How to Stop Loving Someone

Today, I am going to share best tips on how to stop loving someone.

It is the worst feeling ever when you love someone who doesn’t love you back. Your world seems like a ruined place, and you think falling out of that edge of being alive.

You believe that there are pain and suffering everywhere and you can’t see anything else because you are utterly hurt by the rejection.

When you get a rejection in your life, it feels like a physical pain, and you can’t manage yourself going forward in your life until you are on the path of how to fall out of love and relax those neurons in your brain that provoke the hurt.

Stop the dilemma of flowing with emotions and be ready to learn how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you because it’s the only way to get that deep hurt out.

You can actually make this matter of hurting yourself easily by getting rid of his thoughts. I know it seems a joke because practically you just can’t blow him out of your life until you follow this list that has some effective points on how to stop being in love with someone who doesn’t love you. So be ready to enlighten your way so you can bring that happiness back.

How to Stop Loving Someone

Here I mentioned 11 tips which are very useful for you, so go ahead read till the end to find the best solution for you.

How to Stop Loving Someone

1). Remember That You Have To Bear Pain

Your partner just left you, and it seems an uncaring phase no matter how much you put effort to make it work. When someone leaves you whom you love the most, it hurts like hell.

So consider pain as your companion until you vanish him totally from your brain and heart as well. This is not going to happen in 2 days, so take the pain as natural to get going with what to do when you love someone who doesn’t love you.

Consider this fact that you are not the only one who experienced this heartbreak thing, there are several couples on the earth who think daily more than 10 times ‘how to stop loving someone’.

Also, note that there would be depression if you are too fragile to handle your emotions, so you need to work with that too by changing your diet, your sleeping habits, by seeing an expert, by changing the way of thinking, etc.

2). Take Your Time to Grieve

While learning how to stop loving someone, it’s necessary that you give yourself some time for being sad and let the tears shed away.  You have to put out that burden of sorrows from your heart and to do it honestly; you have to go through this limitless tears and pain.

Shedding of those tears away will make you feel light and there will be no burden on your heart at all. It can’t be done in just one night, but you can get rid of your sorrows if you have strong willpower to forget the sadness and restart your happy life.

You have to stuck in the things I love someone who doesn’t love me back’ because it’s the only way to suppress those emotions by getting all your sadness out.

But it doesn’t mean that you sit in that room for days without even taking a bath because it’s going to over the limits, so take care of yourself and don’t stop those tears whenever you feel pain.

3). There Is No Way to Control That Person

Keep it in mind that there is no way you can control him not to leave you and put yourself in his place and think. You are human, and you can’t stay with the one whom you don’t love because you want to be with the one you love.

So while being active on how to stop loving someone, you have to stop acting like you can control him to stay and love you the same way you do. There is no possible way if one of you is finally done and wants to move on in their life.

Stop arguing yourself that you can take him back because it will be unhelpful and even if he would come back, you won’t feel like being in love, it would be like his kindness.

4). Give Yourself Space from His Memories

It is your life now, and he is totally out of this matter. You have to live it and create space for yourself, so you have to start removing his memories and the space that he has occupied in your brain.

It is part of how to stop loving someone, so you have to cut that person if you seriously want your life back. Don’t be unkind to you and let the past pass away to feel the joy again.

Sometimes it happens that your partner is in love with your best friend or the one who supported you the most. Don’t go back to that person ever again and choose a different friend to help you.

Try not to visit their social profiles, but unfriend them from everywhere, so you won’t see even his name on your social media profile.

5). You Are Better Without Him

Always remember that you’re a great person in yourself and you don’t need anyone to listen how perfect you are. Don’t worry how loving or caring that person was because that was past and now you have no one but you.

It’s your world and you have to take it on the peak again without thinking that you’re doing it all just to realize him that you can take care of yourself.

But do it genuinely for your own good and follow these steps on how to stop loving someone. If you ever think about him, then take only negative and bad things that make you hate him easily.

