where she gets what she always wanted to have.

Do you know what girls love after chocolates? Well, these are jewelry pieces. It is Valentine and I hope you do not want to give her something in imitation.

So, go for something in diamond or gold. I would also recommend you silver if the piece is really something unique and antique. For the jewelry piece, you must consider the necklace. I mean what else can be more perfect than this?

In other options for Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend you can also go for a beautiful ring or a bracelet too. Try to pick such designs which are really unique and please do not go for something over the top because girls do not like such stuff at all.

If this is quite early in your relationship then please do not consider the ring and go for something else.

2). Cook for Her

cooking games for girls

A tall muscular guy cooking in the kitchen with shirtless and fragranced candles are blowing for the light. Can you imagine anything sexier and romantic than this on the occasion of Valentine’s Day? This is a sight to behold and I guess no girl would want to miss this.

This is something every girl would want to see her man doing someday. This is what dreams are made up of and any girl would love to give five-star restaurant a miss for this.

Such Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend are unique and very appealing too. Seeing you cooking live in front of her eyes is something she would have been wanted for a really long time. And make sure that you do not let her expectations go down at all.

I would recommend you to do not go for any experiments until you are damn good at cooking. Keep the dinner subtle and normal because what matters is the fact that you made efforts to cook this especially for her. And do not forget to prepare a sweet dish too after all romantic date is incomplete without a dessert.

3). Luxury Perfume

It is the time to shed some money because this is one of those Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend which might cost you a lot. You have no idea but luxury perfumes are actually very expensive and you would really have to let go a lot of money for that.

But what is that love for which you cannot sacrifice some of your own desires. So, talking about luxury perfumes, you have so many choices for that.

As you are presenting it to your girlfriend then I would recommend you to go for some recent releases from Victoria’s Secret collection. I mean, there is no way you can deny the fact that they have some of the best fragrances in the world.

Another choice that you have for Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend is Dior, Gucci, Prada etc. There is probably no end of the list when we are talking about some quality perfume sets. There are even various miniatures set of different fragrances put together. They are very exclusive and there are very slight chances that you can get them.

Anyways, you can go mainstream and pick something regular from these brands mentioned.

4). The Lovey Dovey Valentine Gift Set

Finally, I am suggesting something which has every single essence of the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day in it. I am talking about all the possible typical gifts that a girl always expect her guy to gift her on Valentine’s Day.

You know about all the usual stuff that guys usually pick for Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend. I am just going to remind you about the same.

You need to prepare a complete Valentine’s gift set for her. This includes chocolates, hand written note, teddy bear, roses and a gift of your choice. You can comprise all the items in a basket too. This would look really amazing and I am sure the usual way is not going to let you down.

You can do some changes in it if you want because eventually, it is all about the choice of your girlfriend. You must know that what she likes and put all her favorite things in this basket. When you cannot decide what to give on Valentine’ Day I think playing safe would not be a bad idea for it.

5). Couple Clothing

This is the new trend many couples are sporting. In fact, it actually looks pretty cute to dress in a way that people can easily come to know that you are a couple. Be it color clothing or interrelated quotes or dialogues or even pictures, there are various ideas for this.

On the account of Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend, you must go a step higher this time. This is obvious that you people would go somewhere so why not to step out in style?

Usually there is one idea of such couple clothing which can be seen a lot these days. On the guy’s t-shirt it is written “I am with her” and vice versa on the girl’s t-shirt. I guess this is the cutest thing that you can do for her on this Valentine’s Day.

If you think this is being too cheesy then there are other ideas too. For Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend, you can simply buy her a dress and then color coded with it. I guess this is also a great idea to tell the world silently that back off because she is yours now.

6). Dreamy Proposal

If you think your relationship with her has reached to that level that you can finally propose her for marriage then Valentine’s Day is just the perfect occasion for it. This is the best Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend that you can ever come up with.

Propose her in a way that she will not be able to say no to you. But before that you must make sure that she is on the same page as you.

It is really important to know about her feelings too. So, when you are sure that she is looking forward for it too then propose her in the most amazing way possible. Take her to the hills or go for a scuba diving or do something exceptional which will leave her awestruck with it.

Tell her how much she means to you and how you want to see her for the rest of your life. This would be like making this day even more romantic and even more special for her. Any girl would be lucky to have a guy like this in her life and I am sure she would not say no to this.

7). Couple Spa Session

Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend should be picked in such a way that you can also enjoy in it along with her. The day is meant to celebrate the love of both of you then why to neglect yourself in it. That is the reason couple spa session makes a perfect gift for her on Valentine’s Day.

In this world the struggle is harsh and we all know this. Job security, hard work and stressful weekdays make all of us go stressful. This is the time to lose all that stress.

Book an amazingly relaxed couple spa session for both of you in the best spa of your town. Ask them to go for dim lights and amazingly scented candles. You can ask them to keep the set up in such a way that it gives all those romantic vibes for her.

You guys can also go for a massage session together. In this way, both of you will get super relaxed and chill so that stress can take a backseat in your life. Isn’t it the best Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend?

8). Photo Cushion

I know it’s a tad-bit old or common kind of Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend but come on you got to give her at least something. You must have known that what you need to do to carry out such ideas for your girl on Valentine’ Day.

All you need for this is lots and lots of great pictures of her and you two together and of course a Photoshop expert for this.

Now, there are somethings that you must keep in mind. Don’t enlarge pictures too much otherwise they are gonna look really odd and secondly, go for some good quality cushion material for her. I think satin would be soft and good for her.

So, basically you are going to give her something that will always remain close to her and she is going to see it and use it every day. I guess that is not a bad deal at all.

9). Lingerie Set


I am actually not kidding for such options in this list of Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend. There must be something naughty about this day that you would love to do with your girlfriend. After all, it is all about having some and giving some love.

If you think this will be odd for you to go and buy something like that for her through a store then I have this perfect idea for you.

You can order something from online shopping site. I hope being her boyfriend you at least know her size. And let me make it clear for you, don’t look for anything else and head straight towards Victoria’s Secret for it. I hope I need not to explain you why.

So, going naughty on this day is no harm and such Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend will make your intentions clear to her completely. I hope you two are going to have a great night on this day.

10). Candle Light Dinner

In the last section, I am listing the best way to go for Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend, if you could not arrange anything for her. This plan is just perfect for all those last moment guys who usually fails to arrange any gift for her.

I can assure you 100% that you can never go wrong with a candle light dinner on an utterly beautiful and romantic location.

You know what girls are like, they want something which is passionate and romantic and which makes them realize how special they are for you.

For this candlelight dinner setting, pick of course her favorite restaurant in the town or you can go for some less high profile spot too. I hope you need some privacy. You can pre-planned certain things like light music, special lights, roses from the entrance to the table and some special decoration for her.

I think this makes a perfect setting for a really romantic date night with the love of your life.

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I guess now you know exactly what to do to win over her heart on this special day dedicated for love. I would rather suggest you to make her feel special every single day so she does not have to wait for a special day in the whole year to wait for surprises.

Well, that is totally up to you. I can only recommend you some good Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend and I have done the same in the section above.

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