40 Fun Things To Do With Friends That Don’t Cost

There is no limit to the fun things to do with friends on weekends and on other times. Friends are our lifelines. Friends are like those amazing person with whom we can share anything and everything without even thinking twice. They are your perfect crime partners and crime hiders too.

So, this section is all about strengthening the bond of friendship with your friends. I am going to let you know about the various fun things to do with your friends. After reading them out you will think like why did not you come up with them earlier?

Well, you are not late as you can do all these things from now on. These things would not cost you anything and these fun stuff to do with a friends brings lots and lots of entertainment too. I am really surely you would be thrilled with these stuffs.

Fun Things to do with Friends

I have tried to cover up all the aspects like daring, crazy, normal, pass time and adventures to do with friends too. You can even invite them for the sleep overs too. The fun is just unlimited when you are with your friends and this section is going to let you know about the things you already know but in a different way.

1). Potluck Dinner Party

What else can be better than starting this list of fun things to do with friends with food? This is something which is affordable plus you would not have to cook for everyone on your own. This is a party where each person brings something from their own and at the end everyone eat it together.

Potluck Dinner Party

I think this is just the best idea when you are planning to do something fun with your friends.

2). Netflix and Chill

This is one of those fun things to do with friends at night which is like heaven for mostly everyone. A perfectly large screen, Netflix and lots of pizzas all around you is the dream of every teen, adult and everyone else right now.

You can go for binge watching all night long and I am sure you guys are going to have the best night ever.

Netflix and Chill

3). Picnic Time

Sometimes it happens with us that because of other work we are not able visit even the nearby park. So, let’s change something here and pack your picnic basket to explore a famous park of your city.

I am so sure that nobody would have tried that yet but trust me you are going to have a gala time with all your buddies.

Picnic Time

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4). Spa Day

No matter whether you are a group of macho guys or some hot chicks, you surely need some pampering. You can go for the spa session all together and it will be so fun I am sure.

This is one of the most unique kid of fun things to do with friends and especially if you are a bunch of guys. You can even organize that session at home too.

Spa Day

5). Concerts in Park

At the time of summer breaks, there are various parks who organize concerts and that too for free. You can take advantage of this opportunity and try your hands in it. You people can go to attend a concert together in nearby park.

This is surely a musically fun things to do with friends. And as it is free, it would not dig a hole in your pocket.

Concerts in Park

6). Organization Party

This is not something about drinks and snacks and food and dance. But it is something which will sort out all the problems of your mom. In this party, you go to a friend’s house and clean his room and have some food together.

You guys can decide turns for it. And by the end of the month all of you will be left with totally clean rooms.

Organization Party

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7). Video Games Tournament

Another interesting and fun things to do with your friends in this section is going for a video games tournament. Take out your play station set up and get ready to have the biggest fight of the millennium.

You guys can add music and some other fun activities in it to make it the best day ever together. I can assure, you people are going to have a blast now.

Video Games Tournament

8). Participate in a Play

This may sound you a bit of boring or under-rated but trust me when you all will be doing it together then it will be the best fun things to do with friends. You guys are going to feel ache in your stomach with non-stop crazy jokes in each lines.

Participate in a Play

This is going to be the best fun session that you people ever took.

9). Go Camping

What else do you want in life when you people are getting the opportunity to go for camping together? The air, the atmosphere, mountains and just friendship by your side. This is something people crave in their life and on this weekend you guys can have it.

Light some fire and play some games and even get drunk because you would not get this time back.

Go Camping

10). Go Out on Shopping

Don’t worry if you are running hard on money, you people can pick to go for window shopping instead. This is fun and you would not even have to shed a penny for it. You can explore different shops and malls together and I am sure this is one of the best fun things to do with friends.


No matter where you are what you are doing, you can enjoy it when you are with your gang.

11). Scavenger Hunt

It must have been a dream of everyone to find out a treasure in their life and you can complete it now. You people together can arrange a treasure hunt and that too in your home only.

You just need to place some interesting items along with some clues and your weekend pass time is ready for you to explore. This is gonna be one of the most interesting fun things to do with friends.

