Pick Up Lines for Guy and Girls

Hilarious pick up lines

Laugh out loud! Yes! This is what you will do when you will hear these hilarious pick up lines.

Works in every situation, these pick up lines works successfully. Since they are funny lines therefore these lines have the power to turn on everybody’s mood. If your pal or girlfriend is sad or upset with you, then this is the best way to make her smile or laugh.

However while they appear senseless and make you look frivolous, these lines can become the foundation of any long conversation

Unless, you upset the person you’re targeting the pick-up line at. Well then, you might even get hit. Otherwise you can become popular with these hilarious pick up lines. So go ahead and apply these pick up lines.

Let’s look at top 10 hilarious pick up lines:

1). I changed my password to ‘incorrect’ so that in case if I forget my password then computer will automatically reminds me of my password

2). One similarity between politician and diaper is that  both has to be  changed regularly and for the same reason

3). I suppose you are suffering from deficiency of vitamin me.

4). Boy-“ you are the most gorgeous looking girl I have ever met “

Girl-“you are flirting.  You just want to sleep with me”

Boy-“oh wow! You are intelligent too”

5). Your body is 75% water and I am feeling very thirsty

6). Is your name Mc Donald? Because I am loving it!

7). What? You don’t love me! Hahaha my friend was right, you are too funny.

8). Do you love wearing rings? Me too, but not on hands.

9). Are you wind? Because you are blowing me away.

10). Could you please give me kiss for one day? I promise I return it back to you