Crazy Stuff to Do When Bored

Crazy Stuff to Do When Bored: Feeling bored in your leisure time and wants to do something to kill the boredom? Well, I have the perfect plan or I should say plans for you for this.

I have this amazing long list of crazy stuff to do when you are getting bored. These are funny, productive, crazy, and hilarious and most importantly it would kill your time and you would not even realize it.

Many a times your parents would have left you alone for the entire day. It can also be the time when you have no work to do even in your office. This is when you can run your mind like hell to do such kind of crazy stuff.

Crazy Stuff to Do When Bored (50+ Best Ideas for you)

Crazy Stuff to Do When Bored

Here is the complete list of little but hilariously crazy stuff you can do to beat the boredom.

1). You can apply some glue in the toothbrush of your sibling.

2). Go to a public place and start laughing out so loud that eventually some security guards have to stop you.

3). Invent some new signs and language and piss someone off with it.

4). Go to a crowded place in your city and start taking selfies by making some utterly crazy faces.

5). Go to a mall or some departmental store and start picking up things from one section and place them in a different section. Do these things until one of the worker out there come to know what the matter with you is?

This is surely really crazy stuff to pull off. But make sure that you do not end up getting yourself caught in a trouble by the owner of the shop.

6). Go on with telling the same joke again and again to your family members until they get so damn irritated with you.

7). Go to a crowded place and start dancing stupidly until people start clicking your pictures.

8). Stand in front of a security camera and start acting like a clown.

9). Start acting in a public place as if you are heavily drunk.

10). Add the same word at the end of every sentence that you speak. Ex. Fool, Dumb, Yuk etc.

This hilarious crazy stuff is going to tease your family member a lot. They are surely going to get irritated from you after this.

11). Put a really old item in front of your main gate and wait until someone try to pick it up and then blame him for stealing.

12). Spend endless time on youtube and watch videos back to back.

13). Start following someone randomly on the road wherever they go and whenever they turn back, lie on the floor until they come to see you.

14). Write something randomly on a piece of paper and leave it in someone’s mailbox.

15). Go on the social media and start commenting on some really old pictures of your friends and enjoy a great conversation afterwards.

This crazy stuff is going to give you one excuse to talk to your old buddies once again. Get ready to receive a lot of notifications of numerous comments now.

16). Try to not blink your eyes for as much time as you can.

17). Start recording your absurd and crazy videos and send them to your friends and ask them to do the same.

18). Irritate your neighborhood by playing some musical instrument very loudly.

19). Wear crazy costumes of some super hero and pretend to be one while going in public.

20). Walk to random people and say that you are going to give them $100 if they slap themselves five times in a row very hardly. Now watch who gets trapped?

This crazy stuff is going to fool a lot of people and you are going to have a blast through this.

21). Force yourself on random people and say, somebody is pushing you.

22). Go into the public and get a bottle of coke and fill some mentos in it. Now keep it in the middle of the road and wait to explode and watch people’s reaction over it.

23). Go to a random shop and scare them with toy gun.

24). Sit in the middle of a busy road and start begging.

25). Get into a club or disc and then start dancing on the table until they have to call the guards to get you down.

This crazy stuff can land you in some troubles too so make sure that you do not stretch it too much that the guards end up hitting you.

26). Approach some totally strange people of opposite sex and tell them in front of their friends that you two had a great time last night.

27). Go to an ice cream parlor and taste every ice cream they have. Now pretend to run from there.

28). Open all the doors, windows and closets of your home and then close them in as less time as you can.

29). Go to random people and start shouting at them for no reason.

30). Scare your younger siblings by pulling off some scariest tricks on them.

This is so gonna make you laugh until your stomach hurts. This kind of crazy stuff is going to kill your boredom surely.

31). Start drawing on the floor until your mom comes and scold you hard.

32). Call to some random numbers and ask did you find the dead body yet or not?

33). Call to some radio jockey and start talking to them about the shit happening in your life.

34). Write something on a kite and fly it down on someone’s roof and see whether they reply of it or not?

35). Write the phone number of your friend on a wall of a busy area. See if anyone calls them or not.

I know, this crazy stuff is going to irritate your friends a lot but you would at least have something to do finally.

36). Start juggling the things with your hands until you drop one of them on the floor.

37). Go out in the public and start talking to the animals and make sure someone is watching you while do so.

38). Leave a note on someone’s car saying that you are sorry for the damage of their car and write a random phone no. on this note instead of yours.

39). Look towards the sky and say look this is falling and then see how many people watches above.

40). Try sumo wrestling with your siblings by tying pillows all over your body.

This crazy stuff is so entertaining and your siblings are going to enjoy it too. You two are surely going to have a great time laughing on the floor and tied up all over with pillows.

41). Call a friend and start singing a song very loudly and keep on doing it until they hang up.

42). Whenever someone calls your name, reply with save me I am dying.

43). Start putting weird status like you are suffering from cancer on your social media account.

44). Walk to random people and say that there shoe lace is untied; see how many people look down.

45). Sit on the road and starting reading a book out loud that everyone can hear it.

This crazy stuff is going to irritate a lot of people near you but you can surely kill some time through it.

46). Go to a grocery store and start following someone, whenever they pick a thing start laughing crazily.

47). Pick your younger sibling and stick them to wall by using a lot of duck tape.

48). Go to your mom and start crying hilariously and then after some time start laughing hilariously until she start getting scared.

49). Put a ‘lost dog’ poster and print the photo of your sibling in it.

50). Look on the sky and start screaming, “They are coming for us” and see how many people watch towards the sky.

This is one of the most hilarious types of crazy stuff and it is surely going to fool a lot of people around you.

51). Download tinder and start chatting with totally stranger people.

52). Start uploading totally weird stories on Instagram.

53). Call people on your phonebook and tell them that you have been kidnapped and you really need their help.

54). Find a new number and call from it to your friends and start fooling them.

55). Create a fake social media account and start chatting with totally strange people through it.

56). Enter into a PCO and act like you are talking to someone until you find a big line of people waiting outside.


Now that you have gone through all the things I have listed for you under the category of crazy stuff, you must have realized that how hilarious they are.

Some of them can be a lot like dares that you need to give to yourself only to beat the boredom.

Whatever, they are but they are surely going to keep you engaged as well as entertained for a really long time.

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