How to Make A Guy Realize He Losing You

Here is How to make A guy realize he losing you with 13 best ways.

You are on this article because probably your boyfriend has started taking you for granted. You have realized that there is nothing romantic and passionate in your relationship, so you are looking ways that make him feel insecure.

You want him to know that what does insecure mean if you are on the way if making him realize the real value of yourself.

Sometimes you all go through this phase when your partner gives not much importance to you, reasons can be numerous, but the one major is that you are available for him all the time.

You have to put up an end to this granting thing and makes efforts to realize him that how much valuable person he has got in his life. If you take right steps on how to make him worry about losing you, you are going to hear all that appreciation and importance again.

Things will be back as they were when your relationship started and he was behind you all the time. You are going to get all that flirting, complimenting, romance and thoughtfulness back by making him feel lost and insecure.

Let’s just follow these steps here on how to make a guy realize he losing you and try these techniques in your relationship.

How to Make A Guy Realize He Losing You

How to Make A Guy Realize He Losing You

1). Understand the Value of Yourself

It is the first thing you have to understand before make him feel insecure about you. Before examining him, you need to examine yourself that how much can you sacrifice for the relationship.

You need to know first if you tolerate his behavior just to be with him. It can be the reason he is taking you for granted because he knows you are not going to leave him no matter how bad he reacts.

You have to let go this fear of losing him because if he can’t respect you, he doesn’t deserve you and you should start looking forward in your life.

So if you are in a relationship where things are working only because of you, then there is no use of following the steps on how to make a guy realize he losing you and you should really break the bond that is already broken.

But if you think that things can be better and there is respect in our relationship, then get along with me in the process of how to make a guy realize he losing you, so you can get him back with all the true feelings and romance.

2). Stop Responding Much to His Calls

I am not saying you need to stop taking his calls and texts, but you really need to control yourself on picking phone calls immediately and every time. If you do so, he feels that you are always available to him and the level of importance get reduced here.

Communication is a good thing in a relationship, but you don’t have to show that you can talk to him just because he is your boyfriend. Keep patience and ignore some of his calls and do not reply some of his messages.

If you feel an urge to call him, then call back after a few minutes or hours and don’t lose yourself in liking him more and more and say bravely that you have work and need to go.

It is the easiest way on how to make a guy realize he losing you and you can make him feel your importance and keeps him from losing interest in you.

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3). Minimize Doing Things He Likes

I know you can’t stop immediately doing things for him, but you can control it, and it will not hint him that you are doing it on purpose, but it will make him realize your importance in his life.

It makes him feel that what his life would be if you weren’t with him. So you need to accomplish this step by minimizing the things you do for him. For example, you kiss him every morning after he gets from the bed, then stop doing it and act like you forgot.

You cook him dinner, then ask him to cook for you, act like you forgot to do laundry or you don’t want to clean the home.  You have made things too comfortable for him, and that’s why he reacts this way.

You’re the only one that can make things tough for him, so you need to stop doing things again and let him expect you again. Do not clear his mess and let him do all by himself, this is the only way you can stop disrespecting the relationship.

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4). Hangout with Your Friends but Without Asking Him

Even if it is Saturday or Sunday and he is free from work, you can go out and enjoy things without telling him anything. So he can realize that you don’t need him anymore and let him make efforts to know why. Do not ask him to go out with you or to watch movies and just head out to your joy alone.

If you feel alone, you can ask your friends to join you and click pics and share them on the social media. You can call both boys and girls and made him realize how much you are enjoying your life without him.

You need to stop going after him and taking care of him. For example, stop taking permissions for anything, stop keeping his dinner ready in the fridge, and do not text him about the time you would get home. Be independent about your choices and act like this is your life and you don’t need anyone’s permission.

5). Admire Your Male Friend Every Time You Two Talk

If you got a guy in your office or college who cares about you or is a good looking as well, then you have got a chance to make him jealous and realize he may lose you.