Take care of your physical appearances and try to be happy as much as you can after getting over with the tears session as you read above. Stay away from the trap of saying bad things about him because it’s going to remind him more and at last you would feel bad.

6). Throw Out All the Memories

Whether it’s your brain or room full of his memories and things he gave you as a present. To work on how to stop loving someone, you need to get rid of all these mementos and consider it as an important step to healing.

Whenever you see these things, you remind those days when he was with you, but you are not supposed to do it, so you have to throw them, burn them and flush them forever.

You would remember every memory as you go through each item, but you need to see it as trash that would never come back to your life and you are going forward on your happiness.

You can also consider donating them if there are precious objects that you don’t think burning is a good idea. Be practical and not emotional and donate them to some needy person and feel that peace in your heart.

7). Keep Distracting Yourself

Keep yourself distracted by indulging in several things that keep his memories away from you. You can join any class to learn a new hobby, join an NGO and help the helpless.

There are a lot of ways to divert your thoughts from him and use yourself for doing well for others. Own a pet if you are a pet lover like a puppy or a rabbit of your favorite breed and spend your time with him, take care of him and see his adorable activities.

It doesn’t matter what do you pick, your main aim is to distract your mind from his thoughts, but don’t consider taking drugs as it will destroy you completely.

You can call your friends’ group on weekends and enjoy exploring the city or the nearby towns. Learn to ride something like a bike or a car, manage your garden and ask your mom to make your favorite food or you can surprise your parents by making a special dish.

So these are some really helpful ways on how to stop loving someone by keeping yourself busy to achieve some priceless moments. The fun is going to double if you find a buddy who feels no problem in going crazy with you.

8). Note Down what’s Good and Positive about You

In this journey of how to stop loving someone, always remember that this one can’t justify the traits of you and how much love and respect you deserve.

People often start thinking that they don’t have any good qualities and as a result, they faced the rejection, but they forget that maybe the other person was not able to see your qualities.

Always be positive about yourself because it’s the only thing that can get you out from any kind of negative and depressing situation.

Think that the other person was not worthy of your love and respect and life always does what is best for you.

Prepare notes about your best qualities and things that always attract others. Note down the things that make people envy you and you just need to read these lines again to feel that positive circle around you.

9). Learn From This Incident

Take it as a positive change in your life if you want to work successfully on how to stop loving someone. You would feel hopeless because of this rejection, but if you start taking it as a good step that your life offered, you are not going to regret it again.

Believe in your God and pray for the better life to receive the inner peace along with all these steps. You need to focus the moments that give you some lessons that you can use in your next relationship to live it wonderfully.

Think about all those mistakes that you made to correct it in your past relationship because you are not going to make them again and this way you solve your future fights.

Don’t take yourself as a perfect person and think like everyone has their own vulnerabilities because it is the thing that makes us human and not God. To understand this fact and keep away yourself from loving the wrong person.

10). Get Your Friends and Enjoy a Vacation

It is going to be the best vacation of your life because you have just woke up from a bad dream and this vacation is going to fill your life with positivity and precious moments with your friends.

Your brain is going to fill it up with the sceneries and nature of that place and your happy hormone is going to be activated all the time.

So get your perfect way on how to stop loving someone by changing your life a bit and plan your vacation with your best buddies.

If you are out of budget, then leave the town and shift with your friends for some time and spend the best part of your life there. Go for Saturday night, try exotic recipes, get a tattoo, get a hair color, get dressed sexy and be in the pool of being alive again.

11). Give a Chance to Someone Else

Well he is not going to be your boyfriend forever and this is life, you all face changes, big and small, but the important thing is going through all of these enjoying.

You are a free bird now and an adult as well, so no one is going to stop you from flirting with other hot men out there and also don’t stop yourself from being someone’s crush.

Boost your confidence level and meet new people and remind how much exciting life can be all over again while following these tips on how to stop loving someone.


When your loved one leaves you, it feels like the end of the world. But in actual, it’s not, but it’s the beginning of your new life and new adventures and you are going to experience it by following these steps on how to stop loving someone.

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