10 Most Popular Daily Deal Sites

This is the time to start shopping smart with the help of daily deal sites. You would definitely want to save your hard earned money and the best way to save some money on your online shopping spree is through the deal sites and amazon review sites. I am sure you would not want a big FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on these deals.

This section is all about picking the most popular daily deal sites which provides deals or coupons to find great discount on products online. These deals work on multiple categories of items but lasts for a single day only. So, make sure that you check out these websites on daily basis.

Top 10 Daily Deal Sites

Grouponhttps://www.groupon.com/Read Review
Woothttp://www.woot.com/Read Review
Living Socialhttps://www.livingsocial.com/Read Review
Janehttps://jane.com/Read Review
1Salehttp://www.1sale.com/Read Review
Newegghttps://www.newegg.com/Read Review
Overstockhttps://www.overstock.com/Read Review
Yugsterhttps://www.yugster.com/Read Review
HotDealshttps://www.hotdeals.com/Read Review
DailyStealshttps://www.dailysteals.com/Read Review

Here are 10 such sites which are going to prove a big money saver for you and I am sure they will become an inseparable part of your shopping regime. Each of the daily deal websites has different policies. Some provides deals on their own platform, while some offer coupons for the other online shopping sites. No matter how they work, you totally get huge benefit from them.

1. Groupon

Website: https://www.groupon.com/


Groupon is not just one of the daily deal websites but a basic necessity for people like us to save thousands of bucks on our day to day purchases. There is no doubt that online shopping is super convenient but now you can make it super affordable too through sites like Groupon.

Groupon is exclusively for the people living in USA as it not only provides deal on shopping items but also on various other ventures around US.

From finding discount on waterpark rides to getting an off on online food delivery, Groupon is a place which provides deals on everything. You need to sign up here which is a free process and then you are good to go. You can find local discounts, deal of the day and even coupons here as well.

Some of the most popular categories available on Groupon are beauty & spa, automotive, goods, travel, health & fitness etc. This is totally worth checking out especially when you are a student who have spent most of his pocket money.

2. Woot

Website: http://www.woot.com/


Till the time you have daily deal sites like Woot by your side, you won’t be spending too much on anything. You just need to sign up here and you can find everyday email straight to your inbox about the exciting deals. You can also create an account through your Amazon credentials too.

The popular categories you can find on Woot are electronics, sports and outdoor, gourmet, computers, tools and garden and many more.

There is also a section called Clearance where you can find some amazing deals and heavy discounts. It works just like the rest but the Amazon integration further boosts up the number of products for you. However, sometimes the discount is not that much great but you can always save something out here.

Woot is the kind of website which has something to offer on daily basis and sometimes you can be lucky enough to find products on half of their actual price.

3. Living Social

Website: https://www.livingsocial.com/

Living Social

Living Social is owned by our very own Groupon only but they have different kind of approach towards the concept of daily deal sites. It is centered on the activities happening in your city and helps you to find heavy discounts on such recreational activities.

Of course you need to sign up here first before heading forward because tracing your location is really important to make most of this website.

You can find daily deals on categories like travel, summer fun, beauty and spa, food and drink etc. Apart from buying all these deals you can also post something on your own too. These unique and diverse additions on this website attracts a lot of people on this platform.

Living Social is doing an amazing thing for people who are in a habit of going out regularly. You can change your location anytime you want so it will be quite helpful for you if you are travelling someplace else in the USA. Yes, the site works in USA only.

4. Jane

Website: https://jane.com/


If you are a woman who is a big fan of shopping then you should definitely know about daily deal sites like Jane. Jane also operates in form of mobile applications too but the site also have a comfortable interface to provide the best experience here.

Jane is a site which can be access by both men and women for their fashion needs but I think women are going to love it even more.

The daily deals on this site provides a huge discount to people who are looking for a fashionable platform with economic price range. Some of the categories given on the site are accessories, shoes, clothing, pets, baby and kids, maternity etc.

If you cannot check out the site on daily basis then you should better sign up to their newsletter to discover the new deals every single day right in your inbox only. In fact, they have timely giveaway and other exciting sale and discount offers to provide additional off on the site.

5. 1Sale

Website: http://www.1sale.com/


1Sale is quite popular for its Deal of the Day policy under which users are likely to find number of ways to claim discounts.

This site mainly deals in three major categories which are electronics, home and family and fashion & Jewelry. However, under the sub-categories it covers various products.

