Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him [35 Best Gifts Ideas]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him: The chilling winter has always been proved as the excuse to let those people come closer who have fallen in love with each other. You can say it the weather or the atmosphere that it truly becomes very difficult to stay away from your beloved person. In such atmosphere, the occasion like Valentine’s Day proved to work as the icing on the cake.

Whether it is showering love on each other or flooding each other with numerous gifts, Valentine’s Day Witness the shower of love falling on every couple. The weather itself works as the cupid to let the couple come closer to each other.

Every couple has their own way to celebrate this beautiful day of love. Although there is no special day required to celebrate the feeling called love. But still, people do not have enough time for each other on every single day due to work pressure. In the midst of the ultra modern life, the Valentine’s Day serves as the rescuer.

The most important part of this entire day revolves around presenting gifts to each other. You know it so well that girls can be easily wooed with the help of flower and chocolates. What about the guys? Being a girl, it always creates a problematic situation to think that what gift can suit best on their guy? Sometimes it feels like next to impossible to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

If you are a girl who is struggling with the same thought, then you do not have to worry about it anymore. We have come up with some really great and innovative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him [35 Best Gifts Ideas]

These are useful and truly affordable. The best part about them is that they are not at all girly and would be loved by your guy for sure. You just need to go through all the ideas listed below and pick the right ones according to the choice of your guy.

Valentines day gifts ideas for him

1). Safari Ride

A safari ride in the dark jungle along with the animal sighting is such a boy things. And you should totally consider it because this is something that he is truly going to enjoy with you. I know being a girl you may not like it that much but I would suggest you to try it once, and you are totally going to love it.

Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him give the experiences to the couple which they can never forget. It will form some amazing memories for you two which you will cherish forever.

You can pick any Sanctuary for it. You can also go for a Safari ride in a wild life reserve or some hill station too. Watching the wild animals in their full element is something that you two would love to see.

2). Trimmer

ABeard Trimmer trimmer is the most essential thing for a guy. And it becomes even more essential when your man is a beard keeper. To take care of his manly beard, this is totally necessary to keep up with a good quality trimmer along with some attachments.

You should go for the Philips or Nova beard trimmer for it. Their great quality blades and other attachments are good enough to give variations in the thickness of the beard.

This gift is just the perfect thing for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him as well as suitable for any other occasion too. This is just a onetime investment because they are really very durable.


3). Beer Mugs

Superman-Beer-MugWine is for ladies and beer is for the real man. You must have heard this line many times in the friends gathering. Keeping that in mind we have compiled our next gift item for the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him which is the large beer mugs. If you want then you can also add the bottle of beer along with it.

Guys can drink a lot of amount of beer at a time. So you should go for the jumbo beer mugs for your guy for the Valentine’s celebrations.

You should get these beer mugs personalized too. You can get his name engraved on the mug as well as a funny tag line too. This would be really nice as whenever he will drink beer in it, he is surely going to miss you.


4). DSLR Camera

DSLR-Camera-300x300.jpgThese types of technology based Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him are very expensive but they are worth buying for your guy. The world is getting high tech gadgets and everyone wants quality in each and everything. The craze of social media is putting it a priority for people to click such pictures which must be clear and good.

Your guy must have thought about it once to buy a DSLR. You can be the one who can fulfill this desire of him.

You have brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony and others which offer the best quality of the professional camera which are preferred by professional photographers too. This in return is beneficial for you as you can also get yourself clicked with the help of this amazing professional camera.


5). Cufflinks

Personalized Love Song CufflinksWhen your guy is wearing a three piece suit, then each and every detail of the suit should be kept in mind. From the belt to the cufflinks everything must be great enough to complete the look of a perfect gentleman.

Cufflinks play a very important role in completing this look. They must be of good quality so that they do not get damaged easily. Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him may seem very small, but they can prove to be really special.

You can go for the personalized cufflinks for him. With the help of latest techniques, you can get his picture engraved on the cufflinks easily. You can also go for other things too which will make it really special for him. This small detail would complete his look in each and every party.


