Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween costume ideas for women: Halloween is all about fancy and scary costumes, horror atmosphere and some larger than life parties. You can see witches with their warts, ghosts, scary looking imps, small goblins, horror wizards, vampires, Dracula, werewolves etc. everywhere around you.

This is the only festival in America that is celebrated for the ghosts. It is a belief that all the evil spirits get active on the night of Halloween. it is celebrated on the night of 31st October which is a day earlier from the all saint’s day. It is a belief that many people perform samahin on this night which calls the evil spirit. One of the examples of these rituals are stone hedge which is to believed to be one of the places to perform samahin.

Halloween is a symbol of transformation of weather from summer to winter. The eve of the all saint’s day is celebrated as the Halloween. This night is full of lots of fun moments and excitement. We are always eager to see that what our friends are wearing to look scary. Everyone wants to look horror and scary. People take part in Halloween parades and party for the whole night.

One of the most confusing things on this night is what to wear and what to not? Specially the women are pretty confused as they want to follow the theme but do not want to leave their elegance too. Nobody can get through a woman’s mind. They are always concerned about how they look and what they wear.

So ladies we are here to sort out all your confusions on this Halloween. We have the Halloween costume ideas for women and girls to look hot and bold at the same time. Sometimes being scary gives you a sexy and powerful look in a different way. So try these looks to look powerful above all and rise above all. Carry out the look in such a way that everyone watch you with their jaw dropped:

Halloween costume ideas for girls

Girls want such looks on Halloween which make them look scary but sexy too. Such looks can include lots of experiments with the traditional ones. Or you can team up two or more than two looks together to present yourself as the scariest above all. Here we are providing some great looks for girls which are worth trying:

1). Adult graveyard shift costume

What you need for this type of costume is a black gown with the print of a skeleton over it. gown gives a different look than the traditional skeleton dresses. You can team up this gown with a white cloth ties over your shoulder which is touching the floor plus a black hoody on your head to give a mysterious look. Apply black lipstick and wear black gloves in your hands with a length which covers three fourth of your hands. Wear black pencil heels with this look. This would be a perfect scary and classy Halloween costume ideas for women.

2). Adult glow in dark skeleton

Such types of skeleton dresses are in form of jumpsuits with the cut sleeves and modern look. Team up this look with black boots. Wear wrist size black gloves with a print of bones over it. Such types of dresses glow in the dark which will make you more noticeable. And this Halloween costume idea for women will give them a extremely sexy look.

3). Day of the dead senorita costume

You can be a beautiful bride and a horror dead at the same time. All you have to do is wear a top of skeleton print and team it up with colorful mini skirt. Wear skeleton print stocking with cute bellies. Apply make up which makes you look completely white. Wear a flower crown on your head. This Halloween costume for women will make them look like a horror bride is wanting someone’s blood.

4). Red rose sugar skull

All your have to do is wear a black frock style one piece with the red boundaries. Wear some red flairs here and there. Wear black gloves with a length half of your hands. Match them with black heels and red net stockings. Take a red rose bouquet in your hands. Wear a red hair band and make a messy bun of your hairs. Paint your face white and highlight your eyes with smoky make up. Keep the tip of your nose black and put on black lipstick. This is a really different Halloween costume idea for women.

5). Haunting beauty ghost

This outfit is something which worth experimenting. wear a knee length one piece of frock style. Wear white stockings with white boots. Then hang lots and lots of flairs with your frock through your waist line. Also you should keep in mind that your must have full sleeves of white color with this costume. Hang flairs from your hands too. Wear a white hoody and paint your face completely white including your eyes and lips too.

6). Victorian ghost bride

Wear a traditional wedding gown from the early nineties look. This gown should have lots of layers and complete white color in the texture. Paint your hairs white and your face too. Apply smoky eyes make up with a black lipstick. Take a mysterious looking wand in your hands. This would give you a scary bride form the Victorian time.

These were the looks for the girls. Girls are keen on experimenting so we are using these looks for them. Now it’s the time to try out the Halloween costume ideas for women.

Halloween costume ideas for women:

Halloween costume ideas for women should be very simple because they get tired very soon out of a look. So when you are dressing up for the Halloween you should not try too hard to look so much scary. You can try such looks which are haunted yet classy. Women always want such type of clothes which are comfortable to wear because wearing tight dresses for too long can cause ache in your body.

1). Luxury ghost cape

This look is something which is really made for women. This is a really simple look which is worth for a women. This is really comfortable plus you would not have to try too hard to look scary in it. all you have to do is wear a completely white or black gown. Make sure that this gown should be very larger than your size. It should be touching the floor. Keep your hairs open and wear a hoody on them. Apply the black make up. Dark kohl with smoky make up for eyes and black lipstick for lips and it would be the completely amazing Halloween costume idea for women.

2). Soul stealer reaper

For this Halloween costume idea for women all you have to do is wear a pencil black gown with a cut till your knees from one side only. Tie a satin belt on your waist which should be equal in length of your gown. Wear a long black hoody. Let your hairs be open and messy. Dark red lipstick with heavy eye make up and a reaper in your hand as if you are the soul stealer.

3). Broken doll costume

Wear a thigh length frock with multicolor layers in it. wear black net gloves in your hands and red heels with black net stockings. Let the hairs be messy and wear a hair band on them while keeping the hairs open. Simple eye make up with extra eye lashes. And a doll type lipstick covering only middle part of your lips. Draw a line of blood from the corner of your lips and a black line on your one eye. This Halloween costume idea for women will make her look like a broken doll.

4). Jesterina costume

This is a female clown look really suitable for the Halloween purpose. Wear a red and black frock of thigh length. Wear red and black stockings of different print in different legs with red bellies. Wear a red color hairs wig. Paint your face white and apply black eye shadow with smoky eyes make up. Apply black lipstick till the middle part of your lips only. Wear a glove in one hand only and take a wand which is having a clown like face on its end. Funny yet so scary look.

5). Zombie costume

For the zombie costume you should be look like you are directly coming from the graveyard only. Wear a white dress with black print on it. make sure this dress should be dirty enough. Make your hairs dirty and ugly looking by hair spray. Apply artificial nails and apply black nail paint on them. Keep the face simple with some dirty marks and scars on them. Tear your footwear a bit too. And here is your Halloween costume idea for women as a horrifying zombie.

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