Sexual Pick Up Lines (100+ Pickup Lines)

If you are not the one who is much into the sexual talking and looking for sexual pick up lines then here you go.

Today, I am sharing 100 sexual pickup lines to help you. All you need is a great confidence and utter smartness to use these lines to get hooked up.

But make sure that you have that art of wooing the girl. Otherwise these  dirty pick up lines can end up with getting a slap hard on your face.

100 Sexual Pick Up Lines

1. Do you believe in destiny? I can make one by banging you tonight.

(This can be a nice to show how witty you are even with an answer of No.)

2. Do you like dogs? (No) well, I can make you love them baby.

(This is one of the nicest sexual pickup lines to show that how good you are in bed.)

3. You should visit my home; you would not be able to take your eyes off the ceilings of my bed room.

4. Usually I do not like going down, but I would love to try this on you.

5. I have the perfect chest that you want, let me see if you have the same.

(If your luck would be nice then it is one of the sexual pick up lines to get hooked tonight.)

6. I do not like to lose anything. But I would love to lose my virginity on you.

7. I like every part of your body, but my favorite is mine.

8. Let’s toss a coin, if it is heads I would go down on you. If it is tails then you will go down on me.

9. Do not make my life hard, you have my dick to do that.

10. You are totally familiar to the girl I always bang in my dreams.

11. Do you mind if I have sex with you in my dreams?

12. If I would ever become a bowler, I would love to try my balls on you.

13. I have a competition with your clothes. That one day I will be the one touching you the most.

(It is the way to impress a girl with one of the most fascinating dirty pick up lines. And the result will be getting laid.)

14. I think your heels would look more awesome riding my naked chest.

15. Would you like some adventure (yes)? Let’s get hook up at the back seat of my car.

16. You have the nicest hairs I have ever seen. But they will look better when you are down and I am up.

17. You know what? My doctor prescribed me to see a pretty girl naked to save my life. Would you like to save me from dying?

18. Would you like to see the live champagne popping out? Well, you would have to do some rubbing then.

19. I would love to be pooh to get my nose stuck in your honey jar.

(This can be one of the sexual pickup lines which will be cute as well as sassy at the same time.)

20. Would you like to experience the porn without even watching it? Well, I have got this for you.

21. Would you mind hooking up with me if I never show my face again to you?

22. Lets play the game of checking weights. We will start with yours, sit on my dick and that’s how I will measure.

23. Am feeling so attached to you that I just want the air to stay between us.

(This is one of the sexual pick up lines which will work as the romantic one too.)

24. Would you like to add one more bone to my body?

25. Let’s play blow the kiss. You can start it with blowing my dick.

26. Do you want to add crushes in your dress? Let’s go to my bedroom then.

27. What are the chances of me getting into something else than your eyes?

(This is one of the smartest sexual pick up lines that will make her fall for you immediately in both the ways.)

28. I think that dress is hiding your inner beauty. Let me take it off for you.

29. Your smile is so beautiful! I just want to see you wearing your smile only.

(You can never go wrong with the mix and match of romance and flirt at the same time. this one is just the perfect for you.)

30. Hey I got new super soft mattresses. Wanna try them out with me?

31. am very much bored with my bed, can I sleep in yours?

32. Let’s play truth and dare. And I dare you to ride on me with your eyes closed.

(This is one of the most perfect dirty pick up lines to get her on you with the help of just a game.)

33. I challenge you to keep me awake all the night with your booty on my chest.

34. I can give massage to you without even touching you with my hands. Well, you got me right, am gonna use the lips.

(Nothing else can turn on a girl other than kissing her all over. She can be aroused by talking about these things only.)

35. If you have lost your virginity, I can help you to forget it forever.

36. One of my dearest friend just died, would you mind if I burry it in your ass?

37. You know what? The world is ending and only you can save it by making babies with me.

38. Let’s find out how many moles we have common and at which places?

(Make a girl laugh and the next thing you will find out that she will be totally into you.)

39. I have the nicest beds in the town? Would you like to check?

40. I got something better than him. Wanna check where and how?

(A girl can easily get to know that what is that thing, you are talking about.)

41. I got an automatic candle. Oh no! You just turned it on. Wanna see the light?

42. Don’t you think it is getting too hot to handle. What do you think about taking our clothes off?

43. Hey my doctor said that am allergic to sex. Can I check it again on you?

(This is one of the sexual pick up lines which will make her smile along with getting her into your bed.)

44. You are looking so dull to me. I think you need to take my injection right now.

45. I am not that good with the mathematics. But it think you + I = 69 is the perfect equation.

46. I think something wants to pop out of your top. Oh! Is that your breasts?

(Praise her body in your sexual pick up lines. No girl can resist herself after hearing her praises from you. )

47. Slavery is a crime. I think you should get those birds out of your top right now.

48. I am so cold these days. Can you make me feel hot with your warmth?

49. I think these condom company has holes in the condoms. Would you mind if we check them to save everyone.

(These types of sexual pick up lines will surely help you to get laid with the girl you want. At least you can try it out on some dumb chicks though.)

