Best Aerospace Engineering Schools In The World

Best Aerospace Engineering Schools: Worried about the career of your child? Well, after high school completion, parents get really worried that where their child would end up and what he/she will be doing afterwards? With the utmost pressure of GRE and SATs every single child wants to get himself into the finest college of his field.

If your child wants to make a career in Aerospace, then you must need a list of best aerospace engineering schools. They have their own and some general tests to get an admission in the institutes. Well, obviously, this is not a child’s play after all they are the best schools for aerospace engineering.

In the list given below, I have listed out some of the best aerospace engineering schools around the world. They stand foremost among all the engineering institutes and that is why provide a great environment to your child to learn and grow.

10+ Best Aerospace Engineering Schools In The World

These schools are not only about learning the conventional but also about implementing the non-conventional ideas. I have also listed the fees and their complete description for a clearer vision regarding the admissions out there.

1). Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

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Getting admission in the best aerospace engineering schools is not an easy task and especially when we are talking about the great MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The undergraduate domestic fees for this particular course in MIT would cost you 46,000 USD to 48,000 USD. However, there is always a provision of strong scholarship program. Apart from all the facts, you would also need a recommendation letter to get into this institute. The prestigious MIT is world famous for its education system and also for researches in the different fields.

For the aerospace program, it has a totally different community called “AeroAstro”. This is America’s oldest and most respected University aerospace program known. You really need a strong Mathematics and Physics background to get into it.

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2). Stanford University, Stanford

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Officially known as Leland Stanford Junior University, it is situated in Stanford, California. There is no introduction needed for Stanford University as it is one of the world’s leading research and teaching institution around the world.

With its dedicated Aeronautics and Astronautics department, Stanford university surely is one of the best aerospace engineering schools you can think of. There are wide range of courses available for graduation as well as post-graduation. The university has given a ton of geniuses to our modern world and therefore it’s not going to be a piece of cake to get into one of these programs.

Now coming to the fees, a graduation degree in Stanford will roughly cost you around 50,424 USD per year. It’s a huge amount but concerning the level of institution it is justified. If you want nothing less than the best, then Stanford is the best aerospace engineering school for you.

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3). University of Cambridge, England

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Established in 1209, University of Cambridge is the most prestigious university in England. The university provides opportunity for scholars to excel in many streams of engineering. Many of their highly-qualified course are in Aerospace engineering.

The aerospace and aerothermal engineering course is one of the core engineering course where University of Cambridge excels all around the world. Numerous research and patents have been published by scholars who have taken this course form here. More stress is given to the research work in this premium institute and this is what makes it one of the best aerospace engineering schools to study in.

A degree from University of Cambridge will surely make your career reach newer heights. The tuition fee alone is around 20000£ for an international student. But there are many scholarships that are being offered to meritorious students from all around the globe.

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4). University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley is one of the topmost premium university for scholars willing to undergo an undergraduate course on aerospace engineering. The institute has a fine history of engineers who have changed the shape of aerospace as we see today.

The University has ties with Berkeley Air Force, under the ROTC detachment. This program is designed to cultivate a person’s leadership and technical skills at the highest level. The university even provides 100% free of military commitment which means no decisions are needed until your third year in the program.

Cost of any undergraduate course in University of California, Berkeley can go around 24,090 USD to 34,400 USD depending upon where you decide to stay. The universities also provide a bunch of scholarships for the new young talent.

All of this makes University of California, Berkeley a prime choice among best aerospace engineering schools.

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5). Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Situated in the beautiful country of Netherlands, TU Delft is by far one of the best aerospace engineering schools you can look for. It is well renowned all around the globe for the research it has done in the stream of aviation.

The faculty is top notch among all the Europe. The labs, the library, the classrooms all makes it an idle institution for learning at its best. The university has completely adopted English, and because of this there are a huge number of students who compete every year to get admission in this prestigious institute.

The university has good connections with aviation companies like Boeing and Airbus. So, you need not worry about your career once you get yourself enrolled in any of the undergraduate or post-graduate program. It will cost you approximately €8,678 if you adopt a Bachelor program and around €13,560 for a Master’s degree.

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6). The University of Tokyo, Tokyo

Also, known as Todai, University of Tokyo is a good choice if you want to undergo a course on aerospace engineering. Being regarded as Japan’s best technical institution, University of Tokyo offers many different programs on undergraduate as well post-graduate level in the field of aerospace.

