17 Double Date Ideas For Couples

Are you looking for best double date ideas?

You are planning a double date because it’s your first time with your girlfriend and anxiety is covering you up. You are confused about what talks are going to happen when you are with your crush.

So inviting your friends to enjoy double date ideas with their dates is amazing as it sounds great to establish bonds with your girlfriend and improve your friend zone by knowing each other better.

You also invite your friends like other couples so you also get familiarize with them too and this way the fun begins.

But you can’t just go and ask her for a double date, before going to her you need some fun double date ideas, so anyone of you won’t get bored and remember this date always.

It is an idea to eliminate those awkward and embarrassing moments that happen when you are on your first date, and double date helps you so you won’t get stuck with your new partner.

It doesn’t mean that you need these double date tips because you get bored with your date, but you want to make it an amazing dating experience with your loved-up friends in a romantic way.

Here you can find really amazing double dating ideas that always keep you relaxed and let your personality shine in front of your girlfriend instead of just staring each other. So let the couple’s fun begin by following these ideas that you should try on your double date.

Double Dates Ideas

Double Date Ideas

1). Go For Your Favorite Sports Team

To enjoy your double date, you can join any sports of your choice and don’t worry others will bring on their interests as the game starts. It gives you a chance to cheer up your favorite team while enjoying the moment with your date.

You can have some snack and beverages and experience these group date ideas along with a series of talking and exploring each other.

2). Try These Double Date Ideas at Your Local Place

If you can’t find a place to initiate your double date ideas, then don’t worry, you call your date and friends at your place where they can enjoy the local area and the bars and restaurants there.

You know your place well, so you can offer them the best dish of that place and enjoy your evening. If the restaurant has some low lighting, then you both couples can spend an amusing time there and a session of flirty talks.

3). Enjoy Escape the Room

Have you ever heard of this game? This game is all about solving puzzles and reaching to the destination.

You can play it single and find your partner using the given clues or you both can handle the series of puzzles to find the decided zone. The couples who complete this puzzle solving thing first will be declared as the winner, and you can offer anything like a winner’s trophy.

So you can try this game if you want something time consuming and exciting among the fun date activities.

4). Attend a Cabaret Show at Your Locality

You can attend any cabaret theater near you or attend the venue all together to watch cabaret activities like songs, theatre, dance or comedy. Book the table for the four persons and enjoy the night with dinner and drinks.

You can also present yourself on the stage and perform something, or you can enjoy the entire thing sitting near your partner. Cabaret shows are popular because of the funny and entertaining activities, so it is worth a try from these double date ideas.

5). Join Your Double Date at a Cineplex

Watch movies or some episodes of your favorite series and spend a quality time with your date by choosing this one from double date ideas. So on your double date, book your tickets for a romantic movie screening in your city and feel the closeness with your loved one.

If you don’t want to go for a cineplex, then plan a double date at your home where all four of you can be comfortable with some bottles of beer and snacks watching your favorite episodes. Netflix is the top option to take pleasure of a double date at home and enjoy your night.

6). Show Your Cooking Skills

In your double date ideas, set cooking as an exciting activity that offers you a chance to cook something delicious for your group.  Set this activity as a competition between two teams, you can also make a team with you and your friend’s date or keep up the idea with you and your date.

Set a time limit in which you have to cook something delicious without spying on other’s recipe and let’s see who wins and share your meals together followed by a dessert.

7). Book Dance Classes at Your Place

It’s a double date idea, so attending a dance venue will not be that comfortable.  You can always arrange a dance instructor at your place and learn some really cool steps of couples dancing full of intensity.

You can follow it every week and improve your dance steps with your partner without attending any dance classes. For more fun, exchange your partners and share your moves with a lot of talking and giggles.

8). Plan a Shuffleboard Game

Surprise your partner with your extraordinary gaming skills on the shuffleboard. Let her know how much you master this game if it is the one that can win her heart.

In these double date ideas, other than shuffleboard, you can also arrange any game in which you master like mini golf or any competitive game that offer you some time to know each other and also showing your skills in board games and others.

Just one tip while getting in this step, you don’t need to be jealous or pass rude comments as it will ruin things. Just remember that our main focus in your date, so you need to fill the atmosphere with the flirty jokes and romantic gestures.