6). Pocket Watch

Jewel-Watch-247x300.jpgPocket watches used to be a huge hit back in 90s. After it, the wrist watches entered the scenario, and everyone turned their back to the pocket watches. But now, people who love the old and artistic things have started liking this beautiful product.

This is a pendulum-like a watch which is connected to a metallic chain. The pocket watches are really good and beautiful.

This is a really nice and one of the most creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. If he is not a big fan of old things then too he is surely going to love this thing. If you want some creativity in this item, then you can make it personalized easily. You can get the photo of you two printed on the face of the watch.


7). Coffee Mug

Personalized Coffee MugA personalized coffee mug serving fresh and strong coffee in the morning is the best start for a day. Nothing else can make your guy feel more alive and awakened then this coffee and its presentation. Have you ever thought about serving coffee in a mug which has the picture of you two on it?

If you have not given it a thought, then the Valentine’s Day is the best day to think about it. This is one of the most loving and creatively excellent Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

You can get some really beautiful pictures of you two printed on this giant coffee mug. I am advising to pick the giant size so that it can give you enough space to get the pictures printed on it.


8). Personalized Chocolates

personalized-chocolatesGuys are never a great fan of chocolates and other eatables which are largely liked and in fact loved by girls. But on this Valentine’s Day, you can make him eat some really good chocolates, and that too are of different types than the conventional one.

You just have to get these chocolates made on some special order. You would have to get his picture printed on this chocolate along with the tag of Happy Valentine’s Day.

When he will open the chocolates reluctantly then he will be in a complete delight to see his face printed on the chocolate. This is totally unique and a really touching Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. If not the picture then you can simply print his name on the chocolate. This would also work in your favor.


9). Sports Ear Buds

sports-ear-budsNot only he but you have also witnessed the problem of falling ear buds while working out. This is a usual problem which breaks the flow of work out along with the music. But now he would not be facing this problem ever again.

You can present him this unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him which is known as the sports ear buds. These ear buds comes with a different mode called beast mode which ignores all the noise producing in your surrounding and maintains your flow.

These ear buds also do not fall from the ear because of the extra support that comes with them which can be easily attached to the ears without any discomfort. This is one of the most productive things that you can give to him.


10). The After Shave

the-after-shaveIf your guy usually suffers from the severe skin irritation or skin problems after having a shave then you should immediately consider the after shave gel as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

The after shave gel not only keeps the skin of the guys soft but also avoids irritation and pain after shaving. There are brands like Nivea, Fcuk, and many more which has a variety of after shave in the form of gel or cream.

If you want then you can also get him other shaving products too. It will be like a complete set of the shaving items for him. This is really useful and necessary for him and he will be surely thankful to your for this.


11). Dumbbell Set

dumbbell-setFor the guy who loves to workout, dumbbell set can turn out to be the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Nothing is more important than the fitness of his body for a guy who is a complete fitness freak. The one who cannot miss even a single day of his workout, the dumbbell set can prove to be the jewel of his life.

The dumbbells come in different types according to their weight. You can ask him before that what weight would be suitable for him.

It will save his time from going to gym. And someday if he is not able to get to the gym then he can easily work out at home only.


12). Men Grab and Fly Set

men-grab-and-fly-setThis is one amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him if he travels a lot. Instead of packing his day to day items each time while going out now he just need to pack this grab and fly set with him.

This set is comprised of quality items like face wash, lotion, cream and other products which are required when one is traveling out. This product is being liked by a lot of people these days. You just need to buy this set, and all the essentials that he needs for a trip would be covered just like that.


13). Kindle

KindleFor the guy who has a love for reading, Kindle is the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Those days are gone when one used to read all the latest books by buying them. Now there is Kindle which is a complete e-book store for the people.

It comes with adjustable brightness. One can easily read the books from Kindle without even letting their eyes struggle even in the scorching heat under the sun.

It also comes with features of dictionary which are capable enough to display the complete meaning of any word when focused upon.


14). Wireless Speakers

SpeakerThis is not possible for people to carry their speakers to whichever place they want. If your guy is a music lover but misses the loud music at different places then this is the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

The wireless speakers by brands like Sony, Philips, Samsung and others are just the perfect stuff that your guy wants.

