Top 10 Most Expensive Car Brands

Most Expensive Car Brands: Over all these years, the world has improved on the economy, and there are some brands that have made their position as the luxury car brands by increasing their sales figures.

The situation was not same at the time of recession and people were more cautious while buying these luxury cars, but time doesn’t stay the same, and the improvement of the economy brought the heavy purchasing of some of the cars’ brands and made them the top selling brands.

These expensive car brands changes in the existing versions and improves them for better features and also bring the new models in the automobile industry all the time and become popular among car lovers.

People often prefer these luxury brands as they provide the great comfort and status identity to the money owners. Due to the high-end options, luxury cars have always been the first choice either for the single one or the entire family.

Top 10 Most Expensive Car Brands Ever

Expensive Car Brands

Here I have luxury car brands list so you can get an idea which one is in the top position right now in the world by increasing their sales values and providing the greatest horsepower ever. These brands here are not rank wise, so just have a look and choose as per your choice.

1. Bentley

BentleyThe founders were H.M. Bentley and W.O. Bentley, it falls among the expensive car brands, but years ago when the economy went down, and Bentley also felt crisis and danger to its brand.

But the sales approved and then Bentley recovered and improved its brand status and since then it’s been setting the pace of the brand’s name.

Bentley always creates the most luxurious cars, and it always attracts everyone to go for Bentley if pricing is not an issue. The year 2014 was the most successful for Bentley after facing the crisis as the many sold approx 3000 additions in that year.

After 2014, the company has been getting its value more and more day by day, and the US market is always ready to launch the Bentley cars’ addition in the luxury car market.

In the beginning days, Bentley was known as the Rolls- Royce Motors, but now it works majorly with Volkswagen group.

It is a worldwide brand now that offers its luxury cars all over the world. The company is also known as the manufacturer of racing cars with very much improved torque and horsepower.

The company the benefits of approx eight million pounds every year and it has been increasing the number of employees every year as their creations are world favorite.

2. Maserati

MaseratiWhen you talk about stunning models that are just captivating, then it is Maserati which is an Italian automobile company. Alfieri Maserati is known as the inventor of the brand with his three brothers.

The company is doing fine with achieving the annual value of 3 billion pounds with more than 1000 employees. Currently, the Fiat Automobiles is the owner of Maserati, and it always produces high quality and heavenly rides.

Maserati is not very far from the expensive car brands, and hence it deserves its name in this category for producing the luxurious experiences in the name of cars.

It is an Italian car manufacturing company that got air in the year 2014 and continuing after that. Maserati in 2014 sold 12,943 cars in the United States and this way, it jumps the sales range with 171% as compared to the previous year.

Maserati Ghibli was launched in the year, and this was the reason to take the Maserati sales to cloud nine that was a smaller addition for the price, and everyone loved owning it.

To own a normal Maserati, it takes approx $100,000 in the US, but this addition was way lesser approx $70,000, and this was the chance for the Maserati lovers, and they proved it by buying all the produced additions.

3. Jaguar

JaguarJaguar is like the real identity when it comes to expensive car brands, Jaguar is another name for luxury and comfort that you and enjoy in your automobile if labeled with Jaguar.

The brand is widely known for its elegant pieces with powerful specifications and the lavish lifestyle.

Jaguar is on the list of expensive car brands with luxurious looks because of producing the high-quality sedans and sports cars and also the SUV which is a recent collection.

It is not compulsory that every creation deserves the same because it depends on the overall creativity, the comfort and pricing as well.

It depends on the critics to set the ranking of these brands, for example, the midsize XF by Jaguar, critics didn’t get much impressed as the thought the competitors are better, and for the F-Pace, the addition impressed them to a great extent, and it got the No. 2 in the luxury SUV category.

4. Porsche

PorscheThe origin is Germany for the Porsche cars, the brand was first founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche.   At this time, it h established the headquarters in Stuttgart, Baden, Germany and is managed by Wolfgang Porsche and Oliver Blume as CEO.

Panamera is the best example for the manufacturing of this brand as being the most expensive car. The company is supported by more than 25K employees currently, and the approx revenue is 21 billion pounds annually, and Volkswagen Group owns this brand currently.

Due to the manufacturing of the luxurious cars, Porsche truly falls among the expensive car brands because the creation of this brand always follows the luxury car category.

In the year 2014, Porsche made a sale of 47,000 cars, and they were all luxury vehicles that were bought by Porsche enthusiasts. The engines and the overall power is always what its customers need, and it always brings some decent prevents in their addition of luxury.

The creation of engines follow the range from 296 hp to 493 hp, other than luxury cars, it also sells compact crossovers like the Macan.

