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The night of 31st October which is the eve of all saints day is celebrated as the Halloween. You can see all children dressing up in scary masks and evil costumes. Halloween is believed to be associated with the Celtic festival samahain and it is a faith that ghosts and spirits are believed to be abroad.

You can see lots of little witches, small scary but cute goblins, masked imps and paper wrapped ghosts asking for the trick and treats at your door step. Yes, it is October and it is the time of the Halloween.

People wear variety of Halloween costumes at this time. But before we discuss more about the Halloween costumes we should better know what a costume is?

What is costume?

Costumes are the type of clothes which are dressed for a special occasion to follow a certain style or theme. These clothes can be related to any historical period or a specific time. Costumes are different from the normal clothes that we wear in our day to day life. For example if we go to a outdoor party then we wear a bit different clothes than the usual ones. If someone wants to look funny then he will wear the costume of a joker, and if someone wants to look scary then he will wear the costumes of a ghost.


As Halloween is the festival of spirits and evil ghosts then people wear the costumes of witches, imps, ghosts etc. on this particular occasion. By seeing such costumes people automatically come to know that what kind of celebration is going on. It is a ritual from the old time that people wear scary looking clothes on the Halloween night. So scary costumes are the dress code for the Halloween celebrations.

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Use of costumes:

Costumes are said to be the most preliminary part of a party. Suppose if there is a circus theme of a party and you go there wearing a three piece suit then everybody will be shocked to see you. Right costumes should be worn at the right time. In today’s world every party is organized on the basis of a theme. For example if there is a birthday party of a baby girl then the theme of the party should be of Barbie or of a princess world. If the theme of the party is kept like something very mature then it would not be according to the taste of the children.

Just like that if in a Halloween party somebody would be dressed like a gentleman then it would not suit the atmosphere. If the party is organized on the occasion of Halloween then it should be of horror theme. Costumes can form or destroy any sort of environment just like that. It is just that the right type of costume should be worn at the right type of party.

For the Halloween one can go for various costumes like blood sucking Dracula, vampires, imps, goblins, witch, ghosts, black magicians etc. here are various costume ideas for various age groups. It includes the category of kids, men, women, boys and girls:

Halloween costumes for kids:

If you are looking for the best Halloween costumes for kids then you should go for such costumes which are affordable and pretty enough. These clothes should not be too much scary. You should try to give such looks to kids which are not so scary. As they are so small they can be frightened by these looks so easily. So to let your children feel safe and to let them stay innocent and cute you can go for some not so scary looks for them.

Kids should always be left untouched with their cute faces. So if you really want to go for a nice Halloween costumes for them then you can go for these looks:

1). Small witches having small broom in their hand can be a nice look for a baby girl. Dark coffee shades lipstick so that it looks like they have drunk blood and a witch hat f black color. Instead of wearing a full length stereotype witch frock you can go for a knee length back colored or grey colored frock for them. It would keep the looks modern plus pretty for your baby girl.

2). Now for the baby boy you can go for an evil ninja look. You can go for a black ninja dress for your baby buy. As black color will give more evil look to your naughty child. You can hand over a plastic knife to them to tie it on their waist. Also there can be a cloth covering their face to give it a complete dangerous look.

3). Some other looks to try:

You can go for a evil ship captain’s look for both your kids either a boy or a girl. It will give a scary plus a really cute looks to your children. With a cover on one eye to give it a more scary look

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Halloween costumes for boys:

It is too much tough to convince a boy to wear a Halloween dress. So if you are arranging a Halloween dress for him then make sure it should be very classy one so that they can not deny wearing it on the Halloween night party. Some examples of these Halloween costumes are:

1). Boys can wear Halloween costumes like a pirate. An evil pirate always has a covering on one eye and handicapped by a hand. You can try such looks having long hairs and a wide pirate hat. White shirt which should be very dirty, black breaches, long boots and a black pirate hat with a cloth tied on the waist and a small sword hanged around the waist. It gives you a complete pirate look.

2). Boys always love the vampire look as it classy as well as too much stylish. All you have to do is wear a black suit and make your face a bit whitish. You can also put a little pinkish lip balm to look like you are a blood sucking vampire. Put some kohl in your eyes and artificial vampire teeth in your mouth.

