Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

Most Expensive Dog Breeds: Many of you dream of having the perfect dog that serves you for a long time being your best friend and understands your every move. Dogs are the best friend of human beings, but if you’re going to buy a new one for you, there are my things that you should consider.

The main factor is the breed or which characteristics do you want in your dog in terms of looks and care required. I am going to talk about the most expensive dog breeds that are worth buying in the form of your dog.

Every breed has its own benefits and crying standard, some of them are expensive and some are really expensive. So you can read out hear about these most expensive dog breeds and decide by yourself which one to purchase next.

These breeds are expensive because they serve better and are rare just like the Tibetan Mastiff Has, a dog breed from China.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

So continue here these most expensive dog breeds and get to know the different and unknown factors about these breeds and bring your favorite one to your home.

1). English BulldogEnglish Bulldog

You may have seen this bulldog breed, and if you haven’t then let me tell you, a bulldog is a medium-sized dog, not so small and not so big.

The main identity is the wrinkled face that almost looks like a badly-managed blanket sometimes and its another name is English bulldog or British Bulldog.

You can easily recognize a bulldog, so if you see a dog with wrinkles all over his face, a nose that seems pushed in, small legs and somewhat muscular, then it is a bulldog indeed.

Bulldog breed is popular for a very long time and in many nations, this breed is a national icon to them. Bulldogs were also linked to Winston Churchill, who was the prime minister those days, probably because of his face that was wrinkled one.

These bulldogs are loved by almost everyone when it comes to choosing the right of fro their home. These can be pampered the whole day and they are just adorable and their silliness would place your dog in your heart.

These are expensive and one bulldog comes for $3,000 approx. if you are purchasing a puppy. These are not easy to manage so you may visit for medicines more often if you choose this one from the most expensive dog breeds.

2). German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog

Again this one comes among the most expensive dog breeds. This breed named as German Shepherd is the most popular one. These dogs are the most protective if you are concerned about your home’s security.

But just like the bulldog, Shepherd also requires care and attention as this breed can get unhealthy in just no time. For the price, they come expensive around $2,500 just like the bulldog breed.

By paying this much price, you can get a pure German Shepherd for you as they are difficult to find due to their high prices. You may go to veterinary often because this breed catches diseases and germ easily which lead the dogs to allergies, bloat, cancer and even elbow dysplasia with several other diseases.

These dogs require way more care and it is the reason that defense service doesn’t refer them much anymore. If you look other than their caring, they are very much intelligent and in the beginning, they were used to guard the sheep and lead them, then they started hiring by several rescue agencies.

3). Samoyed


There is no doubt that Samoyed breed is one of the most expensive dog breeds. These dogs are really adorable and they can be easily recognized by their clean and super white fur and medium size of their bodies.

This breed was mainly developed for herding the reindeer crowd and pulling sleds, their looks make them the most expensive ones and the price falls from $6,500 to $12,000.

It’s a family breed and these dogs love to be with the families, they are playful every time, so you can leave your little children playing with them the whole day. These dogs can be a great companion to every member of the family.

You can easily train them and thy love to be social so you should practice them socializing, but sometimes they can act like stubborn and it’s normal. This name Samoyed has arrived from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia, so their playful nature, cute faces and their alertness make them worth buying.

4). Rottweiler


When Rottweiler turns into a full-sized dog, he can be an aggressive one to strangers and unwanted visitors. It is a large-sized breed and these dogs are domestic that protect your home.

They are obedient and always ready to be trained and due to these characteristics, they are a nice fit for defense services like army and police as they can be a great help to accomplish any mission.

If you buy a puppy, it is necessary that you socialize it so they can get friendly easily, you can have you own Rottweiler for a minimum of $7, 000.

These are the expensive ones so I put this breed on my list of most expensive dog breeds, but these are wise guardians that understand the responsibility.

Unfortunately, like other breeds, they are also prone to some bad situations like hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, and cancer that can be a tough and expensive situation for dog owners of Rottweiler.

Other than these conditions, they can get eye issues and in their puppy age, they can easily get viruses. But, as a positive side, they are a great companion and very loyal to their owners.

5). Basset Hound

Basset Hound

They’re recognizable having giant ears and short legs; they are from the hound family and are well-known in France. Tier complete height goes to just 14 inches and not more than that and the breed was developed for hare hunting purposes.

This breed is very sensitive to smell as they have the greatest smelling senses that made them excellent for hunting hares. Basset is the name because in French, Basset means ‘low’ so the breed was low in height and named as Basset.