5. Land Rover

Land RoverLand Rover is a famous one in the automobile industry because of their unique off-roaders and quality SUVs. It manufactures cars on the high scale and gets high sales every year.

It provides creations that are rigid and robust that can withstand the tough environment as the true off roaders but with ensuring a great comfort.

Sometimes they face downfall because of the critics because of their high prices to provide the richness in their cars. Land Rover falls in the expensive car brands, but still, they face low times because of the fuel economy that is not much strong.

In the US automobile list, Land Rover got a place in the top 10 of luxury brand sales by selling 51,465 vehicles. These Vehicles are in craze because of the capabilities that provide you surviving on a difficult lane, so it completely fulfills its purpose to be an off-roader.

The brand also produces a complete line of SUVs and this way it produces the most expensive cars that celebrities often love to own. The engine options can be found from 258 to 542 horsepower with a modern look of Land Rover that charge more than $96,000.

6. Volvo

VolvoVolvo vehicles often get positive reviews from critics’ side being the safest and well-made vehicles. They are stylish, and they don’t compromise with any technology. For the price, they provide the equal style that any luxury brand should.

Other than look, they are known for great technology used for the Volvo vehicles, so they’re considered the best for all vehicles types and tier SUVs always get good scores for the specs and exteriors.

One problem with the Volvo vehicle is the high price, and that is the reason people think a lot before going to make a purchase. Volvos are not the same as they were in the1990, but they bring new implements with every new model that make it more appealing for both interior and exterior.

So Volvo is one among the expensive car brands for its features and the smooth image of this Swedish car brand. Volvo gets increased sales every year, and the total profit gets improved than the last year.

Volvo has put several luxury cars like that four-door S60 sedan in the year 2014 which made sales of 20,000 cars and the XC60 crossover with over 19,000 sales.

7. Lincoln

LincolnLincoln is always known for manufacturing the greatest quality of SUVs and often gets good critics views.  It always represents decent collection from some years by redesigning the old ones and citing the new ones.

It is allows loved by its fans for the mid -sized sedans that offer quality material and include a luxurious feel with a bit of sportier performance.

Lincoln comes from the United States that means it’s an American car manufacturer that is known as one of the expensive car brands. Lincoln suffered a lot and survived after all these years, and the results are always a high quantity of sales in the US.

It has made over 94,747 sales for the Lincolns luxury cars and its amazing features include three engine options that are a 2.0 four-cylinder, 3.7 six-cylinder and a 2.0 four-cylinder hybrid.

8. Infiniti

InfinitiEveryone on this planet is a fan of Nissan, and this is the brand who owns Infiniti. It is famous for its categories like coupes, sedans, and SUVs and the fine reviews according to reviewers.

When it comes to ranking, these vehicles from Infiniti also face middle ranking because of the pricing, but the performance is always good or average, and the quality is also considerably okay.

For the safety purposes, they are the best as they take care of the interior technology and safety issues, so they often get good reliability score. It is no doubt that Infinity is one of the expensive car brands as it is owned by Nissan which is a premium car brand.

Infiniti has made his sales for over 117,000 vehicles in a year in the US like the G35 coupes and others.

As being a part of Nissan’s luxury brand, cars of Infiniti get modified by the new counterparts for better interior and features like softer suspension, better audio equipment, improved interior using leather work and better navigator.

9. Audi

AudiWho doesn’t know that this luxury falls in the list of expensive car brands? The German Automobiles company has been ruling the world because of its masterpieces each year continued since 1930.

In the history, the Audi got its sites in the world of the automobile by launching ‘quattro’ in 1980 which was a four-wheel drive system and got famous for the World Rally Championship car.

After a year, the brand made itself focusing on the upscale market, just like some popular brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

After the efforts of all these years, BMW has made its place and known as the most luxurious brand for cars and hold approx 10% of the US automobile market.

10. BMW

BMWAt this time, this brand is on the top among the expensive car brands and also the most precious one because of the highest prices, but it never compromises in luxury and comfort with the latest technology inside.

Just like the other luxuries, it is well-known in the US market. If you go in the history, then the brand first launched the 3-series car in the year 1975, and since then the brand has gained popularity for each model.

There are series lines like 3-Series, 4-Series and 5-Series for their luxury cars, so you can choose either sedan with a sporty look, the two door coupes with convertible styles or the 5 series that uses the rear wheel drive to provide compact handling.

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When you plan for a car shopping, it can be a bit difficult, but when it’s about choosing your Car from the expensive car brands, it gets overwhelming as you put all your money in that one luxury brand.

To lessen your trouble, I have mentioned here the most reliable and luxurious brands of this year that you can consider while going for the new automobile. The higher you go with the price, the more luxury, and technology you see, so choose accordingly and all the best.

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