What to Do When You Have No Friends (Self Tested Tips)

What to Do When You have No Friends: Friends are the most inseparable part of our lives. They are special than any other relation because we get to choose them on our own. The bonding is even pure than the blood relations and the closeness is just irreplaceable. But have you ever imagined what to do when you have no friends?

It can be drastically boring and lonely when you have no friends. Every weekend can seem like a long wait and you would start loving the week days. Well, the scenario can be even scarier.

Have you ever heard anyone saying, I have no friends? Well, the chances are really low for this. Each one of us have at least one close friend who is always there for us, even at 2 in the night. But, what if you check your phone after a long day and there are no texts. What if no one ever calls you?

It actually sounds creepier than the worst horror movies ever. Well, depression and loneliness can strike like a sword over such people easily. Being alone all the time can be really challenging and especially mentally.

There can be certain reasons that you could not make any friends till now. This can be because your childhood and teenage has been fragmented till now because of the parents job. Sometimes you may come across to people who says, I have no friends in college.

But you do not have to worry about it anymore. Because we have come up with some ideas for what to do when you have no friends. All your queries, all the doubts are going to be sorted out here.

What to Do When You Have No Friends

I hope this section is going to solve a lot of your issues regarding having no friends.

Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

Going the same way would not get you anything. This is one of the first things that you need to attempt when you have no clue what to do when you have no friends. Mainstream cannot bring a change in your life and if you want to make new friends then you would have to do something else.

If you are living the same boring life then get out of your comfort zone. Start approaching people at your workplace or college. You can approach them for any query or doubts or just generally.

You must build up a confidence in yourself so that you do not hesitate to talk to people around you. This may seem difficult at first but with continuous efforts you can get successful in it. There are various tutorials online that you can seek.

You can also join some personality development classes for it. The solution of what to do when you have no friends can only be achieved if you really want.

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Improve Social Skills

I know attending social functions can be really awkward. But these are the places where you can make so many friends. It is the time to ditch the social awkwardness and start enjoying these functions. These social occasions can be someone’s marriage or even family functions.

Of course, you are not going to feel confident at first about it. But after several outings, you are gonna get used of it.

For this, you would have to ponder over your social skills. This can be about your body language, communications, facial expressions etc. You can start practicing by talking to yourself in the mirror. This would help you to initiate the conversation with someone.

All these tips and tricks are going to help you to find a solution of what to do when you have no friends. You can surely get all your social awkwardness out of your system through these little steps.

Start Something New

Another important step in the direction of knowing what to do when you have no friends is start something new. If you would follow the same routine then it would get impossible for you to find and meet new people.

If you want to try out something new then you can go for a solo trip to somewhere. The probability of finding new people is really high when you are going someplace else. The problem of what to do when you have no friends can be really sorted out through it.

You can also join some kind of club, as it will help you to interact with other people. Till date you do not have any friends, it can be because you never tried for it. But with these changes, you can surely make some friends.

Now, you would not have to think over what to do when you have no friends because you are going to make some nice pals through these tips and tricks.

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Increase Interaction with People

Stop stealing eyes from people, they are humans just like you and not some creepy creatures from a planet far away. Eating your lunch on your own in office, taking up all the lectures without a company and coming home all alone, are the things depriving you from having a friend.

If you would not let someone enter in your life then you would always be wondering what to do when you have no friends.

There is certainly no age decided in which you start making friends. It can be just the moment when you decide about it. If you feel shy while talking to people face to face or on calls then you can start texting them. This can be a great idea to open up to people around you.

I hope you do not want to die in such a situation where no one comes to your funeral. Make some friends and talk to them your heart out and you will surely feel a bit lighter and happier.

Use Social Media

This is the best way to work upon the problem of what to do when you have no friends. You can totally use the technology all in your favor to cop up with the loneliness. This is a wonderful platform to connect with the people you already know and some new buddies too.

You can create your social media accounts on multiple websites and enjoy talking to the people you have never talked before. There are various options like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Apart from adding the people you already know, you can make friends with the people you are interested in. This is the best things for what to do when you have no friends. You can find people like you having no friends and you can befriend them there.

Who knows you end up finding the perfect friend for yourself through social media. It is a wonderful option and you ought to use it at least once.

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Reconnect with People

Everyone has one or two friends when they are in high school or junior year. After you move on in your life, those friends seems to get disconnected from you. But it is the time to remember them again. You can get in touch with those friends through social media applications.

Who knows you guys are might be living in the same city and this can give you another chance to rekindle that bond of friendship once again.

You can finally have a friend you know from past times and I hope this time around you would not want to disconnect with them again. Finding your old buddies is always great and this can be superb especially when you are struggling with what to do when you have no friends.

It is the time to recall your friendship once again. This would surely help you to get good friends finally.

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Join Local Groups

One thing that you can surely do when you have no idea what to do when you have no friends is get along with the local people. Sometimes because of relocating to somewhere else, you tend to lose all your friends. It feels very lonely and disturbing to find new friends once again.

But you cannot spend your life alone as well. So, if you want to make new friends quickly then you must join the local groups around you.

You can join the local clubs in your society. These clubs will help you to know about the people around you and you can surely find someone of your age out there. By joining these groups, you can participate in their annual events and through this, you can interact with various people.

You just need to get out of your shell and you would not have to think then what to do when you have no friends.

Participate in Social Events

Each year every city or locality organizes various events on the occurrence of special occasions. By being a part of these social events you can surely make a lot of new friends instantly.

Instead of participating in them as a contestant, you must join them as a volunteer. By doing so, you will be the part of the organizing committee. This gives you the benefit of interacting with hundreds of people around you.

