Pick Up Lines for Guy and Girls

Pick up lines: Want to impress any girl/boy? Want to propose someone with attracting lines and phrases?

Wanna tease your buddy with funny pick up lines? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. Pick up lines play very important role in everyone’s life. An effective pick up line can bring smile on your girlfriend’s face or can spoil your enemy’s mood.

pick up lines

Pick up lines work according to the surrounding environment. If your environment is romantic then you can go for romantic pick up lines or if you are engaged in funny atmosphere then try some funny pick up lines. In short, it is the best way to express your feelings in one line.

Sweet, funny, romantic, cute, hilarious, corny, pick up lines for girls etc. are some of the pick-up lines more often used.

So boys and girls here I am attaching the best pick up lines that you can use according to the situation and mood. I hope you will enjoy this is great pickup lines collection.

here my main focus to provide you well managed lines collection because these type post we can categorized into multiple sub categories, and each category provides largest amount of unique pickup lines.

Table of Content:

 Sweet Pickup Lines

Want to hear “Awwwwww! How sweet of you! “From your partner?  This response generally comes from all the girls when their guys try some sweet pick up lines on their female partners. Generally it is seen that boys fail to understand girl’s mind. In such case one sweet pick up line will do the job easily. All girls are sweet and childish by nature and heart. So most of the time sweet pick up lines are applied on girls for lightening their mood.

Pick Up Lines

When it comes to expressing feelings to a girlthen sometimes boys can’t figure out what to say. If you are the kind of guy who get nervous in front of the girl he is dating that just prepare a simple cute pick up line for her. You don’t need to go for long complicated pick up lines, instead keep it simple. Girls generally like cute pick up lines. Believe me you will get a wonderful response.

Let’s take a look at most commonly used sweet pickup lines:

1). I’m making a chocolate cake but it tastes a little bitter. Why don’t you dip your finger in it for extra sweetness?

2). I didn’t know the definition of prettiness until I saw you.

3). You are so sweet that I want to cuddle you tightly.

4). Every time I saw my teddy bear, it reminds me of you.

5). Boy gives one fake flower to his girlfriend and says: I will stop loving you when this flower dies.

6). I don’t need to buy sweets anymore when I have you.

7). Roses are jealous of your beauty.

8). Roses are red, violets are blue, oh my sweetheart why you are so cute!

9). I lost my surname, would you please give yours

10). Among all your body curves, your smile is my favorite.

Every boys and girls like sweet pickup lines that’s why I also write another post on this category, If you looking some other sweet pickup lines which you can share with your girlfriend or boyfriend then you can check out this post.

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