The wireless speakers are totally wire free and just demand a cable which can be connected to the phone only. Some of the speakers are Bluetooth based too which can be connected by the Bluetooth only. This is just the perfect stuff for your music lover guy.


15). Coffee Maker

CoffeemakerBrewing the machine made strong coffee with nose-tickling smell and the perfect color is the dream of every man. It must be his habit to drink a lot of coffee between the breaks in his office. What about home? He must have been missing the taste of this coffee at home too.

Sometimes it feels really tiring to prepare the coffee on your own. That is why I have suggested this coffee maker as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

With the help of just simple operations, one can easily prepare strong and tasty coffee at home. There are numerous companies which offer great coffee makers. The features of the coffee makers depend upon their price.


16). Tie

tieWhen we are talking about the formal looks then how we can forget about the tie? A tie is something which not only makes a man look more stylish but also completes his looks and adds perfection into it.

This would make the most adorable type of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. There are a lot of materials of tie which is great in terms of quality.

You can pick the brands like Burberry, Louis Phillip, Marc and Jacobs and many more to pick the best tie for your guy. If he does not know that how to tie a tie then you can also gift him a manual which will help him to learn it.


17). Drone Camera

Drone CameraAnother Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him is the drone camera. This is exceptional device to capture all the memories and videos in the air with great quality display and ultimate sound quality while recoding the video. You must be thinking that why did I mention this in the category of Valentine’s Day gifts.

But guys usually like such products which are technically exceptional. This is one such device which would not let you down in terms of technology.

This is operated with the help of remote and can capture videos and pictures from a great distance too. If the quality of your DSLR is lacking behind then, this drone camera would not let him down at all. It is the time to capture your love story from a different angle.


18). Leather Wallet

Slim Leather WalletGuys are usually very messy, and they are equally reluctant about taking care of their little belongings. But being his girl, this is totally your responsibility to let him become more efficient about managing his things. You can help him down on this issue through this kind of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

The leather wallet is just the perfect thing to keep his cash, cards, license, visiting cards and other valuable items safe and sound.

Woodland, Red Chief, Puma, Nike and there more than hundred types of brands which offer the quality leather wallets. You should go for different colors like blue or grey for the wallet. They are quite in trend and would look really cool in the hands of your guy.


19). Sneakers

SneakersFor the guy who travels a lot or who loves to enjoy the adventurous outings with friends, sneakers are the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Sneakers are a bit different from the conventional shoes in terms of flexibility and comfort.

Instead of those rigid shoes, people are turning their ways towards more relaxing sneakers. Nike, Puma, Reebok, Jordan and there are various famous brands that offer high-quality sneakers to the customers with some amazing colors too.

You can easily buy them from any online shopping site. They have a lot of variety, and it is easy to access any kind of sneakers from the online shopping sites. What else can be more accurate than giving him the wings he wants to fly in his life?


20). Beer Shampoo Set

beer-shampoo-setIf you think that girls are the only one who is possessive about their hairs, then you are living in a wrong world. Guys are too much possessive about their hairs as well. They love to pamper them, and they can spend a lot of penny if their hairs suffer a great hair loss.

I am suggesting this wonderful beer shampoo as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him because this revolutionary product is just the thing that a guy wants.

Hairs of a guy are a bit rough and heavy. For this they need such kind of shampoo which is good enough to take care of their hairs. Beer shampoo is one such shampoo with an amazing smell which nourishes the hairs and keeps them silky and shiny all the time.


21). Wrist Watch

Personalized Wooden Wrist WatchWrist watches are something which becomes essential for a man. They complete that gentleman look of a guy. Apart from telling the accurate time it also helps in increasing the grace of clothing. Wrist watches comes in different prices and designs and are offered by numerous reputed and famous brands too.

Titan, Rado, Timex, Fossil, Fastrack, Burberry, Rolex and there is a huge list of brands which offers quality of wrist watches.

To be particular, I think you should go for the metal band watches. They look the most graceful among the rest of the watches. If you want to experiment, then black metal can be such a nice choice for the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.