Scavenger Hunt

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12). Visit the Zoo or Museum

Thinking that it is kind of a boring and dull thing to do is your biggest mistake because you have done it with your parents till now. But doing the same thing with your friends can be twice as fun. Visit the nearby zoo or museum and explore the history of your city in a totally fun way like never before.


13). Some Outdoor Sports

Move over those video games and smartphones and see what real world looks like. Gear up to play some outdoor sports with your friends and you will come to know what fun things to do with friends are actually like.

You guys can play football, cricket, baseball, basketball and there are like hundreds of other options too. You just need to step out from home and you are good to go.

Outdoor Sports

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14). Board Games

If outdoor sports are not your cup of tea then you guys can play some board games too. They are equally fun things to do with friends like the rest of others. You people can play Ludo, Monopoly, and Business, Snakes and Ladders, Cards and various others.

 Board Games

They are as much fun as other games and this will interest you once you start playing it.

15). The Evergreen Truth and Dare

No other games can steal the wind of Truth and Dare ever. This is one of the most played games amongst friends group and everyone enjoy it till the last too. You just need to spin a bottle and ask for the option between truths and dare on whosoever it points.

Truth and Dare

You can make this game even more interesting with some amazing dares in it.

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16). Food Mania

Find out the happy meals offer in different restaurants and food chains in your city and keep your tummy happy with them. Things can get really crazy when you have your friends by your side. Enjoy this day by doing such fun things to do with friends and eat all your heart out. Make sure you keep some space for the dessert too.

Food Mania

17). Disney Movie Marathon

Don’t underestimate the fun of watching Disney movies altogether with your friends. This can be one of the underrated but great fun things to do with friends. There are various animated movies by Disney which you will surely like a lot to watch with your whole squad.

Give yourself a break from superhero movies and rather turn to Disney for some fun.

Disney Movie Marathon

18). Pottery Painting

Who knew pottery painting could be so much of fun when done with friends. Take out the old worn out potteries from each of your homes and start painting them.

You can also draw some designs and patterns on them and can do different shadings too. You would love this idea of fun with your friends. And this is productive too so your moms would not be complaining at all.

Pottery Painting

19). Horseback Riding

You don’t do that every day so why not take a risk and do something adventurous with your friends. This is obviously not easy but not that tough too.

This is one of the most amazing fun things to do with friends and you are going to love it. Click some pictures and make videos and share them and this will be remembered forever.

Horseback Riding

20). Bonfire at Home

Don’t worry if you are running out of cash these days, there can be some ideas of fun things to do with friends that does not cost you anything. Just gather some wood sticks and you are good to go.

A winter night, some bonfire and coffee can make the perfect night to spend with your whole squad in your backyard.

Bonfire at Home

21). Cooking Sessions

If you are those guys who do not even know the C of Cooking then stay away from it otherwise your mom is going to kill you. But if you all know a bit of cooking then you guys can together try your hands at it.

This may seem boring at first but when you will get involved in this then I am sure you people are going to have a great time doing this.

Cooking Sessions

22). Visit the Animal Shelter

Nothing can bring fun and smile to your life other than taking care of the small helpless animals. You guys together can visit a nearby animal shelter and take care of the little puppies and kittens out there. This is the most amazing fun things to do with friends and it will bring a smile to your faces too along with those babies.

Animal Shelter

23). Try a New Restaurant

This is not possible for you people to try out all the restaurants in your city no matter for how long you have been living there. So, with majority decide and pick a restaurant that you people have never tried before.

You are going to have so much fun in the finding and reaching quest. In fun things to do with friends, this surely tops the list.

Try a New Restaurant

24). Do Something Adventurous

Friends who go on an adventure together, stays together! This is the time to seal your friendship forever. There are hundreds of adventurous things that you can do with your friends like bungee jumping, zip lining, hiking, trekking, kayaking, river rafting, etc.

Just pick one of them and try your hands on that activity this weekend with your friends and have so much of fun.


25). Art and Craft Session

It is the time to explore some DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas at your home. You guys can browse multiple art and craft videos online and then finally can select something which you can actually make.

There is so much of craziness in opting for such fun things to do with friends. No matter what results are but the entertainment is guaranteed in it.