Leave the worries of what to do when you have no friends because you are about to make so many through these tips. Exchange your numbers with them and have some happy and light conversation with them.

Through gradual process and attending social events, you would surely make some nice friends in your life. This is no rocket science, it is just some little efforts by you which would show you how easy it is to make new friends.

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Join Some Class

This is ideally one of the best way to work upon the problem of what to do when you have no friends. There is no way that you can go without interacting to someone in a class. You can join whichever class you want like cooking, singing, music or any other hobby classes.

This would not only help you to grow your skills but would also improve your communications with others. It may be out of your shyness that you feel weird to talk to others. But these classes help you to break the glass that you have formed around yourself.

This is probably the best idea to come up for the problem of what to do when you have no friends. If you think you do not have the enough confidence then going for a personality development class would be a great option for you.

Think Where You Went Wrong

This is like analyzing the whole journey of your life once again. There can be something which you have done wrong and because of that you do not have any of your friends together now. If you have ever hurt any of your friends intentionally or mistakenly then you can apologize to them now.

This would make you feel a little lighter in your heart and you can restart things with your buddies with a fresh note.

If there are other things like arrogance, rude nature, communications problem then you can work upon them. Thinking about the past times would help you to cop up with the problem of what to do when you have no friends.

Life does not give the opportunity of fresh start to everyone. And now that if you are getting it then you must make most out of it.

If Nothing Goes Right

After all these process if you still do not feel like you need any friends then I think you can try these activities on your own. There are some of the things which do not require you to make any friends and you would not feel lonely too.

You may be an introvert kind of person who does not like someone’s interference in your life. And this is absolutely normal if you are a private person. These hobbies would surely help you to grow and find out your real passions in your life.

Explore Your Hobbies

If you have some kind of hobbies then it is the time to come up with them nicely. For all these years you did not get the chance to pursue your hobbies but now you can do that and that too for yourself. This is productive and you will love it too as they are your hobbies.

These hobbies can be music, singing, pottery, riding, traveling or anything else. These hobbies are the best way for the recreation and it can also help you to forget all your worries and stress.

You can get to meet people sharing the same hobbies as you and finally you can get the opportunity of becoming friends with them. The problem of what to do when you have no friends is not that much complicated as it seems.

Who knows, you can finally find a career in your hobbies too. Life is unpredictable and with your each effort you can find something new about it each moment.


Writing is not just a hobby but a passion to many. It requires no investment other than time and dedication. This can prove to be the best solution for the problem of what to do when you have no friends.

There is no technicalities that you have to worry about in it. There is no rules but just a heart that can imagine a world different than this.

You can find yourself by writing your emotions out. In fact, you can find a career in writing easily. There are lots of opportunities waiting for you. You just need to spread your arms wide to hold them together.


Books are the best friend that you can ever have. People do not say it just like that but it is true indeed. If you think you are not feeling comfortable with anyone then focus all your energy towards reading. You can go to some library for this.

If you are unable to go someplace else then you can start reading at home as well. You just need to buy Kindle and you are done.

Books can transport you to a totally different world through your imagination in no time. This is the best remedy to the issue of what to do when you have no friends. There are millions of books that you can find on internet as PDF file. You can start reading them.

These books not only improve your vocabulary but also inspires you too. You cannot waste your time thinking what to do when you have no friends because finally you have something who would never leave your side.

Netflix and Chill

If not the real world then let the virtual world connect with you. There are some wonderful series and seasons on the Netflix that can become your best friend for a really long time. The long list of Netflix would not let your be alone.

If not Netflix then you can try other things too. You can download the seasons of different shows. If you are the one college students who does not have friends then this is the best option for you.

Netflix has its own season and online shows which are quite entertaining and you are surely gonna love them. You do not have to worry about the problem of what to do when you have no friends anymore. Netflix is surely going to become one inseparable part of your life from now on.

Make sure that you do not get involved in Netflix that much because it can be very addictive and your parents may feel you are becoming too much of a TV Worm.

Get Comfortable with Being Alone

If you are not comfortable with the way you are then you will always feel depressed and conscious about yourself. Forget the fact that what others are going to say about you. If you embrace your own company then there is nothing wrong with it.

You need not to think what to do when you have no friends because you can be your own bestie. Do not find someone’s shoulder to cry on. Be your own sunshine.

You always have your family to support you at every phase of your life. You can share your feelings with them. Your parents are no less than best friends for you.

I hope you would not have to find the answer of what to do when you have no friends anymore. Always remember, you are the one who can bring tremendous happiness in your life. Share your achievements with your family and stay happy in your own little world.

Keep Yourself Busy

If ever loneliness strikes over you, then remember, keeping yourself busy can be very advantageous for you. There are a lot of things that can acquire so much of your time that you would not even feel alone. Lose the track of time and you can finally be on your own.

You can start working somewhere. And if you are already doing so, then you can also apply for a part time job or work from home jobs. By doing so, your maximum time will be taken by work and you will not feel lonely at all.

At some point of time you may feel what to do when you have no friends. Then you can just step out of your apartment and visit to some nearby places.

This would help you as some recreational activities and you can finally live like an introvert that you are.


There is nothing wrong with you if you are the one who says, why do I have no friends? All your problems are going to come to a rest after reading to the above section. I hope it would relax you mentally and emotionally and would sort out your queries of what to do when you have no friends.

These things listed above are going to help you to make some new friends if you have not made any till date. There is no rocket science in it, this is just fun and you would surely feel amazing to ride on this journey.

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