22). Formal Shirt

formal-shirtA formal shirt is a must in the cupboard of every single man. No matter how much cool he is trying to become in his day to day life. The looks of the gentleman always remain unbeatable at each and every occasion. This makes him standing out among all the guys.

If he is not having a single formal shirt in his kitty, then this is the right time to get one for him. After all, you do not want him to come in his regular loose t-shirt on the Valentine’s Day date with you.

Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him are always memorable as they initiate a change. For such gifts, you have brands like Van Heusen, Peter England, Louis Phillip, Louis Vuitton and many more reputed brands to find the perfect fit and design for him.


23). Cologne Spray

cologne-sprayIf you are the one who believes in the myth that gifting perfumes causes spat between two people who love then you should totally change your mind right away. This myth is blocking you from considering one of the most fabulous Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

The cologne spray is really good in smell. They do not get mixed with the body odor but over power it which in terms results as the prevention of bad body odor.

There are cologne brands like Hugo, Burberry, Versace, Calvin Klein, Lagerfeld, D&G and many more which offers different collections of fragrances for men. They are not going to disappoint in terms of good quality perfumes. If you want then you can make a different type of perfume on special order but this would cost you a lot of extra bucks.


24). Camping

A home away from home, this is the most unique thing which can be picked as the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. I am not talking about buying an apartment in the hill station or something else but this is something more exciting than this.

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You can go for the two days camping on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. You can leave on the Valentine’s Eve and then can spend the next day in the camp too.

You should definitely give it a try as this is an exciting idea to carry out on Valentine’s Day. This would lead you two to a place which is far away from all the practical life troubles. You can plan surprises for him out there as the music, bon fire and many more.

25). Personalized Wood Box

Mothers day gifts ideasHave you ever considered of giving him something of his own brand? If it sounds insane to you, then let me tell you this is totally possible. You just need a wooden box for it, and that’s it. Get his superb photographs in the form of printouts.

You can fix these photographs on the each face of the wooden box. If not this way then you can get it done the other way too.

You can get the pictures photoshop on the wood itself. This would give a better finish to the entire box. Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him can prove to be very beneficial for him. Make sure that the size of the box is adequate enough to keep his stuff into it. He can keep things like belt, wallet, charger, earphone and many other items into it.


26). Hair Gel Set

hair-gel-setThis is not only a girl’s right to look ravishing and style her hairs. A guy can also do the same. He also has the right to spend some time on the styling of his hairs. Although it does not take any longer to set their hairs and make them party ready.

To save more of their time we have just the perfect type of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

The hair gel set would allow him to set his hairs with just a touch of his hands in whichever way he wants. Within no time he would look cool and stylish, and he can keep up with that look even after the party is over. What else than the Valentine’s Day itself would be perfect enough to start styling his hairs?


27). Sunglasses

wayfarer-wooden-sunglassesJust like this is mandatory for the girls, this is an essential accessory for the guys as well. With the various brands like Armani, Gucci, Vincent Chase, Rayban offering their best products for the guys, it gives you a vast sea of sunglasses designs to choose from.

I think from the perspective of guys you should totally go for the aviators. They are sleek, cool and never go out of fashion for the buys squad.

If he does not have one, then you can buy him the reflector sunglasses which will look really great on him. They are quite in trend and looks classy forever. For some experiment, you can go for the latest designs and mix and match of aviators too. This is one really cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.


28). Leather Belt

Leather-Belt-SetBelts are an essential part of a guy’s dressing. Sometimes they just put it on only for the look even if they do not need it in any way. That is the charm of the right belt that it can turn the ordinary dressing into power dressing.

Keeping that in mind it was necessary for me to pick this stuff in the category of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

If you are presenting the leather belt, then you should go for a set rather than the single belt. You can go for the three primary colors for the belt which are the black, brown and of course the white. I am including white because it is rare, but it gives a very different and unique look to the man.


29). Message Bracelet

message-braceletI could have suggested you about the ordinary bracelet which looks cool too. You could have gone for the expensive gold or platinum bracelet too but this type of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him is something different from all this obvious stuff.

