How to Make Out With a Guy

How to Make Out With a Guy: You may think that there is no big skill needed to make out with a guy as guys handle the situation easily. But what if you two are making out for the first time? It is like a rookie condition where two of you have no experience.

Making out comes naturally as humans have this characteristic like inbuilt. Your making out can be really easy if you have some effective tips on how to make out with a guy.

Everyone needs help when it’s their first time, and they are getting nervous without taking their first step. So these are making out tips for girl that you just need to follow, and he will see you as an expert on making out with him.

It will make him want you more, so just keep it natural and read these steps to apply on how do you make out.  It is just a matter of taking those wearing off and be indulged in each other, but by doing it right, you can make it memorable for him and you as well.

It is the reason you need tips on making out to make the make out memorable whether it is your first time or any. So keep following these ten steps and be a pro on igniting that flame of passion and desires.

How To Make Out With A Guy

How to Make Out With a Guy

1). Start the Make out Session

Very first, you have to start your make out session with him, and the necessary thing is the eye contact. Make a quality eye contact with a flirty smile so he can understand you are expressing your interest.

Also, you can hunt by sitting beside him and lean your body towards him with some flirty talk like ‘who can leave a hot man like you alone’ ‘Hey, are you still available’ ‘Can I pick you up for the night.’

So eye contact and these flirty talks are helpful to initiate the session of making out. It is the time where you can establish your connection with him before kissing your partner.

Take care of the eye contact as it should be intense like you really want him for the night so he can start with you just in a few seconds bringing you a drink.

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2). Take It Slow and With Passion

If you want to win this test of making out to get the highest score from his side, you need to take things slowly. When you get on these things at a low speed, you both easily feel that passion that makes you crazy for each other.

Sometimes you get high sexual desires, and things between you can get quickly done, but it’s not just about achieving your sexual goals, it’s about enjoying your sexual desires for long and then get to the goal.

If you are feeling high libido, you both need to slow it down to take the full pleasure of that night. So going slow is the thing that you should follow while going passionately if you want the guy to remember you for years.

Keep things classy and gentle instead of being rough on each other, this is the basic tip that you need on how to make out for the first time.

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3). Run Your Fingers through His Hairs

Let him feel you by running your finger through his hairs, it’s not just a simple touch. Running your fingers from his front hairs to the back and the neck can be so intense if you use your fingertips wisely.

The head also comes as being the sensitive parts of the body, and you feel so relaxed when someone runs his fingers through the hairs all the way. So use this trick to be her lady and don’t forget to play this step as its value cannot be underestimated.

Also, take care of his hairstyle as some hairstyles don’t allow running fingers as if he follows hairstyle rules. For example, in pomade, you can’t run your fingers it will ruin his hairs and also the moment.

But you can still use your fingers; you need to run them on the top of the hairs and not in between so your fingers won’t get trapped.

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4). Whisper Something Sexy

Whipping allows the passion to grow continuously and the intimacy of the moment. Just before you use your touches or special kisses, you can whisper in his ear something sweet or sexy.

Let him know that how much you are into him or want him by whispering. Whispering works because your lips touch his ears and he feels our warm breaths with a low tone of your voice, so it creates a sexy atmosphere in his head.

Let him feel shiver by your seductive wordings like ‘you are so sexy’ ‘I have been waiting for your kisses.’

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5). Use Flirty Touches On Your Man

Guys love it when you use your fingers on their body, everyone knows what a flirty touch feels like and your man is going to love it.

So, in the lesson on how to make out with a guy, identify the power of your touch on his body and mostly on the sensual parts as this is the time when you can show your sexual skills.

You don’t have to run to kissing him, let him burn in the sexual desires to get you and use your fingers on his neck, chest, near the belly.

You have to remember that you use touch to increase the intimacy of that moment, so take this part wisely and don’t touch him for longer. Instead, tease him to get more touches before going to the kissing phase.

