Sexy Foreplay Ideas & Tips to Make Your Partner Beg

Boost your make out experience with some sexy foreplay ideas. Come on, nobody likes to do things vanilla when they can get something raunchy and steaming hot. And these ideas for a better foreplay not only targets women but men too. Trust me, the pleasure will be twice as before and so is the fun and chemistry between you two. For more, check out the tips given below.

Sexy Foreplay Ideas & Tips to Make Your Partner Beg

Below is the list of sexy foreplay tips to make your guy/girl beg in bed. So why are you waiting, go ahead and read till then end to know all ideas and make your sex life more interesting.

1. Get Out of the Bedroom

You really need to break the chain of boring regularity in order to make most of your foreplay session. And for this you need to start things from outside the bedroom. Starting it on the bed is so predictable for you as well as your partner and I hope you would not want the same. Take a look at crazy places to have sex.

You need to take the advantage of the situations and daily stuff that happens between you two. For example, you can start by holding their hands while watching a movie or show.

Things will surely take a while to build up but I am sure it will be way more interesting than the regular foreplay or sex on the bed. Once things start to heat up, you guys can move to bedroom afterwards because every couple wants some space for it.

2. Strip Tease

Although it has become such a predictable step for sexy foreplay but I think it works all the time. Outrageous clothing is must for both of you in order to make most of the moment.

When we are talking about strip tease, both of you should take it slow and must not hurry. Tease your partner and make them beg to finally touch your skin and explore your body. Sometimes it becomes hard to resist but the final result is worth the wait.

Most of the times, women are the ones going for strip tease but I think for a change, guys should do it too to test the patience of their partner. And do not forget to shop well for the sultry and dirty clothing before the D-Day, I am sure all your money will be worth spending.

3. Set the Mood Right

One of the best foreplay ideas is to set the right mood for the right thing. You really need to work on this one in order to maintain the decorum throughout. Things like scented candles, dim lights and flowery bed are the most common ones to use for this.

I am sure that your partner will forget about his whole tiredness after watching such a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom.

You can take a step further and plan a surprise for your partner too. These are the little things which are perfect for a romantic foreplay and anyone would love to enjoy sex amidst such a beautiful atmosphere. And of course, never forget to dress right for such a beautiful evening to make everything look beyond perfect.

4. Sexy Conversation

It is not necessary to set the temperature soaring just before the sex, you can use the entire day for this. These are the kind of foreplay tips you can derive from your everyday life. You can initiate a dirty and sexy conversation hour before your partner is arriving from work.

It sets the mood right and keeps your partner eagerly waiting for the night. From using emoji one after the other to imagine things you guys are going to do, you can use communication as the best tool possible.

Moreover, both of you should be equally interested in it otherwise it won’t work this way. And make sure the night goes by with the exact same planning that you guys have been talking about from the entire day.

5. The Necessary Love Bites

You cannot deny the fact that being vanilla becomes boring after a certain amount of time and you really need to become wild to turn things interesting. The next inclusion in foreplay ideas is all about going a step further and biting your partner softly on the most erogenous spots.

For example, you can start from neck as I personally believe that no one can remain unaffected when their partner is kissing and biting their neck.

Let the things heat up softly and slowly and keep on biting and kissing for a longer duration than usual. Don’t hurry up in removing clothes, let the things work with their own pace. And this applies to both of you because of course guys want to have their part of fun as well.

6. Take it Slow

Come on guys, it should be a making out session not just a quickie. You guys need to control your feelings for a while and keep things going slow until both of you can’t take it anymore. In fact, this is what foreplay sex is all about. It tests your patience but it is definitely worth the wait.

If you guys cannot restrain yourself then one of you should try tying the hands. Having no control over your partner can be a big turn on sometimes.

If you guys never really pondered on foreplay then it will be a very refreshing and pleasuring change for both of you. In fact, I think every couple should take things slow in the start as it gives enough time to explore each other’s body and get that emotional connectivity too.

7. Lift Her Up

This is actually a big turn on for your girl if you will lift her up and embrace her body in the best way possible. These are the kind of foreplay ideas which always work and for both the partners. And of course, it also gives a great excuse for the couple to get closer to each other.

