Pick Up Lines for Guy and Girls

Corny pick up lines

These are the stupidest and cheesiest pick up lines a guy or a girl could say to get the ball rolling. These lines could be sweet or cheesy. Delivered in fun way, the chances of succeeding are 50% depending on the person you are applying at. You may fail at sometimes because such lines are often disliked by people you are targeting.

So let’s look at the top 10 corny pick up lines:

1). I just want to tell you one secret and I don’t want anyone to catch that secret, not even your clothes!

2). If you are here then who is looking after the heaven?

3). Hey girl! Are you married? Yes? No problem, I don’t mind wearing used clothes.

4). Your smile is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

5). Do you take bath with sugar? Because you have got very sweet boobs.

6). I am hungry can I eat your banana?

7). It’s great that I wore hand gloves today otherwise my finger might have burned after touching you.

8). If gorgeousness were time, you’d be perpetuity.

9). Excuse me, but I think I have dropped something on your feet. My heart!

10). Are you my stomach? Because I have a witty feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should bring you

Over to you:

No matter where you reside or work, what’s your profession, how old are you , or how you spend your Saturday  nights, you’re not anonymous  from the pick-up line. Pick up lines can make you smile, can spoil your mood or could even leave the hand impression on your face.

Whether it’s your first date, or birthday party or your partner is upset with you, pick up lines works in every condition and are very handy Pick up lines behave like a tricky business, if efforts are put in right direction then the ball falls in your bucket otherwise you may face crisis! So guys and girls, now you got the trick of how to impress your loved one by just serving few really great sounding pick up lines. Apply and see the magic!