20 Things to Do In Boone NC

Things to Do In Boone NC: Boone is a beautiful town in North Carolina United States located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Boone is perfect for honeymoon and family tours. As the place is fully natural and this nature attracts people from all over the US and other countries, so you need to know amazing things to do in Boone NC.

It is very famous for refreshing your mind because of all the greenery and mountain views. All these magnificent looking things are enough to captivate your eyes and make your soul alive again, so before planning the trip read my list of things to do in Boone NC so you can greatly enjoy there.

It is an adventurous land that has the power to connect everyone with Mother Nature. If you are looking for an all new and unforgettable experience in mountains and forests, there is nothing better than visiting these Blue Ridge Mountains.

You will find this place like heaven and all the seasons stay beautiful and captivating around the year. There is everything for everyone as these mountains feature cool spring, awesome autumns that you can’t even imagine anywhere, mild summers and winters are just wonderful for snow lovers.

20 Things to Do In Boone NC

You can enjoy things to do in Boone NC like fishing, biking, kayaking, zip-lining, river rafting along with enjoying the festivals here. So let’s go deeper and explore the best things to do in Boone NC.

1). Go Deep In Grandfather Mountain

It is especially for adventure lover while enjoying nature. If you want to know things to do in Boone NC, it is the first one that you should visit because you trip is undone if you forget the scenery of Grandfather Mountain.

These mountains own the eternal beauty, views are just spectacular here, and this place is the god of freshness.  You will be astonished by seeing the breathtaking views here.

These mountains give you 12 miles of hiking trails, offers you several rare species to see, you will find the skies full of 200 species of birds and also those wild bears.

To gain a bit more adventure, the Mile-High Swinging Bridge is just perfect, and if you cross this mind blowing bridge, you will be offered by unique and amazing views.

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2). Enjoy Water Activities at Wahoo’s Adventures

Wahoo’s Adventures is just right if you want to enjoy water activities like fishing, kayaking, and rafting. Rafting is available here in all levels from easy to advance. So set your legs and be ready to paddles in the new river in Boone NC.

If you are looking for some thrilling things to do in Boone NC while visiting Wahoo’s Adventures, then white water rafting is great for you. Also, you will be served by delicious lunch here that is always included in your ticket, and you will be accompanied by a guide as well.

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3). Choose Your Winter Adventure

It is going to be a real fun if you want to know the things to do in Boone NC in winters. You will find Boone as a total heaven while visiting it in winters and there are numerous activities and fun thing to do in this season.

This place covers itself with white beauty, and there is no place like Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain because here you can enjoy ski slopes like never.

Hawksnest has been famous for family trips and adventures like snowboarding and tubing mainly. It is the popular platform there to enjoy your winters in Boone NC.

This place is always open; it is available all the year for all seasons. So you can also enjoy your summers and springs with its Zipline course here that get you natural scenery of trees and meadows.

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4). Don’t Forget To Visit Blowing Rock

The greatest natural experience is the Blowing rock in Boone. Blowing rock is a cliff that is approx. 4,000 feet above the sea level. The rock is famous because of the over stunning views from there, and that makes it among the most amazing things to do in Boone NC.

One of the stunning things about this rock is that you can watch the snowfall upside down when you visit here in winters.

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5). Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge is the favorite roadway of all travelers here and is among the most stunning things to do in Boone NC if you’re into road trips things.

This park is considered as the most beautiful and amazing road trips in America because of the beautiful like heaven scenic adventure. It is also an all year activity to do but you can find it closed in winters.

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6). Aerial Park Adventures

This place offers some great adventurous things to do in Boone NC while visiting the Aerial Adventure Park. The fun you experience here can be called like playing with the gravity at high and also it is the newest center of attraction for tourists.

It offers you a competent range of outdoor recreation that even kids of ages 4 and up and enjoy. You will be provided with several aerial elements and equipment to climb and explore the area at different levels of heights.

Once you’re filled with your safety equipment, you can choose how and when to use them to climb and explore things here. So you learn to cross and climbing here using different equipment in the air.

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7). Horn In the West

Horn in the West welcomes you with several drama adventures. It shows the entire tale about the Daniel Boone and also the American Revolution. If you wish to see some historic scene then you should join Horn in the West for your interest.

It has a classic collection from 18th and 19th centuries, so don’t miss visiting this. Also, there is a museum named Hickory Ridge interested in High Country’s history in the log cabins.

8). Linville Caverns

This place is an inside beauty in the Boone NC, but this tea features some really awesome views. You can enjoy these views only inside the mountain all around the year.

So it’s also an amazing one from the things to do in Boone NC. It is the only cave show in North Carolina that has a constant temperature of 52 degrees.