Art and Craft Session

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26). Chill at Waterpark

If this is summer then I can’t think of any other fun things to do with friends other than going to a waterpark or amusement park. Chill in pool and throw water at each other and share the best laughs of your life with your best buddies.

Don’t worry if you people do not have enough money. You people can simply relax in the pool in the backyard of your home.

Chill at Waterpark

27). Go Fishing

Spend your weekend around the sun this time. Go fishing with your friends and forget everything else. Get a competition on who catches the biggest fish. Sit by the lake and enjoy the calm water and plan your future with your best pals.

Nothing can replace this in your life and if this is not fun for you then I don’t know what else will be?


28). Try out a Road Trip

If you guys have not been to a road trip yet then this is the time to take out your car and fill it with your buddies. Pack your bags and leave for a place nearby for this weekend. This is the most tried and tested fun things to do with friends.

It will leave you with so many amazing memories and fun to cherish for a life time ahead.

Try out a Road Trip

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29). A Day for Cycling

Ditch those bikes and comfortable cars for a day and see how amazing your city looks from your bicycle rides. I am so sure that it would take you a while to get a grip on these two wheelers. But another thing that I can guarantee you is that it will bring tremendous fun in your life.

This is one of those fun things to do with friends which will bring you happiness with some fitness too.


30). Volunteer Somewhere

If there is any event going on in the city then you people can volunteer for it. By doing so, you could be able to be a part of this event plus you will get to spend some amazingly quality time with your friends. This is like a win-win situation for you this time.


31). Attend a Festival Together

If there is any festival about to begin in your society or in city then grab passes to that festival and enjoy an outing with your friends. No other fun things to do with your friends can be this much affordable and interesting all together.

You can try your hands in some music festival, literature festival or even food festival.


32). Rearrange Someone’s Home

This can be the most epic fun things to do with friends. Obviously this can be too much of extravaganza to set up an entire home so you can start from the bedroom instead. If one of your friends is bored with the setting of his bedroom then you guys can help in changing it completely.

You just need some creative heads and some of the DIY ideas and you all are good to go.

Rearrange Someone’s Home

33). Take an Online Class

This is what we call the perfect fun things to do online with friends. Don’t waste that internet connection in browsing social media or something else and rather use it for something good. You people can take short online classes together every day. This will increase your knowledge in a totally fun way.

Take an Online Class

34). Go Bowling

Check out some malls in your area and go bowling with all your friends out there. You can try out some game zones and create some epic atmosphere out there with your bowling sessions. There is no limit to the amazing fun things to do with friends.


35). Plant Trees

I don’t think you would get anything as good as such fun things to do with friends. Planting saplings around your area and on wastelands is such a noble work. And when you are doing it with your friends then all the fun gets automatically increased.

Plant Trees

36). Minute to Win It Parties

There are like thousands of minute to win it ideas that you can think instantly. You can even create some games of your own too. There is no limit to the imagination and throwing such parties are a blast. This is the most epic idea that you can come up with to have fun with friends.

Minute to Win It Parties

37). Learn Something New

You can try your hands in learning something new like new language, cooking, and new words. You can even make some new friends too. Just check out some stuff on internet and you can easily do it at home too. This is the most productive thing you can do with your friends.

learn something new


38). Photography Session

Dedicate an entire day of yours to explore your city in a totally different way. Rent a DSLR or even your smartphone is enough these days. You people can go to some nice places in your city and click some good pictures out there. This is surely one of the most creatively fun things to do with friends.

Photography Session

39). Travel to Someplace New

Many times it happens that in search of something far we forget what lies around us. Why don’t you travel to someplace new and that too in your city or areas nearby? This can be totally exciting and by so you would not even have to go somewhere far from home.

fun things to do with friends

40). Swap Some Clothes

If you people have got bored from your own clothes then why don’t you swap them with each other? This is one of the most useful and fun things to do with friends. This is not just about the clothes but you guys can change other things too like watch, accessories, games, books, music and other stuffs.

Swap Some Clothes

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Don’t worry if you cannot go out because I have listed fun things to do with your friends at home too. Get ready to do something crazy and make memories which you are going to cherish forever in your lifetime. I am sure this section above is not going to disappoint you.

However, this may invite you some troubles from your mom. But don’t worry about it and enjoy these fun things to do with your friends completely.

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