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Would you rather questions: Sometimes in life you trapped in a situation where you have to choose between two choices. And adding to the difficulty is the condition that you do not want to miss even one of them. Eventually when you end up choosing one of them still you regret for not choosing another one.

would you rather questions

would you rather questions always leave you in such a condition that you become so confuse that whether you choose this or that. Some of the questions are like this that you do not want to choose either of the choices given.

And sometimes both the choices given are equally valued and important but at the end you should have a valid reason for choosing one over another. These kinds of situations are easy to witness in day today life.

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Add some twists in your life. Do not let it be boring and stable at all. Try to make it worth living. You only live once. You cannot have two chances to live. So live your life to the fullest. Instead of making it dull, make it a bit creative. Clear doubts, take risks, enjoy at fullest and never regret on anything. Make your life an inspiration for others.

Ask some crazy questions to your family and friends. These questions will let you know more about them. It will help you to know what they actually feel or believe. It will let you know about their mentality and mind set.

Here are would you rather questions which are worth asking. They are categorized according to different purposes and criteria. You can ask them to your loved ones and friends. They are fun trying and exploring. It will get you guys closer to each other.

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If it is a weekend party or you are having some kind of get together then these questions must be asked to someone. This can be a pretty game too. And these should be only would you rather questions not the serious one. You guys will surely have fun by listening to the amazing and shocking answers of your friends.

Table of Contents:

1). Funny Would You Rather Questions­

Funny would you rather questions are a great way to initiate conversations and create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The funny questions make the people comfortable with each other and enjoy their time. No one have person in whole world which not need fun in his life, but every one having his own way which through he include fun in his life.

If you are like funny would you rather question and looking some question here then check out bellow given 20+ funny would you rather questions. I think you also like these given funny would you rather questions.

Here are some of the funny would you rather questions. They can be a game for your parties. You can ask them to your friends to chill out. You can ask them to anyone who are close to you. They are crazy and funny and you will get a laugh by the options. These options are something which is a die and die condition. There is no way you can save yourself from them. Just give them a try and then enjoy laughing for a long time.

1). Would you rather be cat acting like a dog or a dog meowing and acting like a cat?

2). Will you wish to croak like a hen or moo like a cow while talking to your crush?

3). While in an expensive restaurant having dinner with your fiancé will you lick or hurriedly gobble and eat everything you see?

4). Have a baby at 10 and be ridiculed for your over-active love life or rather give birth at 60 and make others amazed and in awe of your reproductions capabilities?

5). Would you prefer a grapefruit-sized head or a watermelon sized head while meeting your crush for the first date?

6).  Would you rather look like a fish or be smelly like a fish while on a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

7). You are given the choice of eating your favorite food for the rest of your life or have any food other than the favorite for the rest of your life. What would you choose?

8). You are given a million for becoming garbage man for a month, or become a doctor for a month and given nothing. What would you prefer?

9). Would you selflessly work for the nation as a soldier or would you rather become a rich and famous corporate leader?

10). While going on a date if misfortune befalls; would you prefer smelly feet or bad breath while meeting with your boyfriend?

11). What can you sacrifice for your partner if given the choice of either not showering for a month or wearing the same clothes for a month?

12). If given a choice between only whispering while talking with others or only shouting while talking with others what would you choose?

13). Would you prefer the ten years older matured and established self or the young carefree teenager you are now; if you stay the same all your life?

14). You like two girls, and both are crazy for you; one of them is very tall, and the other is very short; which one would you prefer romantically?

15). Would you rather be invisible and do mischief; or fly around to wreck mischief in other people’s lives?

16). Would you be the person who can never tell a lie and always babble or the clever and diplomatic person who can tell lies when necessary for their own benefit?

17). After a rigorous one month long examination you get a long vacation; would you be a lazy and stay home always or rather go on adventures during the long vacations?

18). If you are to act like an animal for a day; would you rather be a donkey chirping like a sparrow or be a monkey barking like a dog?

19). Would you ever act like a comical person for a week in front of your friends if given a dare to prove your grit or would you rather lose the dare?

20). During your wedding would you prefer to be overdressed and look comical and or be under-dressed and laid-back and make wife/husband a little angry?

21). Would you rather be a lion or a tiger?

22). Would you rather have a grape sized head or a watermelon sized?

23). Would you rather be still like tree or run for your whole life?

24). Would you rather drink tea for the whole life or coffee?

25). Would you rather eat all day long or drink?

26). Would you rather smell your dirty socks or someone’s fart?

27). Would you rather be kicked for an hour or slapped?

28). Would you rather have constipation for all day long or vomiting?

29). Would you rather lick the floor or the wall?

30). Would you rather pee in pants or fart out loud enough so that everyone can hear that?

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