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9). Experience Checkers at Mast General Store

This store was established in the year 1882 in Valle Crucis; this general store is very famous in Boone for its big range of clothing and food materials along with the gears of several types for several purposes.

The place gives a historical hint that is unforgettable for both filling your tummy and for shopping as well. If you visit here, you only have to give a nickel for a delicious cup of coffee while enjoying checkers in the store.

After that, you can enjoy shopping old candies, goodies, food, and clothing to keep it going in Boone NC.

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10). Sledding Hill at Beech Mountain

This place is well maintained for both children and enjoy, so it is a whole family thing. You can enjoy various activities her in Sledding hills in winters.

Later, finish up with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa as the cafes attract you to sit there more and more. So the Sledding Hill winter fun is a very good thing for the family things to do in Boone NC.

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11). Enjoy Hot Tubs with Mountain Views

There are several cabins in these mountains that are available for rent away. They provide good living facilities with Blue Ridge Mountain views.

They offer you all cozy facilities like fireplaces and amazing outdoor hot tubs, so you can enjoy both the hot tub and the Blue Ridge views. So you experience soaking yourself in that tub and giving your eyes the mountain looks.

12). Visit an Alpaca Farm

Here you get a chance to visit this farm and meet those adorable alpaca, donkeys, goats and more cuts during your 60-minutes visit.

You finish up your entire farm tour on foot and this is an amazing this that connect you to the real farm world. This place is such a family thing to deny the beautiful nature and seeing those animals all around you.

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13). Mystery Hill

Mystery Hill allows you to have great fun with you family because of the unusual facts. This mystery hill is famous because of defying the gravitational rules.

It provides you several recreational activities and several mystery rooms and Bubble room is the focus one of them, and most of the people enjoy this room very much.

There are several attractions here like a mirror that makes you image like flying and also the mystery Hill gift shop where you can find tiny things like key chains and other goods so you can take the mystery hill’s memories with you.

14). State Parks of the High Country

State park provides you a pleasing time while performing incredible recreational activities. It is a superb location for your outdoor activities if you want to spend a quality time with your family.

This park of the high country offers you various programs, music events, a great view for reunions and gatherings and also great for business meetings near nature.

There are things to do in Boone NC while visiting the state parks like Paddling, tubing and a unique camping experience. Also, it is open all year.

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15). Boone Area Wineries

If you are a wine lover or want to taste some quality wine, then these wineries of Boone area will leave you with an appreciation for these incredible tasting wines.

To achieve a great view and wine experience, have a visit to the Grandfather Vineyard and the Banner Elk Winery and enjoy the awesome taste of processed grapes.

16). Tweetsie Railroad

If you have arrived between the Boone and Blowing rock, you may find the theme park Tweetsie Railroad that is perfect for families. These rail rides here are great entertainment and provide you an utter enjoyment while sitting on the steam train.

The wheeled train here nicknamed “Tweetsie” that is the main attraction of the West theme park in Boone, North Carolina. You can enjoy the 3-mile ride on the Tweetsie that is pulled by the narrow-gauge locomotives.

Along with the Tweetsie, there are other excitements as well like the live shows, a zoo and other family attractions that run throughout the year. So these are all the great things to do in Boone NC while you are in the Tweetsie Railroad.

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17). Native Plant Garden

The Daniel Boone plant garden is a worth visiting place if you are looking to visit some flower species over a wide area. The grain is spread over 3 acres with hundreds of flowers species. So you can take a nature walk while visiting the garden workshops and doing photography.

18). Horseback Private Tours

If you or your kids are interested in taking private horse riding, then Appalachians horse tour from the things to do in Boone NC is just right to enjoy the horseback.

The tour is really amusing for kids as they walk you through the roads and the Appalachian mountainside. The package includes a picnic lunch, and you can tell your photographs to make the moments memorable.

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19). Gem Mine

Those who are jewelry lovers must visit this Foggy Mountain Gem Mine.  Tourist can enjoy mining the stones, learning about them and some other minerals and shopping all those precious stones of Foggy Mountain.

20). The Children’s Playhouse

It is perfect for family and children, it is kind of a museum where you can enjoy several of exhibitions, and there is also a play area for young ones. The main attractive things to do in Boone NC in children’s playhouse are crafts studio, Puppet Theater, and drama corner.

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These are all different types of activities that you can enjoy and have fun in you Boone NC journey. This place is great for unique natural experiences that are also not so expensive with all the features like Museums, Gardens, Shops, Rafting and snowy things.

For the holidays, it is an incredible wonderland, so be prepared to spend your awesome weekend and enjoy all these things to do in Boone NC.

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