3). Other looks to try out:

If you really want to experiment then you can go for the zombie look. Just wear the torn over clothes. Stain your body with artificial blood and put some blood around the corner of your lips to make it more real. This will give you a perfect zombie look.

Also you can try the looks of some star ward knight warriors. They are evil, having a fighting spirit also they are stylish with a great costume.

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Halloween costumes for girls:

Girls have a tendency to look so much adorable even when they are dressed up so much scary. They always try to grab attention of the people. No matter whether it is Halloween or any other festival they always try to look at their best.
If the look has to be evil then they would keep such looks which will make them horror and classy at the same time. They do not forget to look elegant all the time.

Here are some of the great Halloween costumes with some amazing look for the girls. Its time to woo everyone on this Halloween night.

1). Vampire is a look which is common to both boys and girls. But it is full of tantrums fro the girls. For a complete vampire look straighten your hairs and put some hair spray on it to make it look shiny. Smokey eyes with a blood red color lipstick. A little bit more whitish face along with a long black gown. You can team up this gown along with a black cloth hanging around your shoulder which should be floor touching.

Remember: do not forget to put the vampire blood sucking teeth so that it will make you look scary but stylish. This would be a great Halloween look for this year.

2). Witch costumes are so much common for girls on the occasion of Halloween parties. Long hats, a broom stick in hands and an evil look on face. You can team up this look with long grey colored loose gowns and a rope tied around the waist.

3). Some other Halloween costumes can be of an evil looking doll. Such dolls look so much scary. 2 pony tales with middle partition and remember your hairs should look uncombed. Also wear a skirt along with a shirt inside it. Some scars on head an evil look in eyes which can be opted by the colored lenses.

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Halloween costumes for men:

Men is a word that always gives a feeling of someone who is very classy, responsible and mature enough to handle all the odds against his family. But when it is the time for the celebrations he leaves no stone unturned to enjoy with his family and friends.
Now it is the time for the Halloween party and as usual the men of the house is so much confused that what to wear and what to not. So we are here as usual to sort out this problem of yours. We are suggesting some great Halloween costumes for men to try out on this Halloween.

1). The evil clown look is something which can make even adults haunt at any time of the day. There are even some movies too on this character. Multi colored wig on the head, red colored large clown nose, and large artificial nails in hands to haunt everyone. You can also use the large vampire teeth to look scarier.

2). Nobody can forget the fantastic role of a werewolf played by Taylor lautner in the series of the epic film the twilight saga. This character is so much scary that one can not skip being a werewolf on a Halloween night. Just some artificial hairs on the entire body and big scary looking nails are enough to scare anyone. Large wolf teeth in mouth and blood on face will give it more scary look.

3). Some other Halloween costumes for men on this Halloween is a goblin or of an imp. You can also go for the skeleton costumes or the ugly looking dead’s costume.

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Halloween costumes for women:

Some women do not agree easily to wear the Halloween costumes. As these looks are sometimes really hard and heavy to carry. So Halloween costumes for the women should be simple enough for women so that they can carry it on though out the party very easily and it does not make them so much tired.

Such Halloween costumes can be:

1). Being a woman you can go for the simple ghost look. All you have to do is just wear simple old clothes with some scars on the face and let your hairs be frizzy and uncombed. Your scars should be so much natural looking so you can paint them with red color to make it look full of blood. Also you can put on some long artificial nails on your hands.

2). You can opt the Halloween costume of the black wizards. All you have to do is put the black lipstick on and also paint your nails with black colored nail paint. Keep your eyes dark smoky and your hairs curly and open to give you a mysterious look.

3). Some other Halloween costumes for women are the costumes of witches, Dracula, zombies. These looks are common for every age group. Also Halloween costumes for such characters are easy to attain.

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This Halloween arrange the Halloween costumes for all type of age groups. No need to be confused or said about your look on this Halloween. We have a complete solution for your dilemma on this Halloween. You can easily get these Halloween costumes on any fancy dress shop. And the look ideas will help you to look even scarier. Enjoy the looks along with the trick and treat this Halloween. Happy Halloween to all.

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