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Halloween quotes and sayings: Ghosts, and coffins and evil spirits. When you listen to these things your heart starts to beat very fast and your eyes very wide. Imagine you are watching a horror and scary movie at home and you are all alone and suddenly the power cut occurs, you feel like you are going to faint the next moment. Yes, this is all about Halloween. Fear and excitement can be seen everywhere.

Halloween is celebrated on 1st November. And the night of 31st October is full of weird scary costumes. Numbers of people can be seen wearing costumes of Dracula, vampires and werewolves. Haunted decorations everywhere and lots of people taking part in scary parades.

Halloween is one of the weirdest festivals celebrated in American states. People usually get out of words while wishing Halloween to their friends but here we are providing you some amazing Halloween quotes and sayings for you so that you never get out of words while wishing Halloween.

1. Scary card:

Make a scary card and stain it with red color spots everywhere so that is looks like real blood. Write in not so good handwriting all the wishes you want to deliver to your friends. Crush the paper so that is looks too old. This would be a great Halloween quotes and sayings for your loved ones.

2. Horror costumes:

Gift someone a scary costume to wear on this Halloween. This can be of any creature a mummy, skeleton, vampire or even Dracula. Place a chit between the costume with a scary Halloween quotes and sayings written on it. they will surely love your gifts.

3. The trick and treat:

You can deliver some tasty treat for your friends. Candies, chocolates and lots of other treats are an essential of Halloween. Send a chit with it written with a Halloween quotes and sayings reading out that it is the first treat from me to you and hope you get many more.

4. The Halloween parade:

You can send an exciting and creative invitation card for your friends to invite them into the Halloween parade. Send some exciting Halloween quotes and sayings for them to tempt them towards the parade. Share the fun moment of the previous parade and they will surely join on this year’s parade.

5. The Halloween characters:

There are a lot of Halloween characters like the blood sucking vampires, the breath taking werewolves, the deads, the skulls, ugly witches and black magicians, trolls and weird animals. All these creature create a terrific Halloween effect on the streets on the eve of Halloween. Create a different slogan type Halloween quotes and sayings for each of the character of this festivals and make some exciting posters for them.

6. Scary sound:

Download some really scary music and voices of ghosts and witches form the internet. Prepare a great combination of them and present the music on the Halloween eve. You can also record some Halloween quotes and sayings in the scary voice and send these wishes to your friends. It would be really exciting to do this.

Happy halloween quotes and sayings

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