You need to create an account here before you start finding deals on it. Each deal last for a specific amount of time and no matter whether the product goes sold out or not, the deal gets vanished after this specific time. I will highly recommend this website for high quality electronics.

The deals found on 1Sale belongs to various online shopping portals like Wish, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Target and many more. Hence, this becomes quite profitable for the online shoppers to claim the exact same item for a much cheaper pricing.

6. Newegg

Website: https://www.newegg.com/


Newegg is already one of the most popular daily deals website and needs no introduction. I think every student who wants to save big on his/her purchase should check out this site. This site specifically belongs to electronics and other tech-stuff which are usually highly priced on other online shopping portals.

But when you will sign up on Newegg, you will introduced to their daily deals system under which you can find some important products on much cheaper price every single day.

Some of the categories you can find on Newegg are Computer System, Home & Tools, Networking, Gaming, Automotive, Electronics etc. Newegg also offers this upgraded service called Premier under which you get additional advantages and it costs $6.66 per month.

All the products enlisted on Newegg are guaranteed to maintain the much needed quality mark and you can further take a look at the rating and reviews mentioned before buying a product. There are plenty of deals and discounts provided every day but they last for a specific time period so make sure that you subscribe to their newsletter for sure.

7. Overstock

Website: https://www.overstock.com/


The next one amongst the daily deal sites is Overstock. This looks quite similar to any other online shopping portal but very few people know that it offers flash deals on daily basis. Although these deals are short lived but you definitely get a chance to own some of the most amazing products here.

The site mainly aims towards home décor and it is quite evident from the kind of deals and product that it offers.

Apart from home décor and home improvement items, the other categories found here are jewelry, watches, fashion for men, women, kids and babies and many more. Rest of the features of this website remains similar to the other general shopping sites and you can also create a wishlist of the time items you loved here.

Actually there are various types of deals running on this website like weekly, seasonal, deals by department and of course a big fat annual clearance sale too. You should always keep an eye on this site to find the best items for your home.

8. Yugster

Website: https://www.yugster.com/


Although it is less heard but I think this is one of the most reliable and versatile daily deal sites in this list. Yugster is the kind of site which offers deals on literally everything. Sign up on this platform to claim some of the most basic things or even something hi-tech for a really low price.

Some of the categories that you would love to checkout on Yugster are electronics, apparel, home and garden and many more.

On such deal of the day websites you cannot afford to miss the deals even for a second. And this is why I will recommend you to subscribe to their newsletter apart from getting just signed up on their platform. All the eye-catching deals and new additions are provided on the homepage itself so you never miss out on something interesting.

They have special category deals like today’s tech deals, apple deals, cyber deals etc. which are updated on day to day basis. The site is something which can bring you some of the most amazing discount deals ever.

9. HotDeals

Website: https://www.hotdeals.com/


Next inclusion to the list of daily deal websites is HotDeals. The site provides both coupon codes as well as deals to help you out in saving your money. After a quick sign up process, you just need to check out the various deals offered on various categories out here.

The site is actually is in tie-up with other popular online shopping portals like AliExpress, Etsy, River Island, PETCO, Viator etc.

From the coupons found on this platform, you can claim great discount on the products offered on these types of sites. Apart from these ones, the site offers various deals on its own too. Whether it is about electronics, travel, apparel or anything else you can find it all on HotDeals.

And apart from the deals offered here on everyday basis you can find some on specia occasions and holidays too like Black Friday deals, Father’s Day deals, Cyber Monday deals etc. which brings better offers than usual.

10. DailySteals

Website: https://www.dailysteals.com/


Apart from providing excellent offers and deals DailySteals appears as the only option amongst the daily deal websites which offers free shipping in the entire continental US. You can not only buy stuff from here but can also become a vendor here as well.

In fact, DailySteals offer special offers for the students too. But of course, you would have to get registered here first.

Talking about the categories available on this platform then these are mobile, audio, fashion, computers, financing etc. This includes a lot of sub-categories too. The people have a policy to bring new deals every midnight.

So, if you are in a mood to buy anything from here then you need to stay awake till midnight to grab the best deals possible before everything go sold out. If you are still skeptical about this website then you can read the customer’s reviews here before buying anything.


There are some daily deal sites through which you can find a huge discount on not only shopping items but also on other services like restaurant, travel and other activities. In fact, many of them have their own mobile applications too so that you can access them easily.

This is a great way for the consumers to find the best possible discount on their desired products and of course you do not even have to pay anything for it as well. However, make sure to go through their policies and terms and conditions well before using their services.

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