How To Make Someone Happy [16 Ways]

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You are in the world where everyone just cares about himself and not others. The world is full of selfish things, but sometimes you feel like you should do some things for others and not just for you.

Sometimes, you research that how to make others happy because when you see yourself the reason for their happiness, you feel like the happiest person in the world.

When you help someone, you feel the joy in your soul, and satisfaction that you have done something for someone without any profit and this thing gives you peace in your brain.

When you give to others, the same you get in return, so when you do well to others, you get the good someday. To make someone happy, you need to find tips for making someone happy to create a happier life for yourself.

When someone’s face lift up with joy because of you, then this seems the best moment of your life and your self-esteem gets a boost up because you know how to make a person happy.

This list here that I bring for you is perfect thing that provides the best ways to make someone happy so you can brighten your days just by helping someone who is in need.

So get your attention to these tips here on how to make people happy and try yourself and see the calm you feel even when you complete one from these tips.

How to Make Someone Happy

How To Make Someone Happy

1). Give a Compliment to Make Someone Smile

It is the best way to make someone happy and see that genuine smile.  When you say something positive and good about other, it motivates them to do it more.

Your compliment to any known or unknown person can make his day, and he can feel himself smiling the entire day just because soon praised him for his efforts.

If you are a company’s owner, you can admire one of your best working employees and then he will work even harder and won’t get you down.

A sincere and honest compliment can make your place in someone’s heart because they think that you believe in them and what do they do.

So you can have some nice things to say to make someone happy. For this, you have to notice small things that others do and praise them for doing that in so better way.

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2). Encourage When Someone Needs You

If you know this trick and follow at least once a week, then you are going well on how to make someone happy.

Encouragement is the word that everyone needs in his life, whenever they feel depressed, lonely or hopeless.

You can encourage them in their tough times and take out their negativity and fill them up with positivity.

So if you see a person sobbing or unhappy then ask softly for the reason of their sorrow and eliminate the darkness with your right words and take away all the fears of that person just by your magical words.

To lighten the situation, you can start with a joke or any funny story to bring a smile on the person’s face.

3). Listen To Your Friends

This one is the easiest one to help you work on how to make someone happy. It doesn’t take much effort and you only have to listen to the person who wants to share something but doesn’t have anyone to share it.

It can be your friend or just any unknown person, so when you listen to him, you make him feel like you have lifted the weight from his heart.

It often happens when your friend just wants to say something, so you can be those kind ears to listen to his troubles and give a solution accordingly.

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4). Present Your Friends Some Useful Thing

If you have any special friend, then you can make him happy by giving a present that can be really useful to him.

It is not necessary to gift someone only on occasion, so if you feel like he has helped you a lot and you should present him something that is valuable to him then go ahead and give him the best gift.

Take your time and put some thoughts on deciding what the gift should be that he would really like.

It can be anything like the first edition of the novel; maybe he needs a new backpack, a new watch or anything useful.

So this is somewhat effort making method on how to make someone happy, but if you do it well, then he is really going to remember you whenever he uses your gift.

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5). Send Thank You Cards

Just like gifting some useful thing to your friend, you can send thank you cards for a simple process on how to make someone happy

These cards are best if you want to show someone that how grateful you are to them. Whenever you feel like you should appreciate the things your friend does to you, then sending thank you card will be great.

So not just only your favorite teachers, but your friends also deserve thank you cards for getting you through every bad and worse situation.

It is also an easy way to express your feelings without thinking much because thank you cards are easily available, and you can write one or two sentences about your amazing friends.

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6). Admire Your Friend without Telling Him

The great thing that you can do to any person or just your friend is admiring the things he does for you in front of another person.

You don’t need him to be around while praising him, but you can do it while gossiping in your friend’ circle.

Don’t worry because it will get back to him by any person that you were praising him. You can praise him for anything like his dressing sense, his supportive behavior, his special skills, etc.

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7). Help Your Parents with the House

Other than eating tips on how to make someone happy, you can also make your parents by sharing your hands in the efforts they do for you or the home.

