Best Game apps for Android [15+ Free Games Apps]

Best Game apps for Android: Do you spend your free time using the Android smartphone or Tablet by playing Android games? However, Playing a game is enjoyable but finding the best game apps for Android is taking time.

I know that everybody want to play the best game on the Android devices without wasting activities like downloading a game from play store and playing it if you like just keep it otherwise remove it.  When you do like this, you lose your internet data, and money goes unnecessarily just for seeing whether the game is it good or not?

You I have several bad experience while I try to find a some of best game apps for Android smartphone, But, you will not suffer like me because, I will create a list of the good Android game application. You have to read and install the game app on your devices and play the games that’s it.

Best Game apps for Android [15+ Free Games Apps]

These days mostly people have android smartphone and they played some games into his smartphone, but I saw sometimes people searched lot of content related to games on the internet but not able to found some best android game apps which they can install and play in his smartphone, can enjoy some great time.


Here I am sharing some best game apps for android for you, which you can play and can get lot of fun.

1). Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

star-warzAmazing gaming experience is awaiting you in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Bring your favorite star wars heroes and anti-heroes together like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader and more characters and create a powerful team and draw a plan to conquer your enemy on the iconic locations in the galaxy.

You can choose the characters to build a powerful team with special abilities for Jedi and Sith to engage in RPG combat that you have not seen before.

The best game apps for Android gives you a visual treat while you are playing the game and you meet your dark enemy with the different location that make you think of a strategic plan to conquer them. You have the freedom to choose the star wars characters from the original trilogy, prequel films, animated TV shows.

When you play the game on your Android’s hand devices, you have an amazing graphics and the sound effects experience that will take you into the galaxy. Furthermore, the location and characters will give more attraction, and it make you play the game without putting your smartphone down.


2). Real Racing 3

real-racingWho hate to play car racing games that come with power pack options to hook you with the game. When you pick your smartphone, and you start to play the real racing automatically, Yes, you have the best game apps for Android. No doubt about it.

The gear sounds of lined cars and waiting to end the countdown. Once the car speed up from the starting line you never put your mobile phone down. You have got some many option like you can choose real life cars like Ferrari, Porsche, and more than 100 cars and drive on the ground.

Coming with 12 real tracks with multiple configurations from the top worldwide location like Silverstone, Hockenheimring, Dubai Autodrome and more is there.

It is coming with 8-player with friends and rivals, as well as, supporting for real-time racing with drafting. No one is there to race with you, and then put in AI controlled version and play. You hook with the game and enjoy the racing in your smartphone with anytime and everywhere.


3). 3D Chess Game

Introducing the 3D Chess Game that is the best game apps for Android, where you can find the attractive gaming features for beginner to professional gamer. As a chess lover, you will like to play with the 3D Chess Game application.

The finest feature of the 3D Chess Game is that you can challenge the AI or AI vs. AI or Human vs. Human. Based on your chess knowledge you can choose the best Artificial Intelligence level before you start to play the game. Furthermore, analyzing your previous move step by step like editing, resuming, as a learning and planning purpose. You can monitor your performance with statistics report and play the 3D chess game in normal mode or timed mode.

It has come with great customization features that allow to change the color of chess pieces, change the chess board into metallic effect and more.

You will enjoy and play the Chess game with interest, and you like the sound effects as well as, you attract by the realistic 3d effect of the Chess and animations. etc. Sure you like the game.


4). Mission Impossible RogueNation

The best game apps for Android has adapted the famous mission impossible movie concept and created an action and spy game is ready to play on your hand devices.

Hero confronts the syndicate across the world by tracking their location and destroy rogue bases camp and wipe out the enemy completely, Never eliminate a single enemy who against the peace.  You have assisted the IMF to stop the syndicate that is your primary mission.

To fulfill the aim, you have equipped with so many advanced weaponry and gear such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, heavy guns and gauss rifles, and you can upgrade them on the requirement. As well as,  you can pick the weapons like rocket launchers, throwing knives, med kits, armor, and more is line up to destroy the enemy.

You work together with IMF agency and other players for achieving a common goal and use the available resource to level up the agency and get good rewards for all the members.


5).Shadow Fight 2

A popular fighting game is here for your Android powered smartphone. Shadow Fight 2 is mixing of RPG and classical Fighting. Your virtual character has equipped with powerful and countless lethal weapons, rare armor sets and more to defeat your enemy on the field.

Furthermore, your animated character knows the martial arts tricks and techniques and using the powerful kick, punch, jump and slash to make down the pantomime villain.

You will travel through six different worlds, where to have demons, you have a great fight and using the weapons against your enemy and win over them that will give you an amazing experience in the game. Moreover, the sound effects replicate and match your action sequence. Certainly, yourself interest with the best game apps for Android.