I suggested shuffleboard, as it allows 4 players to perform at a time, so it is the perfect game that you couples can try.

9). Arrange a Trivia Night

You can arrange a night full of quizzes and their answers; you can buy these trivia puzzles from the store or make your own questions for your partners and friends and explore each other.

It is a great talking game where you know about the mysteries of your partner and tells her yours. You can also attend these trivia nights at any pub or restaurant and show your partner about your intelligence.

10). Try a Continental Dinner

In all these double date ideas, tasting continental food is also a great one especially for food lovers. If you really love tasting different varieties of food from different continents, then take your team and friends to the continental dinner night.

Choose the restaurant that avails couples sittings with the perfect songs and atmosphere and enjoy delicious food that you haven’t tasted before.

11). Go For the Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is popular these days as an activity that couples can do to enjoy the day. You can visit several wine farms packing up your stuff and drive your car to nearby places or other small towns which are famous for wine tastings.

When you try wine tasting, you take taste of different types of wines, feel their aromas, get their flavors on your taste buds and learn about the quality of these old wines.

If you are addicted about wine tasting, then take your group to this fun or if you want to taste it just for loading yourselves with liquor, then go ahead with your team experience this unique data from these double date ideas.

12). Plan A Road Trip

If you are an adventure seeker or your date loves to go for long rides and view the nature of the earth. Then try out with this idea because there can be nothing better for adventurers than going on a road trip and explore different places.

Not only the destination, but the overall journey will be exhilarating surely because you are with your date and your close friends, so you all are a total pack of amusement.

Prepare your car with all the required stuff, buy some packs of your favorite snacks, get a mini fridge loaded with beers and you are all good to hit the road. It is going to be a breathtaking vacation that is going to give you only smiles and memories even after years.

13). Enjoy Your Day at the Beach

This one can be enjoyed a lot among these double date ideas as being the most affordable dating idea. Everyone loves beaches and sands all over, so why not join those sandy beaches with your group.

If you’re dating pan is going to happen in summer, then it’s a mind blowing place to enjoy the entire day and late at night staring the glowing sky.

Also, take your sports with you like volleyball, Frisbee, some drinks and enjoy moments indulging yourself into the sea life with your partner.

14). Take Adventure of Art Galleries

If you or your partner is an art lover, then it is great to give them a surprise by bringing them to art galleries. It is going to be a classic experience as you explore the entire art activities holding hand of your partner and sharing shoulders.

No one can go out of the talk at this place as in every art you see something new, so you always find new topics to discuss. The art gallery or museum idea is a fantastic one from double date ideas that allows you continued talking.

15). Go To the Market and Shop Together

If there is any market going for the special season, then it’s great to take your team and enjoy shopping and talking. Whether it is summer or winter, shopping always traces girls, so why not take your girl and offer her something special to wear and let her do the same.

These markets are great to spend time while exploring things and also fill your belly with the delicious food and drinks available there. So, it is totally worth being among double date ideas and you can also buy some games and adventurous that you enjoy at home later.

16). Plan a 20 Questions Night

This one attracts almost every couple as it allows asking just anything to your partner and he has to answer, or he has to fill the penalty as decided. Plan a night with all your stuff ready and call your partner and friends to attend this double dating while enjoying the 20 questions game.

You can tell them before so they can prepare their own 20 questions to ask and prepare one list for yourself. You can follow the game with some board games, strip poker, and a great chit chat.

If you are an Xbox fan, then enjoy the multiplayer gaming mode with your team learn the gaming skills of your partner and enjoy even more.

17). Enjoy Ride on a Quadra Cycle

Have you ever enjoyed on a Quadra cycle? If not, then this can be an exciting thing to do with your partner and friends on a double date. Single bike doesn’t offer that much fun because you try wheels to match with your partner all the time and that’s not the condition with a Quadra cycle.

These are like Tandem bikes but allow 4 people at once. So if you are going on a double date, it is a perfect option to rent and if a Tandem is always good for couples.


Double dating has its own fun and adventure; you experience several new things when going for a double date. Other than knowing your partner, you also introduce him to your friends that are couples and vice versa.

So double dating means more fun with your partner and friends where you enjoy more doing each activity. I hope this list of double date ideas would help you in fixing your double date this week.

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