This is something which shows that you really want to do something extra ordinary for him. That is the reason that you should totally go for the message bracelet.

As far as the metal is concerned, then silver or gold is good for it. If you want to go for the platinum polish, then that is cool as well. You just need to get a romantic message engraved in the inner periphery of the bracelet with the initials of the name of two of you on the outer. It would be like the token of love for him from your side.


30). Leather Duffle Bag

leather-duffle-bagA small duffle bag is the need of every single man. Whether it is a short business trip or the weekend outing with the friends or a getaway with you, he would always need it by his side to pack his stuff and get on the way.

This is one such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him which will take care of all his stuff efficiently. The leather material of the bag would always protect his stuff from getting damaged or getting wet in the rain.

You can order this bag from online shopping sites easily. As far as the color is concerned then without giving it a second thought, you must go for the brown color. This color is cool, rough and most importantly very manly.


31). Personalized Key Ring

personalized-key-ringThis small little wonder is enough to display how much you love to your guy. Of course, a key ring makes it easier to spot the key as well as helps in hanging it anywhere. But what is the twist in the tale is the idea by which you can make it personalized for him.

There is a personalized key ring which contains a metal bar with it. This bar can be easily engraved with whatever message you want to give him on this Valentine’s Day.

This is one of the cutest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. If not the metal bar then you can go with any of the shapes which seems suitable enough to you. You can also get the names of two of you engraved on it instead of the entire message.


32). Cufflink Tray and Watch Stand

cufflink-tray-and-watch-standMany times it happens that guys forget that where did they keep their cufflinks and watch. Watch is not that big problem but the tiny cufflinks are more prone to get lost here and there easily. In order to keep them safe, you can come up with some creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

The cufflink tray and watch stand is an entire set up done on the wood which helps in keeping these two essentials of a man safe and sound.

The wooden case is really adorable and looks really classy. One just has to put his watch on the frame and the cufflinks into the tray. This would keep them safe, and he can easily find them out when in need. If you want, then you can also engrave a message on this wooden tray as well.


33). Lyrics Cushion Cover

lyrics-cushion-coverInstead of the cushion cover which is personalized by the photographs of you two, it is a better idea to get something else printed on it. I am talking about the song which started your fairy tale love story. If not that song then you can pick any song which totally describes about two of you as a couple.

Such kind of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him is totally different from the conventional types of valentine’s gifts.

This can be easily done with the help of a person who knows photoshop. If you want to give it a twist, then you can get the photo of you two printed on the other side and the lyrics on the other side. This would be like the small projection of your relationship in

34). The Hobby T-Shirt

the-hobby-t-shirtThis thing is quite in trend in these days. The idea of such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him revolves around the choices your guy. The more you are going to focus upon him and his choices, the more he is going to love you for taking care of him.

There are some of the ideas which cannot be completed without the perfect photoshop artist. You just need to pick a plain t-shirt for him which should be in his favorite color. Make sure that the quality of the material of the t-shirt is good enough.

Get the caricature of his hobbies printed on this t-shirt. This would look really cool. If you want, then you can totally involve yourself indirectly into his t-shirt.


35). Personalized Laptop Skin

personalized-laptop-skinFor the guy who is gadget freak, it is the time to turn his favorite gadget which is his laptop in all new look. All you got to do is consult someone who is superb at photoshop. I know this is such an easy task to do. You got to get his best photographs together.

Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him do not demand much of your effort, but the outcomes are really commendable.

He is totally going to fall in love what you are going to do to him. You just need to take the measurement of his laptop and get the laptop skin ready for him which is comprised of his photographs. If you want then you can also pick such a photograph which is of you two.



At last, I would like to make it clear that no Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him is more precious than your love for him. The one who is being materialistic is not the true love of your life. You should not think twice before getting him out of your system completely.

Apart from it what matters the most is how you are presenting these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Even the small little gifts would look larger than life if you would involve a great way to present it to him. You can surprise him and even shock him with all the planning. At the end of the day what counts the most is the smile on his face, not the gifts that he got.

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