25 Online Shopping Sites in India: Pay Cash on Delivery

Here is an ultimate list of best online shopping sites in India for 2022.

In fact, some of these websites allow you paying cash on delivery.

Using these sites, you can buy anything from clothes, electronics, mobiles, computers, eBooks, toys, baby products, furniture to fitness accessories etc.

Let’s dive in right.

25 Top Online Shopping Sites in India for 2022

1). Amazon

Website: http://www.amazon.in

Probably the most liked site by every shopaholic.  There would not be any girls who haven’t checked out the site till date. This online shopping site is India is famous for its vast area coverage of the delivery. It even delivers the product to the remote areas where most of the shopping sites deny doing that.

And here comes the icing on the cake which is the advantage of cash on delivery.  You can download the Amazon app for more convenient access to the site.

Amazon have every small and big products, where you may interest. Amazon offers quick product delivery, fast customer support and one more thing is very user-friendly website By which you can easily find out best product for you.

2). Flipkart

Website: http://www.flipkart.com

Amazon may be the most convenient one from all the online shopping sites in India, but Flipkart is the most famous one among all. One thing that makes the Flipkart stand out of the crowd is its continuous and just awesome sale. They people organize sale on a enormous scale in every festive season and offer excellent quality products on a cheap rate.

With the advantage of cash on delivery on this site, there are vast sections for each thing. From electronics to clothing and the extent of footwear they offer the best one and that too on a large scale.

But before couple days I saw some status regularly on social media sites, some users share negative review about flipkart product delivery.

3). Jabong

Website: http://www.Jabong.com

Another online shopping site in India that offers a different kind of products on just one click with the incredible offers running on it. Just like other sites, it also has the cash on the delivery system but some conditions are also applied on them.

The best part of this site is that they offer an excellent customer service. Here you do not like the product then you can get it exchanged very soon according to the policy of the site.


Website: http://www.yepme.com

YEPME is another name in the online shopping sector of India. An online shopping site in India that offers the current fashion, and this is what their tagline also says about them. They have a clothing line of their own which is quite different from the others.

Although the site is not that much impressive once you become a regular you may find it nice out there. With the cash on delivery on the certain limit, they offer numerous products but on a not so large scale.  Although you can get some excellent watches and shoes on this online shopping site in India.

5). Myntra

Website: http://www.myntra.com

Now that is what you can call a personal favorite of many (at least mine). Fresh products with amazing prices and quality all are available just one click away. This site has recently entered in the most surfed online shopping site in India.

This site is the best one for those who have a soft corner for the clothing and want their wardrobe to stay updated every time.

6). SnapDeal

Website: http://www.snapdeal.com

Who in the country doesn’t know about Amir Khan? And yes, he is the one who is doing the advertisements for Snapdeal. Now that is what makes this site different from the others that even Mr. Perfectionist is the brand ambassador of the site.

Now the best products that this online shopping site in India offers is the electronics, apparel, accessories, games, grooming, etc. so if you want your essential electronics to be delivered right on your doorstep, then this site is just perfect for you.

7). ShopClues

Website: http://www.shopclues.com

This online shopping site in India is a boon for those who want to shop the best in a small budget. This site conducts significant discount sales now and then which are just more than awesome.

Now the best part of this site is that along with the cash on the delivery system they also offer every product on a wholesale rate which is quite money saver for many. The app of this site is a must for every Android user.

8). Home Shop 18

Website: http://homeshop18.com

As the name of the site suggests that this site is the best one for the households items at a great price that is quite cost efficient. With a vast range of electronics and household products, they offer the advantage of cash on delivery.

They have tie ups with the top merchandise in India, which offers the customer a vast range of products. They provide their service to the major locations of the country.

9). EbayInc

Website: http://www.ebayinc.com

Popularly known as eBay, this online site has come with a revolutionary entry in the best online shopping sites in India. Not only India but this shopping site has its wings spread in the entire world.

This online shopping site in India provides the best platform for many marketing companies to present their products according to the different categories. Along with the high customer satisfaction, this sites leads in the category of cash on delivery.

10). Naaptool

Website: http://www.naaptol.com

Indians are in a habit of purchasing everything with bargaining. They can’t afford to be fooled whether it is a customer or a shopkeeper. This site is just the same. With the comparative analysis of many products, it gives you the best one on a cheaper rate.

They also offer the fastest delivery; however it is considerate that they charge some amount according to the distance where the parcel is to be delivered. A must try for every Indian.

11). InfiBeam

Website: http://www.infibeam.com

With the marking of 4 out of 5 stars, this online shopping site in India is also a trademark in the online shopping sector in India. This site is still growing but that too on a fast pace in the online shopping era. They have gained a lot of customer’s satisfaction in the recent time.

They have their headquarter in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. This site is the best one for the products like electronics, automobiles, books and lifestyle products. They are the growing sensation in the e-commerce business.

12). PeperFry

Website: http://pepperfry.com

Pepperfry.com is the top online shopping sites in India, which is liked by many people. It is clear from the 5 out of 5 stars status of it that there are a lot of people like this online shopping site in India.

They have a large variety of products in the category of lifestyle enhancement, electronic gadgets and many more. They are still growing a lot in this industry as they offer timely discounts on many products of them. They also avail the cash on the delivery system on their site.

13). FashionAra

Website: http://www.fashionara.com

This is the online shopping site in India which offers numerous fashion lines and international brands. This site makes shopping very convenient for shopaholics. They also offer discount sales time to time for attracting more and more customers.

