Pick Up Lines for Guy and Girls

Bad pick up lines

Name says it all. Bad means bad! However these bad pick up lines are not the nastiest pick up lines, they are of low quality pick up lines, you can use these bad pick up lines whenever and wherever you require, especially when you want to express your anger on someone or want to make some negative remarks on someone or you can even use them just for fun to show your evil side.

These pick up lines are generally spoken by pessimistic people. Such kinds of people are disregarded by everyone and are seen with hatred. So just avoid speaking such lines in front of your loving friend or partner otherwise you may get in trouble!

Let’s look at top 10 bad pick up lines:

1). Are you in the army? I’d love for you to salute my privates.

2). You must be awarded for having the worst dressing sense.

3). If you will wear shorts, then I wouldn’t resist myself from looking at your ass.

4). Don’t put so much of make up on your face, you look terrible!

5). Your mouth stinks, move away!

6). I love your body. Only body.

7). Your boobs look hot!

8). Oh! You are so talkative! I want to lock your lips with mine.

9). My love for you is like a fart. Everything about it is powered by my heart.

10). I like your butt; can I wear it as a hat?