It comes as one of the most expensive dog breeds and the breed seems to have dwarfism because they are good in length but short in height. Their height does not link with their diet because they need a full diet same as a large breed dog and their medication comes expensive.

The requirements are like large breeds, so the same diseases can affect them like Bloat and infections in their ears being large. So, to skip the bacteria and have a healthy dog, you need to take enough care of  your dog.

6). Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Well, it’s not something for the soft-hearted persons. Without being dubious, I can state that this surely falls among the most expensive dog breeds and that is around $5,000 – $9,000.

If you want a dog that is all powerful in strength and having dangerous looks just like a lion that terrify every single one, then this Tibetan Mastiff is for you. Its originating places are China, Nepal and Tibet and these dogs are used in Himachal Pradesh where people want to keep their sheep from predators.

The total height can be 33 inches and in the entire breeds, this is the most protective breed out there. For their heavy structure, it’s not surprising that they can weigh around 160 pounds.

It behaves likes guardians so it often sleeps on the daytime to be alert against enemies at night. When talking about its fur, then it can be found in colors like black, tan, different shades of red and bluish-gray as well. There are some breeders making white Tibetan Mastiffs, but these are not so popular yet.

7). French Bulldog

French Bulldog

These doings somewhat look like the English bulldogs but with fewer wrinkles and same body structure. Their nickname is ‘Frenchie’ and they are pure domestic dogs and they were produced with a combination of bulldog from England and ratters found in Paris, so their face is like the ratters and structure like the England bulldogs.

In US and UK, they come as one of the most popular dogs and this dog breed falls among the most expensive dog breeds. Just like the English bulldogs, they are sensitive to diseases, so the problems can arise by time and you may need to take care of their physical health more and more.

So you need to keep these facts in mind and also the price before making your purchase for the French Bulldog.

The French Bulldogs love to be with humans so you are required to get them close to humans. They hate loneliness, so take care of this thing because these dogs can face depression if left alone. When they are in their childhood, they should not be left alone and as they love chewing up things, you should always keep ready some old household items to them.

8). Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

It is a full-length dog who is also known as Kelb tal-Fenek which means rabbit dog. As you can understand by the name, the breed was prepared for rabbit hunting in the Maltese Islands.

Some rumors say that this breed is derived from Tesem, an Egyptian breed of dogs, but it seems like a myth as per the DNA tests. So there are several myths that this breed is linked to Egypt, but there is no truth in it.

Again, it is one of the most expensive dog breeds that can charge you from $3,000 – $7,000. They are like slim and tall dogs having no fat in their bodies or very little. Due to their length bodies, they are excellent jumpers and runners.

They are intelligent and learn anything easily but they can also be stubborn at the same time, so you need to deal with love and sometimes command require to be repeated.

Now for the appearance, they are the powerful dogs with a lot of strength with an athletic body. The neck also remains tall and not too bulky, the eyes structure is oval and their intelligent expressions can easily be noticed.

9). Saluki


You can also call this breed as Persian Greyhound and it is like an advanced version of Pharaoh Hound having larger and taller bodies and the characteristics to hunt the hares. They are always preferred more for their tall structure which includes a deep chest, long legs, and long ears covered with fur.

Salukis were produced for hunting purposes, so they always have this killing eyesight and they are capable of chasing and kill their target like hare, fox and jackal.

In height, they can grow tall to 23–28 inches with a weight of 40–60 pounds that is 18–27 kg. Females also have the same structure but with slightly small height and less weight than males.

Their neck is all long having large eyes and ears like talking to air whenever they do running activities.  You can find this breed in several colors like white, cream, red, black/tan, and others.

These seem Royal Dogs and good companion of human beings from the ancient days when humans used them for hunting purposes on different grounds. So there is no doubt that this breed comes among the most expensive dog breeds around $2,500.

10). Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

This breed is last but it’s not separated from being one of the most expensive dog breeds. They are prone to the health issue just like other breeds, but these dogs are gentle and they require regular care.

On Their bodies, they have a thick coat and this requires your care, so you can clean them up weekly like brushing out their bodies and wipe their ears, so they don’t get trapped by the bacteria. These are Mountain Dogs carried from Switzerland for working purposes like carrying loads and delivering things.

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So here it is all about the most expensive dog breeds, so you get to know about their appearances and care they require if you are going to buy any of them. If you’re a dog lover and searching for the precious breeds, then read out some info about them here and pick up your one.

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