Pick Up Lines for Guy and Girls

Cute pick up lines

If you’re trying to datea girl, serving her a cheesy or dirty pick-up line will undoubtedly get you a blowon your face. But if you serve her a cute, sweet pick up line, she will definitely give you a tight hug. So Guys these lines are for you. Girls are often get impressed by cute pick up lines as most of the girls like being called cute by their boyfriends.Cute remarks implies that the guy is watching at her face rather than her body. These lines can also be applied on boys and are successful in all cases.

Pick Up Lines

Let’s look at top 10 cute pick up lines:

1). You know what is the best thing ever happened to me? The first word of this sentence.

2). Wouldn’t we look cute together on our 25th wedding anniversary?

3). Ohh! see it’s very cold. Come and use me as a blanket.

4). This teddy bear exactly looks like you, extremely cute!

5). If you were a vegetable you would be a cute cumber

6). You should get an award for being the most cutest girl in the world

7). After seeing you I started believing in fairy tales

8). Are you and Barbie twin sisters?

9). You are too cute , I may go diabetic

10). Your cheeks are like tomatoes, super red!

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