They have a large variety of products for males as well as females. They also serve to the electronics section, but their primary focus is on the fashion department. They also offer the quality products in the footwear section. The timely clearance sale conducts massive discounts on many products.

14). FirstCry

Website: http://www.firstcry.com

Firstcry.com provides the best and quality products for the babies. These kinds of sites are revolutionary for those who are soon to become parents. The new age parenting is quite modern with respect to the previous one and so is our society is turning now.

This site provides all the products regarding the infants and babies. They offer great clothes, baby products like oil, powder, creams, etc. they also offer numerous toys for them and their cradle.

15). Baby Oye

Website: http://babyoye.com

As the name of this online shopping site in India clearly displays that this is the site which is a boon for the soon to be parents of new parents in the town. This site is the top online shopping site in India in terms of the baby products.

They offer a vast variety of different types of baby products from diaper to baby oil; they have it all on them. You can shop anytime from this site and the stuff will be at your doorstep. The ease of the access on this site can even make kids go crazy for it.

16). Koovs

Website: http://koovs.com

Now this is what we can conclude from the site that it is completely biased with the males. Well jokes apart, this online shopping site is a treasure for the ladies. It offers a large variety of accessories, fashion garments, and other products which are the cup of tea of only ladies.

From head to toe, you can find numerous products on this site which are really good regarding quality as well as price. They also offer the facility of cash on delivery. This online shopping site in India is the one that can be a girl’s best friend.

17). ShoppersStop

Website: http://www.shoppersstop.com

It is a trademark in fashion, and you can find many offline stores of this merchandise. They offer the quality products with the range slightly high from the rest but surely best from the rest.

Now as they have decided to move online so here is the online shopping portal of the shoppers stop which is the personal favorite of many as the large variety of fashion brands on this site will mesmerize your eyes even with the single click. The quality of the products offered by this online shopping site in India can be trusted even with the eyes closed.)

18). Shop 19

Website: http://shopnineteen.com

If you are the one who believes in celebrating every color of life, then this site is just the perfect for you. This site can be the love of the life of many young ladies. This site has not gained much attention yet. But if you will start shopping on it then am sure you’ll be a fan of it.

This online shopping site in India may not be the entry in the list of top online shopping sites in India but still the uniqueness of this site is gaining love from many corners of the country.

19). Craftsvilla

Website: http://craftsvilla.com

Craftsvilla is famous for its unique designs of the products. The accessories out here are quite different from those on the other online shopping sites in India. They have a unique collection of clothing, winter line, accessories and other traditional outfits.

The watches out here (wall clock as well as wrist watches) are just mind blowing. The design and texture will remind you of the golden era. This online shopping site in India also provides the advantage of cash on delivery too. You can find numerous brands on this site which are quite excellent.

20). EverStylish

Website: http://www.everstylish.com

If you are a girl then am very sure that you must have a bookmark of the site in your browser. No girl can resist herself from taking a look at this site.

This site offers an amazing product which cannot be seen on any other site for sure. But the disadvantage of the site is that they have very bounded cash on delivery policies. Along with it, the price of the product is a bit higher from the other sites. But their uniqueness and the cash on the delivery system is attracting many customers on this site.

21). Junglee

Website: http://www.junglee.com

Junglee is the synonym of the best. If you want the best out of the rest then just go with this site without even thinking twice. This site also offers the facility of cash on delivery with reliable customer service.

The main advantage of this site is that it compares the product price on different shopping sites and then displays comparative results which help us finding the best product on a small price. This online shopping site in India is the best for those who want to go for a smart shopping from home.

22). Rediff Shopping

Website: http://shopping.rediff.com

This site comes under the category of top online shopping site in India with the earning of 5 out of 5 stars. This site is an initiative of the Rediff; yes the same site which offers the facility of e-mails.

With the vast variety of products which are reliable too, this site is just amazing to shop on. The sophisticated products one can surely not reject are available on this online shopping site. Rediff.com takes good care of its customer by asking for timely feedbacks and other customer satisfactory policies.

23). IndiaTimes

Website: http://shopping.indiatimes.com

This site is renowned in the category of the top online shopping sites in India. They have got the appraisal of 5 out of 5 stars. With the great customer service and easy return policies, they have grown a lot over the years.

They introduce special coupons on the products which offer a huge discount. Their attractive offer grabs many eyes as they are the leading e-commerce site in India. Many electronic appliances can be found in our budget on this shopping site in India.

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24). Shimply

Website: http://www.shimply.com

This online shopping site in India may not have raised many eyebrows, but this comes under the one who works in quiet and then their work speaks for them. With the marking of 4 out of 5 stars, they are doing great in the category of e-commerce sites in India.

This site was started in 2014 under the leadership of Rajat Garg, an alumnus of Stanford University. With the priority of customer’s satisfaction, they have gained so much attention in recent time. Shimply.com offers a huge variety in the fashion, electronics, home décor, kitchenware and many other sections of our day to day life.

25). Fabfurnish

Website: http://www.fabfurnish.com

This site is just the perfect pick for redecorating your entire home. This site is different from the other ones as it does not offer any sort of clothing line or fashion garments. This site is mainly designed for improving our home décor.

There is a broad range of furniture, décor items, interior decorative collections and kitchenware from the entire globe. It connects the furniture market to the customers over a single click. And the best part is that you can order every single item on the cash on delivery constraint.

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