6). Batman Arkham Origins

Do you like SUPERHERO? Moreover, his action play and adventure, If you say yes then here is worldwide popular BATMAN game.The famous hollywood studio Warner Bros has released the best game apps for Android powered smartphone or tablet. The Batman Arkham Origins characters and location will give you a good experience and keep you engage in playing the game without putting down your Android devices.

The responsibility of the Batman is protecting the Gotham city from the deadly assassins and their thugs in Gotham city’s and you have faced them in most dangerous place. You need to earn in-game currency and reward to upgrade the Batman and make him challenge against the crime and enemy of the city, as well as, you unlock several batsuit.

You can connect the mobile game version into the console version for accessing the Batman Arkham origins and getting more. Furthermore, it supports the cross platform between mobile and console version.

Unlocking more features like mobile game exclusive batsuit skins, JSA Liberty Files Batman and more as well as, find & collect the Cowls, Belts, Batarangs, Capes and Armor to upgrade your batsuit for better protect and able to fight.

The game has the 3D characterization impressive, and you enjoy the every moment of the game.


7). Mortal Kombat X

A best game apps for Android Smartphone or Tablet devices is Mortal Kombat x, which come ultimate fighting features can use to defeat your opponent and become a winner of the tournaments.

You can select the mortal kombat fighters and build a great team and lead them on the battlefield and beat your enemies. Moreover, gain special attacks, powerful artifacts and more using the powers against them.

The line of mortal kombat veterans fighters Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana and more as well as, you can discover new additions like D’Vorah, fiery Cassie Cage, bloodthirsty Kotal Khan, and the mysterious Kung Jin.

Multiplayer are allowed in the game so you can challenge others in faction wars in the online competitive mode. Moreover, if you up in the rank in the faction’s leaderboard and earn weekly prizes.

Another cool feature are, you can ally with other players and borrow a kombatant, strikers, decisive blow and you can use against your opponent and win him.

However, you can unlock more features for the console version and release more features in mobile play and win in the console version.

Stunning graphics and 3D characters bring life on the mobile or tablet devices, as well as, if you are using the high end smartphone or tablet, then you will be aware the full potential of the game at your first play of mortal kombat. You like to play with the game once you start to play the game.


8). Lara Croft: Relic Run

The super heroine is back with uncompromising action and adventure to save the word, and she discover the hidden secrets to saving the earth from the danger. During the journey, she is facing several problems, However, finally, she achieved what she wants to save the world from the big dangerous.

Your Lara Croft character can do any action like, running, swing, drive, swan dive and more actions, as well as, you will go beautiful and challenging locations like Jungle Temple, Desert, and Mountain Pass and each location is filing with unthinkable danger and truth. So, see around you carefully.

You are advancing your journey using the campaign maps, find and collect the relics and go ahead the relic run story.  Moreover, you can use endless mode and enjoy the unstopped action that give the chance to earn big rewards.

Adding the powerful weapons to Lara and make here engage in frantic combat and If necessary you can use the parkour moves that will make death-defying and escape.  Furthermore, she is equipped with fast paced vehicles. You can swap and upgrade equipment that give power to lara and more you can do.

Easy of playing the games in your smartphone or tablet that give you amazing experience and you never like to stop the game. Lara is the best game apps for Android. Never miss it.


9). Walking War Robots

Are you looking a serious team based online multiplayer best game apps for Android smartphone or tablet devices? You have a game called Walking War Robots where 6 vs 6 team meet on the virtual battlefield to win your enemies there. The metal warriors aka robots are ready to accept your command and perform the action.

In the war field, you have to destroy your enemy robots and collect all of the beacons are used to upgrade existing weapons will get additional power, strength, speed, and durability. You will advance in the battle using each map, as well as, plan a strategical move to sweep your enemies completely from the battle and secure a victory.

There are containing up to 16 powerful robots that equipped with different strengths, and you can choose more than 20 weapons, such as ballistic missiles, energy, plasma guns and more. Power up yourself, It is possible to create combinations of robots and different powerful weapons, and you can make a great robot squad for you to fight against your enemies.Furthermore, You will earn the bonus and Best pilot title after you finishing the military tasks.

Put your mobile sound in high and start to play the game, sure you will hook with it because of the stunning graphics, and visual treat is giving an unforgettable experience and It induce to play the game again and again.


10). GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D

Take the role of the helicopter pilot in this Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D game. Flying in the sky and fight with your enemies and destroy them by using powerful weapons from the helicopter. Sure, if you are a war game lover, shooting gamer and expecting action combo game on your smartphone, then, Gunship Battle game for you.

The helicopter action game has come with great 3D animations and graphics combination give a more visual treat for your eyes. You use the flight control simulation that capable of flying and fighting with several dangerous and challengeable scenario.

You can choose the different range of helicopters, and each helicopter equips with powerful and unique features for fighting. Further, the availability of the various range of weapons and equipment can use to arm your chopper.

