21 I Love You More Than Quotes

There is no life enough to tell the love of your life that I love you more than this or that. It can just be expressed in all the possible way until you are breathing with them. To express your love in a way of comparison depicts that you love them in all possible ways.

So, to help you to express all your feelings for them, I am listing out some really beautiful I love you quotes here. Of course, you can also come up with that once you will catch up the pace. And I am sure your love will be all flattered with so much of praises for them.

21 I Love You More Than Quotes

1). I love you more than I have ever loved even the cheesiest pizza in the town. And trust me, I could even give that up for you. Well, Nah! I am just kidding.

I Love You More Than Quotes

Well, this is one of the most trending thing these days. When you are telling someone that you love them even more than that damn pizza this means you literally love them more than anything else in this world for sure.

2). I love you more than the feeling of rain falling over the earth for the first time in a season. And being with you satisfies me more than the cozy smell of the first rain. When I think about it, this sounds incredible to me.

I love you more than quotes like this are so beautiful. This is something like personifying your love for someone in the most magnificent and loving way possible. This is so adorable to remark your love and compare it with someone so soothing and amazing.

3). I love you way more than what a library means for a bookworm. I love you this much that if I could ever have so much of capability then I could put together every possible adjective from all the books to describe what you mean to me.

Sometimes words are not enough to describe your love for someone and this quote is exactly like that only. You can never explain how deeply you are in love with someone. Such quotes are surely enough to tell the same to someone special.

4). I love you more than the stars has ever loved the vastness and calmness of the sky. And I could literally feel the same pain of you not being around like when the star shoots out from the sky and creates a void which cannot be fulfilled ever again.

More than the funny quotes and sayings about love I prefer to mention quotes which are straight from someone’s heart reaching to someone else’s. And I think the moon, stars, sky and everything else makes the perfect personification for that.

5). I love you more than people love to Netflix and Chill because you are not an option of just passing the time for me. You are like my favorite show, no matter how many times I watch it, I would never get bored.

This is a popular modern trend these days to do nonstop Netflix and Chill. I think for the current scenario such types of I love you types of quotes are just perfect to say to someone. Without any doubt, you can definitely go for this one.

6). My heart loves you more than the words could ever explain. Even if I try, I cannot put together this feeling into the possible words to describe the emotions I have attached with you.

Of course, language has the top most power to describe and share everything we know. If you are not able to even put your feelings together through the words too then you really love someone a lot. But at least you can tell them the same through this quote.

7). I love you more than someone loved their childhood memories. You bring such real happiness to my life that I do not have to think about past good memories to be happy again.

Childhood memories are far away from the mediocre and double-sided reality of these days. To love someone even more than loving your childhood memories show how pure your love is for someone. You must not let go such people.

8). I love you more than Potterhead loves Harry Potter. You are just like the impossible magical events that have taken place in my life to ultimately combine me with my destiny

Being a Potterhead, I know how much I am in love with the entire Harry Potter series and I know even after thousands of years I will be. So, this special I love you more than kind of quotes are dedicated to the every Potterhead out there.

9). I love you even more than the excitement of kissing you for the very first time. The lingering sweetness of your mouth and the extremely amazing scent of your body still reminds me of how lucky I am.

I think this is really cute when someone reminds of their first kiss with the one they truly love. Such kind of quotes not only reminds you of the best memories you have lived with the one you love but also tells someone that how much you love them.

10). I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow and as every single second pass of my lifetime, my love grow for you even more with it. And this is never gonna stop.

This is one of the most common types of quotes that you can use. You must have even heard it somewhere too. But I think it explains in the best way that how much you love someone and how with each passing second, your love is gradually increasing.

11). I love you more than the most amazing music ever made because whenever you speak to me, the sound of your voice seems way more melodious than the every possible musical instruments could ever produce.

I think music and love goes parallel and hands in hands forever. No other things can be as beautiful as comparing your love to the most melodious music you have heard of.

12). I love you way more than a child is in love with candies. In fact, the most innocent smile on his face while getting some treat is nothing compared to the love I feel for you when I look at you each time.

You know it so well how much a kid loves candies. This is just the perfect personification that you could try out to depict your love for someone. Well, nothing is literally enough when it comes to expressing love.

13). I love you more than my cuddly doggy. And I literally mean that I love you more than anything else because my dog is my life for sure. So, don’t you go away from me or me and my dog are gonna go crazy then.

A dog is like the entire love factory on its own. They are so cute and cuddly all the time. But if you love someone even more than your dog, then tell them about it instantly. (Cuteness overloaded).

14). I love you more than a desperate drug addict loves cocaine and other drugs. If you are with me then trust me no other drug is more powerful than your love itself. And right now I am totally under the influence of it.

Well, this may be a bit of dark humor but trust me the meaning is totally positive though. In fact, you must have heard of such quote in the popular movie Twilight too. You just want to tell them that how addictive you have become about them.

15). I love you even way more than a strong coffee in my bed in the morning. Trust me because when I see you I automatically get fully charged up that even thousands of cups of coffee won’t be able to do that for me.

Seeing someone you love instantly boost up your emotions and feelings like you an energy drink. This is kind of cute to compare someone with the strongest coffee you ever had. I think they’ll get the meaning too.

16). I love you more than a woman is always in love with the diamonds. I know that nothing sparkles better than the smile on your face and not even the thousands of jewels present in the world right now.

Well, everyone knows the love of women for diamonds for sure. If you are assuring that you love someone more than that then it is truly remarkable in this modern world here. This can be a pinch of satire here too.

17). I love you more than Ross was ever in love with Rachel in F.R.I.E.N.D.S because I know that even if I would be with someone else then too I would always be thinking about you. And because I know this life is not enough to love you all from my heart.

If you ever want just the perfect types of I love you this much quotes then I can assure you this one is an all-time classic that you can use. If you have watched the popular show FRIENDS then you would surely be familiar that what I am talking about here.

18). I love you thousand times more than girls love to gossip about everything together at any time. No matter what I talk there will always be a hint or even the entire thing will be all about your smile, your scent, your hairs, your looks, your love and just you.

This is literally something really funny here. I mean of course, no offense with the gossiping that girls love to do but surely you can explain that you love someone even more than this. This is seriously something so creative to say to someone.

19). I love you more than a creamy cheesecake. Sometimes I even can ditch the damn food to be with you. I know this may sound kind of impossible but trust me, when I am with you, I cannot think of anything else and not even that cake too.

If you really know what I am talking about here then you would surely know that how amazing a cheesecake is. And loving someone more than that is really amazing in this modern world. This is just a funny representation for sharing your feelings.

20). I love you more than a sailor is in love with his ship. This is not about how deep the water is or how hard it is to get through but it is about the promise I made to you for which I am ready to go through all the hardest phases of my life.

This is so creative to share your thoughts about your love along with the deep and vastness of the sea. This is just another zenith that you want to achieve while loving someone from all your heart and soul together.

21). I am in love with you way more than anything else that matters in my life or which makes my life what it is because I can deny every single truth but you. You are the one whose existence makes the hope glitters in my life and it always reminds me that everything is great and will always gonna be.

This one is the last gem in this series of beautiful I love you more than types of quotes mentioned here. The idea is to tell your loved one that you mean to them more than anything else that has ever mattered in your life.

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I hope you have liked the collection of some great quotes listed here saying out loud to your special someone that I love you more than anything else in this world.

People consider it so hard to express love to one another but actually it is kind of a simple thing. You just need to express it in your everyday routine and your relationship would be just perfect. And for more you always have these quotes to try out.

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