This is high time that you two experiment with the things like never before to experience the pleasure that you guys never enjoyed before.

You can start this by cuddling on the couch or in the kitchen or someplace else than your bedroom. Caress her body slowly, play with her hairs and then suddenly life her up to head to the bedroom.

8. Surprise Each Other

The idea of a sexy foreplay is not just about physical connectivity but mental and emotional connectivity too. And this is why you guys should take care of each other’s feelings too. Plan little surprises for each other in order to keep their mood happy all the time.

You can bring flowers for her or you can order his favorite food. It is all about the little things which brings love between the couple.

And of course, it will turn out to be a great turn on for you two. You can also do it in a different way like the women can wear the lingerie that her partner likes the most or the guys can hug her shirtless and hold her tightly until she begs for you to take things higher.

9. Explore their Body

Do you guys really think that you have had enough of each other’s body? Well, the foreplay ideas given here will force you to rethink over it. It is just impossible for a couple to be able to fully explore each other’s body and many times haste is a big reason behind it.

And this is why I want you people to explore your partner fully before finally taking things a step higher. And by exploring I mean to love each and every part of their body.

Kiss their back or hold their hands or play with their hairs. There is pleasure in each and everything and you just need to keep on trying for it. You can use props for the same as well or just pleasure them until they finally beg you to just do it anyway.

10. Erotic Movie for Starters

The next one in the foreplay tips is how you can start it in the most erotic way possible. I am not talking about watching a literal porn but you can go for a movie which is quite erotic and super romantic. You guys will have your own moments to copy the scenes and make a story of your own.

Or you can simply go for it subtly without making things look obvious. Like start things by holding each other’s hands or by placing your head on their shoulder.

Once a tender scene comes, you can simply get closer and start kissing them softly. This is the smoothest you can proceed. Do not make it look planned or forced, just proceed naturally.

11. Try Out your Dark Fantasies

As I always say, there is no such thing as too wild when it comes to trying out different foreplay ideas and you should also keep in mind the same. If you are not able to initiate things naturally then simply plan for them.

You guys can try out your sexual fantasies about each other which are dark and not to be tried on regular basis.

This can be about handcuffs or BDSM or role play or something else. Make sure that it is not something regular that you try on everyday basis and should be erotic enough to make them forget everything else.

12. Dirty Games

Nothing works better than dirty games when it comes to trying out various foreplay ideas. There are thousands of sexy games to be tried but many of them requires you to get drunk. However, you can always replace the alcohol with some soft drink if you are not into drinking.

You guys can play Never have I Ever or Beer Pong or something else of your choice. Basically the aim is to keep things going in a more fun and entertaining way.

You guys can modify the rule and can also add some twists in it to make things more interesting as well as sultry between you two.

13. Ice Cubes for Fun

You are missing out the joy of a sexy foreplay if you guys have never tried ice cubes in your sexual intercourse. Well, ice cubes is just one of the example of the things you can try, there are hundreds of other options available too.

Roll an ice cube on her body especially on the belly button and I am sure she will feel erotic like never before and this is what leads you to having an amazing time together. For something new, you guys can try whipped cream too. This is the time to test 50 Shades of Grey in real life.

14. Put a Mirror

I know it sounds like a very weird option when it comes to foreplay ideas but trust me, I am not kidding here. Many couples have tried it and they loved this experience. All you have to do is just put a mirror in front of your bed.

This is like watching you two trying tricks on each other and making out too. In fact, it has been seen that watching your partner doing it in the mirror excited you even more which ultimately leads you two to having a great time. For some fun, you guys can try recording too.

15. Lap Dance

The last but obviously not the least amongst the foreplay ideas is giving a lap dance to your partner. And trust me, this is not just a woman’s thing and guys should try it too.

This is quite like having a strip club experience at home and trust me, it works like magic on your partner. A bit of stripping and an erotic lap dance is a combination no one can resist on. But as I say, take things slow and let your partner crave for you while you dance for them.

Now you have learned all foreplay tips. Time to know about 24 Crazy Sex Positions to surprise your partner with something amazing and different.


Just getting done with the business is something no couple would want even when it comes to quickie. And this is why you really need to level up the game through these foreplay ideas that I mentioned just above. But make sure that you go slow at first and then try out one tip at a time.

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