You don’t have to inform them, and you can do make improvements in the house, you can take care of the old garden, you can replace those bulbs that don’t work anymore or things like these.

These tiny things can be a great help, and you can feel that highest level of satisfaction when our parents enter the home and see all those improvements and admire you for your hard work.

8). Bring a Refreshing Bouquet for Your Mom

It doesn’t matter that you and your mom live in the same house or at different places you can always surprise her by bringing her the bouquet of fresh flowers in the morning.

So the idea of fresh flowers of her choice is really good along with these tips on how to make someone happy. So now you know the tricks to make your parents happy other than strangers and friends.

So don’t wait for mother’s day or women’s day, just pick up her favorite bunch of flowers and send him to make him feel that how much lucky you are to have a mom like her.

9). Call Your Grandparents

Sometimes you feel like being surrounded by the busy life, and you don’t have any time to remember your loved ones who care about you like no one else.

These are your grandparents, so not just only parents; you can also make your grands happy by giving them a call. Hearing your voice is enough to make them happy and alive.

Make some time from your busy life for them and talk to them for some minutes and see how much they appreciate you for it.

10). Send Some Sweets to Your Neighbors

If you wish to know how to make someone happy that is your neighbor, then you can serve them with fresh baked cookies, bread or just homemade pizza.

They will be more than happy to see how much you care for your neighbors and it also encourages them to establish a stronger relationship with you.

You can offer your neighbors with a plate full of brownies or cookies or both, nicely packaged and deliver them with a small note and a smile icon.

11). Pamper Your Pets

You can take care of those small and adorable pets in your home or spend some time with your neighbor’s pets like walking them around with you and showing your love.

You will feel the peace in our heart when you give a few minutes of your time to these cute animals that serve you their entire life.

12). Donate Your Things

This is a great tip on how to make someone happy. If you are the kind of person that believes in helping some stranger just by using your old stuff that you don’t use anymore.

Donating is the thing for you, you can donate items that are useless to you, but these can be very useful to the needy ones such as your clothes, your accessories, any video games, etc.

These are some old things for you, but for someone, these can be lifesaving things. When you donate, you guarantee yourself that you have made someone smile and that is precious to all of you.

13). Help Someone with the Weight

If you see a person making efforts with his things, then you can make your hands useful to support him in his work.

For example, you see a person carrying heavy loads then you can share some of his weight and help him by carrying some of his things.

If you see an old lady with heavy bags full of grocery, then be the reason to her blessings and drop her to the destination.

These are some smart ways so you can learn how to make someone happy by using a little of your strength and divide someone’s pain.

14). Give an Extra Tip to Waiter

In this point of how to make someone happy, you need to appreciate the effort of the person who serves you.

If you are in a restaurant and served well by the waiter, you can offer him an extra tip to help him in his earnings and to see that grateful smile.

Other than just money, you can give him a little note where you write how excellently he served your lunch or dinner and what things you liked about him.

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15). Take Care of Your Partner

While applying things for how to make someone happy, you should also take care of your partner whenever she is in need of your support.

You bring her all the things she needs, but sometimes these are not enough, so you should show some love to your partner.

It can be cuddling when she least expects it or making her favorite dishes so she can appreciate you more for being a loving and caring husband.

16). Volunteer for a Good Cause

After all these things, if you still want another reason to learn how to make someone happy, then go for volunteering and help the helpless with different things.

You can find several organizations that require volunteers to participate in different activities and to bring happiness to other’s life.

This way, show your love to others and let them feel that you care about them, you can also recommend your friend if he is looking for volunteering.

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These days, people are occupied in their lives, and they have many things to do. They are all living it without any changes and just for them and not anyone else.

But if you think that you should make some changes and do something for others, then these tips on how to make someone happy can be greatly helpful to you to bring the inner peace.

So choose your favorite way from these how to make someone happy tips and help others to create happy and memorable moments other than just following your busy schedules.

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