15 Best Sites like LiveLeak

LiveLeak is redefining media streaming and I think you will love to know about more sites like LiveLeak to watch funny, music, news and viral videos etc. The idea of media streaming as well as sharing favors the users who often look for a platform to access free content. However, it is good to have so many options by your side and this article is all about it.

Top 15 Sites like LiveLeak

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The internet is full of options but not all of them are reliable ones. And this is why I had to face a tough time looking for the best options which can fit into the list of websites like LiveLeak. So, here are the 15 best Liveleak alternatives that I picked for you people to post and share videos on.

1. Break

Website: http://www.break.com/


So, the first pick I made for the list of Sites like LiveLeak is Break. This one is a very popular video hosting and sharing platform showcasing thousands of video content for the entertainment of you people.

The site mainly focuses on funny videos and you can also find out funny pictures here as well. You can also discover through a lot of categories of funny videos like prank, weird, animals, crazy, science and a lot more. You also have the option to take a look at their archive collection from the past years.

There are no issues of registration or any other formal sign up process. Also the site is totally fuss-free in terms of navigation and controls.

2. Flickr

Website: https://www.flickr.com/


I am sure you guys would be well aware with this video and picture hosting service. Although the site is more popular because of their photo hosting service but I am sure it won’t disappoint you in terms of their vivid content.

However, you are supposed to sign up here first. Apart from hosting videos through user generated content, you can also manage your media files here very well.

Flickr can also be used as a social media handle too. Although you can access videos and photos without having to create an account but uploading can be done through an account only. You also have the option to upgrade to better features here which are paid.

3. Metacafe

Website: http://www.metacafe.com/


Metacafe works exactly like LiveLeak and hence fits perfectly into this category of sites like LiveLeak too. There are variety of categories videos to check out like comedy, sports, science, video games, entertainment, how to etc.

You will probably never get tired of watching their content as the new one is added on every day basis. There are sections like latest, popular, trending videos which further simplifies it to explore the site.

You can watch the videos without sign up but for uploading on the site, you are going to need to register here. You can also use the android app of Metacafe if you want. As there is no restriction of content on the site, you can watch all type of videos out here.

4. YouTube

Website: https://www.youtube.com/


Do we even need to argue over the fact that YouTube is definitely the most popular option of sites like LiveLeak. However, the site does not allow adult content and hence this can be an issue for many people. Anyway, the site keeps up with variety of other content which is enough to keep you hooked.

It is absolutely free to upload as well as access videos on this site and of course there are mobile applications available for the same.

The entire content is user generated except for some which is basically paid. You can follow the channels of user and get direct notification about their recently uploaded content on the site. Probably the simplest and the most amazing way to get entertained.

5. Vimeo

Website: https://vimeo.com/


Vimeo is definitely one of the Sites like LiveLeak except for the fact that its functioning differs from the rest. The site is more organized and apart from offering free content, they also offer some subscription plans too which are basically paid and provides better features.

The site is popular for its high-quality database of videos uploaded on it and of course the content is a mix between user generated and site hosted content.

The quality varies from 4K to Ultra HD so basically its totally premium service to be able to host videos on the site. Just like YouTube, you can follow users here in order to get direct access of their content and much more. You can watch movies also here but only with premium plan.

6. Xfinity Video

Website: https://my.xfinity.com/video

Another one mentioned here as one of the LiveLeak alternatives is Xfinity Video. Just like Vimeo, the site believed in high quality content and for that you will be required to sign up here.

You can also upgrade for premium features and services which is paid. You have the option to choose from categories like TV, lifestyle, entertainment, finance, sports etc. I will highly recommend this website if you are keen to watch news videos that too of the current happenings.

However, I feel the site has more of formal and serious content rather than entertaining one but good thing is that you get to watch high quality videos for free here.

7. Kill Some Time

Website: http://www.killsometime.com/

It is the time to move on to a more funny website which is basically a source of killing some free time as its name says. A very simple website having superb content in form of variety of videos belonging to various categories.

You can explore content from categories like girls, fails, fight videos, jokes etc. You can also checkout pictures, games and various channels in here.

However, the interface is not so cool because of the ads in between but great thing is that you would not have to sign up here. You can simply start watching videos here for free. I cannot promise you regarding the quality of the videos but I am really sure that you will be laughing your heart out over them.

