How to Be a Good Kisser: Kissing Tips & Techniques

How to Be a Good Kisser: You know kissing is the key thing before initiating any other sexual activity; it’s like initiating the relationship with your partner. It’s a necessary thing after you’re in love with someone and your way of kissing defines many things about you.

To make an intimate connection with your partner, it is mandatory to know the right kissing tricks because a bad kiss can ruin everything and you end up terribly.

There are no lessons on how to be a good kisser, but there are a few small things, and by keeping them in your brain you can kiss like a pro.

You can just impress any man if you take care of these tiny things on how to be a good kisser and make the next step of your love happy and satisfied.

If you have a great kiss with your partner, you automatically know it because he gets addicted to you and it acts like drug between you two.

When you two have a good kiss, it just blows your brains and keeps you waiting for more of it.

So today I am going to enlighten you with some tips on how to be a good kisser, so you read these things and experiment these in your intimate life.

How to Be a Good Kisser

How to Be a Good Kisser

So let’s start with these good kissing tips.

1). You Always Keep It Real Like You Actually Want To

If you really don’t want to do it right now, then you should take no hurry and keep yourself away.

Take your steps to the moment only if you actually feel that it should happen between you two. There can be nothing gross than a bad kiss, and that happens without setting up the mood.

2). Your Mouth Is Always Fresh

You are ready but does your mouth feel the same? It is a really important factor that you should take care of without going to him.

If you were good with your outside appearance and not with your mouth because it smells like hell, then take it as a warning.

You must avoid having a kiss if you feel like a smelling mouth and work on removing that odor first. The effective way to work on how to be a good kisser is to avoid some foods like garlic, onions, junk foods, etc.

So take care that you don’t have any bad breathe and if it is how you feel then visit your dentist and tell him about your issue.

Also, consume some effective remedies to remove the odor from chewing cloves and fennel seeds can help a lot to help you with how to be a good kisser

3). You Use Lip Balm before Kissing

A good kisser always uses lips moisturizer so you can go with the simple ones or choose with some sweet flavor like rose and strawberry to enhance the fun.

So every time you go for a kiss, go with some good quality of lip gloss but use your lips carefully, so you don’t put it on someone’s face.

4). You Believe In Getting Feedback about the Kiss

A good kisser always asks for the feedback, they always talk about it and mention the things that were not good so you can improve these things next time.

Don’t feel shy about getting feedback, but go confidently like a mature couple to talk. It would hint you what should you improve and what is best in your kissing way.

5). You Take It Slow

It is the one sexy trick to make a kiss sexier; you should take it slow and for small intervals. Don’t just throw yourself at the moment but learn to pick the warmness up slowly and romantically.

When you start it slow and keep it for a few seconds without getting wild, then you are kissing like a pro and a perfect couple.

So the right idea on how to be a good kisser is to start things gradually and then warm up the moment, so he demands it more and more.

6). You Think Hickey Is Not the Idea

Well, sensible couples don’t do anything like hickey as it’s not a mature way to love him but just a sign of possessiveness.

No one likes to be sucked, and when your mouth reacts like a vacuum, then he is not going to love it much.

So drop the idea of giving hickeys and create some real kissing moments, so you don’t end up saying WTF.

7). You Don’t Just Focus On Lips

When you are going for a lips kiss doesn’t mean that it is just for a kiss or you only have to focus on lips area.

You should know the art of spicing up things and chill the moment by adding some kisses on sensual places like under the jawbone, on the earlobe, the collarbone, Forehead, and the sexy shoulders.

Either start kissing from the shoulders and end up your journey to lips or have it from lips to shoulders including all areas as I just mentioned.

Also, whispering something sexy and lusty will be great while learning on how to be a good kisser.

8). You Know Using Your Tongue Wisely

It’ not just about lips, but you need to know that using your tongue rightly can be amazing while having your first kiss with him.

Using your tongue is an art that can attract your man to get a kiss again and again. You can start by running our tongue around the upper and lower lips inside.

Then keep both of your tongues together and just taste it like you are licking it. It will create a great kissing experience and help you with how to be a good kisser.

9). You Know the Art of Biting

If you are a good kisser, you should know how to keep those teeth always way while tasting those lips.