50. I think I should leave the place. Want to cum?

51. You know I make great sketch like Jack. Would you like to be the Rose for me?

(This can actually work in your favor. First is your knowledge of titanic and second one is your sense of humor. )

52. Although I am a used car. But man, you are driving me crazy again.

53. Do you know nice smells makes me feel like having sex. By the way you smell too great.

54. Let’s play nut and bolt today. I would love to see you going nuts for me.

55. I am feeling so scared to sleep alone tonight. Would you mind giving me company?

56. I think the heaters in my bedroom are not working. You should take your clothes off to raise the temperature.

(It means that you think that she is really hot enough to raise the temperature of any place. Bingo! You are going to get laid.)

57. If you are going to utter a single word then we are going to have sex.

58. I bet your booty is larger than your breasts. Wanna prove it then show it?

(Make a girl feeling jealous over her assets with someone else. And she will be all there to bare it all for you to prove.)

59. If AIDS means no sex. Then you should not be worried because I do not have AIDS. So, let’s go to your place or mine?

60. I want to see your resistance. I will take my clothes off, would you hook up then?

61. If I say you have the nicest body. Would you make me look closely at it?

62. If people changes on what they eat basis. Then I want to become you by the next day.

(This is one of the sexual pick up lines that will totally flatter the girl and she will be all yours.)

63. Do you know I have the strongest shoulders? Why don’t you check it by sitting on them naked?

64. I have never seen angels. But I think I can see such an eternal beauty if I see you naked.

65. I can give you a part of my heart. But I have something else to share too. And guess what? You can taste it too.

66. Do you know I got the art to get into your heart by the way between your legs?

(This can be a dirty pick up line to get closer to the girl you want.)

67. I got a screw driver. Wanna fix something up?

68. People are talking behind your back. I think you got the nicest ass ever.

(You cannot get any other sexual pick up lines better than this to praise her booty in a better way.)

69. I have seriously gone out of pick up lines. Can we just hook up directly?

70. I think we can be from the same origin. Let me check the birthmark on your ass.

71. I think you would be too busy to work out. I can help you lose some calories with sex.

72. I will fall in love with my bed if I got to sleep with you.

(It is the time to throw some cuteness over her.)

73. I have the entire encyclopedia on my dick. Wanna gain some knowledge into you?

74. I think your voice is too good. I want to see whether it still sounds good when I fuck you.

(Along with complementing her for her voice, you can use such sexual pick up lines to try your luck on her.)

75. I think there is a bone missing in your body. Let me give it to you right now.

76. I think I have lost my virginity. Can I borrow yours for some time?

(It is the time to make her laugh and if you can make her smile then you can make her scream too.)

77. Hello, I am an aerospace engineering and my next mission is to explore your body.

78. If names could have been based on feelings. Then my name is horny?

79. Don’t you think that we are strangers for each other? My bed is so comfortable to know each other well.

80. Why to give pain to your fingers when you get something better than that?

(This is the best way to go for the open flirting without even the scope of some double meaning stuff.)

81. What about being the wild lioness and I will be the trainer to feed you meat?

82. Just think of it only. If I were craving to slam you, would you allow me to do that?

83. I can beat you hard in the game of tongue versus tongue.

(This is one of the nicest sexual pickup lines to show that how good are you at kissing.)

84. Want to make your skin glowing? Well, I have got the wonder liquid for you right down in me.

85. If you want to have cute kids. Then you can practice to have them with me.

86. I can make you memorize my name. Allow me to let you scream it hard.

87. I have got the art to undress the women with my eyes closed. I can teach it to you also. Wanna try?

(It is so easy to get a girl over you by making her woo with your sense of humor through such great sexual pick up lines.)

88. I think you are the tastiest buffet to calm down my hunger.

89. I think there is something stuck on your breasts. Oh! That’s everyone’s eyes.

90. I really got great jobs for you. But the problem is that it blows.

(it is the open invitation to get the girl on your bed.)

91. I think you should go for the breast reduction surgery. They are stopping me from coming closer to you.

92. Hey, what is the color of your hairs? Oh! What about the color of your head?

93. I can be the strongest one for you. I can offer you some inches of hard rock strength and sensitivity too.

(It is so simple to guess that what you are talking about through these sexual pick up lines.)

94. If you are tired then I can be the masseuse for you without even touching you with my hands.

95. You must have played the game of doctor and patient. Let’s be specific, wanna try the gynecologist?

96. I think you got a great restaurant between your legs. What is the time for its opening because am so hungry.

(This is a kind of sexual pick up lines that you can never go wrong with.)

97. Have you ever got heartbreaks? Want to try some vaginal breaks too?

98. You can go to your place and feel the cold. Otherwise I can make you feel warm at my place.

99. If you do not get hooked with the strangers then you can dance with me and I will introduce myself.

(This is the perfect pick up line to get a girl to dance with you and then you can also get the chance to hook up with her for sure.)

100. I think there is something stuck between your legs. Allow me to remove it.

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Now it is not that hard for you to get hooked up with the girl you want to. All you need to do is just use these sexual pickup lines wisely and the girl or the guy will be all yours.

I are not forcing you to try all these lines. Because there are possibilities of getting slapped in return too. So it is all at your own risk to try out such stuff over your crush or love. Either you will be got slammed or get slapped.

But it is quite fun to try out these sexual pick up lines at least once.

The idea of wooing a girl is simple. Complement her, impress her, dance with her, flirt with her and there she is. She will be all yours within no time if you play all your cards rightly.

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