8. Dailymotion

Website: https://www.dailymotion.com/

Freely explore whatever videos you want on such Sites like LiveLeak. Dailymotion is a really popular video hosting and sharing service which serves in various countries too. The functionality of Dailymotion works like YouTube where you need to follow channels to get their content your feed.

Talking about freely exploring this site then you have so many options for this one as well. You can checkout various types of videos but there are no particular categories provided for the same.

Just to be named, I can let you know that current happenings won’t be missed if you are checking out feed on Dailymotion. From popular topics to popular artists, check out the videos of all on Dailymotion for free.

9. Best Gore

Website: https://www.bestgore.com/

Talking about the content, I think Best Gore is the most different pick in the list of Sites like LiveLeak. The videos features are extremely graphic and the content is restricted to be accessed by adults only.

The site is advised to be watched by those people who have the emotional and mental strength to watch weird videos from all across the world.

The popular categories on the site are animal encounters, execution, burn victims, hanging, beheading, animal gore and much more like this. So, if you are into all such kind of content then you can check out the compilation of thousands of videos compiled on the platform.

10. DTube

Website: https://d.tube/

The platform of DTube looks as if it is a page taken out from the book of YouTube. The platform looks strikingly similar to popular video hosting site YouTube and follows the similar procedure too. You can follow channels in here to get their videos on your feed.

However, there is a major difference between YouTube and DTube that the later one hosts NSFW and adult content on its platform.

In order to be able to upload content here you would have to sign up first. And apart from all you can also use this platform for livestream as well.

11. MyVidster

Website: http://www.myvidster.com/

MyVidster is a LiveLeak alternative which is different from other platforms as it not only let you explore videos in here but also helps in collecting them too. The site provides integration with other platforms so you can collect all your favorite videos on a single platform.

You can also share videos through MyVidster and follow various users on the site in order to be able to access the videos posted by them.

Check out a huge list of variety of videos on the site and also get to watch collections from other sites like LiveLeak, Funny or Die, Vevo and many more. You can also check out various tags to find videos accordingly.

12.  Veoh

Website: http://www.veoh.com/

Get your hands on a much simpler platform than many other video hosting sites. Veoh is there for you to feature videos, movies, music and much more and that is all for free. In order to be able to upload your content, please register here first.

You can find various categories when it comes to videos like action and adventure, horror, how to, comedy, and many more.

You can also discover various channels here and follow them to get the content. The site is highly recommended to watch movies online and the same applies to anime too. Do not forget to keep the family filter on while using the site with your family.

13.  Crazy Shit

Website: https://www.crazyshit.com/

Crazy Shit is one of the most outrageous option to be included in the section of Sites like LiveLeak. It mainly features NSFW content and hence users below 18 years are prohibited to access this site.

You can create an account here and can also follow other users to know about the videos uploaded by them. The kind of categories you will get to access here are bizarre, WTF, fail, funny, fights, slutty and many more like that. Apart from videos, pictures are also available on the site.

Basically, the site is all about sexual and adult content but you can also discover some funny videos in here as well.

14. BitChute

Website: https://www.bitchute.com/

Another very popular inclusion in the category of website like LiveLeak is BitChute. Entertainment is guaranteed when you are browsing your content from BitChute and of course it is absolutely free too.

You can discover plenty of categories here like travel, news & politics, anime & animation, education, music and much more. Most of the videos available on the site are mid-length but you can also find hour long content too.

There are plenty of channels available on the site to be followed which helps you in providing the relevant content on the site. The quality of the videos are good and the content is pretty versatile to promise great entertainment throughout.

15. Funny or Die

Website: https://www.funnyordie.com/

This is one of the most explored site when it comes to finding really funny videos. The site is all about hilarious content and you have great versatility available for that too. In fact, you can also discover funny videos of your favorite celebs as well out here.

The site also showcase funny articles and galleries too so basically you are going to have a great laughing ride when you are checking out content on Funny or Die.

And of course do not forget to follow the users on Funny or Die to take a look at the content curated by them on the website. With a really clean interface, I am sure it will be a fun experience for you.


I hope you guys would have liked this compilation of Sites like LiveLeak right above. There are some websites which also feature adult content too and hence of course they are NSFW. However, it is a great thing to discover that you have so much to explore without even having to pay any penny for it.

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