The university staffs one of the best teaching faculty of its own kind. The laboratories are well equipped with latest machinery and aviation machines. Research on topics like Viscous Fluid Dynamics, Smart structure is done to collaborate maximum to the technology of the future.

The university has also good cooperative connections with professors from other institutes like Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Even though the competitive exam for entrance in this institute is a little tough, but once you get enrolled you can easily find out yourself that it is one of the best aerospace engineering schools around the globe.

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7). Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

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IISc need no introduction in the field of aerospace engineering. Established only about 100 years ago, it has emerged as one of the best technical institute for aerospace not only in India but around the world.

Lushed with greenery, the institute campus provides just the right atmosphere for young talent to grow. The professors are highly qualified teachers passed out from institutes like MIT. The institute is also associated with building its own planes and aviation devices in cooperation with companies like Boeing and Honeywell.

The institute takes new enthusiasts on the basis of their GATE scores as well as interviews. What makes IISc one of the best aerospace engineering schools is the fact that after completion of your degree, you are eligible to work for organizations like NASA and ISRO.

The fee structure for IISc is relatively lenient as compared to other institutes. It will cost you roughly Rs. 29,000 – Rs. 34,000 depending upon the course you enroll in.

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8). Imperial College, London

The Imperial College of London is quite famous all around the globe for the excellence it provides in different streams of engineering. When it comes to aerospace engineering, it is counted among the few best aerospace engineering schools in the world who have their own dedicated aviation testing facility.

Under the undergraduate program, the students are given the best possible training to enable the development of analytical as well as practical skills. You can increase your learning about topics like composites, material modelling and fluid computational methods. Thus, learning never stops once you enroll yourself in this Royal Institute.

When it comes to fee structure, Imperial College of London shows us why it is treated like royal. You will be required to pay an amount of around £9,250 for any new undergraduate program. You can try to apply for various scholarships that the institute offers.

Overall, Imperial College, London is one institute that is very hard to get in but you will definitely love it once you make your way in.

9). Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Located in the fast-developing city of Singapore, Nanyang University is ranked among the world’s best universities for different fields of education like Accountancy, Art, Communication skills and Humanities. One another highly developed stream of this university is the Aerospace division.

With its dedicated separate division of Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, the university is really one step ahead in terms of labs and infrastructure. The professors are highly qualified and are always enthusiastic   for newer research and studies.

There are many areas of aerospace engineering which you can opt for. Some of them are 3D printing, Air Traffic Management and Remanufacturing. The institute fees vary for subsidised and non-subsidised students. For international students falling under the grant, the fee is around 17,100 USD.

The university is top-notch and holds position in the best schools for aerospace engineering. Make your dreams fly high by getting enrolled in its courses.

10). University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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There are many great engineering institutes in the world which provides quality education of aerospace engineering. But none of them can beat the University of Michigan situated in the city of Michigan. Established in 1817, the university has since then contributed a lot to the modern aviation as we see today.

The benefits that University of Michigan provides that makes it one of the best aerospace engineering school are ancillary – massive alumni network, cutting edge research technology and highly qualified and experienced team of professors.

The students are provided with tons of in-hand experience. Practical knowledge is given more importance then theoretical. As a result, the university has very good relations with leading companies and organizations like SpaceX, NASA and Boeing.

Now coming to the fee structure, its in-state tuition and fees are 14,402 USD and out-of-state tuition and fees are 45,410 USD. Various scholarships are offered to deserving students. Try applying for them and start your preparation for this university.

11). KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology popularly known as KAIST is among the best engineering schools for aerospace engineering. The university is situated in South Korea and is a big center of innovation and research in the field of Aerospace engineering.

The institute advances in newer technologies that are being developed for future. The university holds many well equipped laboratories and work stations with the latest of machinery. Students passing out from KAIST have unmatched technical skills and hands-on experience making them perfect to work for top leading companies in South Korea and around the world too.

You can apply for enrollment in KAIST university form their website. KAIST university can be a good choice if you have a good grip over mathematics and you are interested to shape the future of aerospace industry of the future.

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Through the scholarship program of these best schools for aerospace engineering, you can surely afford the study out there. However, an exceptional child with brilliance get such kind of scholarship. If you think you have that charisma to do something different in the world of aerospace engineering, then these institutes would prove to you that even the sky is not the limit for you.

Through the different programs out there, being an international student would not be an issue for you. Through the cultural equality and other programs, you can also make a living while doing your studies out there. You just need to be the right one and these best aerospace engineering schools are waiting for the brilliant minds like you.

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