The helicopter fighting location is inspired by the real-life conflicts, so you will get a new experience when you play such episode. As well as, if you want you can replay a custom mission.

However, this a best game apps for Android, which give a wonderful war experience to you from the starting and ending of the game.


11). Commando Adventure Shooting

A commando is wandering alone near to the enemy border, and his army mates isolated from him. Now, your enemies aware you are are there and his high commander order to kill you before you escape from their territory. So, hundreds of enemy are wandering the forest to find and kill you. Which means, you are in a danger situation.

Even you are the well trained and skilled commando, so protecting yourself from the enemy is a challenge to you, and If you reach the safe place, you will save by picking a helicopter. The action is started from the seconds, and starting of the game too. You want to kill your enemy otherwise, if not they will kill you without no mercy.

You can use the Digital Radar system to monitor the enemies movements and position, at any cost, you want to escape from the enemy place.

The game has excellent forest environment with great sound effect give a reality feelings, and easy controls with amazing graphics will make you play the game always. Just install the best game apps for Android and play the game.


12). The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Here is the best game apps for Android, which adapted the Amazing Spider-Man movie. A non-stop action gameplay is ready for you as a Spiderman must restore the calm and peace in the new york city that is under threat from famous villains and supervillains now.

Over the city, people are under fear of the deadly villains are Venom, the Green Goblin, Electro and other vicious villains. The Spiderman come with super power lie web-sling, wall-climb, web-shoot fastly and unlocking the special Spiderman suits like symbiote spiderman, iron spiderman, and ultimate comics spider man for better action.

The game give a better and amazing 3D graphics experience and exploring 6 detailed districts from Time square to Picturesque central park. You can go anywhere in the open world as a spidy. The high quality voice render and acrobatic style fights are superb for better action and Spiderman lovers. Definitely, You will be fascinated.


13). Ice Age Adventures

You have watched the Ice Age Movie on the screen, sure, you like it well, then, Go and download the Ice Age Adventures, which is the best game apps for Android smartphone or tablet that you are having. You will enjoy playing the game, and you never miss the enjoyment what you have got from the movie.

Sid needs your help to rescue his herds because Manny, Diego, and others are floating to the edge of a continental. The famous Ice Age characters Sid, Manny, and Diego are playable here and Sid need travel through the amazing, environments such as, snowy islands and treacherous lust lands and overcome  many hurdles and face deadly and threatening foes in the journey of the finding herds.

Moreover, more excitement is waiting for you like play a mini match to save the animals, Sid use sled to rescue the babies of herds, and how to bring all herds together by the effects of Sid and others is giving a fun and superb experience, Further, you have helped the scrat to escape him from an avalanche with great running.

You like the way of storyline features that use the real voice of the Sid, Manny and Diego with high quality and the stunning graphical are attractive to play the game again and again without any feeling of tired.  Absolutely, It is attractive game for you.


14). Zombie Invasion: T-Virus

Professor Morgan created a mutation virus that bring the life of the dead. One day, The bad news is the virus escape from the lab. You are the person and survivor of the humankind, and save them from the zombie apocalypse. The action is started from here until you stop the virus using the anti-virus.

A group of Special Forces soldiers had sent to stop the problem that were arising by the Virus. However, the communication between the Soldiers and headquarters lost along with them. However, there is the belief that the Professor may have created anti-virus along with it. Your task is finding the antivirus and save the mankind from the zombies.

An adventure and action game with incredible graphics and detailed scene and object, and you hear the stunning sound effects that will make you scare at the movement. Overcoming the zombies, kill them by shooting with powerful weapons and you want to collect many items and join them and solve the puzzle come with it. As well as, multiple puzzle challenge to compete and win the game.

The best game apps for Android will give you a superb action gameplay experience to you in your hands.


15). Iron Man 3 – The Official Game

Endless action pack is coming with Iron Man 3 is the best game apps for Android-powered smartphone and tablets. You take the role of the Billionaire Tony Stark and wear the Iron Suit and go out to protect the people from the evil.

Iron Man set to fight against the A.I.M force around the world, and you have three different location that is giving unlimited self-generating levels: Malibu Shores, New York City, and China. You face the ultimate anti-heroes and epic villains of the Iron man comics those are Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and the mighty M.O.D.O.K.

As an Iron Man, you need to complete the several mission by unlocking the superpower of the Iron man with amazing swipe controls. Based on the movies, there have up to 18 suits, as per your requirement you can upgrade your armors and power in the research lab and destroy your enemies.

You will get the decent graphical world, and you will be a part of it. You like the sound effects and the challenge in front of you. A good fighting experience is waiting.


I have selected some of the best game apps for Android-powered devices of yours. Overmention game has picked from various genres like action, adventure, sport and horror that will keep out your dead times.

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