Whenever he comes home, and you two have a talk, then take the topic to your good looking coworker and admire him that how perfectly he does the things or how much he helps you and let the fire begins.

You can easily take this steps on how to make a guy realize he losing you by taking your male friend into the conversation. He will surely wonder that why are you talking about anyone else in front of him.

It will make him jealous deeply and maybe he can ask more about your male friends and why you are so interested in them.

6). Join Your New Hobby

To the process of how to make a guy realize he losing you, you need to distance yourself. You need to focus on our things and your own good, so joining a class for your new hobby can be a way to make him jealous.

You can join classes for your new hobby that you haven’t learned yet. This way you give time to your classes, and he doesn’t come in this session, so he is surely going to be jealous that how can you feel relaxed without him and his attention is all yours.

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7). Socialize More with Your Friends

You two are in a relationship and this man that you have some common friends. But to make this mission successful, you have to go social with your own friends that are only yours.

You need to spend more time with your friends instead of him, so he can feel that emptiness without you. You can also spend a night with your friends and see his reactions the next day full of jealousy.

If he tries to contact you at that time, do not pick up instantly, take your time and let him call you again and again. This way, you can work perfectly on how to make a guy realize he losing you.

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8). Act like You Need Some Distance

The More you act distant theme he will try to be near you or at least come to you to know what happened. All you need is an action that you are not much interested in his company, and you want your space for some time.

The fear of losing you will take him to you, and at some point, he may realize his bad behavior, and he will take it back instantly. You have to set this fact in his mind that his behavior doesn’t affect you anymore coz you don’t care about you two anymore.

9). Follow Your Choices and Don’t Let Him Interfere

You have done enough for him and followed him like his puppy. It’s time to put your own choices against him and let him think that if he doesn’t allow you, he is going to lose you.

Eventually, he starts respecting your choices and won’t throw his wills on you, also hint him that he has to be in his limits and don’t cross them or you will be gone.

There is nothing wrong in being rude and firm with him if it’s about your relationship and respect.

This rude behavior also makes you attractive in his eyes because he makes efforts all again like he used to do in the beginning. So work wisely on how to make a guy realize he losing you and regain your relationship.

10). Do Not Obey All His Plans

Another tip on how to make a guy realize he losing you, you don’t have to obey his every wish. For example, if he asks you to join him for a party, say no or that you don’t feel like going. It hints him that you are not available all the time and have your own choices which he has to agree.

The more you say no to his plans, the more respect you get because he thinks that you are not so easy to get and this will keep him making efforts.

Limit your availability with his plans and sometimes follow your plans or decide to stay at home even if you don’t have anything important.

11). Learn To Flirt Again

If you’re in the relationship for years that means you don’t remember how to flirt, then be ready to learn it again because it’s the correct time to flirt with other guys. You should check the article on How to Flirt with a Guy.

You need to do it in front of him when you two are at a party, and then you should join some of your male friends and start with flirting words that he could easily hear.  Try some touches when he notices your behavior around other guys and let him realize that he is losing his importance.

12). Get a Break from This Mess

It is a perfect idea to give your brain a break from all this relationship things and to work on how to make a guy realize he losing you. Tell him that you don’t feel good here and pick up your things and make a visit to your parents or grandparents or just any random friend for some days.

When you tell him about the break, it will be an unexpected thing that will warn him you’re losing interest in him. He is going to make all his efforts, so you come back ASAP and notice the changes in his behavior about you that will be better.

13). Take Your Friends to a Trip

There is no role for him, and it’s all about you and your friends. Plan a holiday or a road trip with your friends and tell him at the time you pack up things. It is not necessary to notify him before and make it clear that you don’t want him to join.

It is going to add more spice in our relationship that you can easily notice by following all these things well.


Relationships often feel bored because one of you doesn’t take the same interest anymore as in the beginnings. It is the reason you feel like it is going to end any soon because your guy is losing interest and he is not the same that cares about you as his princess.

So it is worth trying these tips on how to make a guy realize he losing you before going to any wrong direction that can end up the relationship.

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