Biting can be a good thing if you do it in a sensual and soft way. Otherwise, it can ruin the whole thing, and he may end up with you. So bite his lips but very softly and do it like you are pulling it gently between your front teeth.

10). You Know the Tricks of Tease Him

Teasing him before racing to the right pace can make him want you more, so take your steps slowly.

You can kiss him on the entire face starting with the forehead, his eyes, nose, cheeks, and earlobes and just near the lips.

It will add up a spark, and you can see his reactions like he is dying to get your lips. So this is a killer method on how to be a good kisser as it builds a lot of anticipation that you are just reaching to his lips.

11). You Support Your Partner and Keep It Like A Pro

If your partner is an aggressive kisser, then you can keep it gentle by using your fingers and lips in the right way. You don’t need to do it like very quick and hard, so use your fingers to play on his body.

To keep it gentle, approach the collarbone and brush your fingers and breaths there. Now slowly take your lips upward near his lips, then start with his lower lip, upper lip and then suck both of them softly by blending the taste of your lip balm in his mouth.

12). Always Understand Your Partner’s Choice

It is the first tip that you need to learn to establish a good intimacy between you two. If you understand your partner’s choice and take the step accordingly, then you can consider yourself a good kisser.

But if you haven’t heard of anything like this then first you have to catch what your partner wants to get good on how to be a good kisser.

Kissing is not just about putting your lips up and down on each other but it’s an art of loving, and by using it right you two can get in the ocean of love and attraction in just a few seconds.

You need to first which type of kiss your partner prefers like soft like a single-lip kiss, French, lingering or seductive kiss and then go with the flow.

13). Keep It Gentle So You Don’t Swell Lips

If you are into French kissing, then make sure that you are not pushing your partner’s tongue and you both are getting equal pleasure.

A French kiss is not something to hurt anyone but it’s a way to kiss passionately and when you are all in deep romance and seduction.

So just make sure that you don’t perform in e way that makes the lips swelling. Use the right amount of pressure on lips and tongue to avoid the painful lips.

14). Wait For the Right Time and Place

You are asking about how to be a good kisser, so first you have to work on identifying the right moment to kiss your partner. Things can get weird if you choose the wrong timing and place to get closer.

It is a very basic technique that every couple should understand because only a perfect timing can bring the right emotions.

For example, kissing in public is not your partner’s thing and she is not okay with it, then you should understand this thing and don’t force yourself on her. So learn this mood-setting thing if you want to learn how to be a good kisser.

15). It’s good to Follow Your Partner

If you like a kissing method that is different from your partner’s then sometimes it is good to compromise, and you can expect the same, so you both can take pleasure of your favorite techniques.

If you don’t feel comfortable about taking the lead, then let your partner take the lead and follow the movements.

16). Keep Tongue and Lips on the Way

While it is about kissing, some of you take it in a lips way and some take it using their tongue. But don’t forget that perfect lip kiss is a combination of lips and tongue and if you don’t use the same you don’t get the decent amount of pleasure.

17). Don’t Make Sex Your Target

Whenever you two kiss, it doesn’t need to last on sex, sometimes you two need a rest from the sex and feel your partner’s body by making kisses on the lips and all over the body. So don’t set sex as your target and kiss each other just for fun and refreshing your mind.

18). Feel the Moment to the Fullest

The another great technique is to lose yourself in that moment and try to be in there as long as you two make love.

Try to lose you in the world of lust as you do while having sex and not think about anything else at that moment.

19). Never Compare Your Present and Ex-Partner

It is like the main precaution you need to keep in mind before working on how to be a good kisser. If you had any past relationship, then there is no need to compare your partner that how good or bad he/she is in making a kiss.

It can be a great relationship breaker, so don’t judge him because everyone has its own way and techniques to make love.

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Kissing is the thing that refreshes your soul and excites you to keep your body close to another person. It is the first step to get intimate that everyone follows before having sex. The more you are good on kissing, the more successful your relationship would be.

If you know the art of using your lips, you have the power that can keep your partner thinking of you all the times. So I shared some tips here, and I hope these would be a great help to learn how to be a good kisser.

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