Crazy Things to Do In Vegas

Crazy Things to Do In Vegas: Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for the people who are looking for a drastic change in their lives. They do not call it Sin City just like that. It is indeed the place that can change your life even in some seconds. The clubs, the bars, the casinos, the strip clubs and the life of Vegas is a journey which is never going to end for anyone going out there. It is the time that you pack your bags and prepare the entire list of the crazy things to do in Vegas.

Life is short and so is the time till you are happily single. You must make most out of your being single period. Because once you are hitched then you can only see in Vegas in televisions.

There is probably no end to the crazy stuff to do in Vegas and why would it even be so. The Las Vegas is all about leaving your worries behind and trying out your luck in some poker games. And if you hit that jackpot then you will be like the luckiest person to go there.

20+ Crazy Things to Do In Vegas

Here are some of the crazy things to do in Las Vegas which are must things to do once you are there.

1). Bookings at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

Of course, there is almost nothing in Vegas which is cheap. But this is an experience you must go for when you are going out with your boy’s squad in Vegas. This is one of the most interesting and crazy things to do in Vegas. Book a skybox in this club and enjoy the show from second-floor view with privacy.

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2). Go Zip Lining

It may sound childish to you but this is serious fun. Try out the zip lining through Fremont St. It is a two storey replica of slot machine. In another level, you can even fly horizontally like Superman. Among all the things, this is one of the most hilarious and crazy stuff to do in Vegas.

3). Climb on the Eiffel Tower

Well, if you are thinking about the real one then am sorry, the Eiffel tower here is only half of the height of the real one. This is one of the greatest restaurants out here and you are going to love the view from out here. It is one of the greatest crazy things to do in Vegas especially if you are a big foodie.

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4). Order Cupcake through an ATM

Yes, you heard that right. Now you can even order a cupcake from an ATM because it is Vegas and everything is possible here. You should definitely try this one instead of buying one from an actual shop.

5). Gold Digging

Now you must be thinking that when Las Vegas became the ultimate destination for finding the gold. Well, you can do some gold quest out here in the lobby of the Golden Nugget. It is 61lbs or equal to the size of an eight year boy. So, brace yourself to attempt this thing from the list of crazy things to do in Vegas.

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6). Eat Drunken Noodle Prawns at Lotus of Siam

If you want to try out something new and exciting dish then this Thai dish is just perfect for you. You can find it in any restaurants but not in big hotels or casinos. The finger licking taste and crazy presentation is surely going to amuse you a lot.

7). Stay at Old and Vintage Las Vegas Hotel

Instead of staying in those big and luxurious resorts you must try out the old vintages hotels in Las Vegas. Of course, this is a sure shot entry in the list of crazy things to do in Vegas. You can try the Golden Gate for this. The rooms have been renovated, and they are actually pretty good.

8). Fly Around in a Helicopter

Now, this is something which is worth doing when you are going to Vegas. The trip would last for only 15 minutes, but it will give you an amazing view of the entire Sin City from a great height. This view is going to be locked in your eyes forever.

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9). Spend Some Days at “The Life is Beautiful” Fest

The Life is Beautiful festival is going to be held for the third time in Vegas. And it must be in your list of crazy things to do in Vegas. You must plan your trip according to this fest. This is one huge fest which is a mixture of music, dance, culture and awesome food.

10). Kiss Someone Next to the Bellagio Fountains

The most famous Bellagio Fountains is the most romantic place in the entire Las Vegas. The wonderful atmosphere that these modern fountains create with their water splashing and lightings is just amazing. You must kiss someone next to these fountains, and it will be an experience worth cherishing for years.

11). Visit Old School Vegas Neon

You must visit the Neon Museum to know more about how used to be the old Vegas like? Of course this may sound one of the crazy stuff to do in Vegas that you are visiting a museum instead of a night club but this is something worth doing. You can find the classic marquees from businesses and hotels out here.

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12). Enjoy Some Naughty Show

Now this is one real Vegas thing to do when you are visiting Las Vegas. This is by far the best one choice in crazy things to do in Vegas. Strip clubs, Casino and lots of fun, this is what Vegas is all about. So, gather some courage and do this right away because you may not get this chance again.

13). Go for Some Downtown Crawl

There are some downtown pubs which you must check out. You need not to stay long out there; you can just grab some beer and visit these pubs. You can go to places like Hogs & Heifers, The Griffin, and Insert Coin etc. These pubs gonna give you some chills of old Las Vegas.

14). Go for Indoor Skydiving

Now this may sound absurd to you that why would someone go for an indoor skydiving thins but this is worth trying out and additionally a great pick in crazy things to do in Vegas. You just need to wear your jumpsuit and the air pressure would make you float in the air. This would be like you are flying without wings.

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15). Hogg in Some Vegas Buffet

Every day, there are tons of food items being prepared in the best buffets of Vegas. Instead of trying out something in those cheap buffets you must grab a bite of these expensive yet delicious buffets. Some of these buffets are The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars’ Palace, Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan etc.

16). Enjoy at the Adventure Combat Ops

If you want to enjoy the game “Call of Duty” in real life then this is just the things for you. This is one of a hilarious ones in the list of crazy things to do in Vegas. You will get two hours experience at the Adventure Combat Ops and you will feel like all the virtual things you have ever seen are turning into reality.

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17). Ride the Observation Wheel

The Observation Wheel is the world’s tallest roller which is 550 ft tall and it gives you the best view of Vegas. This is like a revolving restaurant and you can even hire a personal bartender in your cabin. This will always gonna stay fresh in your memories and you are thoroughly going to enjoy it.

18). Swim with Sharks

Yes, you heard that right? Isn’t it crazy enough to tick mark in your list of crazy things to do in Vegas. You are never going to get an opportunity like this and that too with your total safety. The pool in Golden Nugget has a three storey tall water slide that also passes through an aquarium of sharks. You can personally see all the process through

behind the scenes tour.

19). Get Hitched

It sounds insane but it is a thing to do indeed. What another place can be more perfect than Vegas to get hitched to the love of your life. This is one hell of a thing to do at Vegas and the best part is you are gonna be the coolest couple around.

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20). Visit the Ghostbar

The Ghostbar lounge is going to give you a wonderful experience that is totally worth calling crazy things to do in Vegas. There is a see through section from where you can see 55 floors down. And the best part is you are not going to fall from it.


You must have been going gaga over this amazing list of crazy things to do in Las Vegas. They are so childish and crazy that you would have never done that in any other city. But it is a sin city and you can do anything here. Go and find something new on each of your outing in this city because surprises never end out here.

I think this much inspiration is enough for you to pack your bags and prepare your own list of crazy things to do in Vegas right now.

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