When you are about to kiss him, start with his neck area and don’t forget to use your fingers. For example, you are kissing his side neck, then put your fingers on the other side of the neck and use your nails on the skin.

It doesn’t mean that you are supposed to leave your shy side, keep a proper ratio of shyness and wildness to drive him like a crazy. So this is the second tip on how to make out good and now focus on the third step here.

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6). He Loves It When You Tease Him

Men often prefer a woman who is tough to get, and if you go on and indulge into him easily, he is not going to enjoy that much. So you have to control your feelings and make him believe that you are pushing him away, but at the same time, you want him.

For example, kiss him a few times and when he seems arousing, immediately push him back or keep your space. So you have to tease him when he is on the edge of falling for you.

Perform foreplay by licking his earlobe, chest, nipples, take your hand at his waist and run your fingers there for a few seconds. When you do all these things, you will realize the goodness of these techniques on how to make out with a guy.

Foreplay fills a man with passion and burning desire to get sexual, you have to frustrate him and restrict him to touch you. It will make him even madder that he won’t able to be far from you even an inch.

Now to go good on how to make out with a guy, you need to mix up things, so you both enjoy and take pleasure of the time. Don’t just keep doing one activity for long, but take different things to make it even sexier.

Get more fun by changing your posture, changing the way of kissing; bring different types of kissing like French kiss as the hottest one.

7). Keep Him under Control

In this step, you have to control things and dominate him because your aim is to make out with him but not easily. If you allow him to touch all over and have sex with you without any trouble, then you are going to lose him.

To go wisely on how to make out with a guy, heat is mandatory because the heat between you two drives the passion forward bad things get wild. So you don’t have to sit back and let him have his wishes on your body, but you have to dominate him, so he faces troubles.

It doesn’t mean that you should clear the first date without having sex, but don’t make it easy for him, so go ahead with control over him.

Let him make efforts to get you on and see how amazing it feels when things are not easier for him. It is a fact that men don’t respect the things they get easily and you can’t take a risk by being an easy thing to get.

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8). Don’t Exhibit the Whole You

Suppose you are working on how to make out with a guy, but don’t want to have sex at that first meeting. So are you able to keep up that heat in his eyes for you?

It is a women thing, and men can’t do anything about it. You know how to control him and take him to the knees if you want. So you have to use this skill if you don’t want to have sex for now.

You are the one who can keep up this heat until you go to bed next time. Take it as a game where you put your body in front of him but keep from exhibiting yourself.

For example, if you’re wearing a low neck dress, then let that cleavage show so he can plan to get you and this way you dominate him that he can have it next time.

Let him see those showing legs, your back, but don’t show any area that he really wants to see and play with. So you need to show your body but no like an exhibition where he can touch and play with your things.

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9). Review His Performance

Men love to know about their performance in bed. Don’t get back and always show a smile and share your experiences and what was so good about him.

Even if you two haven’t had sex at that time, you can review him on the make out session like how the flirting and romance was.

There is nothing wrong to tell him so he can improve next time, you can also hint him by kissing me softly on his lips while saying good night.

When you discuss things and provide them feedback, men feel confident and try to keep better next time. It also makes him think that he can hook up with you next time. So take this thing as a mandatory one to go finely with how to make out with a guy.

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10). Confidence Is the Key

You are a rookie at things thing, but don’t let him show this thing. You need to be confident in our every single step because this confidence shows you as a mature woman that can easily handle a man by her moves.

So take it as a number one rule before playing with any step mentioned above, if you are not confident at all, then it can ruin things and he can walk off.

You don’t have to follow the steps, but just keep them in mind so he won’t feel like you are following something to impress him.

Don’t take things blindly and show him that you know what you are doing and you have the ability to take things ahead. So don’t mess up with confidence and keep these tips in your brain on how to make out with a guy.

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It is my guide to all of you ladies on how to make out with a guy because you haven’t done it or you did it the wrong way. It is your chance to clear out that mistake and for the new bee’s out there; these tips are not less than any blessing.

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